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Correia on Music

I got an e-mail from my buddy Tom from Mojo Philter.

 Larry, I posted a link to a song we recorded last night at practice.  It doesn’t have vocals yet, but I think it is still pretty cool. J  

I listened to it.  It was very retro cool and well done, especially considering that they’re still basically jamming and writing songs.  This is the response I sent him:

 It is cool.  For some reason it got me visualizing this total soundtrack for a movie staring like Sam Jackson and James Gandolfini, and they’re driving across town in a big Caddy with somebody in the trunk.  I don’t know if that’s the vibe you were going for, but that’s just how I’m wired.  I was waiting for Chris Cornell style vocals to kick in, and from me, that’s a compliment.   

He’s like a guitar wizard, so I’m looking forward to seeing what his band can do.  But posting this has gotten me to thinking, I’ve not really said anything about music.


For the last five years I’ve worked for a division of a mega-corporation that takes care of the technical end of the music business.  Pretty much everything you hear on the radio probably has some variant of our electronics in it.  I work in a building full of musicians and musical fanatics. 


Except for the accountants.  12 of us, and not a single one can sing, play an instrument, or do anything even vaguely musical.  I don’t know what that says about the kind of people that become accountants, but there it is.  Anyway, despite being partially deaf from gunfire and growing up working on heavy equipment, I do love to listen to music.


Yahoo offers a service where you can program your own custom radio station.  Mine is slg2qcorreia.  (graduates of Utah State always recognize that first combination of letters, old habit, and yes, I am an Aggie).  If you go to Yahoo radio, you can listen to other folk’s stations or build your own, which is really a lot of fun.   You rate songs, albums, and artists, and the higher you rank something, the more likely it is to play.   Half of the music that is played is not rated, but is supposedly based upon being liked by people that rated things similar to you. 


Most of the time I find that the recommendations are pretty close, and I end up adding them to my play list.  I’ve found a lot of new bands that I had never before heard of that way.  Though once in awhile something really weird glitches its way in.  (Brittney Spears?  WTF?  How does rating Disturbed and Rob Zombie suddenly give me Brittney friggin’ Spears?)


But when that happens, you just rate them a big fat zero, and they never play again.  Hoo ray!  FM radio is dead!


So far I’ve ranked 234 artists, 99 albums, and 732 songs.   Yes, I’m a bit of a dork, but if you had spent the last five years trapped in a cubicle with nothing to keep you sane but the internet and a pair of headphones, you would do it to.  (on that note, I’m consulting for two more weeks, and I’m out of here).


Plus, this stuff helps me write.  I find that I actually build soundtracks to my books.  I don’t usually share these because a few times my interpretation of a scene is drastically different than that of the readers.  Though when Nightcrawler and I release Book III on the internet, we’re going to include our soundtrack, but that’s the beauty of internet fiction, you can do all sorts of goofy stuff and get away with it.


If you look at my station, you’ll notice that I have some music in Spanish ranked rather highly.  Peyote Assassins and Control Machete.  No, I don’t speak Spanish.  I can barely swear in Portuguese.  But I was working on another writing project with some other really good writers, and the part I had to write was from somebody that listened to that kind of music and came from a very specific background.  I found that I really liked it, and it really set the mood.  That project is on hiatus because all of the writers got too busy, but one day it will get finished.  (and it will be very cool.  John Shirley writes an amazing 1st person psychopath).


The main downside of internet radio is that there are a lot of really cool unsigned bands out there.  For example, this is my favorite unknown band, A Dark Halo:  When I make Monster Hunter International, the movie, there’s your soundtrack right there.  These guys are excellent.  And I only found them because one of the guys in the band is a Saiga nut too.  But that’s the beauty of the internet. 

Friend of mine publishes his first article

John Shirley has an article in this month’s SWAT.

John is on my blogroll, and he’s one of the coolest people I know.  Army vet, martial arts affacionado, and all around good guy, the only thing I disagree with him on is a certain movie that I reviewed and really liked that he then checked out and hated, but hey, nobody is perfect, and the vampires did make a lot of needless screaching noises.  (so valid point, John).

FBMG Christmas Sale

I’m doing a killer sale on FN pistols and Stag.  Check my official business blog for details if you’re interested.

 I don’t make much money when we do a Christmas sale, but it makes people really happy, and it gets them into my shop.  Last year we came across a case of new in the grease, Bulgarian milled SLR AKs.  We sold them for $450 each.  That helped a lot of people have a merry Christmas.   A year later and I still have people calling me to find out if I still have those.  Uh… nope. 

STI Group Buy

I normally do these about once a quarter, but I’m doing this one a little early in celebration of STI giving California the finger.  They already weren’t selling to California’s regular people due to the idiotic drop testing rules, but they were still selling to law enforcement, but after microstamping passed, not anymore.  I believe this is either the 5th or 6th time we’ve done this group buy, and they’ve all been successful.


STI pistols are excellent.  Their single stack guns stack up or beat anything Kimber or Springfield has to offer, and on this group buy, I can get them to you at Kimber level prices.  STI’s double stack guns dominate competition pistol shooting for a reason.  I’ve got a lot of guns, but my STI Tactical is probably the gun that I shoot the best. 


This is how it works.  Pick any gun and options at and then e-mail me at larry AT  for a quote.  We will arrange payment via e-mail.  I can take checks, money orders, or credit cards. 


I’m offering STI pistols at killer prices. By ordering them in bulk, I get a super discount, and I can pass that along to you. 


I’ll be taking orders until December 1st.  At that point I’ll turn the order into STI.  Some guns are in stock and will ship immediately.  Most guns have about a 10 week turn around time from STI at this point in time.  So ETA on shipping to you would be early February. 


Unlike a lot of group buys, I don’t need any sort of minimum number of orders to proceed.  Basically anything I fall short on, I just buy more store stock inventory to reach the quantity necessary.



STI tells California to go to hell

STI totally rocks.  


They have just announced that they will no longer be selling anything to California because of the idiotic Micro-Stamping law that just passed.  Now STI hasn’t been selling in California to regular folks because of the stupid “drop tests”. (when the mafia runs a similar program, it is called extortion).  But they have been selling to California law enforcement.  But not anymore.


Barrett did something similar a few years ago when California banned .50 BMG rifles.  LAPD had a few Barretts that needed fixing, and Barrett told them to go to hell.  So that’s two companies down, about a hundred more to go.  But every time a manufacturer stands up to a horrible law like this, it sends a message to the other manufacturers.  I think everyone needs to reward those that will take a stand, because that will force the others to take a real hard look at their own policies.


I applaud STI for this.  I’m already one of their dealers, and this makes me proud to associate with them. 


Sure, STI and Barrett are not giant companies, but every time anybody stands up to a bad law, it’s a good thing.  If a bunch of people buy STI Spartans or Trojans instead of a Springfield, S&W, or Kimber because of this, it will force those larger companies to examine their own policies of selling to a state’s cops things that the regular folks can’t own.  (I’m not exactly holding my breath on HK on this one, because remember, you suck, and they hate you).


STI is actually one of my favorite companies to deal with.  I get to work with a lot of different manufacturers, and STI has always been a pleasure.  The sales staff and customer service is top notch, and their products rock to a shockingly high degree.


Personally, I have a 4.15 Tactical.  It is one of my favorite guns.  When I’m on, I can run that thing like a jackhammer.  It is extremely accurate, has a great trigger, holds so many rounds of ammo that I lose count, and has yet to malfunction. 


I’ve done a couple of STI Group Buys off of and will probably be doing another one as soon as I get some more details on their new imported polymer pistols from Slovakia.  If you’ve been thinking about getting a high quality 1911, let me know, because I give a really screaming good price on the group buy.