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Big Audible Sale on 1st Books in a Series

If you are an member, they are having a great sale right now for first books in a series. They are only $4.95, this week only.

MHI, Hard Magic, Dead Six, Into the Storm, Son of the Black Sword, and Grunge are all part of the sale. And it’s not just me, they’ve got hundreds of others from other authors on sale too. So this is a great chance to stock up on a bunch of audiobooks for cheap.

Putting Together a Collection of My Short Fiction

Baen is going to release a collection of my short fiction. The Correia Collection (don’t worry, that’s not going to be the real title) is going to include a bunch of the short stories I’ve written over the years and some new stuff. I’ve published thirty something short stories, and a lot of those were published in anthologies that many of my regular readers didn’t ever see.

Since I sent Monster Hunter Siege off to Reader Force Alpha yesterday, my current project is to put together which short stories I want to include. I’ve got some awesome ones that I’m really proud of.  I’ve got a few that are super bad ass, and it kills me that most of you haven’t had a chance to read them.

I started putting together the list today, but I’ve written way too many to fit them all into one book.

So throwing this out there to the fans here (and I’ll do the same thing on Facebook) which of my stories would you really like to see reprinted in the collection? 



My Schedule for LTUE 2017

The annual Life The Universe and Everything writing conference is in Provo this week. I love it. It isn’t really a Con. The whole thing is aimed at helping people become better and more successful writers. I believe this is the 9th one I’ve been to in a row. I’m the toastmaster this year, which basically means I give a speech at the banquet at the end.

This is my schedule:


11:00 Urban Fantasy vs. Horror
Where is the line between urban fantasy and horror? What are the similarities and the differences? (Bryce)
Courtney Alameda, Michaelbrent Collings, Larry Correia, Steve Diamond, Craig Nybo (M), Adrienne Monson

12:00 So You Want to Write Horror…
Get tips for writing horror. How do you know if horror is for you? Tips for beginners. (Arches)
Courtney Alameda, Larry Correia, Steve Diamond, Terra Luft, David J. West (M)

1:00 Writing Villains
How do you make a believable villain? What are the clichés you should avoid? Why is the villain important to the story? (Canyon)
Larry Correia, Paul Genesse, Christopher Husberg, Adrienne Monson, Julie Wright (M)

2:00 Writing Tie-in Fiction
Writing tie-in fiction can be very different from doing your own thing. Why do it, and what should you be prepared for? (Zion)
David Boop, Larry Correia, Steve Diamond, Carrie Harris, Callie Stoker (M)

3:00 Monsters in Fiction

Why do you put monsters in your fiction? What is their purpose? (Zion)
Larry Correia, Kevin L. Nielsen (M), Holli Anderson, Craig Nybo, Nathan Shumate

5:00 The Art of the Hook
First lines and first chapters matter. How do you get readers interested in your story? In your characters? (Arches)
Larry Correia, James Ganiere, Scott R. Parkin, J. Scott Savage, Andrea Pearson (M), David J. West


10:00 Writing Action
Guns, fistfights, chases, wars, duels…how do you implement action scenes in your fiction? Does it change depending on the genre? (Zion)
Courtney Alameda, Michaelbrent Collings, Larry Correia, Steve Diamond, Peter Orullian, Adrienne Monson (M)

1:00 So You Want to Write Fantasy…
Get tips for writing fantasy. How do you know if fantasy is for you? Tips for beginners. (Canyon)
Larry Correia, Paul Genesse (M), Christopher Husberg, Brian McClellan, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Peter Orullian

2:00 Choosing a PoV Character
Is your main character the hero? The villain? Somewhere in between? How do you decide which to use? (Bryce)
Larry Correia, Paul Genesse, Brian McClellan, Janci Patterson, Tristi Pinkston (M), Aneeka Richins


3:00 Plot – The Beginning, Murky Middle, and End
The pros share their tips and strategies for plotting their stories and series. (Canyon)
Larry Correia, Brian McClellan, Cortney Pearson, Peter Orullian, Amber Argyle, Adrienne Monson (M)

6:00 Death is the Least of your Worries: Writing Lovecraftian Fiction
How does writing Lovecraftian fiction differ from other styles? Why are we fascinated with writing this type of fiction? (Canyon)
Courtney Alameda, Larry Correia, C. R. Langille, Nathan Shumate, Andrea Pearson (M)

7:00 Gala Banquet (2 hours)
Please join us to top off a great year! Tickets must be purchased in advance. They are limited, so get them now. They might not be available at the Symposium, and they will not be sold at the door. Also, come hear controversial bestselling author and toastmaster Larry Correia and master storyteller Todd Gallowglas as part of the festivities. (Zion, Bryce)

The Adventures of Tom Stranger nominated for Best Original Work

For those of you who’ve not seen these before, the Audie Awards are like the Oscars for audio books. They are a juried award within the audio book industry. I believe the Original Work category is for shorter novella sized productions. Congratulations to all the other finalists, and best of luck to everybody.

Audie 2017

I’m really happy to see Tom Stranger in there, because it is just a weird, fun, goofy, adventure. And Adam Baldwin was absolutely hilarious in it. His performance was awesome, and he proves that he is one of the few humans who can speak Manatee with the proper gravitas and eloquence.

I think I’ve had like 6 or 7 Audie nominations now in various categories and have won a few over the years, but I’ve never before been part of a contest between Jayne, Spock, Xenomorphs, and Pete Seeger. That’s friggin’ hard core right there. 😀

Best of luck to everybody!