April Update Post

Yes, I know I haven’t blogged much lately. But it’s been busy.

My family spent the first part of the month in Florida for vacation. We went to Disney World, and the beach, and all that stuff,  but honestly it’s all about the manatees. It was awesome.

So let me give you a brief update about with what is going on:


I’ll be at FanX in Salt Lake City this weekend.  My schedule is in the last blog post.

I’ll be teaching a World Building class at FyreCon in June.

I’ll be at SpikeCon in July.

And I’m happy to announce that I’ll be the guest of honor at FantiSci next year.

Book Stuff

Noir Fatale is out next month! This is an anthology of Noir themed sci-fi and fantasy stories edited by me and Kacey Ezell.

Monster Hunter Guardian, by me and Sarah Hoyt is out in August.

Target Rich Environment 2, the second volume of my short fiction collection, is out in December.

I am currently working on Tom Stranger 3 for Audible.

After that I’ll be going back to work on Destroyer of Worlds, the 3rd book in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series.  It will be out Fall 2020.

John D. Brown will be sending me the rough draft for our sci-fi collaboration in a few weeks, then the ball is back in my court.

Steve Diamond is still working on our fantasy collaboration.

And there’s lots more planned.

Personal Stuff

Building a house is a big project. Getting a big chunk of mountainside, and developing it by putting in half a mile of road, digging a well, running half a mile of power, moving hundreds of tons of rock and dirt (plus all the paperwork and government hoop jumping for every step) and THEN building a giant ass house on top of that, through one of the wettest, snowiest, never ending winters in a long time (seriously, the ski resort we are next to just got six inches of fresh powder in mid APRIL!) and all that together makes for a really BIG FREAKING PROJECT.

We’ve been working on Yard Moose Mountain for three years now. However, the end is in sight, and we are only a couple of months out of completion.  Our contractors have been amazing. If you are going to build a house in northern Utah, look up Randall Brothers Construction. They are meticulous.

All of this house stuff has cut into my productivity, but honestly it hasn’t been too bad. My wife is the one who has decision fatigue. Its like every other day for the last few months she’s had to go somewhere to pick out what color/style she wants of something.  The biggest time suck for me was bank stuff last year, because even though I make pretty good money, the sporadic and unpredictable way writers get paid confuses and frightens underwriters. I actually had to get Toni Weisskopf to send the bank a letter explaining how royalties work.  😀


The MHI RPG is moving along. All we are waiting for now is the printing of the books. All the KS backers who didn’t have physical books have been sent their stuff.


Monster Hunter Guardian, eARC AVAILABLE NOW!
My schedule for FanX

48 thoughts on “April Update Post”

  1. She had to explain to the bank how royalties worked? No wonder that the banking sector is so messed up. Of all the people you would expect to have some financial literacy…

    1. There’s financial literacy, then there is the publishing industry.

      And most banking industry people don’t really understand what they are doing. They just check boxes and move paper. If it’s not Fannie or Freddie approved, they have no idea what to do.

    2. Financial literacy is not the same as understanding every single aspect of financial exchanges… A comparison: Even if you have a lot of experience with physics (like PhD level), doesn’t mean you understand exactly every single physics interaction.

      Economics is one of my loves. I spend much time studying it… I’d call a fool anyone that said they understood every aspect of it, particularly as how hard it is to understand.

    3. Couldn’t it be the other way around, Publishing finances being just that absurd and incredible?

    4. Few banks properly underwrite loans these days. Most just idiotically look at your credit ( debt slave ) score.

      1. Oh yeah. And their ideas for how much people should pay for housing are totally out of whack. Last time my husband and I were house hunting, we were at about 175k combined salary iirc, and the mortgage company told us we qualified for a loan of up to half a million dollars. I literally howled with laughter. And yes, this was AFTER 2008. Apparently they learned nothing.

        1. My wife likes to watch HGTV (nobody’s perfect) and on all those House Hunters shows, the money these people are approved for is absolutely insane. And their careers are pretty middle to lower middle class.


    1. Hisses and cat-calls for the bad ones who shoot their up front money up their arms. ::mutter, grumble, shakes a fist::

  2. Questions:
    1. Is the MHI RPG a video game? If yes, what platforms are targeted and what is the schedule?

    2. MHI is just begging for a movie or serialized TV treatment. Do you have an agent or direct contacts with anyone in Hollywierd? Being the limited people they are mentally, they must all be looking for the next GoT, Marvel comics or Star Wars series, and MHI could be pitched as some combination of all three.

    1. The Savage Worlds MHI RPG is a tabletop game (and the 2nd one in the ‘verse); paper and dice, not pixels. I agree that there are a number of video game options that could be fun.

      On the book tour Larry mentioned that the rights were held and that they appeared to be doing something, but that was all he could say. I think we’re all hoping for good movies of TV / Streaming series.

      1. I’m not really a tabletop gamer, but I would love a good MHI video game. (Although there’s already a video game franchise called Monster Hunter–it’s even kind of its own sub-genre–so I guess it would need to be done in a way to avoid confusion/potential trademark infringement.)

    2. IIRC, there *was* an effort a few ears ago for an MHI movie, but it got stuck trying to obtain rights and/or permission from Universal over their monster movies. Uinversal shot it down because they wanted to create their own universe a la Marvel with them.

      We see how the first one came out, though (Tom Cruise Mummy), so maybe there’s now some renewed interest?

      1. CD Projekt Red would be ideal. They took a series of books and turned it into one of the greatest RPGs of all time, not to mention those books were about… monster hunting. And all that with a ungrateful, hostile author whom I’m sure lent no support, and who seemed to take any opportunity he could to bad mouth video games. Not to mention they seem like a proud, nationalistic bunch that arent SJWed in the least.

  3. A third Tom Stranger audiobook? [pumps fist] Bring on the face punching and quality customer service!

  4. If you ever get the chance, you and Ethan Van Sciver should compare notes between Sad Puppies and the current kerfuffle that is ComicsGate, the parallels between the two of you are pretty amazing and would make for a great show.

  5. Is your gun room in the new place going to be described as “sufficient” or “My God, that is ridiculously American”?

    Also, can you shed any light on what is going on with the Vault Books leather bound Hard Magic? They don’t seem to be answering emails.

  6. Hey! I work at Disney World (in IT). Every time we go to see the manatees, the kids say, “Look Dad…It’s your people!”

    “Yes,” I say. “My people.”

    I hope you had a good time when you were here. Sorry for all the rain/heat/alligators/crazypeople. #FloridaMan

  7. Fall of 2020? I’m reading House of Assassins right now, very slow, to try and keep it fresh for the next release, but I don’t think I can last that long.

    You do such a damn fine job of setting up anticipation within your books that it takes some serious willpower to put them down.

  8. Beach ok, manatees I totally get, but Disney World? Why? Overpriced, overcrowded, overhyped, least-common-denominator entertainment for the gullible masses, not to mention the fact that the company as a whole is politically hard left and openly supports gun control. I’d have gone snorkeling/scuba diving in the Keys, or something like that.

  9. Crazy, stupid, insanely excited for the next MHI book! The wait has been TORTURE and I have no doubts you’ll knock this one out of the park too. Will be pre-ordering the second I can!

  10. Right at the end of your post you wrote,

    The MHI RPG is moving along. All we are waiting for now is the printing of the books. All the KS backers who didn’t have physical books have been sent their stuff.”

    I thought, “What? MHI has rocket-propelled grenades? Wow!!”

    And then I got it. Role Playing Game.

    Never mind…

    1. Those RPGs have the Stirling silver cone liner for the shaped charge. Has to be Stirling to get some stiffness for impact. Blessed by a mitered abbot of the Order of St. Hubert. Goes through most anything physical and spiritual, but there’s a price tag. 🙂

      1. Well that makes sense. So they weren’t role-playing games after all.

        About that price tag — ammo just keeps getting more expensive. But you probably meant something deeper, like losing faith in unicorns and fairies.

        Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

  11. I can commiserate about the house. While ours is much smaller (and less cool, but it’s ours so still awesome) we are part of a owner/builder program and have had to frame eight houses this winter. I’m jealous every time you post pictures.

  12. If you want to send some of that rain/snow stuff east and a little south, I’d be much obliged. 🙂 I realize that’s a wee, tiny titch bit above your pay grade (A-level author required, probably), but if you’d just go out and tell it to shoo, I’ll give it a nice home.

    (We’re getting a little rain, but we ended the year two inches behind. That’s over ten percent below average. We’re another ten percent below average at the moment.)

  13. Larry,

    I’ve been a fan since the first MHI book. I’ve enjoyed everything so far. But I have to say, I just had a chance to read the three Dead Six books and they just blew me away. It was like reading a bad ass video game (some kind of RPG/3rd person shooter crossover).

    They are my favorites, by far.

    I wanted to tell you and Mike Kupari that. And I hope we get to see more Lorenzo. That guy got moved to my top 5 fictional characters of all time.

  14. You know what, Larry? I really enjoy hearing that you, basic author-guy, are doing well. You’ve got the royalties coming in, that is awesome.

    Long may it reign.

  15. I picture a series of signs as one comes up the driveway, explaining that you don’t want to continue if you are not invited. The first couple of signs might be something innocuous like “PRIVATE ROAD, KEEP OUT”. After that the signs become increasingly insistent and graphic. Signs invoking the various monsters from the MHI universe could be quite effective.

  16. Tom Stranger #3, oh, JOY!.

    I had my daughter listen to “The Adventures of Tom Stranger”. She snickered when Chuck Norris arrived from Earth xxxx-Roundhouse Kick to adjudicate the claim, and burst out snorting when when he gavelled the case closed; someone fabricated evidence in his courtroom, and mayhem was called for.

  17. I have a very strange question for Mister Correia.

    In his blog post about Chik-Fil-a, he referred to cows as “kinda shifty”

    I’m curious what exactly he meant by this.

  18. For those worrying about “not getting an email” about the Savage Worlds RPG – if you backed it, and if you have a drivethruRPG or RPGNOW account, you NEVER NEEDED to receive an email.

    1. Go to the DTRPG web page.
    2. Log in
    3. Go to your account settings
    4. Look for the NOTIFICATIONS section, and the “Notifications Inbox”.
    5. In the inbox, you SHOULD have an initial email from early October 2018, with the link to add the PDFs to your account. Following the links in that would have added the books for free to your Cart, and you would have access to them (and to their updates) after completing the transaction.
    6. If you didn’t click through them, it’s possible that it might have timed out and you need to have the links resent by GKG (or, if your kickstarter email is not your DTRPG email).

    The actual message in the inbox would look like this (no working links in this copy):

    Free Digital Download from Gallant Knight Games at DriveThruRPG.com
    Alan B. (2018-10-02 11:34:07)

    Gallant Knight Games has sent you a free downloadable copy of a title on DriveThruRPG.com


    This is your PDF reward for backing The Monster Hunter International: Savage Worlds Edition.

    You will notice it’s not fully completed (it’s missing some page references and NPC/PC write-ups). Those pieces will be added once backer errata and edits are added in. (The page count will shift, so we have to wait until the main text is locked down.)

    On the Kickstarter, you will find a link to a Google Form where you can submit errata and questions you have. These form will be open for two weeks, after which we will close it, finalize the book, and provide POD Codes.

    Thank you!

    Larry & The GKG Team


    When you click the link, the title will be entered into your shopping cart with the price set to zero. Simply click the link below to load up your shopping cart and then check out to get your free title.

    Monster Hunter International: Savage Worlds (Note: This was the link in the original message)

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