Wait. I got Black Listed from what now?

It’s going around Twitter that apparently I got black listed again. That by itself isn’t shocking, because at this point of my career whining dipshits have tried to black ball me from a bunch of things. (most recently social justice howler monkeys got me kicked out of a gaming convention, and then tried and failed to get me kicked out of DragonCon).

However this is the first time I think I’ve gotten black balled from an industry I’m not actually in.

There is some list going around about “ComicsGate” and all the badthink people who should be banned from proper, politically correct, goodthinking comic books, because as you know, like all forms of art, comic books should be politically homogeneous to promote social justice, yadda yadda yadda. And if you disagree, obviously it can only be because you want to drag homosexuals to death behind your jacked up truck, something something Handmaid’s Tale.

So I’m on the banned list.

Okay… Only problem is that I don’t work in comic books.

I’ve never written for a comic book. I’ve never had a comic or graphic novel made of any of my properties. I talked about it once with a company a couple of years ago, but nothing panned out, and I kind of forgot about it.

Okay, to be fair, I have been a GI Joe character. But they can’t ban Spreadsheet! Who will take care of GI Joe’s budget?

My only connection to “ComicsGate” is that I’m friends with Chuck Dixon (who is apparently kicking ass and making piles of money doing independent stuff). I’ve never once commented on whatever this latest controversy is, because frankly I’ve paid little attention to it.

As far as I know, it’s more of the same thing we’ve seen before, where an industry gets taken over by a bunch of bossy liberals who assume everybody good in the world thinks the same as they do, and if you are tired of all your entertainment turning into preachy boring virtue signalling, then obviously you are Evil Fascist Hitler who should be shunned and never work again until you starve in a ditch. When actual creative types–who just want to make fans happy so they can Get Paid–get loud and upppity against the establishment circle jerk, then it’s the end of the friggin’ world, racist/sexist REEEEEEEEEE x 1000.

Hell if I know. That’s just a guess. But apparently by just existing I’m part of this terrible evil movement, and I am now black balled from the comics industry.

Well whoop de fucking do. That would probably hurt if I knew anything about comic books.

Seriously, you assholes need a new hobby.

Normally when the Screaming Harpies Of Tolerance try to get me banned from something, it’s regular book publishing, or pitching a fit until I get thrown out of anthology I’d been asked to be in, or getting me kicked out of a con that I’ve been invited to be a guest. That at least requires our noble social justice types to pay a little attention, but now you’re just phoning it in.

You know what though? This REALLY makes me want to make a comic book. Because nothing makes a American want to do something more than having a bossy busy body tell them that they can’t.

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173 thoughts on “Wait. I got Black Listed from what now?”

  1. You need to write a comic book with “Social Justice Howler Monkeys” and “Screaming Harpies Of Tolerance” as the evildoers. Maybe a Tom Stranger comic book.

      1. The question is, do these social justice howler monkeys of doom throw flaming balls of shit, setting the building on fire


        1)Does Harry Dresden get blamed for it?
        2) What’s the PUFF on one of those?
        2a) The monkeys, not a White Council Wizard
        2b) Especially not Harry Dresden
        3) Would we buy a comic crossover where the Dresdenverse and MHIverse meet?

        …yes please

          1. The PUFF on a wizard would be fairly substantial; a White Council one would be huuuuuge.

            Any on Harry would probably equal a Vampire Master’s, at least, post Changes…

        1. Well, Jim Butcher wrote a short story for Monster Hunter Files about MHI’s janitor.

          MHI seems like it could become an awesome comic book. Or Tom Stranger.

    1. Do an episode of Thrilling Adventure Hour (they’re back and lookin for writers). “Sparks Nevada and the Screaming Harpies of Tolerance”

      “I’m… from Earth.”
      “I am from G’loot Praktaw.”
      “Which is Mars.”

    1. See, this is yet another opportunity for Larry, and whoever gets hired as the artist, to make piles of money, seeing as we happily capitalistic sorts will eagerly buy …

      actually, why indeed is MHI not yet a comic? Wouldn’t the shorts be easier to convert to comics?

      1. Turns out comics are surprisingly difficult to do well. I spent a week at a comic book artists course, there’s a lot going on that the reader doesn’t notice when you do it right, like directionality and flow between frames. But when you do it wrong, then they notice.

        Writing for comics is also very different. You’re storyboarding a movie, but it is also a printed work. So there’s some things that are very different.

        Adapting MHI to a comic would be a lot of time consuming work. Writing a new MHI story for comics would be much easier, IMHO.

  2. What they don’t know it’s now becoming a shopping list for people who’s sick of the PC industry. For some reason Jordan Peterson is also on it, and the closest he came to the industry is some gag Jojo dojin casting him as a Jojo character.

    1. Indeed. I’ve come to look at these “blacklists” as an opportunity to find awesome new creators.

      And yeah, I would buy the hell out of a Larry Correia comic.

    2. Jordan Peterson has a self-help book that was illustrated by EVS, so at least he’s tangentially related to comics in some way…

  3. You can’t buy advertising like that.

    You could license someone else to do the work and listen to the Reeee’s when it made a best sellers list.

  4. I’m dubious at best about that list. It looks like it was made up by a Trumpster to me.

    Butch Guice, for example, has worked with Mark Waid, Brian Bendis, Ed Brubaker, etc. in recent years. I can’t find anywhere he’s ever stated a political opinion about anything or been dinged for one. The only connection is that he drew Winterworld for IDW years back when the writer was… Chuck Dixon.


    1. I too am also dubious about that list, and am not fully sure there’s a blacklist.

      I don’t think that Larry wants to do a comic book because of all the work needed to create one; he might just want to keep to what he does.

  5. So. . . . That’s what it takes huh? . . . . . . Hello netflix. . . .there is this guy who should blacklisted. . . . His name is Larry.

  6. You guys keep spelling it wrong. Its Handmaid’s Tail.

    Its also Official Canadian Literature, which fact tells you all you need to know about the book. I’m told the TV show is so much worse than the book it’ll make your brain shrink.

    1. Show isn’t that bad but it’s funny cause my lesbian coworker was watching it and had the exact opposite reaction the producers were probably expecting. She basically said oh crap I need to go buy guns so this doesn’t happen to me…

    2. How the frak do you know that both book and TV show are bad? You do know that recent events have proven Margret Atwood was spot-on in writing said book? And that people feel that Trump’s rise is just like what happened in the book?l

      1. “You do know that recent events have proven Margret Atwood was spot-on in writing said book? And that people feel that Trump’s rise is just like what happened in the book?l”

        Are you a parody account?

  7. I just saw Mike Williamson’s post on his blog about this happening to him, too. Chuck Dixon’s name came up there as well.

    I rather suspect The Usual SJWspects have just made up a NAUGHTY list and are sharing it around for every else to use, just to make double-secret-ultra-sure that no badthink/funhavers can play.

    Kinda like printing off signs to cover every possible USSC nominee ahead of time, and trashing any that weren’t needed. (That’s ecologically unfriendly, too, wasting all that paper and ink, tsktsktsk.)

    Comics wouldn’t be a bad idea, really – less writing to set the scenes, no SFX budget other than paying for decent illustrators, and if you go indy there’ll be less Hollywood douchbaggery in trying to vanilla everything up for the lowest common denominator/kiddies.

  8. You DID have a graphic novel of the Christmas Noun, and I’ve seen your doodles. That’s as close to comics as I’ve seen you get. It a gritty MHI graphic novel would be AWESOME!!

  9. This is the second “who banned me?” I’ve seen in my feed. Now I’m curious if they actually banned any comic book authors. I only read comic books at the barbershop as a kid so I’m not real familiar with things anymore but I imagine that the writers of “Sgt. Rock” would not be welcome now-a-days.

  10. “Spreadsheet,” was that a code name for a Steel Brigade character or some other creation? We really want to know (and that’s half the battle!)

  11. DO EEEET!

    Seriously, Larry… I’d love to see the results and watch these clowns, who you’re dead on right about telephoning it in, have their heads detonate violently.

  12. Make a comic. Stick it to em. Also I’d read the hell out of a comic that’s from one of your properties. Also let’s not call them howler monkeys. That’s a insult to real howler monkeys. Haha

  13. Look up Diversity & Comics on YouTube. He’s become notorious for pointing out how comics have started to suck thanks to SJWs and has been challenged to write his own comics by the industry leaders he criticized. So he did and they all lost their sh!t and tried to blacklist him too. So he found a way to print his comics anyway. He’s also a Marine so you know he has experience with firearms.

    To be honest I think you two would be a perfect match. 🙂

  14. Heh. Larry, you should have a couple of good photos done of you “crying”, and drying your tears on wads of money. Post that in response to the next great Puppy Kicker Kerfuffle. That is virtually guaranteed to blow their little skulls to mush.

  15. Larry, MHI would make an AWESOME comic!
    I would buy every issue.
    Once you totally dominate that industry definitely resurrect Sgt. Rock and all the other old “military” adventure comics.

  16. You know, I hadn’t really thought much about reading any more comics (other than webcomics) in quite a while. Now I’m seriously thinking that a CorreiaComic would get some of my hard earned dollars, should it happen. Because screw those guys.

    This is a thing that should happen purely to add another oder of magnitude to the shREEEEiking outrage.

      1. Please find someone to make an author-approved Cabbage Point Killing Machine album.

        Even better if you can find a James Gandolfini-look-alike who can play guitar.

  17. Maybe we need a running ticker on the sidebar: Industries you’ve been banned from that you’ve never worked in.

    (Also, the autofill Name, e-mail, etc had the info for one JimC in it. Deleted because duh, but something might be buggy with the comment box)

  18. It’s the awesome Christmas Noun Graphic Novel that threatened them in their mediocrity. With so much HOOOONNNNN they could not help but be cowed by it….

  19. Option 1: Just give Vox a call. He has all the infrastructure in place. Watch histrionics ensue.

    Option 2: Ingram has great color POD printing and will do offset printing for over 10,000 copies that almost rivals China in prices. I would not say its easy but I’m on my second imprint–totally doable on your own. Separate from the the artist, most labor intensive part of Build Your Own imprint would be finding a graphic layout specialist.

    Personally, I’d not only buy MHI and Grimlore graphic novels, I would buy multiple and give them as gifts! MHI is totally a comic-adaptable series.

    please please please

  20. On a related note, in case anyone was unaware, the screaming SJWs apparently got to Indie-Go-Go: Vox Day’s latest project. Alt-Q (an other comic line) was canceled (by Indie-Go-Go) after it successfully funded. An email was sent out that the backers would be refunded.

    It sure seems like the SJWs are getting very desperate.

  21. Chuck Dixon is working with Vox Day and creating new comics. I would love to see some of your work come to life with a good artist.

  22. I tweeted your post to a you-tuber named Diversity & Comics. He was complaining about the quality of Lefty comics and was told to put up or shut up. So he started an Indiegogo campaign, because kick-starter preemptively blocked him, to make his own comic. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jawbreakers-lost-souls-graphic-novel#/ When he went to publish it with a small publisher one of the Lefties scared them into breaking their contract and now he’s suing the Lefty for tortuous interference. And he made 400,000 in sales on his first comic. Then 135,000 on his second one. He effectively outsold the guy who tried to block him from outside the system. It would be like self publishing your way onto the best seller lists.

    The only thing you missed in your description of the issues in comics is the part where the writers go out of their way to attack their fans.

  23. I just so happen to be a comic book artist and sculptor here in Saint Paul. Perhaps you and I should talk. I would love to collaborate.

  24. So, I’m chugging along in “uncompromising Honor” and lo and behold our favorite ILOH has a new title: Vice Admiral Correia.

    Did you, Mrs. ILOH, or a fan buy a nod in at auction or do you know the Mad Wizard Weber?

  25. Just saying, an MHI comic book series would make bank. I know I’d buy them, and not just to piss off SJWs, either!

  26. What a complete bunch of asshats. I have several friends on the left. We often have “lively” conversations about political subjects without any real animosity whatsoever. I find it rather enjoyable, as I make no claim to knowing everything, and neither do they. Yes, they call me their gun nut libertarian friend. But not anything like this bunch of SJW’s. It always seems to be this loud little group of turdlings that give that whole side a bad name. It would be better for everyone if they would crawl back into their “safe space”, plant their thumbs back into their mouths, and break out a coloring book.

  27. What I see is fear of competition masquerading as social outrage. I can’t help but recall the comic controversies back in the nineties, regarding the excessive violence and moral decline of that generation of anti-heroes… meaning, the way they greatly outsold the clear cut capes backed by traditional company policies. And now that age is loudly reviled by the trunerds (you know the kind – the self-styled moral guardians of every fandom, ready to berate anyone who doesn’t share their taste in characters, stories etc.), even though a lot of its characters are still enduring in print and, wouldn’t you know it, in cinema.

    Speaking of which – the Deadpool film was blocked for almost a decade in spite of the massive popularity of the character, and when it came out, it was a hit without even tapping into the Chinese market. The Transformers films – just about the only popcorn flicks where the US armed forces are among the good guys – are routinely mocked by critics and trunerds alike, but are quite popular with general audiences come to be entertained rather than indoctrinated.

    All in all, I reckon this sort of counter-productive “blacklisting” is really just the desperate scratching and clawing of a dying subset of the industry/fandom, increasingly aware of how noncompetitive it has become.

  28. A Monster Hunter comic does sound like something I’d invest in. And is it just me, or does the whole thing sound like Mike Mignola’s B.P.R.D. crossed with the 80’s GI Joe cartoon – that’s be sweet!

  29. Only an accountant would name a military character “Spreadsheet.” It should be Excel, universally abbreviated XL.

    “Hey, big fella, what’s your name?”
    Woman glances down, licks lips, “I’ll bet you are.”


    “Sir, Lt. Joe Buckley reporting.”
    “At ease, Buckley. I’m Captain Smith, the Executive Officer. What do they call you?”
    “XL, XO, I’m your new S4.”

    “Hey XL, it’s me, 1-2-3. Hey, you sleepin?”
    “Nah, 1-2-3, just trying to clear my head. These pay records are impossible.”
    “Yeah, man, you should try, like, meditating, cross your legs and stuff.”
    “That’d be Lotus, 1-2-3.

  30. So, the great bane of comics is apparently some mysterious horde of racist/sexist/whateverist bigots… and not the fact that your average modern comicbook has impossible-to-follow continuity, cringeworthy dialogue, boring artstyle, and stories with horrible pace, mediocre action and no satisfying ending to speak of.

    Dunno about a comic book proper, but I’d love to see a flash-animated motion comic in the MHI universe – like the cutscenes in the old Freedom Force video game (also known as the parody superhero game better than most actual superhero games). Even just as an advertising teaser, I’d say it’s worth a shot.

  31. Heh. Social Justice Howler Monkeys sounds like a good name for a thrash metal band specializing in lyrics of dark irony. 🙂

    1. Tell me about it. It’s been years I’ve seen something genuinely fun coming from the mainstream publishers, as opposed to muddled melodramas with no sense of action or adventure.

  32. Grimnoir would make an awesome setting for a graphic novel, just saying. (looks in savings account, confirms money exists for future purchase)

  33. Let’s see:
    – Monster Hunter, graphic novel edition
    – Tom Stranger, graphic novel edition
    – Wendell’s Roughnecks graphic novel
    – Christmas Noun graphic novel

    The end product would be epic, and the SJW meltdown would almost certainly be worth the price of admission, and … oh, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  34. Getting banned from an industry you aren’t even in. Wow, the snowflakes hit a new low. Although I could see an “MHI files” comic as being way cool.

  35. I want to pre-order any and all comic/graphic novel you want to put out. MHI, Dead Six, Tom Stranger, etc, they are all good. Sign me up! Shut up and take my money!

  36. Don’t leave out the graphic novel version of Son of the Black Sword. The world and characters would give rise to some wonderful illustrations.
    And if artists from India are hired for the work, that’s extra diversity points. If they’re female artists from India, that’s twice the diversity points, and twice the REEEE!

      1. SyFy.com (remember why SyFy.com was relevant? Neither do I.) has recently been posting fiery essays by Some Nobody (probably not her real name) about how all the most popular and cool anime and manga are automatically and innately….EVUL NAZI ALT RIGHT RACIST SEXIST EVIL EVIL EVIL….I’m sure Japan is -so- concerned.

        1. I do find stuff in anime and manga that I think is legitimately pro-Axis revisionist history.

          The Japanese teach history to a centralized curriculum that makes slant inevitable, and prevents robust discussions that would naturally expose people to the blind spots in the official truth.

          I’ve been known to ask if maybe we didn’t nuke the Japanese hard enough, and if maybe we will find we have to go back in and finish the job of nuking them. There are lots of people who will have reservations about my opinions on Japan and Japanese media.

          The columnist is probably the sort who would defame Arthur Harris and Curtis LeMay.

          1. “Pro Axis”, no, that wasn’t her objection. Her objection was that some manga and anime characters WEAR UNIFORMS, and in Current Year all the Right Proper thinking people know that anyone in a uniform is automatically and innately a scumball and merely looking at an illustration of someone in a uniform causes people to become Nazis and…wait, why don’t the X-Men get in trouble for this again?

          2. So, someone who attacks the Nazis because the Nazis have no real base of defenders, because attacking them serves some end, but who does not have enough coherent objections to Nazi policy or crimes to attack more than the most cosmetic of features.

            Are they proposing that looking at JK in seifuku makes someone a Nazi, or do they at least stick to things like bus drivers, cafe waitresses, or even actual purported members of a military service?

            There are uniforms in Sailor Moon, Dragonball, and Pokemon. Which very many Americans have seen.

          3. @John

            I think they’re going that route because screeching about pretty anime women tends to backfire.

            Especially as bishounen and biseinen exist there too.

            The latter then to also be very common in yaoi, shoujo and jousei targeted genre manga and literature.

  37. Go Larry! A “Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Hunters” would be an awesome comic book! (Like Jonah Hex on steroids!) Go for it!

  38. Well, what goes around comes around: Chuck Wendig reports he just got fired by Marvel and “taken off an as-yet unannounced SW (Star Wars) book.” So no more weebling-and-wobbling TIE fighters from Chuck, I guess.


    Chuck says he was fired “Because of the negativity and vulgarity that my tweets bring. Seriously, that’s what Mark, the editor said. It was too much politics, too much vulgarity, too much negativity on my part.” Of course he blames the Right for it.

  39. Larry’s banning from comics is like the European preventative prision. That way he can’t published now that he’should banned in advance 🙂 of course Larry like target practice so a comic book would make heads explode.
    The joys of content creation

  40. What the world needs now is CorreiaTech-brand high explosive reactive targets. (See if you can persuade Joe Huffman to license his Boomershoot recipe to you in a two-container mixable format so mere mortals without ATF explosive manufacturing licenses can buy them.)

    What the world needs now is CorreiaTech-brand integrally suppressed AR-15 uppers (.223 AND .330 Blackout, keep that one in the pocket for when Congress does the Hearing Protection Act as part of reconciliation on a finance/tax bill after the midterms).

    The world needs CorreiaTech Combat Wombats (double-stack .45 Super/ACP integrally suppressed pistols for this planet, partner with SilencerCo and a Boberg style action, maybe)

    Before you were a writer, you were an accountant and merchant of death. How many copies of House of Assassins and Grimnoire-next do we need buy to truly establish you as the International Lord of Hate in his fastness atop Yard Moose Mountain, defended by CorreiaTech in irony exquisite and puissant?

  41. I request — nay, demand ! — to see a comic about Spreadsheet, the G.I.Joe accountant. There’s no way that won’t be epic.

  42. So… shut up and take my money? I’d buy your comics and pass them out JUST to spite these, ah, poo flinging howler monkeys.

    1. I wouldn’t buy any product just to spite my political opponents; that’s not how capitalism works. I’d buy a product because it’s actually good.

      That said, I think that MHI might work really well in comic format, so I’d totally buy that. Especially if LC manages to get Jon Malin and/or EVS as his artist. That’d be awesome.

      1. Malin maybe, EVS has said repeatedly he has too many of his own ideas to even think about working in someone else’s universe.

        If you were to go the graphic novel route, maybe test the waters with Tokyo Raider or Murder on the Orient Elite; bring in an established comics writer, artist, colorist, letterer, and edit the proofs.

        In any case, you might reach out to Ethan Van Sciver about going on one of his live streams, would be an entertaining show, that’s for sure.

        1. Absolutely, I’d love to watch LC and EVS on stream, especially if they could also get D&C a.k.a. Yaboi Zack… That probably won’t happen, though — but still, one can dream.

  43. Just how is this sort of blacklisting supposed to work anyway? It’s one thing for certain major publishers to refuse to hire certain authors, but that’s not an absolute restriction on the industry as a whole. There might even be another Image comics situation like back in the nineties – the writers and artist starting their own band, so to speak.

  44. Larry- Doing a comic is a great idea. So, if you do decide to do what these bastards say you can’t do, I know a colorist who I can hook you up with. He works on a lot of well known books.

  45. I l̶o̶v̶e̶ hate you all sooo much! HOON! Every idea I had, scroll, oh, there it is, oh, but wait, scroll, there’s that, too! And again, and again.

    Can’t wait to see Franks v. Owen v. Skippy’s clan v. Dresden v. Everything else crossovers in full-color graphic novel format!

  46. I don’t know the current market. But, MHI seems very adaptable to a Graphic Novel format.

    Making some bucks because the Screaming Harpies of Tolerance gave you the idea seems… fitting somehow.

    (I thought it was Screeching Harpies though)

  47. I recommend Adam Warren to do the art for the Monster Hunters Comic. I want this! Do it! My life will not be complete until I see a comic of Owen killing a werewolf with office furniture.

  48. Just curious if what your thoughts were on Chuck Windig getting fired by Disney/Marvel off a Darth Vader comic and a new Star Wars book. After he went on a psychotic, vile profanity laden rant on Twitter after the Kavanaugh vote. For myself I think it’s freaking hilarious.

    1. Cowboy Samurai –

      A friend of mine was telling me about a Star Wars writer who had had some some sort of mental episode on Twitter (even more so than the usual dysfunctions on display there) and gotten fired and I thought he was talking about a scriptwriter for the next movie. When I found out it was Wending, my first thought was ‘Shit, it’s about time. He should have been fired after ‘Aftermath’, that was crap.’

      1. I would like to see citations confirming of the details before believing it was so. Last I heard, Wendig was the source for information about the cause. Wendig has claimed that homophobia etc, are a plausible explanation for bad reviews and poor sales. I suspect he is not a reliable source.

    2. No one cares (or should) a great deal about my thoughts on Windig getting fired but it’s basically this —

      If the world worked the way I prefer, no one would get fired for being an idiot on social media.

      Since the world now works according to new purity rules and people loose their jobs for bad jokes and unwelcome (but utterly factual) opinions because someone somewhere got the vapours that someone who doesn’t agree with them even exists or is allowed to earn a paycheck and feed their family…

      Yeah… vile profanity laden rants get a person fired under New Rules and since thems the rules that his fellow travelers insist upon, it’s pretty danged funny and… apt.

      1. So, knowing essentially nothing about Wendig, I infer that he is a “woke” type who is somehow involved in comic books.

        I also observe that his name is one letter removed from a cannibalistic evil spirit from Algonquin folk lore.

        I can only conclude that these two data points are not a coincidence.

  49. On the one hand, I’d love to see an MHI comic; on the other hand, the major publishers are basically churning out spandex-clad soap operas and social justice polemics rather than actual action and detective stories, so in that regard, it’s kinda like being banned from a house fire – not exactly a party to join anyway.

    Still, I reckon Dark Horse, Dynamite and IDW would be a nice first choice to turn to. Food for thought.

    1. ComisGate creators seem to be doing really well on IndieGoGo; they’re bypassing traditional publishing and going straight to the consumer (full disclosure, I’m their consumer). I’m not sure if this model is sustainable in the long term, though.

    2. I’m pretty sure IDW is run by SJW nuts, GI Joe fans had to go through hell to get an author who openly hated them and told them only he was allowed to mourn 9/11 (yes, really) removed. I think the other 2 are as well.

  50. “You know what though? This REALLY makes me want to make a comic book. Because nothing makes a American want to do something more than having a bossy busy body tell them that they can’t.”

    Full adaptation of The Grimnoir Chronicles, script by Chuck Dixon , art by Mike S. Miller. That’ll teach them.

  51. Actually, something that’s been at the back of my mind since all the ComicsGate Indiegogos got started: do you think there’s any possibility of a Baen Graphic Novels imprint? Distribution beyond crowdfunding is a real problem. Peter Simeti of Alterna Comics is broadly friendly to ComicsGate, but he has very good reasons not to get too closely involved. Vox has the knowledge and stubbornness to be useful, but has yet to overcome his major stumbling point: he’s Vox. A company like Baen, with a history of innovation and a willingness to work with horrible evil non-people, could make a real difference in comics publishing.

  52. Avatar Press for Grimnoir. Just check out Uber or War Stories for an great examples, my favorite series currently (outside Manga).

  53. I’ll be honest. I don’t buy comic books. Never have. Made the mistake of reading them first. Sorry to say, Larry, but you’d never make it in the current comic industry. You’re too interested in telling a story. To be a successful comic book artist you must:

    -Be willing to retcon any and all characters twice a year (and retell their origin story) to fit better with the social justice warriors’ current mores, such that they are.

    -Reference no less than five (5) other intellectual properties to boost the sales of (major comic book title that has been around since the 1940s here), and possibly (other comic book title here) as well, in an orgy of continuity masturbation. Per Book. If they can understand what’s going on without buying $40 in other comic books, you’re doing it wrong.

    -Stop making female characters wrong. Stuff any competent female characters in a fridge. All significant female characters must be feminist approved Mary Sues.

    -Throw any hope of telling a good story under a bus for heavy-handed message fic.

    -Work in house for what the enlightened and benificent publishing house (which is totally not an EVUUL HUEG CORPORASHUN) is willing to pay you. Live on the coasts in a proper and civilized state, like New York or Massachusetts.

    -Immediately forget everything you know about logic, reason, tactics, firearms, and anything else. Firearms are scarybad doubleplus notgood and should be banned and confiscated by all Goodthinking peoples. If you need assistance with this, the publishing house will be happy to provide a commissar and a claw hammer.

    -Immediately ascribe to all approved goodthink positions. Any and all badthink will result in immediate expulsion from the writer pens, and you will be denied your meager salary and left to starve. Goodthink is subject to change without notice.

    … Needless to say, there’s a reason my shelves have stacks of your books, yet not a single comic book. If you really wanna do one, it’d likely be the first comic I’d buy. Assuming you can find it in the stores, which is occasionally difficult with even some of your regular works… I’ve had bad enough luck trying to buy things online that I’ve stopped trying.

    1. I’d also add:

      -Never, ever, resolve anything. No story should have an actual ending, but instead should segue into the next ultra-sooper-dooper-ultimate-final-infinite-crisis crossover… which also doesn’t resolve anything.

      -Waste half the story on deliberating over the aspects of the genre that require the greatest suspension of disbelief – like bulletproof secret identities, international legal privileges and zero accountability for the heroes; or virtually immortal villains that won’t shut up about how special they are… and again, never resolve these issues. Instead, try and strawman anyone pointing them out as a villain or generic loser – because nothing earns the love and respect of potential fans quite like demeaning them for any criticism they might have.

      And finally, speaking of villains…

      -Never bring attention to an actual problem related to organized crime or international terrorism – such as the murder rate in slums and ghettos, the drug and slave trade in developing countries, or the fact that the top ten most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world are either Islamic or socialist in nature. Instead, focus on “Nazis” that haven’t been relevant for fifty years, or evil tech corporations bent on world domination… as opposed to, y’know, selling overpriced cellphones to hapless tweens.

      In short, yeah, I don’t see a lot of common ground between, say, MHI and Grimnoir, and what the comic industry is peddling right now. The tabletop market is what I’d focus on – not just the full-blown MHI RPG, but simplified offshoots. Something like the old HeroQuest – a fast-paced, unpack & shoot’em up experience.

      1. It’s sad, really, such a nice format for storytelling. And, at best, it’s a third-tier also-ran shoved into the publishing ghetto and made to lick the boots of its enlightened masters.

        The rump-end treatment of comic books has even affected the publishing industry. What’s the first thing you hear of when someone suggests a book needs “more pictures?”

        I dunno who to blame, and I don’t care enough to actually find out, but it’d be nice to have books with pictures, maps, diagrams, and notes, sometimes, where they’d be appropriate or useful. I’d get a LOT more mileage out of the Silmarillion if I didn’t have to keep referring to Appendix 3, 5, and 2, thereby losing my place, and so on….

    2. FWIW, I’ve read some comics books recently, mostly due to ComicsGate recommendations:

      * Batman: White Knight: This was a self-contained mini-series, set mostly in the world of TAS. It was excellent, and I highly recommend it.
      * Green Lanterns (note the plural): A really interesting series exploring what it truly means to be a Green Lantern. I liked it a lot, though I think it’s still ongoing.
      * Mister Miracle: Honestly, I didn’t really like it. It went on for way too long. Would’ve been better as a one-off graphic novel.
      * Port of Earth: I liked everything about it but the size. The individual issues are way too short, ergo way too expensive. Had to stop reading because I’m not made of money.
      * Bonehead: Same deal as above. Great book, excellent art, but way too expensive for its length.
      *Punisher: the Platoon: Straight-up Punisher adventure mini-series. Liked it a lot.
      *The Wild Storm: Warren Ellis’s reboot. It’s Warren Ellis, so you know it’s good.

      Anyway, those are just off the top of my head. Some hits, some misses, but overall my experience has been positive. None of the issues you mention really came into play — but, I do acknowledge that most of those comics are indies or one-offs, not major AAA properties.

      1. Most of the DC Comics titles (New 52 and Rebirth/Universe) don’t have any ‘SJW’ stuff it them (aside from Clark Kent quitting the Daily Planet due to his feeling that the Planet was focusing on non-essential news in the New 52 Superman/Action Comics and Supergirl supporting a transgendered person in issue #19 of the current Supergirl title, and those are just parts of real life, as well as Superman & Supergirl being the good people they usually are)and shouldn’t be blasted by people as if they are being like Marvel.

    3. And that’s why all comic recommendations you’ll see of are their own canon, arcs or an author’s runs. Star Man (which only escape the problems due to rights issues), Spider-Girl, and Power Pack (well 56-62 were garbage, but the Holiday Special finale is great) are pretty much the only thing you can read beginning to end and come away satisfied

  54. Am I the only one guilty of reading the line “Seriously, you assholes need a new hobby.” as “Seriously, your assholes need a new hobby.”?

  55. I like the recent idea of referring to SJWs as Non-player characters (NPCs) due to their limited repertoire of responses…

    1. More or less, yeah. It’s catchy and easy to explain; it’s dismissive without being racially, sexually or otherwise charged; and after two years of “muh Russian bots”, acting offended would only serve as a display of hypocrisy. Most importantly, I like how it detaches those worthy of the moniker, from anything to do with actual social issues – as it’s become clear such people don’t really care about that, as much as they’re looking for attention and other gains, and relying on mob mentality to obtain them.

  56. Apparently you can’t tell who the chara ters are without a program. I’d never heard of ComicsGate so I did a search, and the first thing that came up was an over-the-top, in-your-face SJW website ranting about the alt-right Nazis in ComicsGate who were urging people not to buy, ahem, socially progressive comics. They were claiming that ComicsGate were right-wingers blacklisting left-wingers. Did ComicsGate actually blacklist you, Larry? Do they know something we don’t? Are you secretly pink, if not dyed-in-the-wool red? Naw. Either they’re nuts, or the left is cannibalizing itself, or you got blacklisted by the Anti-ComicsGaters. But in any event, yeah, a comic book would be GREAT!

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