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We flew home from Atlanta last night. I don’t know how many DragonCons I’ve been to now (I think six), and this was Bridget’s second.

I can’t do a full recap. The days are just too busy. The blog post would be too long and I’d still probably forget things.

I saw a lot of old friends, met people for the first time, signed a bunch of books, and was on a bunch of panels. My schedule was pretty much nonstop most days, and running from event to event (literally running in a couple of cases, and still getting there late, because Dragon is huge, and there’s a lot of people).

The highlight for me was a panel called “The Larry Correia Showcase”. DC likes to do some solo panels for authors, where it’s just them, and they talk directly to their fans about whatever, and then have a Q&A. Normally when I do these I don’t have a moderator, I just kind of hang out and talk. But this year since Bridget was there they asked my wife to be the moderator.

So we changed it to be The Larry Show, Now With 100% More Bridget, and the idea was that the fans could ask her anything too. She even bought a corset that day, so that she could be dressed in proper DragonCon fashion. (thank you KC) 🙂

It was 10:00 at night on Sunday, which if you know DC, by then everybody is fried, brain damaged, liquored up, or severely hung over, so I wasn’t expecting much of a crowd. I was in the audience for the panel in that same room the hour before (Chris Kennedy Publishing’s Four Horsemen, because I think what they’re doing with the fast turnover production with a bunch of authors is reminiscent of the old school pulp mags, and is a fascinating new business model). And when I walked out of the room right after that panel was over, there was already a huge line for me and Bridget outside.

It was a good sized room, and we filled it. Since the room was already full twenty minutes before our official start time we just started talking to the fans, telling stories, and generally shooting the bull. By 10:00 it was packed.

So Bridget and I just started talking about whatever, telling stories, and answering questions. By 11:00, it was time to stop, but then we realized we were the last thing scheduled for the night, so we could just keep going. By 12:00 we had to tell everybody that we had to wrap this up because we were getting kinda tired. By 12:45 we made it out.

Because my fans are awesome we had a panel, a post panel, and a post panel wrap up show. I believe this was because Bridget is just so charming. If it had been me, I would’ve had six people (counting the con staff for the room) and we’d be out of stuff to talk about by 10:14.

The Dragon Awards went well, with many of my friends winning (and in the process beating some of my other friends). I got to meet a bunch of other authors I’ve only previously known online. I got to be on some panels with some old friends (Laurell and I did How to Write Guns together again). When the the Dragon nominees panel was asked about things which had inspired them and up and coming urban fantasy author R.R. Virdi talked about how he read my books in high school. And I was like wait, he’s an adult man… damn… I’m getting old. (but to be fair, this is probably karmic payback for the times that I’ve done that to guys like Dave Drake, Dave Weber, Tracy Hickman, and Terry Brooks on panels)

As always, DragonCon was a big, awesome, nerd party, where everybody was focused on having a good time. I love it.

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  1. Larry, this was our second time meeting Bridget and she is awesome. You Sir, are a very lucky man. Thanks again for signing our favorite SMG magazines. If you get down our way and want to play with/drive some tanks, let us know. It would be an honor to set it up.

  2. I will make DragonCon one of these damn years, but it always conflicts with Pennsic!!! Ended up jealous as all get out when my nephew mentioned he was going!! (Grin)….glad it was another good con for you sir!!!!

  3. I heard a rumor a fan taped this. It’s only a rumor until we see the video. Sounds like a fun (but exhausting) time was had!

    2020, In Atlanta!

    1. It was taped, but I don’t know when she’ll post it. Getting home from DC takes time and we all have a condition called Dragon Brain which impedes our higher functions. 🙂 Plus, there is one little bit that I asked her to cut out, where I talked a little about a TV project that I realized I didn’t know if I could talk about that part in public yet or not.

      1. Hm…

        Would that have anything to do with that thing you mentioned briefly in your SHOT Show 2016 interview with Hank Strange? Or would that be something completely different?

        Or should I delete this question and say, loudly at that, “Nothing to see here, please move along…”

      2. Trying to find a Hoon recording to bleep over that section otherwise I will have to do some cutting.

      3. Virdi was in high school 10 years ago, MONSTER HUNTER NATION was published 11 years ago–makes him an early adopter. If you were a quarterback or a soldier, you’d be old, but writers get to keep active into their 90s, so you’re practically an infant.

  4. Fun fact: DJ Butler, at a distance, looks remarkably like you (especially when he has a hat on).

    But he’s pretty cool too. Glad you had fun 🙂

  5. I don’t know about the “done by 10:14 without Bridget” scenario. I attended one of your panels at Honorcon last year and you were a fascinating presenter and raconteur.

    I’m really sorry I missed DragonCon this year.

  6. As always, much fun listening to those panels of yours that I was able to make this year and chatting with you at the booth.

    Also, I did end up getting one of the MHI steins – not sure if there is a link where others can acquire online, but that is a SOLID drinking mug of awesome and I thought others might be interested in knowing about them. (It’s actually a metal 36 oz. stein with a leather MHI “sleeve” around it.)

  7. I was there for the Larry and Bridget show, and it was one of the highlights of the con; both of you were at the top of your game. I don’t know how you both managed to have that much energy at 10:00 p.m. Sunday.
    One of the other highlights was your reaction when Jonathan French did his pitch for “The Grey Bastards”. I thought you were going to fall out of your chair.

  8. living on the far coast of Carolina I don’t make it to dragoncon anymore, but if team Correia will be there next year then I might have to put in a appearance and get some books signed.

  9. Gotta get there some day.

    And Larry, don’t sell yourself short, after seeing you in person at a book signing (Books&Co in Dayton) I’m sure you could have held the crowd by yourself until at least 10:27! 😉

  10. I only made it to one panel this year, and I was fortunate enough for it to be the Larry Show. I’ve never met Bridgette before, but she was an incredible person to hear speak. Thank you both for taking the time to share stories, anecdotes, and everything else with us.

  11. You probably know this, but Robert Heinlein was loud about writing for the guy who puts his dollar down for your work. That’s pretty good company.
    You made us envy your family and friends. We are delighted to have met you.

  12. Larry, I was not able to go to the con this year, but my wife, the lovely and talented L Jagi Lamplighter did. She described in glowing terms how your face lit up when you saw Bridgette in that corset. She confirms that you are one lucky guy.

    Sincerely, from the other member of the Correia-Wright mutual admiration society, JCJW

    1. I totally said that to somebody else who was standing nearby when I was talking to Jagi. “Yeah, I’ve got this mutual admiration society thing going on with her husband.” 🙂

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