August Update Post

Here is what is going on in August.

Book Stuff 

My next release is Target Rich Environment in September. It is the first volume of my short fiction collection. This one is a lot of fun, and has quite possibly the best cover ever.

The sequel to Son of the Black Sword is called House of Assassins, and it will be out in February.  Despite me saying that for the last year, I’m still getting one star reviews from people on Amazon who loved the first one, but who are apparently so blinded by their entitled butt hurt that they can’t use google.  But anyways, it’s out in February, and it’s awesome.

I’m currently working on three things at the same time.

Today I’m writing my short story for the Noir Fatale anthology that I’m editing with Kacey Ezell. We just got stories in from Mike Massa, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Hinkley Correia, so I am now the last one we’re waiting for. But one of the perks of being the editor is that I get to see what everybody else did and then write mine last so I can plug gaps or avoid stepping on anyone else’s toes.

Sarah Hoyt just sent me back her revision of Monster Hunter Guardian. This one is about 3/4 done, and what she was tweaking was the last act. Now it’s my turn to go through it again. MHG should be done pretty soon, which is exciting.

And I’m 30,000 words into Destroyer of Worlds, the 3rd book after Son of the Black Sword and House of Assassins.


I just got back from GenCon. Up next I’m going to be a guest at DragonCon and Salt Lake City ComicCon.

On that note, you can go vote for the Dragon Awards now. Do it! It’s free, open to everybody, and the more fans involved, the better.

Personal Stuff

The Yard Moose Mountain project is still plodding along. We’re past the waiting for permit parts, and now we’re in the exciting waiting for various work crews parts.

And my oldest daughter, Correia 2.1 will be leaving us to go to college this month. It is weird having an adult kid all of a sudden. She’s super sharp, and I’m proud of her, but it’s odd having one of them move out.

How I lost 50 pounds this summer.
Back from GenCon

38 thoughts on “August Update Post”

  1. I feel you man. I’ll be installing my youngest in her college dorm next monday….
    I am confident that she will conquer her world, but I’m not looking forward to an empty house 🙁

  2. Good luck to your daughter. My baby leaves for college this month too. Her sisters have gone to a local school so this is nerve wracking for me.

  3. Sympathies on oldest child going off to college . I was the same – oldest, a daughter, going off to college – and my dad just *happened* to get transferred that year to the very same city as my university (when he was known at work as a master at getting out of work transfers).

    Looking forward to your upcoming books!

  4. Best wishes for 2.1 indeed.

    When you get an idea as to when you start touring again…I have a Grand Nephew that would do anything to meet you. (I got him started on MHI…he is now working on MHV)

    Always…stay healthy and take care…as long as you promise to bring her back.. 😉

  5. I just know that if I get to the end of Monster Hunter Guardian and Heather still hasn’t been reunited with Earl, I might just break down and cry.

    1. Somehow I just have a sneaking hunch that Heather is going to get killed on a STFU mission, and then Earl is going to go postal.

      But I hope I’m wrong.

      The only bit I would change so far is that it ought not be necessary to keep secret a monster that is nothing but an enlarged version of a normal creature. The 50-foot crocodile? Publish a picture of the hunter alongside it in Field & Stream and an article daring somebody else to find a bigger one. Why would anyone connect that with the supernatural? ;-D (I don’t think the cube-square law would apply to a cold-blooded critter.)

      1. We already have Earl going postal because he THOUGHT she was dead! The poor man has been through so much crap already that I just want him to finally be happy.

        My dream scene is when Earl and Heather finally catch up with Stricken, rip out his heart, and then neatly cut it in half and share it like the nice, civilized werewolves they are.

  6. Eeeee! So exciting and scary to see one’s child off to their first steps out of the home; good luck to her!

    And oooooooh, so many book updates, I’m gonna have to put aside budgets for these as well! So looking forward to these, Larry!

  7. Soooo excited for Target Rich Environment!! We’ve seen the cover thru all the stages, now to see the final product in hand *sqeeee*
    Can Volume 2 be the Larry/Bridgette/Wendel Frazetta pose?! PRETTY PLEASE?!?!
    Congrats/condolences on the advancement/loss of C2.1!!

  8. Best of luck to the daughter! Wait ’til you have one join the USMC (hell, I can’t lie: I was proud then & am still).
    She’s off to college, & I’m sure she knows how to take care of herself, being your kid. Now she just needs to get a motorcycle.

  9. Larry, Have you been following Comicsgate? There are a lot of parallels with Sad Puppies. Check out Ethan Van Sciver on YouTube!

  10. Not having Kid #1 at home is weird. Don’t let it spook you. The kid is big now, and smart. The kid will do well.

    Sounds like things are going nicely at the Mountain. Your reward for doing it right when everything was difficult. ~:D

  11. Glad to hear House of Assassins is coming. That’s one of the series I’m most excited to see continue.

  12. Sadly I will not be voting in the dragon awards this year, not in less they send me a ballot that is not a Survay Monkey form that requires me to sign up with Survay Monkey.

  13. Wow, oldest child going to college and becoming a published author in the same year! Congratulations!

    My oldest (also a daughter) moved off to college last year. Not going to lie – I cried like a little girl. Super proud of her, and knew she could handle it; Daddy was the one who was the one who (nearly) couldn’t handle it. Of course she did great and is just about to go back to school after summer break. Maybe I’ll be able to be tougher this time.

  14. Awesomeness! Really loved Son of the Black Sword. Is there going to be an early eARC for House of the Assasins like you have with your MHI series?

  15. I was hoping to say and ask a few things but I don’t have twitter or facebook so I hope you see this.

    Firstly got to say it’s nice to have a character I can really relate to in Milo(minus the being orphaned by monsters and being specifically mormon).

    Also I’m curious are there any good monster hunting companies in canada or is it all governmental is that why no canadian hunting companies where mentioned at the last dragon?

      1. Fair enough just didn’t figure mhi would have the manpower to cover canada too unless they start opening up branches in other countries.

  16. Well their president’s obviously a fairy so all monsters are probably protected by the Canadian government.

    1. I could see canada being a bit more friendly to monster but you can only be so nice to them before they completely take over, now I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable for skinwalkers being treated better here what with how canada tried to no go all out against the natives(though I know we could have been nicer and residential schools could be said to have been an attempt to eliminate skinwalkers) so they could have an easier time getting puff exemption, so they could be more common here even if watered down and not as talented.

      1. Canada is not very monster hunter friendly. Pierre Trudeau all but killed private hunting in ’69 and through the ’70’s to the point where the only companies that operate legally are kiss-asses like PT. The majority of private Canadian hunting is either done altruistically by indigenous people, or done illegally by hunters affiliated/supplied with criminal organizations.
        The second problem is the matter of Canada mostly being relatively wide open wilderness with a lot of places for monsters to hide.
        Thirdly, the monsters themselves. Canada has the usual suspects(undead, therianthropes, demons, whatnot, including chupacabras in BC(don’t ask)…) and variants thereof. Seriously, you do NOT want to deal with a raging weremoose a second time. Not to mention the stuff up north like akhluts(can be worth six figures) and other arctic nasties.

        At least that’s the way I see it as a Canadian MHI fan.

  17. Super excited to hear what you have in the pipeline! Do you have an estimate when House of Assassins will come out in an audio format?

  18. Out of curiosity, how long does it typically take for a book you have completely finished and turned over to the publisher to actually be ready for sale?

    1. It varies wildly. The release date is set by the publisher, sometimes before the book is even done. Other times after the book is already turned in.

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