Don’t forget to nominate for the Dragon Awards

Anybody can nominate books for the Dragon Awards. The deadline is July 20th. Just go here. It’s free an open to everyone.

Don’t nominate me for anything though. Share the love. I’ve already got mine. Go nominate some other people. 🙂

The Dragon Awards are open to everybody, It doesn’t cost anything to participate. DragonCon wants as many fans as possible involved.

Also, if you are an author, don’t be afraid to promote yourself for the Dragon. They encourage authors spreading the word and getting their fans excited. There’s none of that fake civility nonsense where only some approved writers are allowed to flog their work, and everyone else is expected to sit quietly for their turn. That’s nonsense. If you are proud of your stuff, and you’ve got fans, tell them!

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints is available now!
I went on the Tom Woods Show again

40 thoughts on “Don’t forget to nominate for the Dragon Awards”

  1. Excellent interview. Ex-farm kid(not dairy), so I respect your common sense. Keep yanking the chains of the SJWs for the LOLs.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Sadly this has made relalise I’m not reading or watching nearly as much stuff as I would like to. But FWIW & JIMHO my nominations are:

    ‘The Furthest Station’ by Ben Aaronovitch. The latest in his, IMHO, highly readable urban-fantasy ‘Rivers of London’ series.

    ‘A Skinful of Shadows’ by Frances Hardinge. YA fantasy set in the English Civil War involving a young-girl with a certain talent and, amongst, others a very angry, and very dead, bear.

    Film, well guess who managed to miss ‘Infinity War’ at the cinema . . . so plumped for what I regard as a really fun swash-buckling romp: ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’

    TV wise, well nothing really grabbed me a 100%, but I did enjoy ‘Runaways.’ And, let’s face it, any show which has a velociraptor in it as got to have something going for it.

    Well that’s my, somewhat short, short list.

  3. Voted in the last two, will vote in this one. Making the Usual Suspects unhappy is merely a happy side-effect.

  4. Eh, what the hell. Hopefully I’ll get a little exposure and a few more readers.

    Nominated The Originals for TV since that show has always needed more love and it’s on its last season.

  5. The only book I’ve read this year that came out this year, that wasn’t Larry’s, was The Night Dahlia by RS Belcher. I really like that series (I couldn’t get into his weird West stuff).

    But I nominated it.

  6. You promote the murder of children in your novels. (I’ve read MHI–but it was an illegally downloaded copy so you didn’t make any money hehehe!) You promote the murder of children in real life too with your lionization of devices of death! You seem to get awards for it too. The blood of the dead children in Parkland and Sandy Hook is on your hands!

      1. It’s free on Amazon too. That idiot’s glee at having stolen what’s essentially a free sample was the best part.

      1. The whole novel was about the government paying mouth-breathing yahoos to shoot non-Caucasian analogues and they do it better than the government’s own White Supremacist police forces. Of course, the best part was how the “Uncle Tom” werewolf character was the real hero of the story just like race traitors like Clarence Thomas and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

        These kind of novels encourage vigilante death squads like the “Minutemen” who go around murdering brown people at random because they deem them to be illegal. As much as I despise the Trump policy of robbing brown people of their children, it’s still better than the Minutemen yahoos who simply kill on sight when seeing a non-Caucasian.

        Given the popularity of Larry’s works, I’m not surprised that when African-Americans began to protest the wanton murder of their children by police that the mouth-breathing toothless yahoos of the NRA didn’t just storm into the cities with their AR-15’s and start murdering all African-American children.

        As bad as police violence can be, it is still much preferable to the uncontrollable violence of the rednecks and hillbillies with their guns they buy to prove their manhood.

        1. I can’t tell if this is brilliant satire, or if you are actually that fucking dumb. But either way, bravo. 😀

          1. You’ve got to wonder about how racist someone has to be to see vampires, demons, and werewolves and think of them as “non-Caucasian analogues”.

            This guy has to be satirizing The Woke, but it’s really hard to tell nowadays.

          2. Either this guy is Gecko45 level brilliant, or we have reached Peak Woke. The fact that I can’t immediately tell is a testament to his commitment either way

          3. It isn’t racism, it is the pro-Sovietism that is the true nature of the left.

            The Soviets opposed stability in other societies. Since they were completely hypocritical, they claimed that the uses of force necessary to an orderly society were inherently suspect at best and innately evil at worst. They did so by claiming that the motivation was purely racism.

            The left is feeling like their murderous utopia is just around the corner, so they are pushing this hard again. If someone is going around killing people, and an officer or citizen uses lethal force stopping them, racism. If it is a figurative monster in the real world, there can be no other explanation than racism. If a literal monster in a fictional world, racism. No context, no looking at patterns of behavior, no consideration of drug use or mental health, just pure racism.

            If you were discussing playthroughs of White Plume Mountain or Against the Giants, you would be called racist, because you are a known target, and they think that calling enough people racist loudly enough will win the mid term for sure. Something like this, with a simplified over the top treatment of the real world? Totally going to flip a few seats.

            The disparate rate of murders of minorities is mostly caused by the bimodal distribution of criminal violence. Where does the latter come from? The left says racism. There’s a remote possibility that it is a result of the disparate effects of criminal justice reform and racial preference by the left. But I have recently been convinced of another theory.

            The US has at times had an elevated rate of murder by fists and feet compared to, say, England. There’s an explanation for this, related to an explanation of where American culture comes from. As someone who doesn’t rely on Zinn’s US history, you know that some very different groups populated the colonies, and that there would have naturally been friction between them. I don’t need to explain to you that the French and English were not super buddy buddy, and might have had issues living as next door neighbors. Why didn’t everyone kill each other? They found points that their cultures had in common, and built a peaceful consensus from that. Everyone else got killed. So this consensus fusion let the survivors have relative peace compared to neighboring separate cultures, but it wasn’t as perfect a peace as a uniform population with a uniform culture.

            Fast forward to Zinn’s influence by way of his history. That consensus fusion culture, peaceful compared to some situations, and violent compared to others, is now claimed to be uniformly toxicly white. Minorities who hold to the consensus cultural values are ‘acting white’ and peaceful, and the ‘authentic’ ones who hold ‘other values, any other values’, seem to be the ones having trouble maintaining peaceful behavior. (Well, and leftists, because the values of their religion have displaced the Christian values which are some of the peace permitting values in the consensus culture.) We would see the same problems with violence in whites, if they were pressured to act authentically German, authentically Appalachian, authentically white, and if the values of the culture they were pressed to accept with likewise exclusive of the consensus peace permitting values. In fact, we are starting to see issues with the white leftists and the white ‘authentic whiteness in the Zinn model’ alt-Right.

            I say boring troll, who doesn’t know people as people or think enough to really get the implications of their regurgitated talking points. Probably one of the anti-puppies who is excited to be paying attention to mid-terms for once.

          4. Troll? Or auditioning for a character in a new MHI book? ‘Cause, c’mon! You KNOW this guy would be epic.

          5. I figured he was satirizing Clamps; unhinged rambling description of a universe not our own.

        2. Your ableist micro-agression is noted. I was born with a deviated sceptum and have had to breath through my mouth all my life. Your insensitive and bigoted use of “mouth breathing” as a pejorative is inexcusable. Please check your privilege and take a time-out for sensitivity training.

        3. we go with the Wanton Murder Shit…. There are less than 1,000,000 Police Officers in the US, for 300 Million people…NOT a bad ratio one would think…until you look at the actual Numbers involved We’ll round these down to be as conservative as possible, and say 900,000 total LEO’s of all stripes at all levels So, off the top, Take out 250,000 for the Feds who don’t deal with the general public every day, take out another 150,000 for Corrections who don’t deal with the Public at all. So Now you;re down to 600K, take off ANOTHER 150K for Administrators, Bosses and House Mouse-types, now you’re down to 450,000, Split that into 350K Off Duty, Vacation, or Inured at any given moment, and since We’ll (Again broadly and as conservatively as possible) Most agencies have gone to 12 hour shifts, so at any give moment 150,000 Officers are on Duty across the country…to cover 300,000,000 People…ratios’s not looking so great now, right?? Now, let’s take that Daily 300,000 guys out there… and lets assume (And again we are doing this as Conservatively as possible) 10 Citizen Contacts per day..that’s 3 MILLION Contacts every day, 21 MILLION every Week, and 156 MILLION Contacts per year, and Being honest you could probably Triple that and STILL not come close to the actual numbers….and there are HOW Many Police Shootings per year??? and out of those How many are POC’s, and of THOSE how many are CLEARLY Justified Shoots?? You’re perpetuating a Myth…and as usual the facts of the matter just don’t add up…. So THIS Cop says. GFY you Colossal Jagoff, and if I didn’t already have Copies of Larry’s Books Your Stupid little “Review” would make me go out and Buy a Copy just because to get such a Ridiculous SJW Bleating and Whinging response the Source material would have to be Epic.

        4. About Throbbin Yobbin:
          By reading a book, he knows more about foreign countries than people who live there…
          He’s so hip with black people that he has surpassed “N word privileges” and now has Lynching Privileges…
          Despite being a cis white male from a middle class background, he is seen as the utter authority on who is an authentic minority, and who’s an “Uncle Tom”…
          His male feminism allows him to unironically mansplain the realities of a woman’s life to women…
          He is the Wokest Man In The World.

        5. Jeez, this guy is a more aggravating Monster Rights advocate than Chad Gardenier’s mother.

          Though speaking of which, I would love a scene in the main storyline of Owen and his friends dealing with Monster Rights advocates. I guess having someone call Earl an “Uncle Tom” (or something like it) in-universe would be tricky because it would require having someone that stupid be in-the-know about how Earl is not 100% human, but man, can you imagine how fantastic it would be to watch Earl’s reaction to something like that? Or I guess it could be in a more indirect way like “monster hunters are murderers, and non-humans that help monster hunters are traitors”, and either way it would still be hilarious.

    1. Says a douche bag that probably supports driving a pair of sissors into the base of a baby’s skull. Leftist cries of for the children are extremely hollow while they support the continued eugenics program that calls itself Planned Parenthood.

    2. l love children. They taste like chicken.

      Seriously though I’ve taught in the public school system for 19 years. I may be wrong but I’d wager I’ve done more to help children than you ever have. I collect, shoot, hunt, read, and try to educate young people about firearms as often as possible. This series is outstanding.

        1. It’s not murder if it’s an animal, and “educating people about firearms” includes “teaching people not to murder people.”
          Protip: it’s not murder if the person is actively trying to kill you.

  7. My nominations:

    Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel – A Place Called Hope (Z-Day Book 2) By Daniel Humphreys.

    Best Science Fiction or Fantasy TV Series, TV or Internet – Westworld, HBO.

    Best Comic Book – The Wicked Righteous, Volume 1, Alterna Comics.

    I don’t think I’ve read/watched/played anything that qualifies for any of the other categories, at least nothing that stuck in my mind.

    1. Eligible works have to have been released between 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018. Galaxy’s Edge: Legionnaire was published on 12th June 2017, so it’s not eligible.

  8. While we’re on the topic, Larry, though you don’t know me from Adam, I managed to grab a few minutes to chat with you during each of the past couple of D*Cs that you attended (2017 and 2015, I believe), and naturally I greatly enjoyed it. I want to express my dismay, nay, my existential horror, that I don’t see you on the con’s publicly-available guest list. Is there a chance that this creeping dread may be put to rest and we’ll see you there this year?

  9. I’m afraid that throbbin is serious. In which case I’m not sure my eyes are ever going to stop rolling.

  10. If the Billy Bobs and Joey Rays really wanted to load up and shoot non whites on sight, the inability of many large police forces in cities and towns to stop gang members from shooting each other on sight would lead me to believe that the streets would be knee deep in the blood of massacred non whites.

    That doesn’t seem to be the case now does it.

    Of course Billy Bobs and Joey Rays actually only exist in extremely small numbers. But if they did exist in the numbers cultural Marxists say they do, the bodies of their victims would be stacked like cordwood nationwide. No such stacking is occurring, thankfully, which just may point to a flaw in the theses positing that there are hordes of violent heavily armed racist yokels infesting the body politic.

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