Announcing a New Project: Noir Fatale, anthology of noir sci-fi/fantasy

The silky note of a saxophone.  The echoes of a woman’s high heels down a deserted asphalt street.  Steam rising from city vents to cloud the street-lit air.  A man with a gun.  A dame with a problem…


We humans are collectively fascinated by the seamy underside of society as represented in stories and films.  Names such as Raymond Chandler, Dashiel Hammett, The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, Sam Spade… these have inhabited our collective consciousness for decades.  Humanity, it seems, loves the dark.  And within the dark, one figure stands out: that of the femme fatale.

Kacey Ezell and I are editing an anthology of all new, noir themed sci-fi and fantasy short stories titled Noir Fatale, and we’ve got a great line up of authors who will be contributing:

David Weber
Laurell K. Hamilton
Sarah Hoyt
Larry Correia
Kacey Ezell
Robert Buettner
Alistar Kimball
Griffin Barber
Michael Massa
Hinkley Correia
Christopher L. Smith
Patrick Tracy
Steve Diamond
Michael Ferguson

We just got the last of the contracts in. We’ve got some awesome authors, and several of them have already turned in their stories.

We’ve got multiple New York Times bestsellers, including Laurell K. Hamilton, David Weber, and me (all new Grimnoir).  We’ve got a bunch of really well known authors with a bunch of books out, and we’ve got a few new writers, including my daughter (a Japanese ghost hunter takes a case).

Kacey Ezell wrote a great sci-fi detective piece. Steve Diamond’s story takes place in the world of our upcoming trench fantasy collaboration about a secret policeman hunting golem smugglers.  Griffin Barber writes about a necromancer on a heist. Robert Buettner tells the story of a young starlet touring the moon. For Pat Tracy’s story, imagine playing a D&D game where Raymond Chandler was the DM.

This anthology will be published by Baen. I do not know the release date yet.

Me and my co-editor,KC.
Origins sent out yet ANOTHER message about me, and my response
The eARC for Target Rich Environment is out now

35 thoughts on “Announcing a New Project: Noir Fatale, anthology of noir sci-fi/fantasy”

  1. Awesome. I have been eagerly awaiting the new book…and now have another to look forward to.

  2. At last! A SF series with sax appeal! (Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help myself…I’m so ashamed…)

  3. Do you know if there will be an audiobook version?

    With these short story collections, I never seem to know whether to buy the ebook, or wait for audio.

  4. “Steve Diamond’s story takes place in the world of our upcoming trench fantasy collaboration about a secret policeman hunting golem smugglers.”

    Umm. Is this a slip, or did you already announce this? Or is this the announcement? 😉

    1. Already announced, but it seems like he’s only let a few details out so far. I found this in the January 2018 update post:

      “Steve Diamond is working on the rough draft of our Trench Warfare Fantasy. Think WW1 eastern front, in a world with dark fairy tale magic, and instead of tanks it’s dudes in armor suits made out of dead golems.”

      Sounds like my kind of story 🙂

      1. I’m writing this right now.

        Think of it as a grunt’s eye view into a war that has been going on for a century. Progress is measured by inches through trenches. If the war doesn’t kill everyone, the fae creatures will.

        I hope you guys like it.

  5. Sounds great. But seriously, you named your daughter “Hinkley”? (mental image of guy in red suit with an 8 year-old explaining to him how to fly)

      1. And that ladies and gentlemen, was my daughter’s first ever post on social media under her own name. 😀

  6. Is that Kacey the helicopter pilot, the one you based Kacey Bathlick on? I didn’t know she was an author! Excuse me while I head over to Amazon…

  7. Is there any way an aspiring writer could get word of these anthologies earlier so I… er… he could contribute?

  8. If I were a glass half-full kind of guy I’d be delirious with excited anticipation. However, being whatever it is I actually am, I am simultaneously delirious with excited anticipation and writhing in agony at the thought of having to wait for months and months for even the eARC version to become available.

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