Walking on the Sea of Clouds

This isn’t a Book Bomb (I am so far behind on my To Be Read Pile that it is ridiculous) but I want to get in a plug for a book by a friend of mine.

Walking on the Sea of Clouds

by Gray Rinehart


Gray is an awesome guy. I’ve known him for about as long as I’ve been writing for Baen. He’s the Slush Master General there, and an all around good dude.  Gray has helped me out a bunch of times. He’s doing a push for his new book this week, so please take a look.

The Kickstarter is closed. 2,058 backers and $122,985 pledged.

4 thoughts on “Walking on the Sea of Clouds”

  1. I bought and read “Walking on the Sea of Clouds” after hearing Gray talk about it at the last Dragon*Con. It’s an excellent first book, especially if you like “hard” sci-fi. The characters are three dimensional, believable,and memorable, the science is well grounded with only a bare minimum of hand-wavium, and he does what good hard sci-fi should – explore how people react in entirely new settings.
    My only real criticism is that Mr. Rinehart still seems to be getting the hang of pacing in his storytelling, but this is a first book. I’ll be reading it again, and looking forward to his next book.

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