Humble Bundle including all of my Warmachine novels

There is a Humble Bumble going on right now from Warmachine, and it includes all of the stories I’ve written for the Iron Kingdoms universe.

Including my novellas and novels:
Instruments of War
Into the Storm
Into the Wild

And short stories in:
Excursions Season One
Called to Battle I

You don’t need to be familiar with the Iron Kingdoms universe to appreciate these either. I wrote them in a way that they would be approachable for anybody. Though with this Humble Bundle being so cheap, you can get pretty much the whole universe in one go. 🙂

I've got a story in Unstoppable, the new Joe Ledger anthology
Back from HonorCon, and a recap of the MHI RPG charity game
Adam G.

Given Humble’s acquisition by IGN, I’ll be sure to give the amount to you and the charity only.


Great deal! Too bad I already own all of them!

I absolutely love your Iron Kingdoms stuff.


Damn, that’s a LOT of reading to be done! It might even hold me through the dark days of December.

Shawna Canon

Heh. I noticed that by accident yesterday. Even though I already own and have read all of yours, I figured it was a good price to check out the other books. I don’t play the game, but based on your books it sounded like an interesting world, and maybe I’ll discover some new authors.

Jason Carter

Probably a long shot, especialy considering nda’s and companys, but any news on when or if we will see a continuation of the malcontents saga