Monster Hunter Files hits #1 in its category on Amazon

MHI Files #1

We got a #1 spot already and the book doesn’t actually come out until the beginning of October.

This is a really fun anthology, and I hope you guys like it. I loved it.

Thanks to my co-editor, Bryan Thomas Schmidt (this anthology was his idea to begin with), and a whole bunch of really good authors who turned in fun stories. Well done guys.

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15 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Files hits #1 in its category on Amazon”

  1. I just finished the eARC, and it was awesome. I bought it and then got really distracted by life. I found some new authors to read as well. Fun!

    1. Don’t know about books, but for video games Amazon ships early so it arrives on street date if you pre-order (at least for prime). For best results use Amazon Smile and pick a second amendment group.

  2. Shiny, sample chapters were awesome. Hopefully Amazon doesn’t run out and shaft me on my preorder like they did for leatherbound Alpha.

  3. Got it at B&N last weekend, already finished reading it. Stories vary from good to great. I really enjoyed the author bios at the end, too.

    1. I bought a copy at B&N on Friday, myself. Haven’t finished reading it yet (Yom Kippur got in the way), but I’m enjoying it so far.

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