Update Post: Grunge with wrong spine and a bunch of other stuff

Here is an update post about a bunch of pertinent stuff that is happening:

Monster Hunter Grunge Paperback with the Wrong Spine:  The paperbacks for Monster Hunter Grunge came out while I was away. Apparently the cover and interior are fine, but they had the spine of Monster Hunter Nemesis. Publishing screw ups happen, so this print run is being destroyed and replaced. Which means that if you want an oddball as a collector’s item, grab it now.

Chaos Reads Correia Books: Probably not, but you know you’ve made it when you show up in the Duffel Blog.  http://www.duffelblog.com/2017/07/mattis-interview/  Sounds legit. Go Manticores!

Dragon Awards: Don’t forget to nominate for the Dragon Awards! http://application.dragoncon.org/dc_fan_awards_nominations.php They are open to everybody. So please, participate, go an nominate whatever you think was awesome. Except don’t nominate me for anything. I won one last year, so I’m recusing myself from now on. Share the love!

And authors, they expect you to promote your own work. It’s okay to ask your fans to vote for you. (unlike certain other awards, where it is evil to ask your fans to nominate you, unless you’re one of the cool kids, then it is perfectly fine).

Tour Update:  Here is the schedule: http://www.baen.com/pressrelease-larrycorreiatour2017  This is for the release of Siege. I’m leaving in a couple of weeks. Between this and cons I’m spending most of the rest of the summer on the road.

On that note, one of my stops is Uncle Hugos. One thing that I do with them is sign a bunch of autographs for them to ship out all over the country. http://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-correia-larry.php  So if you want an autographed copy of any of my books, and you’re not going to see me somewhere in person, this is a great way to get it. Just place your order and specify in the directions what you want me to put in it, I’ll sign them while I’m there, and then they’ll ship them out.

Writing Update:

I have sent off Tom Stranger 2: A Murder of Manatees to Audible.com. They will be editing it shortly. The plan is for Adam Baldwin to narrate again. I do not know the release date for that.

Monster Hunter Siege comes out in August.

The Monster Hunter Files anthology comes out in October.

The last of the Ringo collaborations, Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints, is done, but I’m not sure when in 2018 it releases.

The first volume of my short fiction collection, Target Rich Environment, is done, but I don’t have the release date for that yet either. Kurt Miller is doing the cover, and in traditional Baen short fiction collection style, that means I go on the cover. (Dave Drake was a Roman senator, Eric Flint was a wizard, etc.)  So I’m looking forward to seeing that art.

For the collaboration of Monster Hunter Guardian, Sarah Hoyt is working on the rough draft. I just went over the first 20k words this week. It is going to be awesome. I do not know the release date on that one yet.

I am currently working on the sequel to Son of the Black Sword, called House of Assassins. My plan is to write it, and #3, Destroyer of Worlds, back to back, interrupted only by editing on the various collaborations.

I have an epic fantasy collaboration in the works with Steve Diamond, and a sci-fi collaboration with John D. Brown. The Diamond one is up first, no idea on release dates for either.

There are plans for a 2nd Grimnoir trilogy, but those are further down the line. I’m also planning a 3rd Malcontents novel, but those aren’t as well known as my Baen books, so they have to get bumped back for the books that pay the bills.

I’m in the Straight Outta Tombstone anthology which just came out (and hit #1 in its genre), and I’m in the upcoming Predator: If It Bleeds anthology (I got to write Samurais vs. Predator!).

Yard Moose Mountain 2 Update:

We have consigned ourselves to the fact that 2017 is the Year of Permits. I was hoping to start construction this year, but this isn’t like just building a house on an existing lot that already has all that logistical stuff taken care of. For this chunk of property we’re considered “developers”.  Which means we’re still working on getting approvals for stuff like a mile of road, the well, the power, a geological survey(!), and miscellaneous other stuff. The people we’ve worked with have all been great, but each one needs several weeks to process stuff, before the next person in line needs several weeks to process stuff, so on and so forth.

So the goal this year is to get all the infrastructure in, and spring 2018 actually build the house.

Question about my Texas book signings
Special Limited Edition, Leather Bound Grimnoir Chronicles from Vault Books

55 thoughts on “Update Post: Grunge with wrong spine and a bunch of other stuff”

  1. After reading that Duffle-blog post, I now have a few other authors to binge-read.

    Thank you, Fake-Mattis!




  2. Not sure you’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but Siege is available for pre-order on Amazon. I believe you’ve said that pre-orders are a big part of bestseller rankings, yes?

    Regardless, I’m eagerly awaiting the day when it magically appears on my Kindle.

  3. Ordered my “collectors” version of Grunge a week or so ago. I like how many of your fans just saw the reprint as an excuse to buy another copy.

  4. Of course you need a geological survey. How else will you know where the volcanic vent that will conceal your nuclear missiles is?

      1. In rural Wyoming, there is some paperwork, but much less – in a some midwestern and southern states, there is even less. Where I live the only permit I need, or can even get, is for a septic system.

  5. “Kurt Miller is doing the cover, and in traditional Baen short fiction collection style, that means I go on the cover.”

    OK, so He Who Blocks Out The Sun is the cover, and all the text is now squashed onto the back with the blurb and UPC. :V

  6. Good luck on the house, man. I have to admit envy over that.

    BTW, if you ever decide you’ve got too much money (HAH) I’ve got a new hobby to suggest: astrophotography eats time and money, and poops awesome pictures of deep space. Including the cameras, I’ve got probably got $3500 in my decidedly entry-level rig. The real downer is that living in suburbia means asshole neighbors that leave their exterior lights on all night, and asshole developers that put two streetlights on my lot.

    1. Oh man. I started daydreaming of buying a telescope (a long-time childhood dream) after peering through one and seeing Jupiter with my own eyes for the first time. Just the thought of being able to look into deep space… *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*

  7. Wait, the Mattis interview was a joke? Really? Now I’m sad! I’m hoping he runs for president next election. The “Mad Dog 2020” stickers will be awesome!

  8. Cool! Got one of those with the wrong spine. Read it. Never even noticed until reading this blog post…

  9. Very cool on the Duffle mention – and they even worked in another favorite of mine, Tim Powers.

    Very much looking forward to your new work and have my copy of “Straight Outta Tombstone” sitting somewhere in the pile of books on my coffee table waiting to be read.

  10. What kind of permits are required for the hardened bunker to hold the tank? I seem to remember a tank being in the planning phase.

  11. Permits.. oh yeah, after I had torn down the mold and termite-infested shed on it, The city council took 7 months to decide that I couldn’t build on the existing concrete pad(that had been on the property for at least 50 years) because it intruded on the rear easement ~0.4 feet – ~5″. That meant changing the build plans, etc., etc., etc.

  12. Shouldn’t your architect be pulling all the permits? Or the GC you’re going to use? You shouldn’t have to be doing that yourself.

    1. That depends on the jurisdiction – in some places, the owner is responsible for pulling the permits and making sure they are followed, which can be hard to do on a big project.

      1. I didn’t see a trackback to delete, but let me guess… He’s crowing about how there was a print error. Whoop de friggin’ doo.

        1. True. I checked again, no link back. I mean, nobody there ever bothers to read more than what Glyer selectively quotes anyhow, so why not?

          1. Well, to be fair, printing the wrong spine is a big mistake, but probably not as big a mistake as failing to realize 92% of the readership you are bragging about are Chinese robots. 😀

          2. I took the lack of linkage as a sign that the last drubbing finally got his attention. He can’t stop using MHI blog to drive his bot traffic though. Egads, what a tool.

      1. That’s usually pretty predictable, but I’m bummed that I can’t preorder them (yet?), which means I’ll probably forget when they come out and not get them as soon as they’re available.

        Also bummed that there appears to be no audiobook for the Tombstone anthology.

        1. I, too, am bumming hard for an audio edition of “Tombstone”. And the Predator anthology would be great too…

  13. Any news on the Savage Worlds version of the MHI Employee’s Handbook? I’m definitely grabbing that when it hits the street….

      1. Excellent! By the way, I call dibs on the MHI franchise for western NC (Team Catamount – expect lots of team arguments over whether a catamount has a short tail or a long tail….)

        1. I feel like i missed out on something…i mean, i grew up in wnc, and this is the first time i have ever heard the term catamount before. Granted, Hendersonville isn’t strictly part of WNC (too many yankees), and i was homeschooled…

          1. Do you know why there’s no CSI.WNC? No dental records and all the DNA is the same…

          2. Even growing up in the remote part (like I did), they’re really hard to find (unlike turkeys and black bear, which are everywhere these days.) If you’re out in the woods at night, you can sometimes hear them in the distance (but maybe it’s not a catamount, maybe it’s a shape-shifter looking for hikers. Better call MHI, just in case…..)

  14. Yay! I’ll preorder Siege as soon as I get the button available on Book Depository.

    Ditto with the Monster Hunter Files one.

    I did my nomination for the Dragon Awards last week…a few days ago? Sadly I didn’t get too many new books; and the games I did play didn’t fall into the qualified nomination period. I actually got to put in something in the Horror category for a change too, heh.

  15. Will you only be signing copies of Siege, or will you be able to sign copies of your other books, too? Also, do you personalize? I know that some authors don’t, just because it takes too much time.

  16. Why no stop in Denver? Is it too close to Utah or did someone here piss you off? And if so, who?

    1. Denver is evil, and has idiotic magazine restrictions. He should stop in Cheyenne, instead. And maybe visit the Magpul factory up here ( thanx! ).

    2. Because there are a couple hundred US cities, and I can’t visit them all every year. (and I’ve signed in Denver before, nobody pissed me off) 🙂

      1. Sorry, wasn’t trying to imply anything, just feels like I haven’t seen Denver signings listed since I have followed you for the last few years.

        And Kristophr, couldn’t agree more about the bullshit magazine bans. Although, no range I have been to enforces them and no sheriff you talk to would enforce them either. Hopefully, Hickenpooper is gone soon and we can get someone decent in the governor’s mansion.

        1. It has been a few years since I have been to Denver. I’m happy to go back, but I basically go wherever Baen’s publicist schedules me to go.

  17. Larry, there appears there is a mistake with your press release.

    When in Tampa, FL for the Tampa Bay Comic Con, the bookstore, Books at Park Place, http://www.stpetebooks.com/ shows you there on Thursday, 07/27/2017 6:00 to 8:00 PM. https://www.facebook.com/events/319217331848128/

    The press release shows Friday, 07/28/2017, and the main Baen events calendar shows both dates. http://www.baen.com/calendar

    Looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks, but which night?

      1. Larry’s a hell of a lot of fun to be at a signing with, and since he’s not a real author, the small, 300 or so attendees get more personal interaction.

        Health permitting, I’ll be at Uncle’s, to see him for the fourth time.

  18. All sounds very cool. Oh, and a point of pedantry (I think) but David Drake was depicted as a Roman soldier and not a senator. (I think.) And I am looking forward to the House of Assassins.

  19. One of Lois Bujold’s books was published in hardcover with the spine listing the author as “Louis Bujold.” When she mentioned this at an Uncle Hugo’s signing, it turned out they still had one copy, which she promptly bought.

  20. I had forgotten about this post. With Siege coming out I finally got around on catching up on my MH book buying and ordered Grunge and Sinners as well Straight Outta Tombstone. I got one of the Grunge paperbacks with the Nemesis spine, which made me think there was a screw up with my order until I saw the cover and remembered this post.

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