Bronze Statue of Earl Harbinger from MHI

So this is a new one for me. A fan made a bronze sculpture of one of my characters.

harbinger2 medium

Pretty cool, huh?

That’s Earl Harbinger, mid transformation into werewolf (spoiler alert).

Devon Dorrity is a fantastic sculptor, He likes to listen to Audible while working, and had gone through the MHI series a couple of times. Alpha inspired him to create this.

Check out his portfolio.    If you are interested in getting your own Harbinger he can sell you one.  (I think they are around $2700, which is a good deal for a bronze this big) He’s also got more pictures and videos of how they make the molds, pour the bronze (2000 degrees!), and put the patina on. It is fascinating stuff.

I have this in my living room now. It is super cool and looks even better in person. The whole thing is about 50 pounds, and you can actually cut yourself on the claws, so I had to be careful where I put it so that my kids wouldn’t crash into Earl and injure themselves. 😀

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34 thoughts on “Bronze Statue of Earl Harbinger from MHI”

  1. That thing is AWESOME! It’s got to feel great when your art inspires other’s art like this!
    Also, I LOVE his take in the MHI smiley!

  2. I really like his take on the MHI logo. Maybe he should do a run of bronze challenge coins with that design

    1. I’m thinking that Larry should commission him to design some miniatures for the MHI RPG. Actually, does the MHI RPG require miniatures? I’m not a gamer. Either way, they’d be nice collectibles.

  3. Yeh, don’t cut yourself on Earl. Anything that makes MCB intervention the best choice is probably something to avoid.

  4. I am SOOOOOO jealous. Not of you for having this (well, OK, that too), but for Devon’s talent. I’m thinking it’s too late for me, but maybe my grandkids will blossom.

  5. Heh. Yeah, “The protagonist in one of my novels slashed my toddler with his claws…. no, honest!” isn’t a conversation to have with the clinic’s nurse.

    While scars often come with cool stories, that’d be a new one!

  6. I will need to be satisfied with the photo, but it is worth clicking through to the gallery. That guy has a gift.

  7. What are the dimensions of this piece? The photo lacks anything that could have been used for scale.

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      1. How tall is Earl in werewolf form? Anyway, I’m thinking that if the statue weighs about 50 lbs (including wooden base?), it’s probably, what, 18″-2′ tall?

  8. Bronze sculptures aren’t my thing, but that’s a marvelous piece of work. Looking at some of his other work, he might find a sculpture of Heather a neat challenge. It would be interesting to see what he could do to distinguish it from the Harbinger sculpture to show off her greater self-control when transformed. Then you could have a matched set!

    I like Nathan Gambino’s idea to see what Mr. Dorrity could do on the bronze challenge coin front! Although, whoever did the Series II did a very nice job…..

  9. It kinda looks like there’s a missing finger on the right hand, which, assuming that’s the correct hand, would be appropriate after Nicolai took his last bite.

    Or maybe it’s just the angle and the light.

    1. It’s the angle. However, the artist said that it was intentional, so he sould easily remove the finger if the buyer wanted post Alpha Earl.

  10. Any chance you could talk Mr. Dorrity into applying his amazing skills at producing a set of miniatures, maybe in baked clay or that foam he mentioned at his site, for us fans to display on our “cool stuff” shelf at home?

    A full set of MHI characters would, most definitely, qualify as cool stuff.

    1. Devon doesn’t do small sculpture. It is an entirely different skill set. Though I would also like to have MHI minis someday. 🙂

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