A FREE Short Story from the DEAD 6 Universe: Rock, Meet Hard Place

Here is a treat for you guys.

Part 1 http://www.baen.com/rock_meet_hard_place

Part 2 http://www.baen.com/rock_meet_hard_place2

This story takes place between the finale of Swords of Exodus and the beginning of Alliance of Shadows (which will be out next month).

This story features the talents of an awesome up and coming author, Peter Nealen. And is a pretty nifty expansion of the D6 universe.

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M. Kupari


You guys should check out the rest of Peter’s work. If you like Dead Six it’ll be right up your alley.

Wes S.

I’ve read Nealen’s “American Praetorians” novels, and just finished his “Kill Yuan” last week. They are good.


Excellent! Thanks guys!


I’ve had several of Nealen’s books on my Amazon wishlist for a while – but haven’t read any yet, but this looks like a good excuse to check him out.


This project was a blast to work on. Thanks to both Larry and Mike for letting me play in their sandbox, and of course Mike for recruiting me for it in the first place.


I’m really curious how this story came about. Can you give us some BTS info? It’s cool that you’re opening up some of your worlds to other authors, and I’m always curious to see how such stories get released into the wild (since published stories set in worlds not created by their author, short of media tie-in fiction, are so rare).

Lester Carthan

There is a lot of room for expansions novels. The geopolitical state is very different from what we have today and both characters have had adventures all over the world before the first novel started so there are a lot of stories there.

The other part of the Dead Six universe I’d like to explore as a reader is the fantasy element. We’ve only had glimpses but the supernatural is very real. The Exodus series of books would fit the bill here.


Mr. Nealen also has a series of Witch Hunter novels which I enjoyed very much. From the title and the framing story you might think they are ripping off MHI, but they’re not: they have a totally different slant and feel.


I would be remiss, though, not to say that without MHI, the Jed Horn stories might not have happened. Definitely some inspiration, there.


That was awesome! I wasn’t clear on whether this would be in the short story collections or something like an extended cut or purely a side-bit for fans?