Mark Your Calendars, Next BOOK BOMB- Thursday, August 4th

The next Monster Hunter Nation Book Bomb will be for Bob Defendi’s Death By Cliche. It will run on Thursday, August 4th.

Everybody in my local writer nerd community knows Bob. He is man, myth, and legend. He has a voice like thunder. When Bob is at something, I’m no longer described as “the big one.” And he’s also funny as hell, and this is a great comedy.

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Dam,I already bought the book,and it was good.


Agreed. Correia, you’re late off the mark on this one. Already bought, read, and chuckled at.

Leigh Kimmel

I don’t know if it’ll do any good, but I’ve boosted signal over at the Starship Cat blog. I don’t get a lot of traffic over there, but maybe someone will see it and be curious enough to act.