I Am Heteromediocrity.




This was found by a fan and posted to the Monster Hunter International, Hunters Unite fan page on Facebook on Mother’s Day.


A few observations.
1. Heteromediocrity is the best thing I’ve been called since that time years ago I was called a Cismale Gendernormative Fascist and had to look up 2/3 of the words. Sadly, even Google doesn’t know what this one is.

2. Does that mean that I’m mediocre in my heterosexuality? Because I don’t know how to take that. Uh… Thanks?

3. The literal meaning is that I’m different in my commonality, because I think that’s a compliment (and also the lyrics to a Rush song on the album Counterpoints)

4. If I have too much Heteromediocrity does that mean I should add some Homodynamism?

5. If you find yourself randomly falling asleep in bookstores and crashing into shelves you really should have yourself checked out for narcolepsy.

6. If she fell asleep due to the aura of heteromediocrity in my books,there must not have been a copy of Dead Six there, because there isn’t much hetero or mediocre about Big Eddie.

7. The really important part of all this is that there was a shelf FULL of Larry Correia books. Shelf space equals GETTING PAID!

So thanks for looking out for me, Heather. I hope you had a pleasant Cispatriarchal Slave-Breeder Day.

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  1. Love those big words that only the self important use. Thanks for my first good laugh of the day.

    1. Actually the self important don’t use big words. They take perfectly serviceable words and hideously maim them, butchering them, and then parade their accomplishments up and down the street to show their power and coolness.

      The self-important are language terrorists.

  2. Thanks for brightening up my day. Heteromediocrity must somehow translate to awesome here in the land of sanity. Why else would I keep sending you money in exchange for cool stories?

  3. Expanded shelf space also implies that Larry Correia’s books are actually SELLING. Which is probably another bit of angst for her to be miserable about.

    I’d be interested to see what Larry’s shelf space was like as opposed to, say, Scalzi or Leckie’s.

    1. What would happen if you place Correia’s books adjacent to Scalzi or Leckie’s? Would there be some sort of “aural” confict?

      1. FWIW I really liked the first two books in the Old Man’s War series. I disagree with the author’s politics in real life, but he can write good fiction when he chooses to.

        1. I’ve said this before, but… while Redshirts the book reads like a piece of worn-out fanfiction, Redshirts the audiobook is actually not a bad listen. It works much better as an extended comedy bit read aloud by someone with at least some delivery talent than it does as a piece of fiction.

          1. It reads like fan fiction because it is. Specifically, it’s a funnier, better written version of “visit to a weird planet”. Entertaining, but hardly original.

        2. I liked the first. The second started pretty good, but by the end was starting to feel a bit retreaded and with bits of annoying preach. The third that I read (not sure if it’s 3rd or 4th in the set) was a long dull slog, and as a result I swore off Scalzi.

          1. No one should ever forget the work of the mighty James Schmitz. He is awesomeness times a thousand sprinkled with Tapatio sauce for extra spice.

            MInd you our host here is also awesomeness times a thousand dunked in Tapatio sauce for lots of extra spice.

          2. Trigger Argee’s one of my favorite characters. True to her name, the novel Legacy begins with her at a shooting range.

        3. He can only manage it by writing exactly the sort of protagonist he, often falsely, berates other authors for supposedly using; muscular males of the racial and ethnic majority, who rush in to save the girl.

      2. I’m picturing some sort of Toy Story-esque scene where when the lights go out, the books start fighting each other. The bookseller arrives in the morning to find all the Scalzi books scattered in shredded pieces across the floor and the Correia books sitting nonchalantly where they’d been all along.

        1. There’s an old Merrie Melodies cartoon like that. HAVE YOU GOT ANY CASTLES. Funny, but some of the references are dated, and it contains enough ethnic stereotypes that you’re not going to see it on cable any time soon. 🙂

        2. And exuding a “Canary? What canary?” aura.

          Though I really did like “Old Man’s War” and am saddened that the author has overshadowed my enjoyment.

        1. No, no, Reziac. Books written by Larry Correia shoot books written by George RR Martin off of books written by John Scalzi, then ride off into the sunset with books written by Sarah Hoyt.

        2. Scalzi’s books would try it on (because eeeew), and Larry’s would bitch-slap the lot of them.

    2. Larry only has shelf space because he’s not a real author. REAL authors only have a single copy tucked away in the janitor’s closet to be used as paper towels.

      1. Pfft. What a poser. The really real authors have a Twitter feed and a Patreon account. Books are the tools of the heterocapitalist cismediocre white kyriarchy. Get with the program !

        1. No. Real authors get paid by the government to write their books, not rely on royalty checks fueled by the purchases of mere plebes. Don’t you understand that a Real Writer would never sully their artistic principles by actually writing something people would WANT to read?

      2. On a semi-related note: Damien apparently has a YouTube video called — I kid you not — “Why Writing is Hard”. 😀

        I’m NOT linking it. For obvious reasons.

        1. Why writing is hard?

          Because major newspapers lie about you to try and sabotage your career?

          Oh, wait. The video is probably more general. That’s pretty specific.

        2. Walter is a sleeping pill of whitemediocrity, malefragility, cisdiabolism, homostinkery and transblackboredom.

    3. They keep George Rape Rape Martin’s in the restroom stalls for, um, “personal” use…

  4. For what is worth, the original sender sent out the following tweet:

    Heather Anne ‏@cler_morgaine
    @monsterhunter45 glad you appreciated the feedback and congrats on the book sales!

    1. I will cut the original sender a break because she has the tag ‘Morgaine’ . I loved those books. I’ve been waiting for the sequel to ‘Exile’s Gate’ for almost half my lifetime now.

    1. Notice that of the many lines of attack against me, that’s the one that all the prog authors who don’t like me are all like “nope, ain’t going there!”? That’s because every author who has book signings knows that it is a complete crap shoot, and you can have 70 people show up one day and 5 the next. Every professional knows that.

      Even Scalzi posted about how the 500 person book signing guy was smoking crack. I’ve seen major, big time, way bigger than me bestsellers get ten people. GRRM tells a story (pre HBO show) where he was signing at a B&N in the cafe, he got there and there was 3 people in the cafe, they announced over the PA that he would be in the cafe signing, and the 3 people got up and left.

      Those are the breaks.

      Last tour I had an event that was slow. Very quiet. I was told afterward that the guy who arranged it had gotten transferred, and there wasn’t really any advertising at all. Three days later I had a signing in Prague that was one of the biggest days I’ve had. With two back to back signings at different stores, with big crowds, commemorative t-shirts, and a line that ran out the door and down the street.

      I had a con where I sold 9 cases of books. And that was sold and signed. That doesn’t count the ones that people brought in. But on the other hand I’ve had cons where I’ve signed maybe 20 books, total.

      I went to a book signing for Brandon Sanderson once. He’s a super star in fantasy. His book signings are usually huge. This one was in Utah and was on the same day as the BYU vs. Utah game. He had maybe six people at my local B&N. I actually sold more books that day than he did because he introduced me as a writer to those six fans.

      I know Richard Paul Evans. I’ve seen him sit bored at a quiet booth at a con, and I’ve also seen him do a 300+ person book signing. He has made millions of dollars as an author.

      So only a fool would think that any one given book signing is an indicator of the overall health of a writer’s career.

      1. Unless you’re John Green, and then your book signing will look like a Beatles’ concert, with all the screaming girls.

      2. Those are some amazing stories from the trenches.

        This is why I don’t do public signings. It’s impossible to bring the right number of books.

        On an individual basis, though, when somebody comes up book in hand and asks me to sign it, no problem!

      3. I saw GRRM sign for a thousand one day, and the next day invite the three people who showed up to the bar for a beer.

      4. Come to the Stillwater, Oklahoma Hastings. We had The Pioneer Woman do a signing in October, and we had probably a thousand people come through the line in 6 hours. A couple years back we had Kane Hodder, and he had a hundred or so. We’d treat you well, dude. And we sell through your stuff like crazy.

        1. Stillwater, huh? I’ve not been to Oklahoma in years, and I was planning on hitting Texas for 2017, so I’ll be in that part of the country anyway.

          1. Man, if you do come here, I would be so psyched! I’ve hooked 3 of my coworkers on your books, as well as a couple family members. And then, all I need to do is get Maberry and Butcher, and I will have met all 3 of my favorite authors!

      5. I was at a book signing in Seattle thirty something years ago and got to talk to Poul Anderson for a lonng time. He was sick of me I am sure by the time I left and I know the guy sitting next to him was tired of my hero worship for Anderson.

        He was interesting but I don’t think he ever amounted to much, Steve Stirling. Probably paints houses or something now.

      6. I can’t say I’ve agreed with you on many things, but I agree that book signing lineups or lack thereof is a silly line of attack.

        Also. I am just as baffled by heteromediocrity, but I can’t I can’t help but think that it actually sounds better than was likely intended.

        Searching the term, another twitter brings up this: “#OnceUponATime is a cesspool of white-hetero mediocrity. A remnant of the past, masquerading as a model of modern times” which helpfully splits up the word and adds a qualifying tag that might give somewhat of a descriptor. Thing is, I am not sure what it really critiques.

        1. They are probably talking about the ABC TV show. It’s pretty much mediocre Disney fairy tale fanfiction.

        2. It seems to be a twitter thing usually in full white-hetero mediocrity. But hey we are talking about Larry’s aura of awesomeness surging out of his books.

      7. Signings are odd things, whether for fiction or non. As co-author of two very fat, very boring (but critically useful, if you happen to care about the topic) non-fiction books, I’ve had signings where we saw two people, and signings where we signed (and sold) many hundreds of books.

        The longest-duration signing I’ve seen was an impromptu event following a distinguished lecture by Fred P. Brooks at Carnegie Mellon. The lecture over-flowed the largest lecture hall on campus, with video in two overflow rooms (so figure perhaps 1500 attendees). Then Fred spent hours (quite literally) signing books. See, most of the computer science and EE faculty, staff, and students who attended brought their copies of “The Mythical Man-Month” for him to sign. All the different editions they owned (three, in my case). Then the Business school people lined up… He was truly gracious about the time it took.

      8. The first and, come to think of it, only book signing I have been to was for Orson Scott Card. I showed up about 2 hours early because: Orson Scott Card!!! I thought there’d be lines and everything…not so much. I ended up chatting with him while he pre-signed books. Was SO cool. In the end, I think maybe 50 people showed. I guess I just assumed this was standard.

        Makes me laugh to think back, though, because when OSC asked why I was so early, I told him I had been to a bunch of U2 concerts that summer and had gotten used to showing up early and figured it would be the same for him (except, for U2, you have to show up 15 – 18 hrs before they come on if you want to be near the stage). So, his inscription on my copy of Ender’s Game reads something to the effect of: “Brian, It’s nice to be on the same list as U2. -OSC” I love that!

        Anyway, I recently read Sanderson’s blog about Sad Puppies and figured that you were the author he mentioned corresponding with. Seems like he’d be good company, even if he leans in a different direction socially/politically.


  5. I especially like that your books have an aura. That’s right, you are so powerful that your books can trigger neurological symptoms by their mere presence. Keep up the good work; I look forward to they day when your heteromediocrity reaches such an advanced level that your books are airdropped into combat zones as area denial weapons.

    1. It would be worse if they were turned into a computer game. Then they could trigger even more unique snowflakes through network effects and “Let’s Play” videos…

  6. All I can say is that bimbet up there apparently hasn’t read any of your books.

    I pretty much galloped though the Grimnoir series. [Ohoo, much love here. More, more, please.]

    Just finished MHI (#1) last night [stayed up past my usual bedtime too – btw, you sir, are a sadistic writer. (evil grin) Putting your poor characters through all that. Not sure what that makes me, since I am now wanting to read book 2. ]

    Or she is a fluff head that prefers literary drivel over good, hard, action. [I’m thinking of a certain story that is nothing more than a feminist’s wetdream.]

    1. I don’t think it has to be either/or. Personally I like Son of the Black Sword a lot better than MHI, because I get the feeling that there’s a lot more going on in the setting than just cool action. Don’t get me wrong, action is great, but it gets boring after a while if that’s all there is. That’s just me, of course, YMMV.

      1. -chuckle-

        Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a well done thriller or a nice adventure, I just happen to be something of an aberration: a female that does not like fluffy, romance, stuff. I prefer lopped off limbs and flying blood to bed-room scenes. 😉

        SotBS is on the list, but no where near the top atm. Too many other things (like some hugo noms) to get through first.

        1. A happy life is a full TBR pile. *grin* I was worried that mine was getting a trifle short there for a while. But lo, there is now MH: Grunge, and the Black Tide Rising anthology, and a new Dave Drake, and… Well, I’m not so worried anymore.

          Hopefully Tom Kratman gives us another book soon, too, as that particular guy has *two* series I am waiting with baited breath on. SotBS has plenty of limb chopping, gut splattering, horde butchering goodness, but it also has clannish intrigue, betrayal, destiny, and a freaking cliffhanger ending that needs to be resolved right bloody now.


          Definitely recommended.

          1. Haha yeah, it definitely has limb chopping. Also, AoE effects.

            But what I like most about SotBS is that its setting has a life of its own. Even though we know very little about the history or even cosmology of their world (though we learn a bit as the book progresses), there’s still a feeling that it’s out there, with deep roots stretching into antiquity — as well as politics, intrigue, and a whole host of other events in motion. In MHI, by contrast, it feels like the world is just a thin backdrop for the characters to shoot at.

          2. Give MHI a little time–it is Correia’s first novel, and he’ll freely admit there were teething issues. By the time you get to Nemesis, you’ve got something going on.

          3. It was my first book. Of course if I could go back and do it again it would be different. I’ve got 14 books and 30+ short stories worth of practice since.

            I wonder how many other jobs your entire career is judged entirely upon your first day at work?

          4. Larry, I tend to introduce people to your work with the first two lines of MHI.

            Best. Hook. Ever. (ok, Austen’s “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” probably beats it, but that’s Jane friggin Austen)

          5. @Matthew:
            “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. ”
            That’s one of my favorites…

          6. I’d have to give the first line from “The Martian” the edge.

            Larry: Just re-read MHI for the umpteenth time yesterday. Wouldn’t change a thing.

          7. I’m kinda partial to
            “This year the Ribeiro’s daffodils seeded early and they seeded cockroaches. ”
            I love that book and Baen has it reissued this year (Mirabile by Janet Kagan)

          8. Hey wait a minute, I did say that I liked SotBS a great deal, didn’t I ? I am definitely including that in my judgement pile ! Plus, despite my negative comments about MHI, I did find it entertaining (just lacking “staying power”, as it were).

            But, perhaps more importantly, I’m not judging anyone, I’m just stating my opinion. I’m sure there are people out there who prefer MHI to SotBS because the latter has too much story and not enough action for their taste. Can’t please everyone.

          9. Oh, no problem. That’s not what I meant. I wasn’t picking you out, more grousing in general. I often have critics judge my entire writing career based upon my first book. I’ve got 5 series now, they’re all in a different style, and everybody likes a different one best. Heck, on any given day, I like one of them better than the others, but that changes depending on what I’m tired of working on. 🙂

            EDIT: also, keep in mind that I read comments in the moderation panel, so I see them in chronological order, not thread order, so sometimes I’m responding to a comment in a sub thread, unaware of which person’s thread it is under.

          10. The thing is, for a first book — and from a writer with no previous published material at that — MHI was pretty darned good. I remember only one or two lines in the whole thing that felt a bit awkward, the rest of it was solid. I found Jim Butcher’s first Dresden book much more awkward and clunky reading.

          11. I introduced a good friend of mine to MHI. He read them all. In reverse order. Without realizing it until MHI itself. We still laugh at that.

          12. Larry, MHI may have been your first book, but it’s still my favorite in the MHI series, though I haven’t read the Franks book yet. I don’t think being judged based on it is a bad thing.

            MHI isn’t perfect, but there is no such thing as a perfect book. You get some great hate-reviews from the leftist and self-proclaimed literati. They bash Owen as one-dimensional, and they bash the writing style. Fuck them. The way you wrote it and the style you used gave Owen a life of his own. His opinions and attitude make him interesting, but he’s like a great big one-finger salute to the PC Totalitarians and their desire for the government to regulate and control all, so they hate him.

            The book has a bit of raw feeling to it, and that’s not a bad thing. For me, that raw feeling fits the character and the story. Polish and technique used on shit doesn’t change the shit into diamonds, and just because a diamond is in the rough, it doesn’t make the diamond shit.

            You probably know who Eric Van Lustbader is. I hated his Ninja books. You may or many be familiar with his Sunset Warrior Trilogy. It was raw. The writing technique completely lacked polish, but the story caught me. They are three of my favorite scifi/fantasy books. I was about 12 when I found the first book in the library. I’ve read them about twenty times over the years.

            MHI is like that too. It’s not the best book ever written, but it hooked me within the first thirty pages. I’ve read it several times already, and I’ll read it sever to many more before I die. How many will depend on how long I live.

          13. That does sound like something I would very much like.

            And, happy joy, our library does have it. 🙂

            I wonder if I can squeeze it in by July….

    2. I know that when I’m looking for a good night’s sleep, I always go for a book with werewolves and vampires fighting it out with automatic weapons.

      Conversely, when I need to stay alert, nothing fits the bill like a gripping 5,000 page Marxist lecture, written entirely with non- gendered pronouns.

  7. You need to print out some of those round button dealies with that slogan. Maybe an MHI logo in the background. In Comic Sans.

  8. “Cispatriarchal Slave-Breeder Day”

    That’s Naked Gun-level parody and yet one more reason I have a Correia fund.

  9. I feel that someone somewhere should jump up and shout, “NO! I AM HETEROMEDIOCRITY!”

    Or perhaps not . . .

  10. Heteromediocrites (231 BC – 172 BC) Athenian citizen. Farmed statistically average olive vineyard, married Normatea, daughter of a similarly obscure family, six children, three surviving childhood. Marched in the middle of the phalanx with a blank shield and poked an average number of Thebans. No known suyrving quotations or writings. Best remind today as the inspiration for a pointless and self-satisfied gender insult.

  11. I’m just amazed at her courage foir risking falling on the floor someplace heteronormative males might gather.

  12. If you WANT too add some homodfynamism to your life, stick some pink grips on your 1911.

      1. My SP holster? Yeah. Funny thing though, my oldest daughter has claimed it and been using it for her Springfield Range Officer.

  13. Oh. At first I thought that title said “I Am Heteromediocracy.” I thought, “A government of different, average people? Sounds good to me.” This business of letting the “best and brightest” (according to their campaign literature) run things doesn’t seem to be working all that great.

  14. “Cispatriarchal Slave-Breeder Day”

    LOL. Where do you come up with this stuff? You should be a writer.

  15. Lucky you’re not Jewish, female, black or gay cuz that may have come off as anti-Semitic, misogynistic, racist or homophobic.

    Good thing radical lesbians have that special shield of moral invincibility.

    The klonopin probably helps with the delusional double standards too.

  16. Since “hetero” means “different, other”, I think what’s she’s really saying is she hates how diverse the casts of your novels are, Larry.

    Like most SJW types, she’s been instructed that People of Differences -must- be segregated from each other, or else it’s “unsafe”.

    1. The funny thing is that the cast of my books are extremely diverse. Only I don’t do it for any stupid SJW reasons, but rather pick the identities based on whatever gives me the most interesting story to tell. Sometimes that means conflict, other times that means they get along well. It is all about the story I want to tell.

      1. I don’t even do that much. Mine just fall out of my head and land that way. I am not responsible for my characters’ heterohomocity. (I can make up words too!)

      2. Wait, including something in a story because it makes it a BETTER story?!?

        Fact: One of my favorite fantasy series of recent years (EON and the sequel EONA) features a transgender woman as a major character. She’s likable, fully-fleshed out, and serves a very important role in both the story and in understanding the world of the series.

        One of my LEAST favorite recent fantasies was a retelling a Peter Pan from Tiger Lily’s POV. Instead of telling a familiar story in a brand new way, Tiger Lily was an insanely passive professional victim who existed only to be rescued and to quietly dwell on what a special snowflake victim she is. Her father is a transvestite. Why? Oh, no reason. Other than to generate an artificial conflict when the European characters turn up later. (She passively watches them burn his dresses for no reason other than they are European, therefore EVUL. And quietly contemplates how superior and accepting she is.)

        That’s what SJWs never seem to get. It’s not diversity we object to. It’s BAD STORYTELLING.

        1. Ah, but you see, SJWs automatically assume that diversity magically produces better stories . . . somehow. That would be why 90% of Tor.com’s review posts focus on the diversity checklist. Sure, you may have written a classic that is remembered decades after it was written, but you forgot to include transgender Asian Muslim lesbians, so points off for you!

          1. Except, y’know, Muslim Lesbians… and gays… of any majority Muslim country (and some that aren’t) end up being honor killed by their family/peers/both. Because Islam.

        2. Why would it be bad storytelling to have a black James Bond with an Asian lesbian sidekick named “Huffington Post”? That’ll seat me directly into the story in such an immersive way I might believe it’s actually happening.

          1. If Idris Elba is playing Bond and Lucy Liu is playing Huffington Post (hilarious by the way) I’d watch that movie and expect to be entertained. The same way I was entertained when Sean Connery was playing a Russian submarine captain. Now if the story didn’t live up the casting, I’d of course be disappointed, but nothing in the described scenario would lead me to that conclusion beforehand.

          2. I’m disappointed; I figured Elba would have more self-respect than to chain himself to a reboot of a mockery of a franchise that wore out its welcome in the 1970s.

            I hope he negotiated a fat salary…

      3. I love your rural folks. It’s almost like you really understand getting your foot stepped on at four thirty then a well fertilized tail slapped in your face. All before breakfast.

        1. Everyone should spend a few months/years on the farm. Would help them recognize the bullshit in “modern” life…

      4. Ever wonder why SJW’s write such abysmally boring tripe?

        True story:

        I once spent a few years behind enemy lines in a brainwashing facility called a “university.” At one point I took a class entitled “Narrative Structure for Screenwriting.” The course description sounded pretty interesting, claiming the class was about literary theory based on Aristotle’s Poetics and its influence on Western Culture. The course content turned out to be a real eye-opener, but not the kind of eye-opener that the puppet masters had in mind.

        In a nutshell, what the course purported to teach was that the classic “catharsis” generated by a Greek tragedy, or for that matter any story with an emotionally satisfying resolution, was a tool of the patriarchy used to oppress the masses. Send the audience home feeling good, and they won’t want to smash the state.

        In other words, many SJWs (those with college “educations”) are actually trained to be ideologically opposed to good writing. The only acceptable reason to write a story, according to their puppet masters, is to promote social unrest (and thereby foment revolution) by denying the reader a climax.

        1. You know what you call the grads of that class?
          For such a far-left institution, Hollywood is pretty dang capitalist. True, they may virtue signal with casting stunts, or a bit of SJW dialogue here or there. But for the main, they’re only in it for the money. And if Mr. Righteous SJW Screenwriter doesn’t get it, he’s gone.

      5. In my one thing I have on Amazon, I deliberately left out any description of the male character. If anyone assumes he’s a white male, it says more about their mindset than what I wrote. (Of course, he IS a scumbag, but then, his cellmate is an existential threat).

  17. love it when smart people tell us how to think using smart, big, words… thank you smart people!

  18. “Daniel José Older
    @djolder Because airtime is a finite resource and it goes to white mediocrity instead of black & brown brilliance, again and again #IStandWithMHP (Melissa Harris-Perry)”

    “Daniel José Older
    @djolder This legacy of giving endless props to white mediocrity coupled with rabid insistence on american exceptionalism…it’s so trifling.”

    There’s your ace SFF writer up for a Nebula and Locus Award right now, because apparently none of those shits knows how to ask someone to step outside.

    1. Meh. Another writer I’ll never read. Life is also a finite source, and I’ve got better things to do with it than read pontificating mediocrity.

    2. “White mediocrity”.

      I’m sure some SJW can libsplain to us how a statement like that is not racist.

      1. The Democrats could’ve nominated Thomas Sowell in 2008, but they had to have a mediocre white supremacist like Obama.

      2. The built-in satire there is a lot of people are horrified by the rise of the alt-right in the last year or so. Turns out if you examine the rhetoric of the alt-right from a neutral point of view, they’re sounding a lot like people in SFF like Scalzi, Kowal, Jemisin, Older and all the rest. The difference is they’re not as openly racist, sex-hating and genderphobic as our social justice crew. Compared to SocJus, the alt-right have yet to concoct feminist-like faux-academic blood libels about PoC, gays and women, call for Eurofuturism conferences or segregated rooms, anthologies or awards.

        But they’re learning… from SocJus. However we’re still at the point the alt-right is still mostly fighting by telling the truth about history and current events in contrast to SocJus which lies about that, ranging from the history of SFF magazines to global slavery and colonialism.

        There’s little doubt the alt-right have been infiltrated by a minority presence of people who have gripes against Jews, blacks, gays or women which pre-date the entrance of radical feminism into SFF, comics and gaming, but the vast majority are trolling this anti-white lesbian feminist cult by throwing back their own insults like “mansplaining,” “cultural appropriation,” “privilege” and all the rest. The danger there is when that goes on long enough the irony and satire get lost in the shuffle and you have people taking up hardened positions based on goose/gander and finally, naked tribalism. In effect SocJus is creating the very monsters they claim existed but which never did… until now. Black Lives Matter is the best recruiter the KKK ever had, and the SFWA and WorldCon themselves look like nothing more than a hate group whose rhetoric has created actual laws targeting men in college kangaroo courts. It’s foolish to imagine that’s going to create Women’s Rights Activists any more than imagining you’ll get attacked by an owl for shooting a squirrel.

        SocJus is nuts if they think people don’t see right through the con game of power/privilege/punching up SocJus pathetically use to hide their own bigotry. SocJus is having their own logic used against them and they are losing that battle, as anyone with two brain cells could’ve predicted. I doubt there are very many people in America who like racially and sexually humiliating themselves like Scalzi, Glyer, Hines and Kowal do at the request of safari drum-interpreters with DNA PhDs like Jemisin, de Bodard, Older and Swirsky. The difference between “heteromediocrity” and the n-word is non-existent and I don’t need any fool of a self-appointed racial-sexual gatekeeper to tell me what the privilege-drums say to understand that. However, if you institutionalize that double standard, then get ready for “mentally ill tranny-boy” and “blackmediocrity.” You cannot have that argument two ways, but you can have LGBT-avenging raptors convicted for false incitement and perjury in the public arena. If there’s any mediocrity in evidence it’s the incredible mediocrity of Jemisin, Leckie and Bear which has created zero excitement outside their affirmative action echo-chambers of gender abolition.

          1. I keep saying that it’s Decadent Pagan Romans against Savage Pagan Barbarians, with Christian Civilization almost a vanished memory at this point … 🙂

        1. I don’t know, James. Redundancy like that when you’re talking about the left is a hard sell.

    3. I might have believed Older if I’d never been to a comedy club open mike night full of “comics” of color. Brilliance was not greatly in evidence. That said, I’ve paid cash money to see Richard Pryor and Gabriel Igesias and higher praise I cannot offer.

  19. Is this a greater level than a D lister? I’m proud of you Larry. You are now a heteromediocre D lister gun mod dealer. I also found three converts to your heteromediocrity with Son of the Black Sword and Monster Hunter International. By the way, is your line of arsenals have a handgun in the future? I’m still saving my duck for the rifle.

  20. This is one of those that tells you that you’re pissing off all the right people, and you need to go bigger, higher and wider.

    In other MEN ARE SCUUUUM!!!! news, it appears that the new Captain America movie has way too much “heterosexual virility.” Thus spoke Vanity Fair.

    I view this as a positive sign, and eagerly await my opportunity to pay lots of money to see this movie. In IMAX if possible. Because the tears of the SJWs are as sweet nectar.

    1. It’s a good flick. I enjoyed it more than the source material (which was just Mark Millar strawmanning every super-hero in site) and it brings the Avengers portion of the MCU to a more satisfying temporary stopping point than AoU did. Plus the action is sweet, Spidey and Ant-Man are hilarious, Black Panther is cool, and they managed to humanize Zemo without detracting from his iconic villain status.

      1. Managed to avoid the idiocy of the comic version, where Cap was humiliated for not caring about Myspace and then surrendered after getting jumped by the Village People.

        1. I have thousand of comics I collected in the 1970s and 1980s. I stopped around 1993 because I couldn’t justify the expense, given the increasingly heinous quality of the stories. They were -boring-.

          I have not bought more than a dozen comics in twenty years. The whole Civil War saga was one I managed to skip entirely, haven’t seen a single comic from it. So I’m pleased to hear that they stayed true to the older versions of Cap and didn’t go with the newer, hipster bullshit version.

          And the SJWs -really- hate it, I’m stoked to go. 🙂

          1. //And the SJWs -really- hate it, I’m stoked to go//

            We do? I’m obviously not getting the memos from HQ on time.
            I thought it was quite good. Much better than Age of Ultron.
            Some depth to it but also some good superhero stuff.

          2. You mean a memo from your radical lesbian ideologues. Let’s be honest Camestros: you’re at the far end of the spectrum from the hateful origin of this propaganda, along with Glyer, Scalzi, Hines and all the rest. That means that unless you’ve been told what to approve or not approve, you’re a relatively normal human. That doesn’t mean you haven’t signed on with and signal-boosted a hate movement without the slightest hint of awareness. That stuff flows from your friend Bonnie to you, not the other way round. You’ve probably learned just enough to know an all-male or all-white anything is bad, but other than that, you have to consult with the echo-chamber on more complex matters like rape culture and privilege the same way Scalzi, Hines and Kowal take their marching orders from Jemisin, de Bodard, Older and Bradford. Have you ever seen those morons NOT defer to them? Do you think Kowal would ever dare teach a writing the other course without holding Bradford’s hand like a guru? Chuck (moar lesbians)Wendig said right out on his own blog he will no longer speak up about “PoC” issues. LOL. No jury duty for Wendig. Women, gays and “PoC” are so alien and exotic no straight white male could possibly imagine what their very special world of hurt is like. An all-black police force for Ferguson lies just around the corner from that magical thinking.

            Here’s the lesson for our brave new SF writers: you don’t write about Orwell, Orwell writes about you. Because you can’t possibly imagine a world of free speech, due process and equal protection. Why is anyone surprised you’ve checked out of that world?

          3. Since this is not Vile666 I will include linkage re: SJWs hating it:

            Too much “heteronormative virility”, not enough “homoeroticism” according to Vanity Fair.

            I paid my money and took my chances tonight, it’s a good flick with not even a touch of homoeroticism/slime about it.

            Vanity Fair also didn’t like how the Scarlet Witch liked the Vision, calling it “frankly rather creepy given the relative ages of Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olson.” Vanity Fair apparently forgot the Vision is a robot who’s like a year old in Civil War, and Scarlett Witch is the only one with the power to spank him when he misbehaves.

            Spoiler, Vision does nothing sexier than holding Scarlet Witch’s hand and looking into her eyes.

            Best part, the UN comes off looking like what they are, a bunch of corrupt, rent-seeking assholes. Yay! Tony Stark is revealed as a dumb tool for trusting them. Double yay!

            Perfect comic book movie. Head and shoulders better than Superman/Batman, although that was worth the ticket as well.

            Too bad you had your fax machine turned off Mr. Flopatron, you missed the hate memo from SJW Central. I guess you get the 3AM knock at the door tonight.

          4. I guess they liked it better if Scarlet Witch was in an actively sexually incestuous relationship with her brother, Pietro – and poor Cap was the only one apparently disturbed by this.

            Oh wait, that did happen in the comics.

          5. Putting the State Department (led by a mentally unstable ex-general best known for playing a huge role in creating the Hulk) in charge of a UN paramilitary secret police force? What could possibly go wrong? Who could ever object to that?

            It was like watching John Kerry’s deepest fantasies on steroids…

        2. Some of the Marvel Writers were more clued in that that. In a crossover with one of the many Spider-Girls, women, persons whatever, the teenage heroine fights alongside Cap and later receives an “Avengers” ringtone on her phone with a text message: “Don’t tell anyone I know how to use a smart phone. SR.”

          I suspect most of those writers were not hired to write the New Universe.

    2. weird…. becasue every ultra liberal I personal know – loved it to pieces O_O then again, I tend not to associate with sjw subset of those, so maybe that’s that?

    3. Wait… They seriously accused Captain America of having too much “Heterosexual Virility?” Wow. Yeah… I’m betting Chris Evans feels super bad about that. 😀

      1. I read that Vanity Fair quote. Who in their right mind could object to old friends reminiscing? And American’s best superhero not having sex with his male best friend is wrong because?

        They will leave us nothing. This again lays bare their agenda and agenda it is. It is not about toleration or even celebration, it is about mandatory participation. Now everything they say has to turned into farce.

      2. I’m guessing the writer of that article used to squee at slash (gay-themed) fanfiction when she was a teenager. It read a lot like every pro-yaoi discussion board post I’ve ever read.

        1. You should have heard the squeals of disgust among the Yaoi fangirls at an anime convention I used to staff when I pointed out that they didn’t invent slash fic, nor did the Comiket dojinshi writers – and used the infamous Kirk/Spock slashfic that fans self-published almost 40 years ago that gave Paramount fits of apoplexy. And people wonder why Paramount is so touchy over things like Axanar….

          1. “If Disney isn’t inclined to give audiences a gay superhero, couldn’t they have at least left us the dream of Bucky and Cap?”

            Addendum: She also sounds like every bitter shipper whose favorite pairing has been ruled out by whoever controls the characters.

    4. I saw a link to that somewhere, and that stupid human hater actually wanted Disney to make Cap and Bucky a pair of homos to satisfy their need for homo superheroes. The idiot thinks that there are no homo heroes in the Marvel Universe.

      They’re there. They just all bomb in the comic sales. Northstar from Alpha Flight was one of the best known. Marvel had him “come out” when Alpha Flight sales were going down, as what I think was one of their ideas to save the title. It didn’t work, nor did anything else, and the sales still went down until they canceled the book.

    5. My wife mentioned the same thing. She was really pissed the Director didn’t let Cap fight the helicopter barechested.

    6. The plot thickens! Right when CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR passes the billion mark in worldwide box office, during the character’s 75th anniversary….THE WEEK BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY, right when Steve Rogers has cemented his place in pop culture as the most popular, beloved member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe world-wide, Marvel Comics releases “Steve Rogers, Captain America #1” by SJW extreme leftist hack Nick Spencer. It reveals, among other things, that Captain America, the most famous creation of two of the most noted and beloved Jewish comic book creators in history…has secretly been a Nazi since he was a little boy and has quietly been serving Hydra for the past several DECADES.

      When asked about it, Spencer’s glib reply was along the lines of “Well, Steve is patriotic, BUT SO IS TRUMP!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!11111!!!ONE”

      SJWs….they’ve ruined Captain America. 😛

  21. Your skill at manually arousing your keyboard until it emits great squirting gouts of money is auditably real. And that’s entirely independent of the keyboard’s gender. Heteromediocrity? WTAF?

  22. Sigh. How do you get to be heteromediocre? I would like to quit looking for day jobs and start planning my own mountain fastness…

  23. Been to two organized book signing in my life.
    The one with Ray Bradbury was at a small California town in a store that was probably 10’X20′. He was signing a three volume set of horror books that he had just edited and the 50th(?) year anniversary of “Fahrenheit 451”. At least I think that’s what it was – might have been “Golden Apples…”. Anyhow he was sitting there by himself and we had a conversation that went on for a longtime. Probably didn’t have more then half doz people come in the whole time I was there. Found out after that the store owner was a minor figure/writer in early sci-fi and they knew each other.
    The other was in Maryland at another small town and was a group signing by several well-known female romance writers. The store was owned by the husband of Nora Roberts and there was a pretty good line that never got any shorter. Of course Roberts was one of the people signing books. Ya just never know.

  24. It’s probably worth noting for the millionth time that such pointedly ideological slurs of racial and sexual defamation are so common from that community they don’t even think of them as slurs, though they carry the same weight and meaning as “Jewmediocrity” does to a neo-Nazi. Neither is it a surprise it comes from a transgender with OCD and autism who thinks the equivalent of “homomediocrity” is some form of social justice.

    Supremacist ideologies don’t bother with calling people fat and ugly and nor does anyone get fined for such things the way Kobe Bryant got fined for uttering a gay slur on TV. In SFF one doesn’t get fined for such things. When Scalzi postures about white privilege, or Charles Stross about white “monoculture” or James Worrad mentions SFF’s “caucasian bloat” the racial or sexual identity is a self-contained slur used by men who apparently delight in racially and sexually humiliating themselves. That they do so to make themselves look good to such gems as N.K. Jemisin, Kameron Hurley or K. Tempest Bradford makes their muscle-flexing look all the more stupid. They don’t get fined but instead get social justice rewards points they can bank so they don’t get entirely shut out of their own genre by our new bikini babes who have become the opposite of “mediocrity” simply by existing, as do all supremacist groups who bask in the light of their own good blood and genes.

  25. *very carefully puts away glass of cola*

    Isn’t the common bitching from the kind of people that complain about ‘hetero’ being boring usually that ‘you aren’t a real author because they don’t see your books in stores’? Ergo, you don’t have your books in stores at all.

    I love that this homo-(description here) or whatever she would like to imagine herself (?) to be – pretty much just put that lie to rest.

    By the way, what is WITH this obsession about ‘hetero’ being ‘boring’? I thought that homosexuality is supposedly something they’re ‘born this way’ and if it’s something they’re born into, they can’t help. If being homosexual is not something you can help then the reverse is also true – namely, heterosexuality is not something that can be helped. Thus, by denigrating hetero-anything as being ‘mediocre’ isn’t this Heather showing that she’s the bigot?

    I love it when they trap themselves by their own bitchy nonlogic.

    By the way, I came here to look and see if there was an announcement about the Monster Hunter Memoirs books. *grin* And saw this delightful fisking. Thanks for making my day!

    1. I still boggle slightly at “hetero” being used as an insult.

      As for “mediocre”… I’m surprised they rate Larry even that high. Remember, ephemerals like “sales” and “fans” don’t count in their world, where excellence comes from ticking all the right checkboxes and being in with the correct crowd.

    2. They’re not bigots in their own minds. “heteromediocrity” is a dead giveaway to the source material, and with this particular social justice crowd it’s always the same source material: Judith Butler and her coven of other mad lesbians; Monique Wittig, Gayle Rubin and Adrienne Rich. In their world heterosexuality as the “norm” is like Jim Crow. There is no such thing as insulting a thing like Jim Crow, thus they are freedom fighters, not bigots. That’s why an all-female Locus category is evidence of a meritocracy while an all-male one is sexism. That’s how the lesbian president of the SFWA can chastise James Harris at SF Signal for an all-male line-up of books to illustrate a topic by directing him to an all-female SFF anthology website.

      There are no standards of fair play in that world you and I can recognize. These people are delusional bigots and supremacists. They have a paranoia of men, whites and heterosexuals they will never let go and naive warriors like Scalzi, Hines, Kowal and Wendig have lapped this stuff up at face value as social justice.

      I don’t what more to say about keywords and source material. If I use the words “long lance” and “Essex-class,” an expert is going to know right off the bat the single source for that is the Pacific War 1942-5. If I say “Fatimid,” “Abbasid” and “Bohemond” an expert is going to place that the only place you can: the First Crusades. Any time you see something like “heteronormativity” that’s a red flag which goes to only one place, and it’s not Alinsky and Marxists.

      We have been fighting a war we have failed to educate ourselves about. It’s not even that much work. The free Amazon preview will allow you to read the intro to Judith Butler: Sexual Politics, Social Change and the Power of the Performative by Jagger Gill. That short synopsis will lead you straight down the insane rabbit hole which powers these mental cases and is at the heart of this divide is SFF. Anyone who thinks this is about SFF literature or an analogy to New Wave vs. Campbell is kidding themselves. Throw is the racial intersectional part and there’s your devil: the heterosexual white man.


      1. > chastise

        Mr. Carlson: “Do I hear dogs barking?”

        Johnny Fever: “I do.”

        They’re like the neighbor’s dog that never shuts up, except with even less informational content.

  26. She should probably have her eyes checked, if she keeps running into shelves.

    Also, why was she running in a bookstore in the first place?

      1. Sorry, that was supposed to be:

        Oh look! MHI: Grunge is in!

        (runs to SFF section of the bookstore)

        1. You meanie! I went to Baen. No E-ARC. 🙁 I went to Amazon. Release date: August. No Grunge for me. My hopes were dashed. Time to go get my eyes checked. (Meanie!) 😀

  27. NO FAIR!!!! Larry is using up all the Heteromediocrity! Larry you diode, leave some for the rest of us!!!!

  28. Congrats Larry for irritating the right people.

    On a serious note, it’s time we called their bluff and show the extreme contempt they deserve. The medieval philosophers had a saying that error has no rights.

    It’s time to apply it and watch their heads explode and their shadows recede under the light

  29. Seems like a modern feminist/gender studies way of saying ‘square’.

    They really HATE happy, functional, sane people.

    1. Since it’s bound up in one’s biological origins it’s closer to the KKK saying “blacks are square.”

      Generally speaking, only two sorts are nominated for Hugos:

      A) Those who are not square
      B) Those who admit they are square

      It’s the same relationship Adolph Reed talks about in his famous essay “What Are the Drums saying, Booker?”, since the white male feminists of SFF are always asking lesbians and PoC what the drums are saying. Fops like Jemisin, Older, Hurley, Requires Hate and de Bodard have set themselves up as the authoritative voice through which speak all blacks, women, lesbians and Asians.

      Anyone who reads 770’s commenters can see this effect when a “real” voice like Rachel Swirsky deigns to make an appearance. They start squeeing and act like that old E.F. Hutton commercial with their hands to their ears: “When [enter oppressed group here] talks, people listen!”

      It’s no coincidence a moron like Jim Hines is always pushing #JustListen. Hines can’t navigate his own genre without an interpreter or he might run afoul of the Leopard-Men.

      “‘Willie, what are the drums saying?’
      “…’Bwana, drums say simba come soon, much danger.’
      “…In these vignettes, Willie was enacting the definitive role of the black public intellectual – interpreting the opaquely black heart of darkness for whites.” – Adolph Reed, “What Are the Drums Saying, Booker?”: The Curious Role of the Black Public Intellectual, 1995

        1. The drums never stop. Interpreters like Mikki Kendall, Requires Hate and Foz Meadows are on call 24/7 when it comes to advice for white cis dudes. They always say the same thing, and that is bad ju-ju is ahead, because white cis dudes are a traveling ghetto, a shitty neighborhood which needs to be gentrified by John Scalzi’s wise gurus. The drums talk to Scalzi, Hines and Wendig, and they in turn can talk to us in a white cis dude lingo we can understand.

  30. RE: Point #3 — It’s “Counterparts” actually. Sorry, I’m a Rush fan. I even made a concordance for their lyrics once. Nobody wanted it though. Boo hoo, right? Funny story though: the guys at Anthem actually said, “what’s a concordance?” Do you know what a dictionary is? Sheesh.

    1. Looking at the Geddy Lee wiki- most of the article is about his stage gear… which is awesome.

    2. I was wondering if anyone would catch that 🙂 I’m too much of a Rush ultra-nerd to let it pass even though it’s really not the point.

  31. Can I borrow the keys to the tank this weekend? There’s a movie at the drive in and we could all sit outside on the armor. i promise not to scratch it.

  32. I love ‘shelf full of Larry Correia books’ being used as an insult. I thought I was going to be the one to make that observation, but…naturally, Larry had to notice it immediately himself./

    Funny story. Okay, not really funny at all, but modestly interesting. At my local Barnes and Noble, we have a Bestseller’s rack for genres, but we also have a ‘Featured’ rack as well. I don’t know what B&N’s official corporate stance is in the culture war (I can guess), but SOMEBODY in the store is keeping a bunch of Tor books, N.K. Jemisin, Anne Leckie, etc. on the Featured rack, which is the first thing you see when you get to the SF/F section.

    On the Bestseller’s rack, however, the single bit of overlap with Featured is GRRM (quite predictably). The last time I looked, which was admittedly a few months ago, since I rarely go into B&N these days, the Bestsellers was topped by Andy Weir and had Jim Butcher (twice), Larry Correia, John Ringo, and a few game tie-ins (also Uprooted…I have no idea if that counts for social justice victory or not, since it is not a SJ book, but reviews are CONSTANTLY harping on how amazing it is that Novik is a woman author and has college credentials). I thought this was a nice microcosm of the SF/F ‘struggle,’ between people obsessed with being literary and prominent and FEATURED, and then the people who actually moved books. Which would explain some of the vitriol. People desperately want to be the starving artist recognized posthumously for their brilliance…only to discover that they don’t REALLY want to be starving at all, and would actually LIKE to buy a mountain of their own, but will never be able to. I know this has been mentioned by others before. But it was my personal epiphany moment.

    1. > obsessed with being literary … and then
      > the people who actually moved books.

      I was never a Mickey Spillane fan… but when reading a bunch of stuff from the late 1940s and early 1960s I kept running into foaming denunciations of him, the most memorable being in one of S. I. Hayakawa’s language books.

      The Literary Elite were outraged that a nobody like Spillane and his “trash” were *allowed* to be printed; Heads Were Going To Roll. And the dirty underclass that kept buying that trash instead of their Approved Literature.

  33. So I googled heteromediocrity to test Mr Correia’s claim, and this blog post was the first thing to come-up. Actually, the top six results are from Monster Hunter Nation,

      1. Huh, “Cismale Gendernormative Fascism” is also mostly non-liberal blogs.

        Honestly, it seems like they come up something they believe is an insult, use it on you (or someone else they dislike that are more liked than them), and pray it receives a lot of approval from common folk, approval by their heroes, and/or turns them into a “victim”. Its probably all three.

  34. Heteromediocrity? All these made up words meant to express their delusions remind me of the stilted phrases in Mao’s little red book.
    Maybe they’re trying to reenact the Chinese Cultural Revolution, with the SJWs cast as the Red Guard.

      1. Give the SJW’s real power and time, then see what happens. The Red Guard is what they aspire to be, whether they understand it or not.

        1. Not really- they’re wanting to be the Gang of Four, not the Red Guards. Every SJW wants to be a chief, but not one will pick up their guns and become a proper streetfighter.

          I hope that one of the torments for Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Che in hell is constant footage of what spoiled, pampered, privileged little pajama boys the Vanguard of the Proletariat has become.

        2. Occupy Wall Street is what happens when they gather in force, ditto Mizzou and similar. Reality rickrolled them rather savagely, and weren’t there more than just a few sexual assaults and thefts?

          They’re more likely to maneuver or manipulate to get Authority Figures (TM) to do the dirty work for them.

          1. That may work in the short term. Long term, if your group won’t take up arms (and learn to use them), your group won’t be able to either seize or hold power. Nor are they making friends with people who do have arms (cops, soldiers, armed citizens).

  35. Is everyone else getting the urge to kill the brain cells that remember such petty, hateful, bigoted, pretentious imbeciles against with some good bourbon?

    1. Mmm. Not particularly. I’d want to enjoy my drink and take pleasure in the flavour and the buzz of mild tipsyness, because a good drink (I’m more of a sweet wine / cider person) is wasted on any other reason for drinking. Just my AUD$.02

    2. Nah. Get some more ammunition, do some more dry-practice work, touch up the edges on some of the knives, though…I get that sort of urge on occasion seeing this.

  36. Mr. Correia, Spot on! It’s the Trump supporters who brought us to this place, not the Trump hold-outs. Keep preaching it.

  37. Another of her comments on Twitter: “penises have evolved separately at multiple points on the animal phylogenetic tree. the category ‘male’ has no more reality than ‘pachyderm'”


    (She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy herself)

    Apparently novels with gay and lesbian characters are ten times more fun to read than novels without them.

    1. Okay I have to look at her feed. I am curious now. If I don’t come back…. tell my cousin he still owes me 20 bucks.

        1. Well, the avatar doesn’t exactly scream “warm and friendly”.
          More like “Beware of Left-Puritan Scold”

          1. Ya… you’re right I should have known by the profile pic. Now I need something to cleanse my mind.

          2. I haven’t checked the feed, but for general sanity, I recommend Chesterton.

    2. If her novels are so much more fun to read, how come I never heard of her before?

      I still remember the first I saw Larry’s hetermediocrity on a bookstore shelf. I picked it up and saw that it was about B movie monsters and guys with guns actually fighting back instead of screaming and crying like little girls. My immediate reaction was “Oh, that’s too fucking cool.”

      I’ve yet to regret buying one of Larry’s hetermediocratic books, but I’m not an elite, homosexual literary connoisseur and damn proud that I’m not.

    3. So, apparently, she doesn’t know the biological definition of “male” as regards animals (it has to do with the production of sperm as opposed to eggs, not the possession of a penis).

  38. If you’ve already read this , please skip over it. I posted it about an hour ago, but way upstream in response to some comments Larry made early in the thread about good writing. Double-posting is generally obnoxious, but I thought this was important enough to move it to a spot where more people would be likely to read it. I hope I’m forgiven the obnoxiousness. Anyway, here goes…

    Ever wonder why SJW’s write such abysmally boring tripe?

    True story:

    I once spent a few years behind enemy lines in a brainwashing facility called a “university.” At one point I took a class entitled “Narrative Structure for Screenwriting.” The course description sounded pretty interesting, claiming the class was about literary theory based on Aristotle’s Poetics and its influence on Western Culture. The course content turned out to be a real eye-opener, but not the kind of eye-opener that the puppet masters had in mind.

    In a nutshell, what the course purported to teach was that the classic “catharsis” generated by a Greek tragedy, or for that matter any story with an emotionally satisfying resolution, was a tool of the patriarchy used to oppress the masses. Send the audience home feeling good, and they won’t want to smash the state.

    In other words, many SJWs (those with college “educations”) are actually trained to be ideologically opposed to good writing. The only acceptable reason to write a story, according to their puppet masters, is to promote social unrest (and thereby foment revolution) by denying the reader a climax.

      1. Unfortunately, this is why peer reviewed journals are not necessarily intellectually honest. I once had two professors who recounted frequent rejections of a study they were publishing. You see it was an abuse study. The results of the study showed that women more often emotionally abuse kids and men more often physically abuse children and that both types were equally detrimental to development. The study was rejected from peer reviewed journals for “promoting sexism against women.” I should note that the lead author was a woman, so there is that. Unfortunately, this is apparently not only in the social or psychology fields as I have sources indicating that the hard sciences are also doing this. The problem is it is much harder for lay people to call them out. Academic journals are, in general, intellectually dishonest these days and unfortunately should be read with a grain of salt.

        1. At its best, peer review can provide good feedback and make sure that the science being published is the best possible. A diligent peer review can spot mistakes that someone who’s even a little bit outside of the field might not notice.

          At its worst, peer review is academese for “circle jerk.”

          1. At its best, that is what it should be, pity I have never seen that. I am currently trying to get a study published and I got hit with a “I would really like it if you use this theory I developed last year.” “But it is not relevant and cannot logically be applied.””Well your study is not getting published then, best go to a different journal.” It almost always a circle jerk from my experience of politics or a “I want my theory to have more facetime even if it is crap.”

          2. If peer review was doing its job, the Retraction Watch website wouldn’t exist.

      2. I just mentally replaced “-ist” with “-y” in those two examples. The substitutions both made more sense and explained the bitter jealousy of the SJWs.

    1. Where do people find time for all that stuff ? When I went to university, my schedule looked like this:

      * Wake up
      * Lecture
      * Lab
      * Lab
      * In the name of Turing and Maxwell, why the hell doesn’t it run correctly yet ?!!
      * Lab
      * Sandwich
      * Fall asleep on the couch in the lab
      * Wake up
      * …

      Are humanities courses just really easy, or what ? I don’t want to fall prey to stereotypes, but I can think of no other explanation…

      1. They’ve attempted to increase University throughput, and apparently have substantially hurt quality in the humanities. I think the big STEM fad is at least partly because a STEM degree has retained its value much better.

        Now they want to get more people into STEM.

      2. In general, yeah, the humanities are a lot easier, but you’ll note that the people who come up with these “Catharsis is tool of the patriarchy” theories are professors. Doing that sort of stuff IS their reason for being at the university and what will eventually get them tenure.

  39. Made the mistake of looking at her Twitter feed and found this gem: “god these ppl have such a hateboner for neopropisms it’s frankishly embarrassifying”

    What did the English language do to her to deserve this kind of treatment?

    1. Ironically, there is actually already a word for what she’s trying to do, and that’s Portmanteau. Which, no, we don’t mind, but she ain’t exactly Buckminster Fuller at it. 😀

      1. To be fair, in her tweet she is deliberately mocking her opponents; her tweet is cringingly portmanteaustic because that is what “these ppl” sound like to her.

        1. I know she is deliberately mocking her opponents, but I can’t help it if she sucks at it. 😀

    2. How come it’s a neopropism when she does it but a malapropism when George W Bush does it?

  40. In SFF, these people have been pointedly making racial and sexual insults against men, whites and heterosexuals for going on years now and every single fucking day. In fact, “incitement” might be a better word. In return, they have been conspicuously rewarded for their efforts. N.K. Jemisin is as vicious a racist as has ever been seen in SFF. She openly brags about her disdain for whites. For that she is a Hugo, Nebula and Locus nominee this year. Aliette de Bodard has been similarly obsessively in her open hatred for whites and been similarly rewarded. Alyssa Wong has come out of nowhere to awards status following the same example. You all know what I’m talking about and you all know there are a lot of these people, both bigots and their “allies,” and all rewarding each other.

    Every single person in SFF who has pushed back against this has been tarred as a woman-hating, homophobic, racist. That’s not surprising, since every man, white and heterosexual has been tarred that by this group just for existing. Our social justice cretins have been repeatedly warned to knock it off, but feeling it’s open season and a free-fire zone to indulge in racial sexual bigotry without consequences of any kind and so laughing in our faces.

    Now they’re wondering what happened to their precious Hugos and where Trump and the alt-right have come from. Next they’ll be wondering why so many people previously on the sidelines and with no dog in this hunt suddenly become the very supremacists they’ve been accused of being anyway… because why not? Of course they’ll argue they were there anyway, because that’s how confirmation bias, self-fulfilling prophecies and paranoia works.

    You can’t get away with pushing people like that; you just can’t. Not tens of millions of people at a gulp. Those people haven’t done anything to these social justice cretins and you can’t help wondering if the day isn’t coming when they’ll start… because why not?

    Be careful what you wish for assholes, and don’t say you weren’t warned about racially segregated public arenas; that can work two ways. But I’m done pleading on those principles. You’ve put me on a side and there I’ll stay. I have not the slightest sympathy for any of you social justice freaks. You are too far gone to even communicate with. You’ll do anything to save the Hugos but the one thing that will: ending the racial and sexual group libels.

    1. You bring up an interesting point about the Social Justice Psychos and their ilk creating their opposition through their actions. It seems to be their real goal, creating an active opposition based along the lines of race, gender, and sexual identity.

      For a while now, at least a decade, I’ve been wondering if the racist, sexist, heterophobic left has been trying to foment an actual shooting war between whites and other races, straights and homos, men and women. Their rhetoric and actions seem like they are trying to push people who are not white, male, and straight into taking violent actions against their “enemies”. Granted, the specific enemies vary slightly in their demographic from hate-group to hate-group, but they all have at least one of three identifying factors: white and/or straight and/or male.

      1. If they’re trying to formulate a war, they forgot the part about ‘having an army’.
        It may that, decades ago when all the nonsense started, it was thought that the Glorious Soviet Red Army would step in and impose peace, happiness, and brotherhood on the collapsed remnants of the former USA. Yeah…

        1. I gather that they seem to imagine that the dirty lower classes filled with the colored people and various minorities that they’re claiming they’re fighting to free from the various imagined oppressions they suffer in the relative-heaven-on-Earth Western nations will happily do the work of ‘army’ for them.

          It’s why I think they encourage and choose to ignore Islamic atrocities committed on Western soil, pooh-pooh black on black violence, and support pedophiles. There’s a lot of ‘feed the croc to be devoured last’ feel to their ‘strategies’ and ‘actions.’

          1. As I once said on John Wright’s page, they probably won’t be taking over, but they’re more than able to open the gates to the barbarians.
            And will be honestly shocked & surprised that the ‘others’ are more oppressive, more close minded, and hold more hatred for them and their ideas than the previous lot.

        2. Since they’re Politically Correct and all, they may think they don’t need an army and the faries and unicorns will come out and fight for them. After trying to hold semi-rational arguments with the left a few times, I’m not entirely sure that I’m making a joke . . .

          1. That’s because you are blind, one of those who still believe that race, gender and sexuality actually exist and is not just a social construct. They have seen the light and understand that it’s all an illusion.

      2. I was thinking the same thing myself, but I don’t think anyone is trying to invite a reaction in a larger sense. The pattern is more along the lines of inviting a reaction and then claiming harassment and hello Patreon and career. But I think a lot of them genuinely have no self-awareness. When I quoted Kate Elliott on Eric Flint’s site she showed up and seemed genuinely surprised anyone would think she is anti-male. But her Twitter feed at that time and daily for months on end so was obsessively paranoid and focused on lighting up men I can’t imagine how you can be that dumb.

        But of one thing there can be no doubt: when you look at that Nebula Weekend line-up there are a hell of a lot of figures there who upped their profile solely through the hate speech they call “social justice” and they are damn well aware of that. Kameron Hurley as much as admitted she owes her heightened profile to her miserable rhetoric. When that supersedes talent that is one sick organization. Who’s Annalee Horne? Who’s Natalie Luhrs, Sunil Patel, Mikki Kendall, Rachel Acks, K. Tempest Bradford? They don’t even do anything but whine about whites and men.

        For “marginalized” groups living in fear of discrimination and oppression, their very public inflammatory incitement instead gives one the feeling they have a privileged invulnerability and that no one can touch them or stop them.

        1. I would guess that “Radical Chic” and a desire to be hip and trangressive to be the big motivators here. That they really don’t understand, or care to understand- a bit like dedicating The Police’s “Every Step You Take” to the one you love.

          1. It is probably messier than any one succinct explanation.

            Yes, conspiracy exists, see organized crime. Yes, Soviet Intelligence apparently pulled off a number of grand conspiracies.

            Some of it may be organized, and have some sane strategic objective.

            Some of it seems to be the Leninist organizational gone mainstream for personal ends. (Look at this Hugo stuff and tell me that Russian intelligence gave someone a budget to orchestrate it to some end. Yeah, there are elements that are clearly potentially profitable for some of the organizers. Some of the individuals are hard not to see as too crazy to coordinate.)

            Some of it seems reflexive, based on old and still wrong ideas of how to obtain victory.

            I suspect Obama personally is overly impressed with Islamic terrorism because he grew up in a Muslim area, and wrecked his mind with drugs before becoming an adult.

            How many governments have gone hard communist since the Russians and Chinese had less money to organize and fund Fifth Columnists?

          2. One obvious difference between us and these wacky feminists is we are happy and even eager to confront third wave feminists in head-to-head public debates. Feminists want nothing to do with that, preferring to shut down debate, lecture us from inside their safe-bubbles and claim disagreement is not only racist, sexist and homophobic but active harassment. I’ll go with the side which isn’t afraid to have their ideas tested and challenged. Feminists are pathological and ideological liars who use their falsehoods to cover up con games, sociopathic hatred and even mental illness and paranoia.

            There are so many examples of their lying one can’t process it all. Everything SocJus clods write about Gamergate, the history of SFF magazines, the history of Sad Puppies, their own blatant affirmative action movement which puts race, sex and ideology above merit, definitions of and double standards about group libel, their obsession with sexualizing children to the point 11 yr. old kids have the final say over their parents about whether they are boys or girls, double standards about race and sex in movie roles and over segregated anthologies, awards and reviews is one giant piece of bullshit.

            Just recently 770’s idiots changed the start of Alistair Reynolds’ career by 10 years to make a false point and lied about the transgender pedophile Sarah Butts’ chat logs when they know full well that very weird dude owned up to those logs in a blog post and dismissed them as him being an “edgelord” setting out to shock people, but did not dismiss his comments themselves as real.

            SocJus will declare “proof” of racism and sexism by the use of demographically tilted pie-charts in carefully selected areas but never apply that same logic to romance fiction, the NBA, middle-weight boxing, or Ladies’ Home Journal, to say nothing of their actually segregated initiatives I mentioned above and with zero purposeful segregation they can point to on the other side. That’s why it’s no surprise the pointedly anti-racist and “diverse” Nebula Awards Weekend looks like the very Klan rally they accuse us of being.

            Because of their assumed biological “wisdom, “marginalized groups” is to feminism what “Aryan” is to Nazism and SFF’s warriors cannot come remotely close to surviving a truly neutral definition of hate speech.

  41. http://nebulaconference2016.sched.org/

    That’s the schedule for Nebula Awards Weekend. If you’re familiar with the names, it reads like a fucking feminist KKK rally.

    Honestly, if that were a block party in my neighborhood, I’d treat it just like the Nazis marching in Skokie, because that’s all the SFWA is – a fucking bund. The older members either don’t know who these people are or are holding their noses.

    Who in their right mind would let a feminist bigot like Annalee Flower Horne give a talk about “Protecting Yourself and Others Against Harassment Online.” That’s like David Duke giving a talk on how we can all protect ourselves from Jews online. One of the best ways to avoid online harassment is to never read Annalee Flower Horne’s Twitter feed, blog posts or articles at Uncanny and The Bias. But that’s only if you’re a straight white male. Otherwise it’s like a magical protective bubble. Right after I wrote that I went to her Twitter feed. Surprise! Sixth and Eighth Tweets:

    “Annalee @leeflower To declare a few white dudes ‘canon’ is to plant a flag on an entire genre and claim that all of it must be filtered through one tradition.”

    “Annalee @leeflower Joanna Russ gets into this in HOW TO SUPPRESS WOMEN’S WRITING. Marginalized writers are not erased from the ‘canon’ by accident.”

    That’s a convenience store which never closes and what it sells is supremacy, obsession and bigotry.

    “A Conversation About Race, Gender, and Power in SFF” given by… Mikki Kendall, Daniel Jose Older and Alyssa Wong? Wouldn’t it save time to just have all the straight white males walk around in Mark of Cain and Scarlet Letter t-shirts, with maybe a wood anus lapel pin thrown in just for good measure, because that won’t be a “conversation,” it’ll be a lecture.

    And of course there’s the completely unpredictable racial-sexual Robert Heinlein fetish where his legacy is falsely blimped up to the size of Mount Rushmore: “The Legacy of Octavia Butler” with smoke-signal interpreters Cat Rambo, K. Tempest Bradford and Ann Leckie, because how could my privileged white male bias ever figure out Butler’s true stature without a native guide?

    I sense bad ju-ju ahead, maybe Leopard-Men.

    1. Another example of how the SJW tries to force their agenda on speculative fiction:

      “Harry Potter Should Have Kissed Some Boys: An Argument For Queer Characters In Main Stream Fantasy
      Harry Potter should have kissed some boys. Or Hermione should have kissed some girls. Even just some passing lip-action between any of the main cast would have been sufficient. Even just an obvious and mentioned crush would have been better than the great hunk of nothing we were dealt. ”

      The solution is very simple; write in the LGBT subgenre. Instead they are trying to force the genre as a whole to include these elements they love so much. Most people read fantasy and science fiction for the sake of entertainment and the sense of wonder, not lesbian or gay action. While I like science fiction that takes place in outer space, I would never write an article or essay that says “Why all science fiction stories needs to include spaceships and space travels”.

      Weirdly enough we don’t see the same attempts within western, crime and such.

      1. They do write their own stuff, and no one wants anything to do with it because it’s a sleeping pill. Contrary to what they think, having Harry Potter sharing gay love stories with Dumbledore or having a lesbian solve crimes is not genre but a genre-killer. Or rather it is a kind of a genre… the gay section of the bookstore. The unending unbelievable fascination these activists have with themselves would kill any genre and it has certainly wrecked our hobby the way the Tiptree Awards has been pre-wrecked for 25 years. Why they’re trying to flog that crap into the mainstream is a mystery. The deluge of sexual insults wasn’t exactly a way to break the ice when trying to enter the field either and they haven’t backed off those insults and their weird hatred and suspicions of men one bit. So, fuck ’em.

        “Sunil Patel @ghostwritingcow ‘The Little Mermaid of Innsmouth’ by @CarolineYoachim colonizes Lovecraft with Japanese mermaids.”

        “Colonizes” is a good word, since these people have no more to offer than does a strangler vine. And they don’t even care if the story’s shit as long as it’s the “right” story because – surprise – a white racist gets killed.

      2. Back in my day people like this just posted bad slash to fanfiction.net.

        Hell, it’s probably the same people.

        1. Back in my day, people posted their bad slash fanfiction in their APA disty, and maybe got it into a like-minded slash fanzine afterwards.

  42. Beggars belief.

    PS: Hate to nag but can the RSS feed be reinstated? I’m missing updates – I know my bad, but my excuse is that I have a busy life.

    1. I think Jack was working on it, but he’s had some personal stuff come up so it has been back burner. I think I might need to do something on my end, but I’m computer illiterate so he’ll have to help me.

    2. Ahhh. I was wondering why I wasn’t getting updates to this post even if I’m subscribed to it.

  43. The word gives me the mental image of a spoiled and neurotic fourteen-year-old girl whose “friends” on Tumblr convinced her to call herself “gender fluid” (remember to get yer gender fluid changed every three thousand miles, folks) trying very hard to scowl and growl like Immortan Joe from Mad Max and say “mediocre,” but her voice squeaked.

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