On the Hugo Award Announcement

This is going to be brief because I retired from the Sad Puppies campaign last year.

All I can really say to the CHORFs is that they had a chance to deal with people like me or Brad, but instead they decided to be a bunch of pricks and hand out wooden assholes while block voting No Award. In the process they insulted disgruntled fans, and proved that they were a bunch of cliquish elitists just like I’d said they were to begin with.

That’s how you end up with Space Raptor Butt Invasion. Have fun with that.

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354 thoughts on “On the Hugo Award Announcement”

  1. The Puppies’ side is even better at writing dino-erotica than they are.

    It’s no wonder they monopolized the Hugos: they are a bunch of talentless hacks.

  2. They still haven’t learned anything nor conceded that there was a problem in the first place. They think the new nominating scheme will save it. Not bloody likely!

    1. Yes, Space Raptor Butt Invasion is absolutely a real book.

      I believe it’s appearance on the list was a direct response to “If you were a dinosaur my love”, which should have been titled “If you had been man enough to pack a .45 1911, you’d still be breathing, my love”

      1. I have to say, getting that book a Hugo nomination is some pro-level trolling. I mean, I’m not in favor of trolling, but I have to admire that.

        1. Additionally, Tingle’s handling of the media circus and the Anti-Puppies has been almost Godfrey Elfwick level performance art.

  3. Somehow you managed to say more in 5 sentences than Scalzi did in his entire navel-gazing L.A. Times diatribe.

    BTW, when I try to comment with FB/Twitter/etc. I get “WordPress Social Login is not properly configured. Facebook requires your application credentials.” Just FYI.

    1. I can’t wait to see what idiotic scheme they come up with next to try and wall off the garden so I can bask in the schadenfreude of its mockery and demise.

  4. At this point, if it’s not Vox’s goal already, but he should burn the building to the ground. If his roving band of ruffians convinces the Hugo clique to vote “No Award” on everything, they’ll become as sought after as a Bieber album.

          1. Have you read the Mark Twain article about the German language? He talks about reading to the bottom of a page, seeing that the author was still on the same sentence as he’d started the page with, and then turning the page and finding about two lines of nothing but verbs.


          2. Twain attended a performance of the Neibelung trilogy Germany. As the audience stumbled out, his hosts realized he wasn’t with them in the crowd.

            They returned to their box, where Twain was waiting patiently.

            “I was waiting for the verb ” he explained.

    1. Do journos get early access to the Hugo results? Scalzi’s LAT article went up 20+ minutes before the retro Hugos were announced, and it was another 45 minutes to get to this year’s finalists. Not that this influences the vote count, but is interesting, none-the-less.

      1. I had that same thought; I was googling for responses to the ballot just minutes after it was announced, and the LAT item was already there. Scalzi works very hard at being the consummate insider, so it’s not impossible that he and others working for the major blogs had some early intel.

        1. I mean, it’s not as if we could accuse the Worldcon people of being principled and impartial, having refused any other vote analysis group to have anonymized data, but giving it to the people whose end goal was to justify EPH.

    2. I’m confused, did Scalzi quote himself in an article he wrote? Isn’t that generally considered bad form?

      1. Well you see, when you’re as amazing as he is, no one else can produce quotes that deserve inclusion.

        That, or he’s just trying to find new ways of being up his own ass.

    3. Scalzi’s column, summarized in full:

      1 In a year of record turnout, Puppies nominated works that were great and deserve Hugos.

      2 These great works that deserve Hugos would have gotten on the ballot without the Puppies anyway.

      3 But we won’t vote for these great works that deserve Hugos because SCREW ALL YOU GUYS ESPECIALLY VOX DAY AND WE HATE YOU AND DIRTY DIRTY SLATES!

      Larry’s point is proven. Again.

    4. Scalzi has to remain in the spotlight somehow, considering how he’s turned down nominations after a year he couldn’t get nominated at all.

    5. Scalzi is the recorder flute of people. If you can still be surprised by how disappointed you can be in him, count yourself lucky for not being as exposed to him as others.

      1. Hey now. You’re maligning quite a nice instrument. I’ve heard some very nice music played on recorder flutes: the key is to have a flautist who actually knows what they’re doing, and isn’t a schoolchild learning their first musical instrument. It’s the latter that have given recorder flutes a bad name. Their simplicity doesn’t have to be a negative; in the right hands, it can be an asset.

      2. That is the sad truth it seems. I have a friend who met him in person, once. She described him as being arrogant, kinda in love with himself, and not pleasant to be around. Kinda feel sorry for her, at least it was only once, right?

    6. This is my experience of Mr. Scalzi. I liked Old Man’s War, in fact I liked most of his stuff up until he started running his mouth about Sad Puppies and what a bunch of racists we are for doing… he’s a bit vague on that part.

      So now I’m having a one-man undeclared Scalzi boycott. He’s a typical Little Man, all bark and no cattle. Or something.

      Plus there’s that aura of opportunistic sleazebag about him. I’m left with the impression he’ll do or say virtually anything if he thinks it’ll make him look good to the right people. Never met him, so I could be wrong of course. But I doubt it.

      1. I haven’t liked any of Scalzi’s books more than “okay”, and most of the ones I tried, I couldn’t finish. I first heard of him when one of the producers of Stargate Atlantis kept reccing his books (which is the only reason I tried him in the first place) and subsequently brought him on as a creative consultant on the show. Which (purely by coincidence, I’m sure) also marked a sharp decline in the storytelling quality of what had been, for the first half of its run, one of my favorite shows.

        1. Well crap. I’m enjoying SG:A right now and he’s going to fuck up the storytelling later?

          1. I thought he was only involved in Stargate: Universe. Which explains why that series sucked so much ass — I mean, a 20-year-old Marine Master Sergeant was just the tip of that failberg.

          2. I stopped watching after the second or third time one member of the crew said to another member, “I know we’re all alone out here and we have to rely on each other in order to survive but I’ve got this secret that could get us all killed but you can’t tell anyone about it”, Stargate: Junior High School.

          3. Achillea – I hope you’re right. I’m really enjoying SG:A, it’d suck if it got bad later on.

          4. 5th season had way too much deus ex machina and sheer silliness, but seasons 1-4 were pretty solid.

      2. Old Man’s War was good, Redshirts was okay fan fiction, but his Little Fuzzy “reboot” was a crime against Piper and Pappy Jack that I found unforgivable. His subsequent histrionics about Sad Puppies merely confirmed the blackness of his soul.

        1. Redshirts wasn’t just fan fiction, part of it was a very specific piece of fan fiction called “Visit to a Weird Planet”. It was a fun read, not even the least bit original.

      3. I liked Old Man’s War for the first 3/4ths of it. I thought it was a well written and interesting Space Opera masquerading as Military SF.

        Then, for some strange reason, he added a pro-vegan plot twist that didn’t fit the story. I wouldn’t have payed any attention to it, except that he deliberately framed it to make it clear to the reader it was included as a political message rather than as a storytelling device.

        It’s like, “Oh, in case you missed my political views with the subtle inclusion of a giant orgy at the start of the book, I just want to make clear that I think eating meat is murder.”

    7. I bought John Ringo’s anthology about his zombie verse. There was a story from John Scaliz in it. I read it with trepidation. I was right to feel that way (no spoiler). Now I feel dirty that I probably put a dollar in that fuckwits pocket.
      Ringo is awesome, but damn……

    8. Scalzi just announced that he is “substantially” curtailing his online presence all of May, supposedly to concentrate on writing, traveling and other activities. Given his failure to deliver his first book to Tor under his big new contract for this year, I read that to mean Patrick Nielsen Hayden is telling him he better have a publishable manuscript in by June for 2017 release or Tor will be exercising the “out” clauses.

      1. I’ve only got four novels coming out this year, and an audiobook exclusive, and more short stories than I can remember off the top of my head… See? That’s why I retired from this stuff. 😀

        1. But..But, but…. Your not a Real* writer! You don’t suffer for your art, or you would have won more Hugo awards. Everyone know that is so much more fulfilling that buying your own mountain (Complete with fortress and zipline!) and rolling around in nest of money with a (lovely) athletic, hot wife!
          You sir, need to suffer more, and spend less time getting paid for having fun with melon ballers!

      2. Tor’s editors have proven time and again they are incapable of finding talent, which is their main job. They have let Harry Potter, Bella, Katniss, Andy Weir and Hugh Howey all get away, and right in their back yard.

        Did Robert Metcalf at All-Story Weekly let a completely unknown E. Rice Burroughs get away? No, he published him right away, established a relationship and made big bucks for Munsey.

        And what happened when Metcalf mismanaged the situation with Burroughs? He was fired. Tor needs to fire their incompetents and bring in new blood who can find and manage talent and doing it without enraging their own readers as racist misogynist homophobes. That is not a business model, that is failure.

        They also need to cut ties with TorCom, an unmitigated public relations disaster. The editors there have created monsters which today bitterly oppose them where before none existed, including me. Had they not banned me my first visit there for disagreeing with openly paranoid racist man-hating comments by N.K. Jemisin and Liz Bourke, no one would’ve ever heard of me. Never mess with Bugs when he’s sitting at the bottom of his hole minding his own business. Just don’t do it.

        Keep your cult, or make your money. There is no longer any in-between. I would’ve cleaned out that whole stinking crew years ago. When you hear the names of Rose Lemberg and Amal El-Mohtar 100 times for every time you hear the names of Peter Hamilton and Jack McDevitt, you just know you’re in for some hard times.

        1. Or retaining talent they do find: COUNT TO INFINITY will be my last work for Tor unless they find some way to molify my readers, who are still boycotting them.

          1. Coincidentally, your book title is probably how long you will have to wait for Tor to do that.

          2. Here’s the thing about the Haydens; look at the tens of thousands of hours they’ve spent on their egotistical Making Light site congratulating themselves on how nice their judgments are. Why the hell weren’t they spending that time establishing relationships, contacts, with talent agencies, film producers and screenwriters? Why didn’t they know about Weir and Howey? Isn’t that their job? What part of their job includes insulting white men and judging “talent” by some fuck feminist standard of society?

            Let me tell you something: if you’re embarrassed by having too many men or whites in your talent line-up, you’ll destroy what you’re doing as fast as the NBA would if they apologized for too many black players. Good stuff is where you find it, not where you want it to be. That’s why I despise this sick affirmative action diversity movement. “But, diversify the NBA? Wha…. what the fuck are you even talking about?”

            Principle vs identity. Diversify SFF yes. Diversify romance fiction no. Principle is a moral ethos, identity a supremacist ethos.

            That’s a pretty simple comparison to make with those 2 fields of fiction but one which always gets blank stares from feminists and claims of a “word salad.” Why the hypocrisy from feminists over too-male SFF but not too-female romance fiction? The answer is supremacists don’t like a neighborhood with too many of the groups they target. Too many of themselves in a neighborhood is just fine. Asking a supremacist feminist that question about an SFF/romance field comparison simply makes no sense to them, not any more than it does the KKK about black vs white neighborhoods. And so of course neither does equal protection, due process and free speech make sense to them; three things guaranteed to mystify and piss off any feminist.

            This is the heart of the fundamental divide in SFF: a single race-sex definition for group defamation, a thing I’ve asked these fucks to do a hundred times. They’ll never do it. They cling to their “privilege/punching up/marginalized groups” bullshit like little babies. We shouldn’t be surprised defending the Constitution then makes us “MRA manbabies” and “Oh, look. A white man is being oppressed.” I’ve read that shit from these morons a hundred times. Their responses are like parrots.

            Apply a genuine ethos of fair play to this divide and Scalzi and his lesbian supremacist masters fall straight off the stage and out of SFF, exposed as the hateful liars they are.

          3. At the moment, I can’t imagine buying anything from Tor, or MacMillan, or Holtzbrinck. But if I read one of yours that Tor published (thank you, public library), I’ll try to find a way to send you some money.

          4. If you do end up leaving Tor, I hope you can get your books back from them so they can be republished elsewhere.

  5. Larry – that has got to be the shortest post I’d ever read here, or damn close.

    And yeah. I was sad, last year got me pissed.

    Keep writing the great stuff, we’ll keep reading it, and may the Hugos sink into irrelevancy so the Dragon awards or something like it may prosper.

    1. Vox Day will NOT keep me down! I WILL write ‘Invading Extraterestrial Ass Bandits from Outer Space!’ See if I don’t!

          1. The War probably started because humanity didn’t understand the aliens were a group conflict, and the continued references to the Anoosi Whole were sadly mistranslated…

          2. An alternate to a classic The Twilight Zone episode: “To Service Man”.

      1. Maybe it’s Scalzi? What a twist that would be, Vox Day gets the Hugo for the story and Scalzi jumps up and down and say “IN YOUR FACE, BEALE! YOU JUST GOT ME ANOTHER HUGO!”

        Well, a man can dream.

        1. I read the Tingle interview and confess it was amusing enough that the dino porn might be worth a look just for the sheer perverse weirdness.

        2. You’re funny. Chuck Tingle is a prolific writer… and Scalzi can’t honor his big big $$ contracts.

    2. I kinda feel like last year, the SJWs drove off those of us who were fairly moderate in all this and were just brought in because we discovered we could vote on this award and thought it’d be fun. And then discovered what it was really like, threw up our hands, and abandoned the whole thing. So now all they’re left with are the trolls.

      1. You know which other award you can vote for, that doesn’t stand a chance of being dominated by SJWs? The newly-announced DragonCon Award. (Googles…) Oh, it’s called the Dragon Award. Still, a Google search for DragonCon Award turns up the right page as result #1. Best part is, there’s no need to shell out $40 or $50 for the privilege of voting: voting is free. Which means they’ll get WAY more participation than the Hugos, and will be an award truly representative of large sections of fandom.

  6. I imagine if he has any self awareness, Gerrold might be regretting his tactless “assterisks” stunt right about now. Reaped what he sowed.

    1. Considering when people confronted him about it directly, he was all “Oh?!? Then you obviously HATE ENDANGERED SPECIES because every time somebody gets one of these somehow a charitable donation is made!!!!!1111!!!!!111ONE!”…I’m thinking it’s not very likely.

    2. “Scotty, lock onto those anus discs and transport them directly to my pants. I wish to extrude one of my famous Star-Awards.”

      “Aye, way aheada ya Captain. Clench yeer mighty buttocks and have yerself a go.”

  7. Spoiler alert:

    I just started reading Hard Magic 1, but I think the title is misleading. I don’t think there is any magical dinosaur erotica inside. Please let me know now so I can move on to SRBI.

    1. Sadly there is no dinosaur erotica in those books. I’m terribly sorry for this artistic lapse and will strive to do better in the future.

  8. When you say “had a chance to deal with people like me,” what would have been a rationale response/fruitful negotiation in your opinion? (I’m curious about this because in reading both sides over the past couple of years, I’m starting to lose the thread of where this all spiraled into hopeless balkanization.)

    1. Someone who respects the institution of the Hugos and merely wants to extend the nominees beyond the usual favorites. As opposed to Vox Day who is chanting, “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water—Let the motherf***er burn! Burn, motherf***er, burn!” as his minions who are parking dump trucks full of salt next to the combine tractors.

        1. Well, you have the possibility of key ring size anus discs you can use like a Playdough Fun Factory to make a 1/72 scale ranch house. That’s an end game.

        2. For VD it’s a terrific endgame. He hates the SF establishment after he was booted from SFWA.

          For the Sad Puppies, the end game was increasing diversity in nominees- and not just the skin deep manner of the SJW vision. Less control for Tor and to somewhat turn the tide of the deleterious trends in SF.

          For the establishment the endgame should have been to neutralize the rebels- by co-opting them, thus making them, at worst, the loyal opposition. Instead… well, you know the rest of the story.

          1. To be fair, Vox’s opinion of the SF establishment was never high, and his expulsion from SFWA wasn’t what made it that way; the decidedly non-professional (as in literally irrelevant to the profession, i.e. having nothing to do with protecting SF authors in the publishing marketplace) politics and character of the organization was what shaped that. Launching the expulsion initiative at all was merely the capstone.

            And I pretty much gather that Vox’s opinion of *any* establishment, by virtue of it being an establishment, tends to be low on a general basis.

        3. The Romans thought it was the perfect end game for the Third Punic War when they razed Carthage and salted the land. Vox says if it’s good enough for the Romans it’s good enough for him when dealing with the Chorfs.

    2. “It is great that more people are participating in the Hugos. We wish everyone luck and may the best works be recognized.”

      Notice the distinct lack of the words “racist,” “sexist,” “cis-gendered,” “white,” and “fuck.”

      1. Noted! Now I’m wondering why no one simply said that. Why are always so damn ready to go off on each other? After all, “May the best book win!” could be delivered with an icy stare and maniacal smile, if you really need to let some anger out….

        1. No one said that because the elites in power thought they could get away with excluding people, as per usual.
          Basically, they reacted like French aristos instead of British ones.

          1. I was evil enough to post a “The People Are Revolting” clip from History of the World, Part I on the HugoAwards hashtag. 😀

    3. Well, there’s Larry and then there is Straw Larry. Instead of choosing to deal with Larry, Straw Larry was ushered onto the stage and propped up there and railed against. Instead of listening to fans, oh, like ME, when we explained how this all looked from our point of view, the torches came out. A fruitful negotiation would have involved simply not creating Straw Larry to begin with. It would have involved bothering to *hear* the fans who explained at great length just *why* they were unhappy with the direction that SF was heading instead of dismissing us as racists and white men who can’t stand fiction that reflects non-racist ideas. And not going to war to keep the bad people out, or cheering or excusing those who’s “feelz” led them to No Award good people. (Because having strong “feelz” makes some people automatically righteous, and they must be understood… but other people’s “feelz” and hurt and exclusion and insult are to be ridiculed, lied about, and dismissed.)

      So now they’ve got what they earned.

    4. Ummmm…. a race-neutral definition of the word “racist”? Since when did that become digging the Panama Canal?

    5. Simplest rational response could have stopped this from being a big thing was at the SP2 stage. Downvote Vox if you hate Vox; maybe even downvote Larry for liking Vox if you hate Vox just that much…. but don’t attack people like Toni Weisskopf or Dan Wells for the crime of being liked by Larry. Take away the slander and have Toni get the Hugo with maybe one or two decent nonwinning finishes, things go ten times smoother.

      1. At either SP2 or SP3… or even, shockingly, at SP1… not acting like the world was going to end in a ball of fire just because someone from the outer darkness happened to get a nomination would have been a freakingly good start. But the Noah Ward thing? I know people can’t control what anyone else does, but oh oh OH how understanding! How thoughtfully empathetic to dear tender hearted Noah Ward… bless her heart which is full of feelz. Can’t blame *anyone* who feelz the need to defend all that is Right and Good in the world by voting for dear Noah, can we? We can’t blame dear loving giving CARING Noah for punishing authors and editors for the actions of others… because it came from the HEART.

        Because boy oh boy did that teach ME a lesson. Taught VD a lesson too, clearly. Lots and lots of Lessons Were Learned. Undoubtedly it was worth it not to hurt Noah’s tender feelz.

        I don’t know if I can bring myself to care what they do this year. Kate etal did everything exactly right and it’s *still* wrong.

    6. It had spiraled into hopeless balkanization long before I showed up. I just made it public.

      My goal was to demonstrate that it was messed up. Ideally, “fruitful negotiation” I wanted worthy people who weren’t part of the in crowd to get a fair shake. Later, Brad thought the Hugos could become more inclusive and representative of fandom. Instead, we got the exact opposite. We were labeled as sexist, racist, wife beating, homophobes, out to end diversity (the prior year’s winners were 14 white liberals and an Asian), the disgruntled fans who agreed with us got wooden assholes, people like Toni Weisskopf got No Award, and now they’re shocked that the reasonable types have said fuck it, and the pissed off trolls are motivated to burn it all.


      1. Larry said:

        “My goal was to demonstrate that it was messed up. Ideally, “fruitful negotiation” ”

        LOL – yes people need to negotiate with you. You have any idea how goofy that sounds?

        Fans vote for who that want. They even nominated you. There is no negotiation. It’s just a fan award.

          1. Just passing by. Been to “Whatever”, File 770, Not a Blog and here. Not been to Baen’s Bar yet. Lois McMaster Bujold has a blog at Goodread’s that was kind of interesting. Following the link at File 770, Brandon Sanderson had an interesting take.


            Not a ripple at Jim Butchers Website. Jim will be at Dragon Con. That would be a panel worth watching.

            Last year Goodreads Sci Fi groups were all in an uproar. This year it’s kind of a yawn. That was funny this year when VD decided to infiltrate Goodreads and they kicked him out.

          2. That was funny that you don’t understand that the more you SJWs kick Vox out of something the more he sticks his finger in your eye.

            Have fun with Space Raptor Butt Invasion. That will be the Hugos until they are dead. You’ve earned it.

            Oh, and good luck shaming Jim Butcher into turning down his nomination. He doesn’t fall for stupid tactics from SJWs.

        1. Quote marks are there for a reason, dipshit.

          I already wrote up big blog posts about what my goals were. I don’t need to explain it to every moron than wanders through.

          1. He’s going to No Award Moira Greyland, Larry.

            He isn’t interested in facing reality.

    7. For starters, they could have just accepted us as fellow fans of SF/F.

      They decided to go all Mean Girls on any wrong-fans instead.

      I don’t speak for all SP, obviously, but IMHO, if in the very beginning, ASPs had said “We’d like to welcome you and all of your fans to vote in the Hugos” – I’d have been cool with it.

      Sounds simple, yes?

      Instead, what we got was a lot of angry diatribes about how we weren’t REAL fans- we probably don’t even read! And the stuff we like sucks! And REAL fans shouldn’t have to be accepting of ALL people and votes for their awards. The Hugos belong to them! Because… well, they’ve always belonged to them!

      Larry knew that this was their attitude, btw. The problem was- us non-insider-fan types didn’t know what was happening behind the scenes. We weren’t even aware we COULD vote in the Hugos. Personally, I thought it was decided by committee or something. It certainly seemed that way- based on the stuff that was getting awarded.

      Even GRRM, who started off making noise as if he were willing to be reasonable, refers to TWO groups of fans. The Real Fans… and the Puppies.

      The truth is, there really isn’t two groups. There is one group- people who like to read SF/F. We all like different authors and prefer different sub-genres, but we are ALL fans.

      Anti-SPs have mentally divided us into different categories and have dictated that certain categories get to call themselves REAL fans… and others do not. They’ve been demonizing the wrong-fans for years in order to drive a wedge between all of us, and, just coincidentally, to make it easier for them to maintain their clique.

      I’m glad Correia had the stubborn guts to shine a light on this whole mess.

      1. Yeah, that real fan crap really stunk up the place. Here’s a clue, real fans are those who are actually interested enough in the genre to part with their money and buy a book, see a movie, or otherwise indulge in their passion. Sometimes they go to cons, but mostly they read their favorite authors in the company break room, on the bus to work, or when the kids finally get to sleep. They aren’t part of some clique, and guys like Scalzi and Gerrold will never know their names. What they are though, are the folks who’s hard earned money makes it possible for science fiction authors to earn a living.

      2. GRRM kept up appearances of even-handedness for a little while, but his prejudices shown through pretty early. I doubt many were surprised when it became apparent he had helped engineer last year’s Noah Wards.

        1. I seem to recall him saying he would assist Sad Puppies 4.

          As far as I know, he never did.

    1. Random question, if Larry sees this:

      Larry, on that show, the host pronounced your last name as “Cor-REE-ah”. I always thought it was pronounced “Cor-RAY-ah”. Was I mistaken, or was he?

      1. I’ve assumed the former (that it sounded like Korea) since reading Bad Penny (by John D. Brown). And mentioning that had me double-check the title…. and find out there’s a sequel.

      2. I’d always pronounced it KOR-ee-ah until I watched Larry introduce himself in his Ice Bucket Challenge video and he pronounced it like the country.

          1. Okay, I probably should go back to sleep but I just had an image of the ‘Count de Money’ scene from Mel Brooks’s History of the World, Part I run through my head.

            “Larry Cor-EYE-ah!” “Cor-REE-ah!”


  9. New truism: Deal with the moderates with whom you disagree today or battle the extremist absolutist tomorrow.

    The 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony minted or converted many Rabid Puppies. (No, I’m not one of them. I just grok where they come from.)

        1. “…and beat off with a death grip like this on his cock.” Not a VD fan, but OMFG is this spot on. If EPB passes, it seems like a guarantee to let VD insert 2-3 nominees per year, every year, as long as he can persuade 450-550 likeminded persons to chip in for supporting memberships.

          But you know, keep hating him harder, because that has worked so well so far.

    1. Yeah, I think history will show that the ceremony and the gloating that followed sealed the Hugo’s fate.

    2. This seems to a consistent problem these days. Trump/Cruz/Bernie are symptoms as is the whole craziness happening on campus these days. Its as if no one on the lefy can control themselves when confronted with the slightest disagreement. They immediately leap to the most extreme response possible rather than trying compromise or reasoned discourse.

  10. Someone needs to get the rights to write “Tremors” erotica, and have “If You Were an Ass-Blaster, My Love” ready for next year’s nominations….

    1. I prefer more straightforward titles like “Kill Those Straight White Cis Males, My Raptor Bitch!”

  11. It must suck to be dumber than the Johnson Administration. *They* knew what “They deal with Martin so they don’t have to deal with me” meant.

  12. I do think there’s still a place for Sad Puppies, but the Hugos are doomed. Between Vox and the SJWs, I don’t think there will be anything left in a few years. But there is a place for those who stand against the snobs and SJWs of fandom.

    1. The Hugos will eventually be forced to go to juried nominations and awards. That will cost them money and only highlight their devotion to their feminist cult. They won’t be able to hide behind anonymous hundreds of voters anymore. The Hugos are finished. They’re sailing on the fumes of the Puppies campaigns. Without that the number of voters would be far less than what it is. They mind stand a chance if they insisted only shorts that are not free are eligible. They won’t do that. Their feminist loss leader depends on being subsidized, since no one wants to read about the insane non-fiction fantasies about diabolical white men which drives their inept non-gendered stories.

        1. A big jury of third wave feminist mental cases who claim straight white males have eaten their homework for 5,000 years.

      1. I disagree. I think that barring some new incendiary event greater than no awarding whole categories, the Hugo ‘in-group’ loyalty will outlast the outrage that VD can stoke among his block voters. Additionally, the creation of the Dragon award, if it has any staying power, will provide a safety valve for those frustrated by the Hugos, further diluting outrage.

        1. You don’t understand.

          It’s not about the outrage, it’s about the lulz.

          As long as the lulz last, Vox will have as maky minions as he needs to help.

          It does help that in addition to the lulz, this whole thing is showing a successful template for fighting the encroachment of the grey-goo-mongers.

          1. Watching diversity advocates like Mary Three Names and Jemisin try to talk a writer of…exotic…erotica into withdrawing certainly has been lulzy.

            Still think that the $50 for a vote are better spent on beans and bullets this year.

          2. LOL. By “underrepresented groups” Jemisin means a pack of yowling man-hating anti-white heterophobes, of which she is the leader. In the minds of these weird feminists, “underrepresented” also translates to “My mother chose to read Ladies’ Home Journal, instead of Astounding.” That’s “male elitism” and “erasure.”

            Next on the list: the underrepresented groups of the National Hockey League and military draft. Here’s how to not be underrepresented in the NHL or war: Patronize fucking hockey and #OccupyDraftOffices. #WeNeedDiverseWars. Don’t forget those freezer warehouses. You’re underrepresented. Go in there and freeze your asses off. Who’s stopping you?

          3. Oh my gosh… That is an awesome response.

            Like I said, for the record, I wouldn’t have put Space Raptor Butt Invasion on there. I didn’t vote for it. I didn’t want to burn the Hugos down and spent a lot of time talking Vox out of No Awarding everything last year.

            But the last few days have demonstrated to me that #loveisreal Rock on, Dr.Tingle. Rock on.

          4. Gay velociraptor fetishists have historically been FAR more “underrepresented” in the Hugo Awards than women, or black people, or whatever group she’s actually talking about, so I’m not sure what Jemisyn (whatever… I’m going to bother going back to check the spelling) means by this.

          5. Except that the lulz cost money. And unless Vox wants to go full Tor and subsidize the lulz by purchasing memberships, the costs will not be worth it.

      1. Yeah, because we’re kicking their asses. Obviously they’d like us to stop and start kicking each other instead. ~:)

      2. I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I don’t honestly see how that does anything. Sad Puppies WAS the more appealing, welcoming, casual-friendly organization, the one that wanted to have their piece, but do it within the rules. The CHORFs made it clear how much they valued that attempt at good faith. I considered myself SP last year. After attending WorldCon (it was close to where I live), and witnessing the wooden butthole thing and how happy and smug everyone was, SJWs prancing proudly and trying to humiliate people they had known for years who were right in their midst, just how utterly vile these paragons of modern leftist morality were in the flesh, I have absolutely no concern about ‘saving’ the awards. I am 100% okay with them following the Titanic to the bottom of the ocean.

        And if you mean creating a new organization, ala ‘PuppyCon,’ I think that if it can’t start off too big to subvert, it’s not in a good position. The Dragon Awards might be a good replacement eventually.

        1. It’s not like SJWs can create, anyway. They can only subvert. Take away the Hugos and they won’t create their own awards: they will try to co-opt the Dragons instead.

    2. The only way for the Hugos to survive is for the adults to silence the children and actually vote for the awards based on literary merit. Not only does that defang Puppy criticisms, Vox doesn’t have any incidents for reprisals. (His approach is “Treat others how you would like to be treated, because I will treat you in the same way you treat others.”) Unfortunately, I don’t really see that self-policing happening.

      1. FWIW I refuse to be an adult on this. I have sucked it up and that has gotten me nowhere. In fact I’m pretty much done with anything that doesn’t end with combines and salt trucks because I have flat had it with theses A**holes.

    3. I don’t know why you think that Chris. Kate Paulk did what she said she would do – run an open/transparent system for collecting reccomendations and encourage participation. Instead of flooding the categories with dreck like Brad’s stuffup of a campaign, SP4 had a moderate influence helping get some picks over the line (Minz in editor, Cinder Spires – at a guess). The contrast between Paulk’s constructive campaign and Vox’s wrecking campaign is obvious.
      Larry and Brad putting all their effort into insulting voters just resulted in voters feeling insulted.
      This year there are five novels all of which are great reads and a diverse selection if whats good and fun in the genre. Vox’s tantrums cant wreck that.

      1. Camestros, even when you try to pretend to be conciliatory you just can’t help but show your true colors. It’s kind of sad.

        1. You mean that when I give my honest opinion it upsets you? Sure – would you really rather I lied?

          1. You giving your honest opinion doesn’t upset me.
            What is annoying is when it looks like you’re lying and you’re really, really bad at it.

          2. What do you think I’m lying about? I’m saying the same things I’ve said openly in different forums and I’ve got no reason to lie about any of it.
            I’m guessing your problem is that me saying something positive about SP4 must be some kind of SJW trick or something.
            Nope it is just what I think based on reasons I’ve given here and elsewhere. If you want to pretend its some cunning mind game (to what end I can’t imagine) then go ahead but you’ll only be fooling yourself.

          3. Be honest but leave yourself some room for when you decide to stop.

          4. Personally I’d rather you pull your head out of your ass and join the party, because your “honest opinion” seems deliberately designed to annoy.

            Speaking of which, the cat thing you’re doing at your blog is fucking retarded. Just thought you ought to know.

      2. Is that cat going to vote?

        I kind of feel the way you do. Pretty much. For the big one, it looks like some good things to pick from. Handing out a few “No Awards” in a few minor categories doesn’t much bother me. Some of those categories could go away.

        1. “Is that cat going to vote?”

          Well, the 2018 Hugos are probably going to need someone to make up the numbers.

        2. Yeah, like you’re going to No Award Moira Greyland. Don’t bother reading up on it or anything, virtue signaling is more important.

          1. Given the default orthodoxy of the SFWA today and it’s constant and unflinching support of Joanna Russ, the children-determine-gender theory of it’s most activist members, its support of Sam Miller, Jr, Delany; Scalzi and Leckie’s open advocacy for new gender pronouns, the support of the sick predatory feminist utopias of Shulamith Firestone, the open support of the Simone de Beauvoir who lost her teaching license suborning a female student and years later pushed for lowering age of consent laws in France, and the incest/pedophilia-is-more-normal-than-the-gender-binary pushed by the Judith Butler whose theories rule this weird world, I’d say society and its children have a lot more to fear from the SFWA and what it’s selling than Vox Day. When Alex Dally McFarlane wrote a manifesto calling for the end of the binary gender as a default in SFF at TorCom, you now know exactly what she was selling. She is talking about the wholesale destruction of families as we have known them for all of human civilization, not inclusion, not just a seat at the table. At this table, you will and have been pushed right out the door.

            Stop being fooled by the idea this is even remotely connected to “equal rights.” That is a Trojan Horse. If anyone wants to be disassociated from anyone, the Hugos should be thankful the Puppies disassociated the 2015 Hugos from 30 Third Wave Feminists pushed out of the noms and probably an equal number this year. It’s only a matter of time before some scandal emerges from this cult. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

          2. Unfortunately, the video was taken down from youtube, but back when the Proposition 8 fight was going on, there was a video of one of these homosexual activists at an anti-Prop 8 rally. She blatantly crowed about their purpose having nothing to do with equal rights and being all about the demolition of the traditional family in America. Thousands of the homosexual activists at that rally gave her a roaring ovation when she made those claims.

            I wish the video was still up there, but it was removed not long after I saw it. I think the message was that it was deleted by the user.

          3. “Neil Gaiman @neilhimself @PhilSandifer I wish the hugos had sent us a message saying ‘by the way, you are on that creepy racist’s slate’. They didn’t. 2:41 PM – 26 Apr 2016”

            Hey, Neil, you’re on the Twitter feed of a creepy pedophile defender. Unsurprisingly, this moron below joins the conversation:

            “Asymptotic Binary
            @ asymbina
            At the Margin, also Durham, NC
            Economist by day. White (but anti-whiteness) trans lesbian. ADHD, depression. #weneeddiverseeverything #girlslikeus

            Just one big, happy, non-gendered racist cis family, or whatever. By contrast, the Addams Family look like Ozzie and Harriet. If you our defenders of intersectional queer feminism concentrated on genre instead of gross perversions and “anti-whiteness” there never would’ve been Puppies in the first place.

            In this weird cult adult/child sex and incest are considered more natural than a society based on heterosexual marriage. This theory considers heterosexuality a fiction which can be destabilized and that is exactly what they are trying to do. The goal is ending the oppression of men who use heterosexuality to control women. As nutty as that sounds, that is women and gender studies 101. Many thanks to the past 3 presidents of the SFWA for mainstreaming this pyscho shit into SFF.

          4. And now we understand the problem with SJWs. Their senses of humor have been removed and replaced.

      3. “The contrast between Paulk’s constructive campaign and Vox’s wrecking campaign is obvious.”

        Yes, Kate decided to do everything every Vile770 whiner asked, because SLAAAAAAAATES! Knowing we would STILL kick your asses Camestros, because the number of people out there absolutely disgusted with the Hugos since forever is -large-, my friend. Pretty much every SF fan who’s not some sort of Ivory Tower Wymin’s Studies prof has been disgusted since the 1980’s. I certainly have been.

        Meanwhile, Beale decided to just hammer the fuck out of you. For which, given last year’s assterisks and cheering for No Award, I do not blame him at all.

        You wanted a kicking, you’ve got one.

        1. The Hugo and Nebula, etc. have been irrelevant to me for so long I honestly couldn’t say that it ever made a difference. Not that it matters but I’ve been reading 2-3 genre books since the mid70’s so thats a LOT of missed oppotunities for the publishing industry.

      4. Is this the guy who has his cat review books? Am I the only person who thought that was hilarious?

      5. All my efforts were put into being insulting? Then? Not really. Now? All out of fucks to give. Bite my ass, dick cheese. I’m retired from Hugoing.

  13. In honor of a Space Raptor Butt Invasion, I present you with a link:

    The end of the chapter preceding the link:
    Just as they were about to enter the city, Meng Hao heard the parrot next to him, panting heavily.

    “Eee? Now that I’m closer I can see that flirty look in its eyes… Hm, a red bird, I’ve never tried that out before….” Before Meng Hao could react or even think about what it meant, the parrot was gone. Meng Hao watched as ripples spread out in the air, and a multicolored streak shot up through the air toward the peacock.

      1. The genre is xianxia (‘chivalrous immortal’ or ‘cultivation hero’), and the author is Er Gen, who is a very popular Chinese language writer in that genre.

        The parrot calls himself ‘Lord Fifth’ and has a depraved interest in anything with fur or feathers.

  14. I love Space Raptor Butt Invasion SO MUCH!!!

    What I love even more is watching Damien Walter squirm uncomfortably, while claiming not only that the Pups didn’t win, but that they don’t matter anyway. The equivalent of a 5 year old sticking his tongue out.

      1. Judging by how fast that was written and released, I suspect Ringo got drunk, spent 15 mins in a walk in freezer and submitted it to Amazon.

        1. No, when Ringo spends 15 minutes writing a book, it ends up being at least 400 pages long. And the start of a series.

      2. I just read the free sample on Kindle. His writing is clean, grammatical, and (IMHO) most importantly lacks the usual spelling errors found in Indie stories. I think….I want more.

  15. Larry I think they are dealing with you. You started a slate tactic and there are two proposals (EPH and 6/4) at the business meeting to deal with slate tactics. I expect both will pass.

    “No award” is already a tool in the tool box. It should be enough for the fans to determine what they want to do.

    Still some room for dogs to play around the edges and dominate a category that doesn’t get a lot of attention. If slating a small category is good marketing and can get the famed “Hugo Nominated” tag, I would say bring on more slates in the post EPH world. Let’s have a hundred slates.

    Should be interesting to watch this year.

    1. EPH is being sold as a magic bullet to stop slates, but it’s designed to stop *any* relatively small well-organised group from taking over entire categories. So it won’t stop the Rabid Puppies from getting at least one or two nominations in each category if they’ve got the numbers to do it, possibly more if there’s an overlap between Puppy and TruFan picks.

      It also stops the CHORFS/Torlings/SJWs/MessageFictionFans from punching above their weight and crowding out everything else the way they they seemed to have been doing 2-3 years ago.

      So if Vox really wants something like “Conquered By Clippy” on the ballot and has the volume of minions to do so, he will still be able to.

      1. It’s OK for pups to get representation in the various categories. That’s what the fee is for. Pay your money and you get to vote.

          1. Yeah, they freaked out over getting a single SP nominee in each category. Larry’s wife had people calling her asking her if she was in danger.

          2. IIRC they freaked out the most about Vox Day getting a nomination. His was the only SP nominee to finish below Noah Ward (though the rest all finished last).

          3. Let’s clarify exactly what that part about people calling Mrs. Correia to ask about her safety actually means.
            The puppy-kickers weren’t actually threatening the Correias (well, not by any rules except their own). They didn’t have the guts for that. No, what they were doing was claiming that Larry Correia was an evil misogynistic hater, and people were concerned that he was abusing Mrs. Correia.
            In other words, the puppy-kickers were trying to get the government to do their dirty work for them.

          4. I’m surprised they haven’t enlisted the President yet. Maybe this year.

          5. Their #1 candidate is a Communist. How is their love of government enforcement surprising?

    2. Last year they “no awarded” some very worthy works. No award is not a tool. It is a tantrum. And anyone that says Larry started slates is ignorant or a liar. Slates have been around for almost as long as the Hugos

      1. Those are the rules. I think Rod Serling once finished below “no award”. To Feather Blade – yes that is the battle they are fighting.

          1. None, he’s just throwing his massive amount of salt around hoping he’ll burn someone else with it and then pretend he isn’t going to go down a half-gallon of Ben & Jerry’s in despair.

        1. Regardless of historical footnotes, until the last few years, No Award was presented as “something that always finishes last, but we keep around in case the Scientologists or another cult nominate their leader’s crap book.”

          Last year you declared that’s what you think of Jim Butcher, Toni Weisskopf, et al.

          That tells me everything about your kind. Though I already knew it from your condescending, disingenuous way of writing.

          1. You who? I am a big fan of the Butcher. More of Butcher that the run of the meal SFF. The Aeronaut’s Windlass is kind of lame though. Steam punk , meh. I don’t care one way or the other about editors.

          1. @Chris – I liked the asterisk joke and raising money for a good cause was nice but I don’t think it will happen again. It’s been done. I am sure something will happen again though.

            I keep hearing the pups might have their own award. If you notice asterisk models look a lot like the the Walmart symbol. If pups could adopt it for their award, I see a potential funding source.

    3. “Larry I think they are dealing with you. You started a slate tactic and there are two proposals (EPH and 6/4) at the business meeting to deal with slate tactics.”

      What you mean is there are two proposals pending, designed to obfuscate the voting process and keep Wrongfans out. Textbook Lefty tactic. If the voters won’t do as they’re told, jimmy the process until you win no matter what they do. Voters are stupid, you can’t depend on them to handle freedom unless you keep your boot on their necks.

      Personally, I applaud this initial attempt at exclusion. The Hugos haven’t been about the fans or about science fiction for a really long time. Why not make it official?

      Otherwise know as the villagers sowing salt in the burnt out ruins of their own village, that they burnt down themselves. You appalling idiot.

      1. What is going to be fun is the day you wake up and see PNH being led away in cuffs for burning down the building the TOR offices are in while frothing at the mouth and yelling “Vox Day, we did this to stop Vox DAAAAAYYYYY!”

    4. Motherfucker, are you still running with that tired bullshit that I invented slates and campaigning? I thought that lame ass narrative died when GRRM admitted it has always been that way.

      See? This nonsense is why I retired from the Hugos.

    5. ” You started a slate tactic”

      **cough** Locus. The Bay Area SF Association. **cough**

      Both have been putting out Lists – what you are calling slates – for Years.

      Why is it okay for them but wrong for SP?

    6. ” You started a slate tactic and there are two proposals (EPH and 6/4) at the business meeting to deal with slate tactics. I expect both will pass.”

      And I expect the sequelae of adopting those rules won’t be quite what your Super Genius Brain Trust imagines that they’re going to be. The more complicated the rule set, the more opportunities for gaming arise.

      Yes, I know that they’ve run “simulations” based on past voting behavior. The problem is that there is absolutely no justification for assuming that past voting behavior is at all indicative or representative of future voting behavior (and quite a bit of evidence that it will not be). It’s like running a “simulation” of the Battle of the Bulge assuming that everyone is going to be using Napoleonic-era calvary tactics. Pure GIGO.

      We’ll find out next year, won’t we?

      1. If there are rules, they can be gamed. If they think this will stop the Supreme Dark Lord… well, we’ll see.

      2. LOL. Vox is doing his testing of the rules this year. Look at his nominations. The testing of the proposals and their effect on the nominations is being done this year….by VOX! When they run the numbers and see what the proposed rules would have resulted in this year….there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth!

    7. Scalzi/TOR have been pushing slates for ywars . ‘Fuck your Larry Started This.’

  16. Just browsing twitter I’m seeing a shitload of resentment over what happened in 2015 and people vowing to throw in with the Rapid Puppies just to watch the whole thing burn down. The Ron Paul meme would be appropriate about now.

  17. It’s interesting how the Puppy-kicker narrative keeps shifting. Last I checked at File 770, they were tending away from the idea that the Campbell Awards were Larry’s supervillain motivation and are now claiming that Larry made up the quote from that guy who said he would “end literature forever”.

    Funny how people who combed through his blog looking for dirt couldn’t be bothered to do some simple detective work to track down one quote.

    1. Well, why let things like proof get in the way of Teh Narrative!1!!! ?

      Though it’s nice to see Xenu/Kirby is sooooo concerned enough to give advice.

    2. Christopher, out of curiosity (and since I don’t feel like going over and looking myself), has Glyer given any excuse for not turning down the nomination File 770 got while being on the puppy ballots? I would expect someone over at his board to be reading him the riot act for not turning down a ‘tainted’ nomination.

      1. Sadly, I don’t feel like going over there either.

        And I suspect that Glyer wouldn’t let anything get between himself and a Hugo nomination.

        1. Glyer has as much free agency as a goldfish, and he helped trap himself in that goldfish bowl by supporting feminists. Now he’s trapped and there’s no way forward except deeper into the backward-curving teeth of the Dworkin anaconda.

          1. I asked Glyer if he was turning down the nom due to Rabid Puppy involvement. Much ragey rage ensued from the clique. They get ornery when you present them with a problem requiring thinking.

          2. Shouldn’t Glyer be giving up his 51st Hugo nomination in order to make room for “marginalized people”? I can’t keep up.

          3. Right after so-white-she-she’s-damned-near-transparent Ann Leckie gives up hers to a “person of color”.

      2. The Supreme Dark Lord assured us it wasn’t a poison pill. As it turns out they refused to swallow. Last year it was about not accepting nominations from the wrong sorts of fans… now it’s about standing your ground. They’ve figured out that we can just nominate the worse SJWs and they’ll freak out and run away,

    3. “couldn’t be bothered to do some simple detective work to track down one quote”
      Heck, even Larry seems to be stuck tracking down that quote. I think everybody will look forward to you telling us all the source, Chris.

      1. Duh. I’ve already said I couldn’t find it. That was like six years ago. We had a laugh about it at the time. Then it came up again a couple of years ago but I didn’t remember who said it or if it got dissapeared after we started making fun of it.

        See? This is why I gave up Hugoing. You spend all your time repeating yourself.

        1. Larry, it was CHRIS CHUPIK who suggested that it only required simple detective work to find the quote. I was pointing out what you just confirmed: even you don’t know who said it.
          Quite why your followers keep repeating themselves, I don’t know.

          1. And should we be surprised we constantly see Marion Zimmer Bradley’s name associated with the ideological pedophile feminist Shulamith Firestone over and over again in scholarship about “feminism” in SFF going back decades? Make no mistake about what this “feminism” is; in every instance it is about core academic lesbian theory dedicated to throwing out social norms concerning sexual taboos. These very weird people have sold this as somehow central to SFF. Unfortunately this cult is obsessed with sexual perversion, not SFF. And by “perversion” I’m not merely talking about gay adults. I’m talking about sexualizing children on an academic and cultural level. If these people are telling us children have the right to determine their “gender,” then why not when they have sex? These people are not keeping this stuff a secret. Googling those 2 names shows list after list. You just have to read their mail and take them at their word.


            And at theradicalnotion, there’s “The Feminist Reading List.” On it are Firestone, Bradley and again the Roxane Gay loved by the batty 770 nut redheadedfemme Bonnie McDaniel Camestros deleted my comment to protect. Exactly what is it you’re protecting Camestros? SFF? Decency? LOL

          2. I don’t know who said that one thing that got memory holed that I read in passing six years ago. Chris probably got that insult mixed up with all of the other vile slander that has been tossed my way, but hey, everybody needs a hobby… I say to the bystander who is so obsessed that he shows up anywhere on the internet they’re talking about this subject and who makes Lego mini figs of the people involved. 🙂

          3. Wow that’s obsession that’ll give Clampsy a run for his money in his burning, passionate hate for you.

          4. That little dickweed has my name set into Google alerts. Anywhere on the internet someone says something positive about my work, he will appear. It would be creepy, if he wasn’t so pathetic.

          5. Clamps, or the ‘bystander’ did that, or both?

            (very late reply, I know, my apologies. Been kind of dividing my time between crippling grief, and a flu attack that took out my whole household.)

  18. “But then I look and I think how thirty years ago I didn’t know what transgender meant. How three years ago I didn’t know what genderqueer was, and now it’s in the dictionary.” – Chuck Wendig writing about the Hugo dustup.

    That’s what this moron considers wonderful glorious progress or the ascent of man or something. Is it any wonder he lobbied Disney for permission to include lesbians in his novel tie-in? It’s all about genre with these mentally crippled freaks. If you’re that bored with your own genre why not take up stamp collecting? Why use SFF for your freakish education when you could hang out in a gay night club? I might’ve gone all weird on Disney and asked if I could create a new class of fighting ships or maze of minefields to protect the Death Star.

    I celebrate the fate of every racist feminist prick who got knocked off the ballot for the second year in a row. You’ll never have those years back, no matter what. Tough fucking bounce. Go cry in your mug of white cis gendered male tears.

    1. I haven’t read all of it, but what I’ve read of his Star Wars book is awful. I don’t care if you have lesbian bounty hunters, genderqueer stormtroopers, or trans-racial asexual protocol droids, as long as the writing is good. But dammit, don’t get up on your fucking high horse about being inclusive, and then give us that shit. You’re writing Star Wars books. This isn’t your fucking soapbox. You have one job! Be entertaining. But he can’t even fucking do that.

      1. I don’t care when John Varley does because he has no agenda – he’s just being an SF writer. I object to mainstreaming supremacist queer theory into venues aimed at children. There is a huge difference between wanting a seat at the table and claiming a “natural” table would have far fewer examples of the oppressive gender binary.

  19. I just read volume two of the Patterson Heinlein bio. And I am minded of the tsures RAH had with — and he was at some pains to put it this way — Organized SF Fandom. And I am SO glad to say this — although I have been a reader and lover of science fiction and fantasy literature my entire life (I’m 62 this year), I am SO glad I have never gotten involved in organized fandom, which strikes me mostly as an exercise in the disappointment of expectations.

  20. We normal humans of SFF and America in general being against diversity is a straight up lie. The 80% black NCAA March Madness basketball playoffs are a billion dollar earner more popular than ever. Can anyone here tell me who won the NCAA hockey championships which is about 100% white? If these feminists weren’t such awful liars, it would be reversed, wouldn’t it? Who are the #1,2 most popular athletes? No, not Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. It’s Lebron James and (still) Michael Jordan. What’s the No. 1 sport in America. The all-white NHL? No. The 2/3 black NFL.

    This sick feminist cult lies about us being against “cultural diversity” in order to hide their own shameless supremacy and racism. That is why the Hugos got pranked, not because of straight white males desperate to hold on to a province they once dominated, a lie you hear from feminists all the time, despite no quotes to back that up; we’re all talking in “code.” Who would even care about such shit? Normal humans don’t think like that, just mentally ill feminists.

    The only thing we’ve learned debating these creeps is that it’s like a gerbil running in its little Ferris wheel. The best alternative is to continue to show what monsters they are, such as when an SFF writer recently accidently used 20-some male SFF titles to illustrate a topic at SFF Signal. Male feminist Noah Berlatsky comes along and writes a post chiding him. That’s the Berlatsky who claims he cried when the insane feminist Shulamith Firestone died. That’s the Firestone whose lesbian press published the book in which the term “rape culture” first appeared. That’s the Firestone Berlatsky wrote about in a post about feminist SF utopias. He even cited the part where Firestone wrote her utopia would be one where “relations with children would include as much genital sex as the child was capable of – probably more than we now believe…” and that “without the incest taboo, adults might return within a few generations to a more natural polymorphous sexuality,” and “Adult/child… sex taboos would disappear.” There’s your back-to-nature movement, which is why these people went nuts over Leckie’s genderblind pronoun “cure” for heterosexuality. Never for one minute be fooled as to what these people are selling or why they nominate women like Leckie or Foz Meadows for a Hugo:

    “Foz Meadows @fozmeadows Apr 19 @EkaterinaTrayt people are so invested in binary gender expressions for toys and animals, Christ”

    1. If you want to make an SJW squirm, tell them that if they truly believe in diversity, they should be advocating for equal representation of races in basketball. Watch them try to wriggle their rhetorical way out of the logical conclusions of their worldview.

  21. “John Scalzi @scalzi Want to erect a huge, neon sign that says ‘I’m an enormous asshole’ over your head? Just use the phrase ‘virtue signalling’ as a criticism!”

    The following is from Strange Horizons’ Diverse Editors List, a must-read of insane virtue-signaling.

    “Tobias Buckell… a Caribbean born mixed race individual”

    Buckell constantly reminds us of this because he looks like the King of Prussia. He wants that PoC street cred for the same reason Saladin Ahmed – a half-Irish guy who looks like a leprechaun – constantly reminds us he’s “Arab.” That’s virtue-signaling. They get to claim oppression points they can spend at the intersectional dollar store and turn into reward points towards a Hugo. Luckily for us Buckell was one of the Lost 30 thrown onto the dungheap of Hugo history by being knocked out of nominations last year by the Rabid Puppies initiative. That is a rather different system of rewards points.


    In my neighborhood, Scalzi could’ve become a multi-millionaire from charging to let people slap him.

    1. I could credibly claim to be genderqueer with a chronic condition (CFS). I’ve got too much dignity to be a sympathy-seeking toolbag… so I don’t.

      That’s the problem. This stuff selects for being a religious progressive self-absorbed douchebag, not actually being in a minority group. Not least the genderqueer sh*t. I’m a physicist, I play wargames, I don’t do ‘girly’ stuff. I’m also too busy to give a flying f**k about what gender I identify with today. Life’s too frigging short.

    2. So, wait, did John Scalzi just call Jesus an anal orifice?
      Usually they at least try to go the route of “I like Jesus, but not his followers.”

    3. Odd, I’d say engaging in virtue signaling was one way to become an ‘enormous asshole’ and make it rather obvious.

      Since virtue signaling is about the signal, not virtue.

    4. Scalzi’s just buttdevastated that he’s so transparent than anyone outside his circlejerk can see what he’s doing. Rather than be so predictable, he just wishes everyone would politely pretend that we don’t know what he’s up to.

    5. What Scalzi means is that if you use a phrase that accurately describes what he is doing, he feels free to ignore you.

    6. Want to erect a huge, neon sign that says ‘I’m an enormous asshole’ over your head? Just call someone an asshole instead of explaining why they’re wrong!

      High school never ends for these people.

    7. “Saladin Ahmed – a half-Irish guy who looks like a leprechaun”

      He looks like hipster King Charles II.

    8. Double standards are the only reason Scalzi has any standards. Remember his McRapey satire piece and then his moralizing on Roosh V’s satire?

  22. Last year, the SJWs made it abundantly clear that the only worth the Hugo “Awards” had was as a circle-jerk recognition of goodthinking bellyfeelers.

    I.e. nothing at all.

    And damned if, this year, people did not take that devaluation of the Hugos seriously. In this specific case, SJWs have no one to blame but themselves, which, of course, means that they are lashing out against anyone and anything they can think of.

    Let the Hugos burn. It was going to happen eventually, given the majority of folks emotionally invested in them value diversity checkboxes more than they value funny little things like “quality of writing”. There are already other awards stepping up to fill the void the Hugos left behind, and I wish them the very best of luck.

    1. I never would have watched if the Kerfuffle had not brought it to my attention. But last year I did watch the Hugo Award Ceremony and must say I was impressed. It is just a celebration by Wordlcon SFF fans but it was well done and entertaining. The whole “No Award” thing really added a touch of drama. I will give it a go again this year.

      1. If you were “impressed’ by No Award winning out over actual, worthy nominees – Toni Weisskopf and Mike Resnick, for example – much less the threat of asshol… er… I mean “asterisks” being appended to “unworthy” winners’ awards, well, that tells me everything I need to know about your character, or lack thereof.

        Enjoy being a nail in the Hugos’ coffin. You earned it.

      2. I am less impressed with a naive crowd of morons unwittingly championing a glorious future of institutional racism, brother-sister sex and child fucking, but I take your point. Please continue to go to the wall defending that. Posterity will look back on the Hugos with horror, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 years from now, Ann Leckie burns her own trilogy. She’ll be the only one to remember such mediocre art, but I’m just sayin… Keep those “white tears” coffee mugs. They’ll be a collectors item, like racist postcards from the ’30s.

      3. You think the Worldcon event was “well done and entertaining”? Hmmm, I wonder if we saw the same event. I was watching the livestream and saw people cheering when “No Award” was announced – knowing full well that flesh and blood people were sitting there listening to their work derided as being unworthy of beating “No Award”. This was being done even though many people on both sides of the issue admitted there were worthy candidates. Toni Weisskopf for example, was listed below “No Award” and so was Jim Butcher.

        Then I saw the master of ceremonies criticize audience members that booed the “No Awards”, but he had no criticism for the cheering of “No Award”.

        That wasn’t well done. That was tasteless and utterly shameful. When I learned of the “asterisk” coasters made up to further degrade the finalists, I was nauseated.

        Utterly disappointing that such luminaries in the field behaved so poorly.

  23. And, inevitably:

    “Phil Sandifer ‏@PhilSandifer · 15h15 hours ago

    Fucking hilarious to see Larry Correia blame “CHORFs” for the Rabid Puppies when he’s the idiot who thought allying with Vox Day was wise.”

    “Allying”. But then, these are the same dolts who think Brad secretly coordinated with Vox. FYI: He didn’t, and I’m in a position to know.

    1. Allying… Meaning that 3 years ago I nominated one of his short stories. Sandifer is just an ass pimple who has enjoyed the temporary pseudo relevance.

      1. If those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach, what does that say about a man who can’t even teach?

      2. Oh, and refused to call him a racist, sexist, homophobic hater of ALL THE THINGS.

        He probably wants transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their physical anatomy and that make him worse than HITLER!!!1!111!!

      3. Wasn’t he the jerk who was celebrating the block No Award voting as a blow against “fascism” or similar?

          1. Check out Sandifer’s Encyclopedia Dramatica entry some time. (NSFW) All I’ll say is that it takes a real piece of work to be booted from wikipedia and to be arrested for stalkeriffic short stories…

          2. That always gets overlooked when the other side tries to invoke the moral authority of Sandy, doesn’t it?

      4. Here’s a hint. When an SJW uses “hilarious” to describe something, it’s usually not hilarious at all, but aggravates them deeply.

        1. Remember in the old chop-socky movies there was that nervous giggle that always got dubbed in when one of the villains realized he was about to get curbstomped? That’s the SJW ‘hilarious.’

          1. Sort of like Wimp Lo fighting in Kung Pow?

            “Face to foot style! How do ya like it?”

      5. He enjoyed some attention some months back for defending Sarah Butts, a transgender pedophile who admitted that he (he was still a he then) was a pedophile. Now he’s trying very hard to get the guy who does the Gamergate Life comics painted as a pedo.

        Can’t keep up with these guys. I’ve watched them switch positions so fast that I’m always a little surprise they don’t decapitate themselves with the whiplash.

        1. At at the time you posted that Glyer’s commenters were lying about Butts chatlogs being fake when the truth is Butts apologized for his remarks in those logs as him trying to be an “edgelord” and shock people. Wherever you find people whose orthodoxy is the particular brand of Third Wave Feminism you find in SFF you will find people who defend sexualizing children.

    2. “I’m hard pressed to imagine thorough coverage of gender studies that doesn’t deal with Kristeva and Irigaray. Phil Sandifer (talk) 21:35, 29 August 2008 (UTC)”

      “Phil Sandifer @PhilSandifer I stand with @srhbutts. Without a single reservation…”

      Only someone with a deep understanding of French Queer Theory would have the confidence to make the first remark. The second refers to a self-admitted pedophile who goes by the handle of Sarah Butts who supposedly looks but doesn’t touch. Milo at Breitbart did an expose of the transgender Butts.

      Anyone who’s read Judith Butler’s writings on French Queer Theory will come to understand that is an ideology which not only considers incest and pedophilia to be more natural than heterosexuality, but the taboos against them as acting to oppress lesbianism. They cherry-pick French intellectuals like Foucault and Lacan to back up their miserable cult. There’s a reason people like Butler write in such impenetrable prose and it is because one must dance around the edges using faux-academic jargon when arguing for depravity. Researching this stuff was the craziest shit I’ve ever read. Anyone who’s read enough SocJus gender bullshit in SFF knows Butler is the main source of their noble crusade to end the gender binary.

      I honestly think the majority of social justice clods in the SFF community don’t really understand the monster they are fronting for. It’s not like this stuff is talked about much outside very weird circles. The problem there is, I’ve been reading their mail. The fact our SocJus crowd are useful idiots doesn’t make them less dangerous but more, because they are mainstreaming this garbage straight into venues aimed at young adults in the belief they are marching with fucking Martin Luther King or the suffragettes or something. This core of SFF fandom and writers needs to start asking themselves some tough questions about what it is they are selling, because eventually something’s going to break. When it does a lot of people are going to go down with the ship. The title of Liz Bourke’s column at TorCom, Sleeps With Monsters, which is a quote by the mad lesbian feminist poet Adrienne Rich referring to men as monsters, is going to take on a whole new meaning, and one which naive SocJus morons have embraced with open arms. If 3.5 billion normal men are monsters, pray tell what is a normal person in such a world? I think the answer is obvious: a monstrous predatory deviant.

      As far as I am concerned, these people can take their non-gendered toys and pronoun wars and shove them deep up their sick asterisks. People are increasingly onto their fuckery, and it will not stand the light of day.

    3. “PedoPhil” is just mad that he didn’t make Best Related Work for his defenses of pedophiles in SF.

          1. When even a professional troll like Vox tires of your presence, you know you’ve hit rock bottom.


          2. Stop pretending. You came here to count coup and then ran back to 770 to tell of your daring dash. For this escapade, maybe the manly arms of Laura Resnick will console you during a romantic tryst at Dairy Queen for klonopin smoothies.

            [Warning: Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect while taking Klonopin such as:

            hairballs, no balls, confusion, hallucinations, unusual thoughts; unusual risk-taking behavior, no fear of danger; unusual groping movements; difficulty drinking urine, pale skin, daffiness, problems with thinking, slurred speech, drooling, sore gums; constipation; stupid thoughts, privilege, anal discharge, cat killing, turnip breath, dyspepsia, feminism, failure to count your feathers, hooting like an owl, shaving dogs, staring at the sun and squirming like a worm on the freeway]

    1. There’s a new Cisgendered White Scum Destroy SFF anthology on Kickstarter. Do you have any stories about dinosaurs with a really large anus, like maybe a brontosaurus? Better if it’s gay. I think they all were; that’s why they died out via butt invasions. Too much love in all the wrong places. So sad. I hope the next time scientists find a missing link they name it after Rachel Swirsky. Or a killer asteroid; same difference.

      I’d like to name a species of prehistoric non-gendered rat after Paul Weimer. How about Klutzrat 770? Or a killer asteroid; same difference.

      1. Someone should do a Kickstarter for an anthology where it’s a bunch of non-white-straight-male authors writing kickass sci-fi/fantasy about straight white dudes doing manly straight white things. Like, the exact sort of stories these people are so afraid of, written by authors who, strictly by demographics, “should” be on their side. Maybe it could be called, like, “Race Traitors and Internalized Misogynists Destroy SFF”. Something like that.

    2. No Chris, he’s saying that if the kickers had treated the (sad) puppies like actual human beings and not one dimensional villains from a Saturday morning cartoon, they would not have gotten the reaction they got. There are enough puppies who aren’t Vox fans and don’t want to burn it all down, that having them on your side would be a plus. The League of the Wooden Asterisk made that impossible.

    3. Why is it when you imbeciles begin a posting with “Shorter” it’s usually followed by an outright lie. Often a clumsy and hopelessly inept lie?

      Do you enjoy being an imbecile, or did you just never stop sniffing glue?

    4. I suppose you could see it that way, if you were a paint huffing derelict with the brain power of a potato.

      1. And I can’t keep the piss ant File 770 trolls straight. Is Gerrib the creepy weirdo stalker, the pervy pedo, or just one of the regular ass pimples who isn’t on a sex offender registry? They kind of run together after awhile.

        1. He’s the one that pretends to be the reasonable normal one by sounding as if he’s polite and meek, but is just as bad as, and he’s friends with Clamps/Yama. Gerrib, Clamps/Yamamanama (the crazy creepy weirdo stalker incapable of basic English) and Daveon (who was the guy who tended to be ragey and screaming) tended to run in the same pack to dogpile in non-leftist blogs they didn’t like. So does the pattern continue, unchanged.

    5. Why would Larry want a Hugo? They nominated Space Raptor Butt Invasion. Not a very classy award, IMO…

      1. And THAT is the point. a) SRBI is a Hugo Nominee, b) Vox has the mainstream media writing about SRBI.


  24. For those of you who are tired of the Hugo awards, there is an alternative:

    National Fantasy Fan Federation (Founded 1941)
    2016 Neffy Award Cycle

    In 1949 we gave our first Neffy, to Ray Bradbury. In 2015, we gave a Neffy to Toni Weisskopf as “Best Editor”.

    For 2016 the award categories are listed below. “Paper” publication is a book from a traditional publishing house. “Electronic” publishing is modern self-publishing via SmashWords, Amazon Kindle, etc. but includes “Print on Demand”, e.g., Third Millennium. The length divisions for written works are based on the published recommendations of Eric Flint on his blog. (Hi, Eric) Series novels must have had at least one novel published in 2015.

    Best Paper Novel (more than 100,000 words)
    Best Paper Series Novel (more than 3 Volumes)
    Best Paper Short Work (less than 100,000 words)

    Best Electronic Novel (more than 100,000 words)
    Best Electronic Series Novel (more than 3 Volumes)
    Best Electronic Short Work ( less than 100,000 words)

    Best Fan Author
    Best Fan Artist
    Best Fan Editor
    Best Fanzine
    Best Fan Web Site
    Fan of the year

    Best Pro Author
    Best Pro Artist
    Best Pro Editor

    Best Live Film
    Best Animated Film
    Best Video (includes TV series)

    Best Comic Series
    Best Comic Single Issue

    Best Paper Game
    Best Electronic Game

    Heroic Achievement

    To nominate, you must belong to the National Fantasy Fan Federation, but electronic memberships are only $6 at N3F.org. (and, truthfully, papermail memberships are volunteer-intensive). When you join, you will be sent a nomination form.

    But if you don’t want to join, I am open to suggestions for my own nominating ballot.

    George Phillies (phillies@4liberty.net)
    -President, N3F
    — Writer, SF novels including Mistress of the Waves, The Minutegirls, The One World, This Shining Sea; in progress: The Girl Who Saved The World

      1. If the rumors the Jemisin might withdraw her Hugo nomination are true, I only hope it’s replaced by Somewither. Not only does it deserve it, but the salt would be epic…

  25. “That’s how you end up with Space Raptor Butt Invasion. Have fun with that. ”

    Still, it’s good to see X-List authors get some recognition.

    …That doesn’t lead to a foot chase involving theme park security guards.

  26. Here’s more of the amazing mind-reading powers of arch lesbian feminist Chuck Wendig about why straight white men oppose SFF’s jackass feminists:

    “I like to believe that these are the fear-bleats of a species who has seen that it is going extinct. Like yellow-jackets sensing the end of summer, they’re more vicious knowing soon they’ll be frozen out by the first frost of a changing season.”

    Yes, I am vicious. I fear Wendig’s pleas to Disney for moar lesbians. Let’s just forget no one ever says that but self-appointed fucks like Wendig and his crew of social justice gender perverts. We speak in code out of fear of our true motives being uncovered. Oh, dear, I fear the loss of my white male centrality and no more manly white man stories for me and oh, whatever shall I do? This is a threat and I must sting.

    I have an alternate theory: Wendig is a sadomasochist who virtue-signals he is an ally to noble lesbian feminists out of fear he’ll be Jonathan Ross-ed out of his own genre by morbidly obese mental retards. See, I can read minds too. I just do them one at a time instead of claiming millions of white male adults in America are fearful racists merely for disagreeing with miserable black supremacist jerk-offs like N.K. Jemisin.


    1. ““I like to believe that these are the fear-bleats of a species who has seen that it is going extinct. Like yellow-jackets sensing the end of summer, they’re more vicious knowing soon they’ll be frozen out by the first frost of a changing season.””

      He projects. That’s rabbit-thought – and he’s unable to understand the predators.

      If he owns any, I feel sorry for any dogs he owns.

      1. Wendig is using the classic technique of inserting SJW agenda items to cover for truly awful writing. This way he can deflect honest criticism of just how stupid, awful, rotten, terrible, no-good disappointment of a Star Wars novel by sniffing “well, you’re just a racist/sexist/hater”.

        1. Joe in PNG –

          EXACTLY right. When Wendig first started complaining about his Star Wars book being panned by “homophobic” reviewers, I went to look at the Amazon reviews. The 1-star reviews almost ALL mentioned the terrible writing quality (“wibbles and wobbles”, “herkily-jerkily”). And at the time I checked, precisely THREE of them mentioned the gay characters; one as a minor positive (something like “points for diversity in the characters, but the writing sucks), and one as a minor negative (“did that HAVE to be shoehorned in?”).

          Whereas more than HALF of the 5-star reviews mentioned the “sexist, homophobic” 1-star reviews. Gee, it’s almost as if they hadn’t bothered to READ those 1-star reviews, but just took someone else’s word (whose, I wonder?) for it that those reviews existed.

          Chuck Wendig has proven himself a liar.

          NOTE: All quotes in this comment are paraphrases, not actual quotes. Except the “wibbles and wobbles” and “herkily-jerkily” ones: those phrases are direct quotes from Wendig’s writing.

          1. And let me explain why these feminists go apeshit over and mock the old days when SFF was top heavy with male writers but don’t even care in the least way about romance fiction being dominated by women: the KKK doesn’t like black neighborhoods and has no problem with white neighborhoods. That’s why we fail when we try and convince these feminists by using simple principled comparisons of fair play. You are dealing with supremacists.

          2. Stupid rat feminist on the all-male “young adult book” Locus nominations:

            “Renay, The Cabal @renay Trying PICKING UP some SFF YA written by the women who built the category instead of giving accolades to those benefitting from their work. Surprise, welcome to Systemic Sexism, Locus Awards edition!!”

            “Misogynist” quote you never see about the all-female Locus “fantasy novel” nominations:

            Try PICKING UP some fantasy written by the men who built the category instead of giving accolades to those benefitting from their work.

            That’s how supremacist doctrines work. The good neighborhoods never need diversity, only the bad. You will never see a lick of fair play or principles from these hypocrites. Heads, they win, tails you lose.

    2. That’s not mindreading, it is merely a statement of biological fact. Straight white men have extremely elevated rates of congenital omnimiscy, the inherent hatred of everything.

      Congenital omnimiscy is a debilitating disability, which is made more so by a wide ranging conspiracy to oppress and discriminate against those who have it.

      No reasonable accommodation, no peas!

  27. The only way to save the HUGOS from the “wrong type” of fans is to remove fan voting. If there are rules they can be gamed.

    This, I believe is Vox’s end goal. Force their hand to either remove the fans completely, open it up to everyone without a fee or have a clique hand out candy from on high. Or burnt it to the ground. All are equally amusing to a pissed off outsider.

    Space Raptor Butt Invasion is the beginning of irrelevancy… and now ‘mainstream’ media are publishing articles about Space Raptor Butt Invasion. For the LOLZ indeed.

    On the other side the usual suspects seem incredibly smug and believe the voting changes will fix everything… until they don’t. It’s almost like they don’t play games or something.

  28. http://www.umass.edu/wost/people.htm

    That pretty much sums up the Twitter feeds of our marginalized darlings who are shoehorned into Hugo noms when puppies aren’t around to guard the gate. It’s typical of Jemisin’s rhetoric, Aliette de Bodard, the “Destroy…” series of anthologies at Lightspeed, Daniel Jose Older, Uncanny, WisCon, Strange Horizons and its round-robins, Rose Lemberg’s daffy nuttery, Kate Elliott, Justine Larbalestier, Alyssa Wong, Scalzi, Hines, the entire crowd of feminist shitheels who’ve wrecked our hobby with their dumbfuck Lumberjanes and Bitch Planet books. It’s not conservatives who oppose this mentally ill shit but normal well-adjusted human beings.

    There’s your so-called “equal rights” feminism. Now multiply that by 700 women’s and gender studies programs across American higher-ed.

  29. Most of the puppy kickers seem to be going with “This year, it’s a better slate, so we won’t ‘No Award’ everything on principle, proving how open-minded we are.”

    In other words, they realized how bad they looked after last time, and wised up a little.

    1. VD is inside their head to the point they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. Their dedication to an anti-white cult of lesbianism which can only be termed as bizarre is coming under increasing scrutiny. People are realizing such organizations as the SFWA, far from being about social justice, could arguably fit the Southern Poverty Law Center’s definition of a hate group. Tor’s editor’s have shown they are ideologically corrupted hacks who probably have a greater talent for alienating their customers than providing a era of talent and excitement. When your most valued stable of new talent can’t shut up about how unfortunate it is to be an ethic European, male and heterosexual that is going to create a counter-culture, and it has.

      Now these morons are saying “Where did that counter-culture come from? Must be those white supremacist misogynist homophobes we’ve been jabbering and warning about the last 8 years.” Yeah, it sure is fuck is. The problem is it’s been a cult of fringe lunatics which has been doing the jabbering, not 97% of humans on Earth.

      These people never fail to amuse. They are like a factory. In my opinion anyone who can produce Tweet after Tweet, post after post like the one below is seriously disturbed, and this community is packed to the gills with that racist shit.


      “Civilized Man says: I am Self, I am Master, all the rest is other–outside, below, underneath, subservient. I own, I use, I explore, I exploit, I control. What I do is what matters. What I want is what matter is for. I am that I am, and the rest is women & wilderness, to be used as I see fit.” – Ursula k. Le Guin, 1989

      Guess what? Fuck Ursula K. Le Guin

      1. I first encountered Mary Robinette Kowal from the Writing Excuses Podcast, the same podcast that introduced me to Larry Correia (which I found by way of Sanderson by way of Robert Jordan). I must say, she gets crazier every time I read her. For example:

        England used to be a colony of the Roman Empire. There’s Latin on our money. Greco-Roman inspired architecture is still highly valued. Roman numerals are still taught in school. The classics. And you don’t notice any of it because it is such an ingrained part of society now. That’s the lingering touch of colonialism. That’s how firmly embedded internalized oppression can be that it can last for generations.

        The lingering touch of Greece and Rome were what made Western European culture great. Where we would be now without the teachings of Aristotle? I can’t see the Modern Era existing without the “oppression” of Roman colonialism. Why would you want to structure history around these insane concepts?

  30. I feel bad for the Sad Puppies because of all the effort they’re putting into a hopeless adventure.

    The Hugo as an award cannot be saved. I take it as a given to which I’ve yet to see an exception that once an organization goes Left (and the Hugo’s caretakers should be considered an organization here) , it stays there. The dial doesn’t move back the other direction, ever. Correction even back to a place of nominal neutrality is impossible – the ideology of those involved make it that way. The Hugo as an award will, for the rest of its life, be nothing more than a political stamp of approval by the politically minded Left for the politically minded Left. Great for Leftists, but for those on the right (like me) who’ve been having Leftist ideology stuffed down our throats since childhood, we’ve long since learned how crappy and tedious and just plain unartistic message literature can get.

    The Hugo’s caretakers are only succeeding in driving away a large portion of scifi-fantasy customers who enjoy buying and reading books, and if they’re looking to the rising generation of safe space kids to fill the vacuum, they’re in for disappointment, especially as that crowd continues to fragment and cannibalize itself.

    But even if the Hugo could, somehow, be rescued the victory would be almost completely meaningless in the age of the internet and independent publishing. It’s useless as a gatekeeping device.

    I even feel (kind of) bad for the Rabid Puppies, who have decided they want to be the ones history remembers as the Guys Who Killed The Hugos By Giving The Elderly Driver The Keys To The Car And A Bottle Of 100 Proof Whiskey.

    Y’all should have just the let the thing alone on its sick bed to waste away. But that’s hindsight talking.

    1. I don’t disagree with that but you’re talking about tactics on how to treat a hate group as opposed to whether a hate group is a hate group. Let’s be honest about what the Hugo’s have been recently selling: the idea ethnic Europeans, men and heterosexuals are guilty of global crimes both historic and contemporary for which a reckoning is due. It is their precious crusade and also the main driver behind the SFWA, Uncanny, Lightspeed and Strange Horizons. As a result a counter-cultural movement has appeared.

      Counter-cultures by their nature tend to push back in kind, weaponize the moronic language of their opponents, mock the shit out of them and generally not give two fucks about the consequences. We also make principled arguments meant to benefit all humans rather than one’s based on racial and sexual identity. That is an analogy to the sick literature this feminist movement promotes: ask a literary question and you get a literary answer. Ask a racial-sexual question and that is the answer you will get. We are asking principled questions. Vox Day is a racial-sexual supremacist? Okay. Compared to who – what? Compared to Aliette de Bodard, N.K. Jemisin, Kameron Hurley? Turns out Day is not only outnumbered 100 to 1 but is a rank amateur compared to 8 years of obsessive hate-blogging and hate-Tweeting from our social justice monkeys which continues on anti-white, anti-male and anti-heterosexual Twitter round-robins this very minute.

      That is why WorldCon never would’ve permitted a counter-voice on their panel last year which included Eric Flint, Laura Mixon and John Scalzi. If they had, the panelists themselves would’ve bailed. They would’ve bailed because even a child could unpack this cult’s lies about history, the history of SFF and what a “rule” is. Any time you can beat an opponent into the ground arguing nothing more than free speech, equal protection and due process that is an opponent corrupted beyond belief.

    2. I should have left it alone? But then the vast majority of people wouldn’t have known what you were talking about in your first few paragraphs.

      1. Well, I’m torn. It was nice for you to shine a light on all this, but it’s also a little like going behind the scenes at Disneyland for the first time as a kid: the Magic Kingdom isn’t quite so magical after one sees how the thing is run.

        Prior to the Puppies, I didn’t think much about the Hugos. Knew nothing about it, in fact, except what I guessed was something along the lines of a group of critically minded industry editors or whatever deciding between them what the best book of a given year was. Cumulative time spent thinking about the Hugo over the decades prior to the Puppies maybe added up to two minutes. Three if I’m feeling generous. It was just never a big thing with me. As a shopper, I’d look at the front and back cover of a book, scan a random page, and make a gut decision on where to put my hard-earned dollars. The few times I tried a contemporary title specifically because it won a Hugo or Nebula turned out to be very hit or miss, and I stopped being impressed with the thing.

        But then the Puppies happened, and I went from a state of polite neutrality concerning the award to active hostility.

        So I’m a little ticked about that, and about the resultant discoveries about the dirty secrets of old school Fandom, and yadda yadda yadda. Sucks to discover Santa Claus needs a retraining order, ya know?

        So I wish you’d left it alone because I think I liked strolling the sci fi aisles a lot more when I didn’t know all this crap.

        But I’m glad you didn’t because I’m invested in the genre and I’d love for there to be a reliable, cockroach-free award for deserving books.

        Again: torn.

  31. From VD’s blog:

    “It’s not about the voting. It’s allowing members of a hate group (and the Rabid Puppies qualify as such under the SPLC, ADL, and FBI definitions) to opperate within the awards. We are implicitly accepting their presence by not acting to remove them.” – Christopher J. Garcia in a Facebook conversation with Kevin Standlee

    “I don’t dispute that there is a de facto hate group acting here.” – Kevin Standlee

    Oops! That’s the biggest possible mistake this group of feminist misfits could possibly have made. For going on years now I have asked them to adopt such a definition of group defamation and apply it to their awards venues. That has included myself directly addressing the issue to Standlee in comments here; he refused to address it. Their entire culture as a rule has refused. Now Standlee has, now they have, and now they have put their foot in it, because the SPLC, ADL and FBI allow for no post-structuralist privilege/punching up feminist theory. In fact I have repeatedly asked the SFWA and WorldCon to enact such a Code of Conduct in regard to their award nominees, including an open letter to the SFWA over the racist remarks of then current Nebula nominees Aliette de Bodard and Saladin Ahmed, for which I was called a racist.

    Now that they have invoked a standard, it is one the social justice community themselves fail by a wide margin, not the Puppies. The truth is if WorldCon enacts such a Code of Conduct, it would effectively serve the same purpose and have the same effect as the Rabid Puppies initiative: tens of social justice clods would become ineligible. The truth is you cannot have a Code of Conduct which is not race-sex neutral. WorldCon seems set to strike a dagger into its own feminist heart.

    “…beware rules that can be turned against you.” – Kevin Standlee

    LOL. And remember this assholes: unlike the U.S., hate speech is not protected in Finland/EU and Nalo Hopkinson is a Guest of Honor. These fools only suddenly see hate speech when they find it convenient, not as a matter of principle. Morons who are de facto members of a supremacist ideology have no principles, just supremacism. They’re always right, you’re always wrong, end of story, and that story always depends on race and sex.

    “What happens when they nominate non-fiction works which promote violence against LGBT persons, racial minorities or Muslims?” – Chris Hensley

    Or straight white males?

    1. That’s…that’s beautiful. Impale them upon their own stakes! (Hoist by their own petard is more traditional, but less viscerally impactful…no pun intended.) May they be revealed for the monsters they truly are.

      1. It’s a stunning admission: a human rights-based social justice movement publicly admits they only have an interest in human rights when it benefits them. We’ve always known that, but we’ve never been able to get them to mention an actual neutral standard. Now they’re screwed.

        “All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” – Southern Poverty Law Center.

        Yes, straight white males are “people” and our social justice clods in SFF easily meet the SPLC’s standards of a hate group.

  32. You’ll notice no one’s pranking the Tiptree Awards. That’s because it’s not a bait-and-switch. Given the Hugo replacement nominees today (“Hugo Ballot Finalist Announcement, or More Ladies and Queers on Your Ballot” – Lady Business), WorldCon doesn’t need to change the rules to end the pranking. They just need to change the name from Hugo Award to Intersectional Lesbian Feminist Award, because that’s all it is. If you look at the 2013 and 2014 award nominees (minus the impact of the Puppies in 2014) the overwhelming majority of nominees are in some way connected with that miserable cult. Take away the Puppies in 2015 and 16 and it’s the same thing.

    This is an award which has long since run out of irony or satire. Contrary to why anyone would want to prank the Hugos, I wonder on what basis any normal human being could resist pranking it. As a literary award for achievement in SFF, the Hugos are as dead as the Nebulas. That is a fitting fate for an ideology of racist, man-hating heterophobes which postures as “social justice” and anti-bigotry.

    This comment from 770 probably sums up the entire madness as well as anything:

    “Well, Lady Business could make a few misogynistic heads explode.”

    Anyone familiar with that site and the Twitter feeds of its members understands that quote is like saying Stormfront could make a few Jewish and black heads explode. There has never been a clearer understanding of what these fools consider “misogynistic,” which in reality is anyone who opposes their insane paranoia and defamation of men.

    I have never in my life seen a culture of people so endlessly fascinated with themselves and their bizarre notions of sexuality. The fact they somehow translate that into “SFF” makes them all the more weird and creepy.

    1. Hey, aren’t you the guy who has gone all weirdo stalker and is now posting angry stupid comments to several year old blog posts on here? Let me check the mod panel. Yep.

      Get a hobby. Preferably one that isn’t being a fixated pedantic weirdo.

      I’m retired from Sad Puppies. They could have welcomed the Wrongfans,but they didn’t. Now they’re getting trolled by the Rabids. But more power to Chuck Tingle. I hope he sells piles of books. He obviously cares about entertaining his fans.

      1. Nope. That’s not me. I replied to a comment that was a few hours old and it was a mild reply. The person I replied to was posting to an old blog that hadn’t been locked and I apologized for responding to him. Maybe you should check again.

        Chuck seems to have his niche. And pups seem to help him exploit it. Should be a fun evening in August.

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