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All of my European Tour Stops and Dates

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I just got back from filming for Gun Stories yesterday. Right before that I was at FanX for three days. In a week I’m flying to Europe. Sheesh. It’s a good thing I’m not a *real* author, because then I’d be super busy. 

Champions of Aetaltis Anthology, Including my story The Bridge
I'm going to be a guest on Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna this season
Tamara Minnock

It was awesome meeting you at FanX16!!

Mike Weatherford
London is a great place to visit. Grab a three-day Tube pass and you can ride the Tube and the city buses as long as you want. I was stationed in Huntingdon, about 70 miles north, and made it down many times. My wife and I loved the Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, the Tower of London, Portobello Road, and dozens of other places. I was stationed in Wiesbaden when I was in Germany, but made it down to Ramstein quite often. Kaiserslaughtern is a nice town. If you have the time, a Rhine cruise is definitely worth… Read more »
Dave O.

So you’ll go to Europe, but not New Jersey? Not cool, bro.

Old Cannonballs

Gosh Larry, if you ever became a real writer, you’d be so busy you wouldn’t have time to write any more. No, wait, that can’t be right.


Sounds just about perfect. After all, Damien is a real writer and he hasn’t even written anything yet!

Richard MczEnroe

Damien is working within the Serious Writer Dichotomy: He is indeed a Serious Writer until he actually writes something and disproves it.


The Duxford Imperial War Museum is a really cool museum to visit, They have quite a few aircraft that are air worthy, the only SR-71 displayed outside the US, and Tanks.


Off topic but I found s cool tank for sale SdKfz 163 stringed huts 1941.

If you get it my finders fee is a pic sitting on it while you drive it around.

Chris L

As I’ve said before, you aren’t a real writer until you’ve gotten to hang out with T.V.’s Wil Wheaton. Going to Europe doesn’t count, nor does owning your own mountain. Unless you are having lunch with a has-been former child actor, you are not in the big leagues. The good news is, if you are willing to steal someone else’s intellectual property and change it enough to avoid legal trouble, you might sell enough books (to people unfamiliar with the original) to qualify.

Alan Horne

Ah, Europe, land of exotic breads and nude beaches. Have fun, larry.


Dude, Bovington Tank Museum. In London, another vote for the Tower of London and British Museum. Cabinet War Rooms were pretty cool, also.

Kevin Findley

When at Ramstein, avoid the food court. Eat off-base if you can, but the O’Club would be a good back-up choice.

Ben Zwycky
Prague is full of stunning architecture, gorgeous buildings around almost every corner, especially the old town where your first signing is. If you’re still in Prague the day after the book signing (especially if you have the kids with you), there’s an awesome place about 20 miles from the city called Mirakulum Park, only open at weekends at this time of year. It’s built on the grounds of a former Soviet military base and is basically a huge outdoor play area with inflatable trampolines, giant swings and rope climbing areas, a mini water park and a petting zoo, a castle,… Read more »

Well, since you’re only a D-list writer they’ll only need room for four or five hundred people at your signings. Obviously you can’t attract the kind of crowd C or B list writer can. Heck, I wonder why they even bothered inviting you…

Al McRae

I don’t have cable. I’m looking forward to when the gun show episode you’re in is available to purchase (digital copy) on amazon or the play store.


There are a number of cool castles in Europe including one Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl Germany that is 20 minutes drive from Ramestein.