Writing stuff for 2016 and beyond

I’m back from vacation. I forced myself not to work from Christmas to yesterday, and even managed to avoid the internet for 95% of that. It was all reading, loafing, mini painting, and video games. Not too shabby for a workaholic. My son even GMed for the first time for the annual Correia Family New Year’s RPG night. It unfolded as you could probably imagine an 11 year old boy’s Savage Worlds version of Fallout 4 would unfold. ๐Ÿ™‚ But my daughter played the tank named Rose Beef (short for Beefany) and she was the “Brahmin Whisperer”, so it all worked out.

Today I’m playing catch up and responding to pile of messages. SOOOOOO MANY MESSAGES…

This is just a quick preview of what I’ve got cooking for 2016 and beyond.

The 3rd Dead Six novel with Mike Kupari (still undecided on the title, but it’ll be announced soon) will be out this summer. (Edit, October!)

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Grunge with John Ringo will be out this summer as well. (Edit, August)

Into the Wild, sequel to Into the Storm, from Privateer Press will be out sometime soon. I don’t remember the release date, but I think it is 2nd quarter 2016. There is a final novel planned for that trilogy titled Into the Dark, but I’ve not scheduled it yet.

The Monster Hunter International anthology won’t be released until 2017, but I’ve already received a bunch of stories. The first one I read was a 1970s British spy thriller with monsters. Today I read the pitch for a Trip visiting relatives in Jamaica and read the rough draft of another story about the Vatican’s Combat Exorcists. This anthology is going to be a lot of fun.

Baen is going to be releasing a collection of my short stories. I believe that is a 2017 release date.

Sarah Hoyt and I are currently working on Monster Hunter Guardian. I sent her the detailed outline for the rough draft right before Christmas.

I’m working on the next solo MHI novel featuring Owen. I’m not sold on my working title yet, so don’t want to say it. It and MHG should be released within a few months of each other in 2017.

I’ve got an MHI crossover story in the upcoming Urban Allies anthology. I wrote Agent Franks and Jonathan Maberry wrote Joe Ledger, titled Weaponized Hell. It will be out summer 2016 as well.

I wrote a novella as an exclusive for Audible.com that should be out in 2016, but it has a celebrity narrator, so it is dependent on his recording schedule. I can’t say much about this one until they officially announce it, but it should be a lot of fun.

House of Assassins is the sequel to Son of the Black Sword. I usually concentrate on one project at a time, so I’ll be concentrating on it after the next MHI. I average 2 books a year, so my goal is to have it wrapped up during 2016 with 2017 release date. That’ll put the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior books every other year. I’m really excited about this one, because SotBS has done extremely well. Tim Gerrard Reynold’s excellent narration helped make it one of the top fantasy books on Audible (lost only to Cinder Spires because CURSE YOU, BUTCHER) ๐Ÿ˜‰ , and surprisingly, critically I’ve made a bunch of the year’s best lists at place like BuzzFeed and the LA Times. (Yeah, I know, right?)

After that I’m either working on the 1st book of the 2nd Grimnoir (1950s) trilogy, but depending on how spun up I am, and since it takes me a couple of weeks to switch between worlds, I might just write the 3rd Forgotten Warrior novel, Destroyer of Worlds, because I’ve got those outlined already.

I’ve agreed to do some short fiction for a few anthologies this year, but I’ve forced myself to say no to several projects. Short fiction is a lot of fun, and I like to do one or two between each novel to keep things interesting, but too many cut into the novel writing time, and novels are how I make my living.

I’ve got a story called Shooter Ready in the upcoming Galactic Games anthology (out June I think) I’m doing a story for Williamson’s Freehold anthology, and Maberry’s Ledger anthology. Those are easy because I’m a fan of those worlds. I’ve got another one that I’ve agreed to do a story for that I can’t announce yet, but it is for a big media tie in that I’ve been a huge dorky fan boy of since I was a kid. Other than that, this year should be fairly light on short stories.

In 2015 I think I wrote 2 1/2 novels, a novella, and about half a dozen short stories worth of paying writing, in other words, more than many of my lame ass haters have written in their entire careers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I did 11 conventions and had a two week book tour. 2016 I’m shooting for fewer events and shorts, and more novels. To all those sensitive artist types who whine about how they can’t rush art, and can’t get any writing done, oh, BS. Quit your crying, put your big girl panties on, and treat it like your job. Because it is a REAL JOB. And like all real jobs, if you don’t work then you shouldn’t GET PAID. So shut up, quit screwing around, and get back to work.

Speaking of events, I’m still trying to cut down. I enjoy cons and I love meeting fans, but for writers it isn’t just the day of the events, but the travel days before and after. I know myself well enough to know that I suck at trying to produce while flying or in hotel rooms, so a weekend event actually ends up killing like four or five days. So suddenly 10 events is actually morel like 40 days where I’m not writing. I did 13 cons the year before, 11 last year, but that was still too much. With all that travelling I could have gotten another book done.

Coming up shortly I’ll be doing a book signing at the JP Enterprises booth at SHOT Show. I’ve got some more posts coming with MHI themed custom guns. They are doing some really cool rifles for me. I’m going to spend the rest of SHOT wandering around and deciding what kinds of weapons of mass destruction to spend my ill gotten filthy lucre on.

I’ll be a guest at ChattaCon in Chattanooga, TN at the end of January.

Then I’ll be a guest at LTUE in Provo, UT in February.

I’m skipping DragonCon and GenCon this year, which pains me because I love those, but again, I’m trying to up the novel production, and all those cons in a row over the summer kick my butt. Plus, I know from experience that by not going to GenCon I will save thousands and thousands of dollars I would have otherwise spent on minis. That was the toughest one to decide to skip this year. I’ll just have to give Jordo or Steve a shopping list for the exclusive stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

I volunteered to be one of the judges for the Baen Fantasy Short Story contest for the 3rd year in a row. Eric Flint will be the one presenting the award this year at GenCon though (lucky bastard, grumble, grumble, I’m trying to work more, grumble).

But the reason I’m trying to manage my travel time better is because this year I’ll be doing my first ever European tour. More details to come in another blog post but in April I’ll be doing events in England, France, and Germany. My foreign sales have been doing really well, so that is an excuse to take my wife on a fun trip. I’ll be over there for about two weeks.

In addition I’m working on a new business venture for CorreiaTech. It is kind of crazy, and I don’t think anyone has done anything like this before, but we’ll see what happens. I’ve started businesses before, but this time I’m more of the idea man and investor rather than accountant, manager, jack of all trades, and toilet cleaner. I can’t afford to concentrate on anything that will take much time away from my writing. I’ve found some smart people to run it, and right now I’m just doing research, so who knows? I’ll post more about it if the idea turns out to be viable.

EDIT: Forgot to talk ancillary rights stuff, because somebody is going to ask.

On the MHI TV show, “in development”. Options expired in 2015, and we renegotiated the contract. They’ve thrown some money at it and famous people are involved. Can’t say much beyond that.

As of 2016, the movie rights for my other properties are available if any production companies want to hurl large bags of money at me. Hollywood types keep coming after MHI, but I’m telling you production guys, Grimnoir would translate super well. Just think, 1930s period piece, super heroes. Boom. Done. Call me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Foreign translations are doing well (hence the Europe trip). Just got my German copies for MHV. I’m super pumped for Chinese Grimnoir.

There is an MHI video game contract being negotiated now. I can’t say much beyond that.


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126 thoughts on “Writing stuff for 2016 and beyond”

      1. As long as it doesn’t end up as another generic multiplayer FPS. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to FPS or multiplayer, but something with a good, long, varied single player campaign would be nice. Think the Half-Life series. An RPG could work well too.

        1. It would work great as a FPS. Or a team based Third Person Shooter. But yes, the world does not need a Monster Hunter Inc COD clone, team fortress clone.

          1. Actually, I could go for a Borderlands-esque Monster Hunter game. Teamwork, lots of crazy guns, looting stuff. It could be fun.

      1. Why would you want to play as that wanker from Twilight?

        *hears whistling sound, looks up*

        Oh, sh*t… INCOMING!

    1. We’ll probably end up with MHI Hidden Object Adventure: the player has a list of gun parts to find in Milo’s workshop.

      1. Fork swarmsim/racing clicker and do an idle/clicker/incremental. Something fun could be done with the property in that genre.

        Idle Car Manager is a surprisingly fun simulation of product life-cycle and R&D.

    2. I wonder what it will be called, no way is it staying as Monster Hunter otherwise Capcom will come a suing and for good reason.

    3. I wonder how they’d get around the name confusion with the other Monster Hunter game? (Link is to Amazon to one of the 3DS titles, but there’s a boat-load in the series.)

      1. Hey, if the Democrats ever decide they want to enter the 20th century and jettison their white supremacist baggage, they could do worse than you.

      2. Well I’m sure the tar would be at the correct temperature, to give you a proper DNC welcome if you ever went ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. So the less busy guy who will do the presentation at GenCon is Eric Flint? You do realize that he uses clones don’t you; one specializes in public appearances.

  2. Several of the military folk on this deployment have been asking me, “So, how far do you think this publishing thing can go for you?” I immediately grab the copy of MHI sitting on my desk, then pull out MHV, and tell them — with the two books side by side — “In the six years I have been friends with Larry Correia, I have watched him take an originally self-published single-volume project, and turn it into a sprawling, popular, multi-volume media empire. With other popular series, in new universes, expanding outward from there. How far? Well, once you have seen the Correia Machine at work, you cannot unsee it. This shows me what’s possible. Not probable per se. But definitely possible. And that’s a hell of a lot!”

    I get a smile every time. And have given away a lot of copies of Correia books in the process! (courtesy of a military book drop from Toni & Co.)

    1. โ€œSo, how far do you think this publishing thing can go for you?โ€

      As far as your fans are concerned?

      All the way to the stars, man!

    1. Apr 14, 2016 April 14-16 Convention Appearance
      Larry Correia
      Jim Minz
      London Book Fair
      Olympia London Hammersmith Road
      London, England

      For publishers, so not for regular folks, but around that time obviously. I’m ready to take a couple days off and book a flight (to Germany, from Austria)

  3. Alas, I will be missing LTUE this year. (Well… not really, I’ll be on my Honeymoon, so I’m not too broken up about missing it.)

    I don’t see SLCCC mentioned here at all. Did that meet the chopping block as well?

    Also – MHI game? Yes please. Holy crap yes please.

      1. …*whimper*

        Between the art prints I’m installment-paying, the figures I preorder, and my book addictions, and then MORE LC books / co-authorships/anthologies … I’m kinda grateful my husband shares my addictions.

  4. It unfolded as you could probably imagine an 11 year old boyโ€™s Savage Worlds version of Fallout 4 would unfold.

    So the NPCs were the ones who always went for the sarcastic conversation options?

  5. Just went on Amazon and preordered that Urban Allies anthology. I really love the concept of that; it sounds very cool. Maybe if there’s a second one later we can get an MHI/Dresden story.

      1. Surely they wouldn’t go after Dresden. If he was on the PUFF list, he wouldn’t advertise in the phone book. I imagine he’d end up teaming up with Owen, they’d instantly become insufferable to everyone around them, and probably destroy half the city. (Okay, as cool as that would be, I’d probably rather see the supporting characters team up in various combinations.)
        – Trip and Milo team up with Michael and Sanya to fight demonic evil
        – Holly and Thomas meet while infiltrating an evil strip club (or something of that sordid nature)
        – Earl ends up in some kind of turf war with Billy & the werewolves because they don’t realize that all of them are the good werewolves
        – Holly and Julie team up with Molly and Murphy to save all the men’s collective asses (a.k.a. the one feminists would still complain about)

        1. On the other hand, if Dresden teams up with Owen, he’ll have someone to blame for why the building is on fire. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        2. ” I imagine heโ€™d end up teaming up with Owen, theyโ€™d instantly become insufferable to everyone around them, and probably destroy half the city.”– But think of the arguments they could have over whose fault it was…

      1. Other than “hey, look, superheroes” I don’t know why they would. Of course, Hollywood being Hollywood the pitch line should probably be something like… “It’s like… 30’s Noir meets the X-men meets the Walking Dead with a Bazooka…”

  6. Hugely excited about all of this and standing by to add to your piles of filthy lucre. Also, glad you’re not going the GRRM route and spending months abroad while your adoring fans wait years for a single novel. Thanks!

  7. What days are you in the JP booth at SHOT? Let me know if you want to go shoot the new Kriss guns Tues or Weds night.

  8. I think a Grimnoir series would be easier to do, and right now I bet people really could go for a dark period piece. I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t pick it up in Hollywood.
    Hey, call Lucas, I hear he has some time on his hands! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. And he’s too emo about JJ’s Star Wars being a huge success right now. Don’t want shit to bleed over on top of the gunshot-wound to ego suckage.

        1. Oh, my *goodness* is he doing so much whining right now. It’s like “Y’know, George, I don’t think you’ve really thought through the “Disney are white slavers and Star Wars was my child” methaphor there…because what does that say about YOU?”

          Honestly, though, all it’s really doing is adding to his already-unfortunate image of whining, pretentious wannabe artiste who forgot that his ONE JOB was to entertain people…

  9. “To all those sensitive artist types who whine about how they canโ€™t rush art, and canโ€™t get any writing done, oh, BS. Quit your crying, put your big girl panties on, and treat it like your job. Because it is a REAL JOB.”

    So… GRRM?

    I’m working 40+ at a day job, trying to generate blog traffic, AND writing more words a year than most “professional” or “full time” writers. It’s nice to see someone who writes for a living treating it like a job and not some mystical process involving muses and moods.

    1. Or Scalzi, maybe.

      I guess he hasn’t even started writing his book which was supposed to have come out in 2016, but has now been pushed back to 2017?

    2. I did find it rather ironic to read this post on the same day I found out that Martin is still not done writing his sixth book and has no idea when he will be done and refuses to set any sort of deadline for himself.

        1. Yep. And the short story anthologies he edits and his Wild Cards books published in the wait time between will be forgotten.


        2. If he throws a hissy fit and quits over a Republican being elected, there are Sad Puppies advocating for a Republican candidate in 2016. I’m not sure if any of us are involved in the ground game in a key state.

          1. I recall him throwing a hissy fit when Kerry lost. This particular pantywaist affliction apparently only impacts leftists as I do not recall anyone not doing their job over Obama winning either time.

      1. Meanwhile, Larry has written more in the last six years than Martin in 10+… and Butcher has written a Dresden book every or nearly every year… and all of them are less traumatic to read than Martin’s rape-per-score-of-pages books..

        1. He’s gotten better. One every 17 pages. I think he’s going to Germany next New Year for the group celebrations.

  10. While I would love to Grimnoir on the big screen I could see why Hollywood types are more interested in MHI. It would cost a lot more money to do Grimnoir right, as it would need a lot of very good CGI/props to bring the world alive with all the diesel punk looks. MHI Takes place in the modern world and there for a lot less in the way of CGI would be needed.

    PS. Out of curiosity how do you determine who you do interviews with?

    1. I think that Movie length on Grimnoir would be a disaster. MHI might be much better. Could have sequels. But Grimnoir really needs the whole three book arc which means cable mini-series at the least.

  11. Did you hear the crockery in your cabinet rattle, then quiet, then rattle, then quiet, many times in a row?

    That’s a result of my hypersonic squeeeeing matching their inherent resonant frequency as I finished reading each separate paragraph of the last two thirds of that post.

  12. Just a quick question: Is Monster Hunter Grunge still the first part of a separate 1980s trilogy or will it just be a one-off? And if still a trilogy, should we expect the other volumes in 2017 & 2018?

    1. Grunge is book one in the trilogy Ringo wrote (before lunch.) think of it as a prequel that doesn’t suck…

        1. I think Owen is still in California in Junior High School at this time. Now his father on the other hand…

    1. Doubtful- the authors on this one were hand picked by Bryan and Larry (& I’m sure Toni was in there somewhere) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. I kinda wish there was a place where fans could submit fanfiction for fun; specially okayed as a fan’s playground by Larry, but I don’t know how that goes/is possible.

      1. Hugh Howey not only allowed people to write fan fiction in his *Wool* universe, but allowed them to sell it. I’m not saying that Larry could, would, or should follow his example, but it has been done.

  13. “Just think, 1930s period piece, super heroes”

    Boardwalk Empire meets X-Men. Take my money… (well, Larry already has, I’d just pay again to have HBO do it justice).

  14. Chinese Grimnoir? Taiwanese publisher or Mainland? Not that I’m buying another version of Grimnoir (already bought original Baen eBook, Amazon Kindle, Audible)…

    I don’t read the simplified script, so it’ll either be Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore publisher.

  15. A year or two back you did a post like this and listed among the upcoming projects was a one-off about a “not so distant future” where there was a reality show on TV where teams of contestants competed to overthrow a third-world African nation. Is that still on the schedule in any way?

    1. It is. I’ve got the outline done, but it is on the back burner since it is a stand alone and I’ve got so many other series projects in demand. I’ve got to put those in line ahead of it.

      1. Suh-Weet!

        Besides the fact that this one really sounds interesting to me, it would be a title of yours I know I could get my dad to read. He’s 75, and the monsters and superheroes and warriors don’t appeal to him too much.

        Anyway, as always, Larry, you keep not sucking, and I’ll keep buying.

  16. I was just thinking about an MHI show. I like urban fantasy, but there very few TV series that got the mix right between magic, swords, creatures, and guns. Supernatural was almost good, but devolved into a shiny soap opera. MHI is probably the best chance of getting what I want – i.e. Strike Back with werewolves.

  17. So many exciting things happening this year!!! Happy New Year Larry, everyone! (hope it is better than last year for everyone!)

  18. I live in England and I haven’t been able to find your books anywhere. My local Waterstones aren’t even aware of you. Will your books became more available here with this tour?

        1. Are you kidding? Walter will be ecstatic. He’ll get to write multiple columns about the visit.
          First, one about how he feels like his friends in England are danger (it would be about him, but he’s in Thailand) because Larry Correia is in the same country.
          Second, one about how Larry Correia isn’t a Real Author.
          Third, one about how terrible it is that anyone showed up for the book signing and how it proves that that hoi polloi don’t appreciate True Art.

          1. Besides, he’d just declare the signing a failure if there were less than 500 fans.

  19. If you are in Germany I am going to travel there and get some of my books signed for sure. By the way if you are travelling through Czech Republic and want some tips for cool places to visit, I think I can give you some not so known spots.

    1. Same for Austria, Larry ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Ondrej, I guess we’ll meet there, I’m also going, no matter what. Germany is too close to pass up that opportunity. Now I’ll have to check if I can get some nice hardcover first editions to get signed…

  20. Larry, just remember China is the big foreign market right now – if anyone knocks on your door or you get an agent for Grimnoir pitch them story about the third book – Americans heroes help heroic Chinese struggling for the people against the Japanese aggressors of the WWII era in special FX extravaganza.

    Guaranteed sell.

  21. Sounds great! Please please please keep the titles coming in audible too cus im on my third listen of the MHI series and i love them so

  22. Hollywood discussion on a Grimnoir movie:

    “Not a bad idea, but can we change the president from FDR to a Republican?”
    “Which Republican?”
    “How about Reagan?”
    “Uh, he came later.”
    “But he was around back then.”
    “As an actor, yeah.”
    “Well, what if he went into politics early?”
    “He’d still be a Democrat.”
    (long pause) “Damn.”

    1. They’ll probably have J. Edgar Hoover stage a coup to make him the President who orders Actives interred. Can’t tarnish the reputation of the sainted FDR, can we?

      That or make Huey Long the fall guy.

    2. Hey, instead of Prescott Bush selling trucks to the Nazis he could have run for President!

  23. “As of 2016, the movie rights for my other properties are available if any production companies want to hurl large bags of money at me.”

    It occurs to me that you already have an excellent outline for a Christmas movie…

  24. I was just thinking about emailing to ask if there’s a blog post that would let me know what books are coming out when, so this is timely.

    I’m pretty disappointed that no books are being released this year for any of your major series, though (MHI, Grimnoir, SotFW). I’ve finished all of the existing material and now I have nothing to do. :Op


  25. Be sure to announce your Euro book tour dates well ahead of time, please, I want to mark one on my calendar!

  26. Finally! Dead Six 3!
    I love that series, and I have been waiting to see what happens, watching while all the other franchises keep rolling on.
    I hate that more people don’t read it as it is just a blast.

  27. You should totally look for the Article 15 and Ranger Up guys at SHOT. They just teamed up to make a zombie-comedy called Range 15, and the tag line is, โ€œThe only thing scarier than the world ending is the team thatโ€™s trying to save it.โ€ They love guns and a fun time, and I really think they would your books. Here is a review from when the were making the movie. They have Marcus Luttrell in it, as well!

  28. I know you must be extremely busy. It seems a very long time to wait for House of Assassins. I hoped to read it this year. It is just my opinion since it was so successful. I buy all of Tim Gerad Reynolds books. Michael Sullivan’s series was released together, I think it sells more books to buy while you’re excited about the stories.

  29. please stop all other books until you write at least 2 more mhi books Im sure your other books are great but they cant compare to mhi

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