Son of the Black Sword Tour Dates (update)

Jack Wylder here. The ILoH asked me to repost the remainder of his schedule for the Son of the Black Sword North American Tour 2015. The beginning of a new Correia series is always a special time and this series definitely shows that whatever you might think of his politics the man can write! If you’ve never gotten to meet him in person and you’re in the area you should definitely swing by. If you have already met him, you probably don’t need any prompting. Oh and he didn’t mention it so I will; if you’ve read and enjoyed the book, please be sure to leave him a review on Amazon. If your town isn’t listed, keep in mind that Larry goes where the Baen PR folks send him so it’s nothing personal and he regrets not being able to visit your town this time around.

  • Sunday, November 01, 2015 Burlington, MA Barnes & Noble
  • Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Seattle University Bookstore
  • Wednesday, November 04, 2015 Portland Powell’s
  • Thursday, November 05, 2015 San Diego Mysterious Galaxy
  • Friday, November 06, 2015 Scottsdale Poisoned Pen
  • Saturday, November 07, 2015 Salt Lake City/Layton Barnes & Noble

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    BOOK BOMB! Her Brother's Keeper by Mike Kupari
    Next BOOK BOMB, mark your calendars, November 3rd. Mike Kupari, Her Brother's Keeper
    Kevin P.

    Excellent, he’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. My daughter is out there for college and was miffed that she couldn’t see him at DragonCon, so I’ll make sure she knows about his stop there.


    Every time I see tour dates I have to ask, what do you have against Texas?


    Again, that’s not Larry’s call to make- actually The Republic of Texas is his second favorite state. We’re collaborating now to get him here sometime early next year and we’ll probably get at least a couple of signings lined up while he’s here…

    Emily Nelson

    Add a Dallas stop please. Austin and Houston are a little too far for me to go to meet the ILOH!

    richard mcenroe

    Could conceivably make Austin, but any chance of getting out around Kerrville/Boerne? Kerrville has a large Hastings that caters to books, video, games and comics, so I’m pretty sure he’d find a receptive crowd. *nips off to order tactical melonballer*


    I suppose the u bookstore would call the cops if I tried to get Larry to sign my saiga.


    Are these all day events?


    Just a note: the Portland reading is actually out at the Powell’s Books in Beaverton.

    AB Lounge

    Any chance for Illinois/Missouri?

    Jim C.

    Just got back from the Burlington, Ma. stop. Larry’s a great , funny guy.

    Weer'd Beard

    So nice to finally meet Larry and enjoy some interesting discussion of his books in Massachusetts!

    Mad Dok Rob

    Hey Larry, it was great to meet you in Burlington, MA and it was totally worth the hour drive to get there. I wish my daughter was a bit older so I could have hung around and heard some more of your great stories. And thank you for the Wendell pic in my copy of Son of the Black Sword.


    Any idea on times, or do we need to call the individual stores for those?


    Caught the Lord of Hate at Pandemonium in Cambridge. I should have taken one of the masks.

    /I was the guy who made the comment about the hero not thinking outside the box.


    So for the Salt Lake/Layton one, is that two different stores on the same day? I couldn’t find him listed on any Salt Lake county store’s event page.

    Julie Frost

    Here’s the Layton event:

    Alas, I can’t go, because I’m going to be at a “Local Authors and You” event at the West Jordan Library at that time. *cries*


    Are we book bombing this one or can I just buy it now?


    Met the ILoH in Worcester this past Friday night. Had a lot of fun and some good laughs. Larry’s a great host and its easy to see why we are such a loyal fan base after meeting him in person.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I check every week or so and i missed that he was coming to MA. Damnation!

    Kevin Baker

    I’ll be at the Poisoned Pen on Nov. 6. That dinner invitation is still open, Larry!!


    AAR required! I so wanted to go, but a family thing came up. Much envy!


    Larry the Thursday Night Front Sight Shooter Association
    right two bays, Police Range 4008 Federal Blvd San Diego
    Thursday Nights 5:30-7:30
    Please come by for some practice before your book signing! Bring some copies to sell and sign!


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