MHI Challenge Coin Update

I should have posted this earlier, but I was in New York for the last few days. Originally we were going to take orders until today, but we had a bunch of requests come in to delay it for people who are paid on the 1st or Friday. So our cut off for taking coin orders is now Saturday the 5th.

These are going to be awesome. I expected the second run to be smaller than the first, but we’re actually closing in on the last run’s total number. Considering we’re not doing it through Kickstarter this time (and saving 10% processing!), that’s pretty darned cool.


MHI Series II Challenge Coins- Update #1
DragonCon this weekend

43 thoughts on “MHI Challenge Coin Update”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time: Can someone provide a link to what the first set of challenge coins looked like? My google-foo isn’t sufficient to find it.

      1. Thanks Dave, Jack.

        I don’t wish to offend anyone … especially anyone with guns … but … IMO this second set is better! And that’s not just sour grapes from having missed the first set.

        1. No offense… Since I did the first ones too. ;^)
          I like these too- it’s almost like I’ve learned from doing the first ones. Just think how awesome Series III will be…

          1. There are several of the old ones that are delightful. The Franks coin…Skippy!…Sam Haven…and the ICoMHP. Dwayne Myers might rate his own for the next set.

          2. Aren’t you using a different mint this time too? Live and learn.

            For Series III, maybe a reproducton ward stone? You could just get some shrink wrap sleeves printed with letters and shrink them onto Magic 8 Balls.

  2. If you had one shaped like an arrowhead I’d buy it. Just because I used to have a unit coin that was that shape (I coined somebody with it and no longer have it) and when I went through the airport once with it in my wallet the TSA idiots actually debated on whether or not I could take it through because it might be dangerous. I ended up being able to take it through, but I’d like another coin shaped like that just to screw with them (my unit no longer has them so no joy getting another one there *sigh*).

        1. I didn’t even know who Stranger was, I just liked the coin, so I bought one. I just read the shorts and now I realized I should have purchased more! Emperor Man Bear Pig, indeed!

  3. I think the Series I Bubba Shackleford coin would make a decent belt buckle, if scaled up a bit in size.

    Ordered a full set of this one and a Wendell’s Roughneck’s patch, of course…

    1. Nevermind — the Temporary PUFF Exemption coin listing says no more PUFF Exemption coins will be issued. Darn. I’ll have to make due with the Temporary Exemption coin.

  4. Awesome Sauce! I want the Milo one. I waffled on Heather’s but decided against it. But that payday thing… now I can get his. Shipping is $15, I think ?

  5. I was so excited when I saw this. Being an aspiring Monster Hunter/ Grimnoir Knight myself. Only to find that it’s going to cost what is essentially 60$ CAD (45$ international flat rate), to ship to my place here in Ontario. Is there any chance IF, slash when there is a third production of coins will be different shipping prices? Because as much as I love Mr. Correia’s work and wish to support you guys, being a student is hard sometimes. All the best!

    1. Sadly, we lost money on every single international order last time. We still made a nice profit overall because of the domestic, but international shipping killed us. Shopify doesn’t let us set different rates for different countries. It sucks, but it is what it is.

    1. Shadowdancer, I might be able to help out, if you want to email me to discuss it. andelin AT xmission-dot-com. Wanted to help out with your problems earlier this year, and wasn’t able to at the time due to dealing with problems of my own. Maybe now I can make up for that. =)

      1. Hi Julaire !

        The reason why I was holding off was because something I had pre-ordered for my hubby’s birthday FINALLY billed me, and as I’d suspected it smashed me hard (over my original estimates, in fact.)

        If Larry and Jack do another run, I’ll save up for it.

        I got my hubby this, because Sword Art Online is awesome and he loves this character:

        The weapon she wields is also quite awesome.

  6. Is that a ninja coin? I shouldn’t…. (but…. ninja!)

    Also, if I get the Wendell/Official minion coin, can I be assured that my funds will be going towards the evil legion and support of sad puppies?

    Oh speaking of. We’re running our own kickstarter ( – I know, I know, you miniature people look down on us cardboarders but some here might like the ability to play their favorite books against each other) and were wanting to look at coins as a possible stretch goal (if it ever got that far). Where did you get your coins made, Larry?

    1. We will start shipping them out this week. Once all the orders are fulfilled then we’ll put the remainder up for sale.

      1. Question: If you started shipping them out approx. one month ago, I still not have received mine (INCONUS)

        1. Answer: if you read update #4 you’ll see the hold up on orders overall and ones with Zippos in particular. George, we still have a long way to go to get these all fulfilled. We’re posting updates every step of the way so if you have questions keep an eye out for the updates.

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