Series II Challenge Coins!!

We’re doing Challenge Coins again! Last time we did a Kickstarter and sold over $100,000 worth of them, which turned out to be a LOT of freaking coins. So we’ve learned from last time around and will be doing a few things differently. This post was written by Jack Wylder. He’s the poor guy who actually had to keep track of all this stuff, bag them, mail them, and answer all the emails. ## Ok here it is at last-

CorreiaTech Challenge Coins (Series II)


12 Points We’re doing it a bit different this time (learning from our mistakes)

  • 1) We’re not doing it through KickStarter. KS was great in many ways, but Larry’s got a large enough audience that there’s really no reason to hand them 10% off the top (when they brought in less than 1% of sales)
  • 2) Instead we’re doing it through the MHI Swag page: Important: Do NOT order yet! Wait until all 12 designs are finalized and up there so you only have to order once. Even if you’re planning on buying a complete set, hold off- we have a few other items we’ll be introducing along the way that might interest you. In fact, I’m not even going to put them on the site until all has been revealed…
  • 3) Since we’re not doing it through KS there’s not a big reason to do stretch goals. It’s easier for all if you only have to place one order one time, so we’re going to just unveil one design a day until we get all 12 shown then you can go order all you like. Don’t order until they’re all posted! You might miss one you love AND we’re going to add a couple of other non-coin items as things go along. We’re going to run this whole thing through the end of the month.
  • 4) Actually 2 of the designs are yet TBD- we want to see what coins YOU want so we’re doing 2 backers choice coins. (Last time around the backers’ choice coin ended up being the most popular- the PUFF exemption tag.) Rather than have to wade through a bazillion comments here we’re opening up the discussion on the all new Monster Hunter Forums: (UPDATED- the Forums didn’t pan out) (Ok the forum isn’t actually 100% yet but it makes too much sense to launch it now and I can adjust as we go along…) We were going to make a bigger deal about the forum’s launch but this seems as good a time as any.
  • 5) We’re not numbering the coins this time- the numbering last time created WAY too much work and problems and was single handedly responsible for setting us weeks (possibly months) behind schedule on shipping.The exception to this is the first tag we’re doing, but all numbers will be done in a random manner…
  • 6) We’re using a new provider for the coins this time. Last time the mint we used did beautiful work but between broken molds and various other delays, what should have been done in less than 6 weeks ended up being over 6 months. The new provider does work JUST as nice (if not nicer) and we have complete confidence that they will deliver in a very timely manner. Speaking of which…
  • 7) The molds for the first 10 designs are almost done! Once we have a final tally we can get them to start immediately with much less of a wait. (We should actually be able to show you samples before we even finish unveiling all the designs…)
  • 8) Even with the KS 10% loss, the single biggest financial loss last time out was with shipping (no questions, not even close). We’re going to make it much easier this time- all domestic orders are a flat $15 shipping and handling and will ship first class priority mail (along with tracking numbers.) International orders will be a flat $45. Yes, this might seem a lot for one coin but with the swag page we have to put one price in; with the underestimated international shipping last time, we essentially gave hundreds of coins away for free. It’s a lot for one coin, but if you order the whole set it becomes a lot more of a bargain… πŸ˜‰
  • 9) We’re not doing all of the tiers like we did last time. Again, it just ate up way too much time and needlessly complicated things. You can order the whole set for $150 (which is like getting the 2 backers choice coins for free) or you can order just the individual coins you want.
  • 10) Like last time we’re going to round up the final tally and get the coins minted and then that’s it- once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • 11) Because we’re using the swag page this time, you can add as many non-coin items as you want. Since we’re shipping things to you anyway it’s an excellent opportunity to stock up on whatever you want.
  • 12) Check back daily here for updates and if you have any questions just let us know!



First up: The Provisional PUFF tag


When you sign up for STFU you aren’t granted a PUFF exemption; the whole point is you have to earn it. So how does the government prevent hunters from claiming bounties on members of STFU? The Provisional PUFF exemption tag of course! Bearers of the “P PUFF X” tag can prove that they are regarded as ‘People Pro-Tem’ in the eyes of the MCB and that their death might be considered murder. Good times….

Here’s the sample of the actual coin. (This is the prototype but the production ones will have a random number on them)


Note- so many people were upset about not getting a PUFF exemption last time that we came up with this as a way for them to get exempted too. We are not bringing back the original PUFF and we are only doing these for this run of coins- there will not be a second run of these and I don’t see any way we can do a third PUFF coin.


Coin II: The Grimnoir Seal


As promised, we’re not going exclusively MHI this time! The Grimnoir seal on one side, a highly reflective surface on the other… Wonder what THAT could be used for? (salt not included) Update: Here’s a (not very good to be honest) picture of the actual production sample:

Grimnoir Coin CU

Coin III: The STFU/Heather Coin


In the series I coins the Heather/STFU coin came in second as the backers’ choice. By popular demand here it is at last! The artwork is usually not really representative of the final product so here’s a close up to give you a better idea of what the coin will ACTUALLY look like…


Coin IV: The (un)holy symbol of the Sanctified Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition


Stupid squid lovers… Ok what isn’t shown is that the full title of the cult is engraved around the edge of the medallion. This is another one of those that looks better in reality than in photos…


Coin V: Grimm Berlin Germany’s foremost hunting team gets it’s own coin, with the logo on one side and a portrait of their founders on the other.


(I like to have the original artwork as well as the photos because a) I don’t have ALL the sample coins in and b) I’m using the camera on my iPad which doesn’t always take the best pictures…)


(case in point- to get this one with the wacky lighting it had to be taken at a very odd angle…)


A surprising number of the upcoming designs have been requested on the forum. I take this as a good sign πŸ˜‰


Coin VI: the Imperium Guards


One side has the distinctive gray eyes of the feared Shadow Guard, the other the snarling visage of the implacable Iron Guards battle helm. Oh- and even though it’s counter-intuitive, it’s kind of a cool effect that the Shadow Guard side actually glows in the dark!(I’ve been assured that the Kanji is 86.6% likely to be at least not terribly incorrect.)


Coin VII: the International Lord of Hate!! Cower mortals and despair at the dread visage of the International Lord of Hate! Behold the hated face of hatred personified (hatefully). Thaaat’s it- BEHOLD IT!!!


Coin IIX: MHI Redux The iconic image that started it all; the horned smiley face logo of Team Harbinger!


Coin IX: (Pirate) Captain Bob Southunder
Undisputed leader of first the Bulldog Marauder and then the Traveler, Captain Bob was integral to the Grimnoir’s plans.
(Sorry for the less than awesome picture- I’ll update with actual pics as soon as I get the sample in hand…)


Coin X: Stranger & Stranger
You’re in strange hands with Stranger & Stranger!


(This is one of those times where a picture just doesn’t do it justice. The hands on the front glow brilliantly in the dark and though the sample lacked the enamel top coat that makes it happen, the back of the coin has a strange finish wherein the design in the back is only visible from certain angles. The sample I saw of the effect was one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen on a challenge coin which is why it is perfect for THIS design!)


Coin XI: the Women of MHI (Backers’ Choice coin #1)
Starring Julie Shackleford-Pitt and Holly Newcastle!


Coin XII: (the Final Coin of Series II) Milo Anderson- the DaVinci of Destruction! (Backers’ Choice coin #2)
MHI’s resident mad scientist finally gets his own coin. (His was very high on the list of requested Backers’ Choice coins last time)


Ok so here, as promised, are some of the additional items we’ll have for you:


Series II Zippos (not knock offs) in either a high polish chrome or black, both engraved


We haven’t done a new patch in a few years, so why NOT suck up to the CorreiaTech CFO by putting him on a patch?

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had a request for these… Available in White, black, bright green, or chrome.


(I don’t actually have a sample so I had to cheat, but this is pretty close to how they should come out.) Tiny MHI Smiley pins suitable for hats, bags, cufflinks, tie tacks, whatever!


We will start taking order Monday for the individual coins, the full sets, AND for the new items. (Pricing then)
It will NOT be first thing in the morning as I still have to enter all the info into the Shopify system but we will *DEFINITELY* let you know as soon as you’re cleared for takeoff.

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98 thoughts on “Series II Challenge Coins!!”

    1. Last year, at a small con where Larry was promoting his book tour, there was a charity auction. The International Lord of Hate ponied up around 20ish challenge coins for some (no doubt) nefarious reason. The serious bidding more than quadrupled the hoped for target amount for everything all by themselves.

      The PUFF exempt coin went for over $200. It was the top item. Shame Larry is such a talent less hack and woman hater. Beater of kittens. Scary gun nut and greedy capitalist lacking a soul. No wonder TruFans despise him so.

      With an Evil Overlord like that, I’m proud to be one of his mindless minions. Now take more of my money, please!

      1. The only time I ever talk about the charity stuff I’m involved with is when I need the help of or a signal boost from the Monster Hunter Nation. I hardly ever post about the charity stuff I do on my own. Because I’m not a douchebag. πŸ™‚

        1. No kidding! When you (cough cough *Scalzi* cough cough) blast your charitable, philanthropic efforts out to the world with the biggest megaphone you can find, you aren’t being “charitable” anymore. You’re being a PR and publicity whore. Charity that serves to make you look good to your fellow SJW’s isn’t charity. It’s a pathetic plea for attention. Scalzi and Co. excel at this. Larry…does not. He knows the difference between charity and cynical “look at me! I’m a saint and my defecate doesn’t smell!” tactics. Which is just one more example of how awesome The International Lord of Hate is. πŸ˜€

          1. It’s the difference between saying look what I’m going to do, so that people donate or participate, and look what I did because I’m awesome and cool.

            I’m not a JS fan, but his fans do like to see him in dresses, posing oddly, singing badly, and generally acting the fool. If that generates funds for his charities of choice, I’m not sure I’m going to slam him for that. There has to be a certain amount of horn blowing for that to work.

            I get tired of the poor list and easy level crowing BS, like he invented victimhood.

        2. But Larry, everybody knows that real charity is about showing off for the public eye, so that people can know how awesome you are! All the liberals do it like that! (blinks eyes innocently)

      2. Was that at the Omaha con? Because I think I might have blocked out how much I bid for that exemption.

        But hey, any time I can support a talentless hack, woman hating, beater of kittens, scary gun nut, greedy capitalist lacking a soul AND a decent cause, I can’t help myself.

        I’ll go turn in my minority and female cards over there… that’s the same line as the CCW permits, right? πŸ˜›

  1. Huvvah… huffah… huffff… (ulp) sorry, I guess I was hyperventilating.

    More coins, AND a forum? Excellent!

    Fingers crossed for some Grimnoir hardware.

    1. Ditto! Now, if only I could convince them to do a limited re-issue of the original, *full* PUFF exemption coin… *sad, sad puppy eyes* πŸ˜€ :'( πŸ˜›

  2. I actually use my PUFF exemption as a key chain, and it’s taking a beating. Makes me wish I used it on the spare key or something, but what good is owning something you don’t use?

    1. And to make it clear, I’m in and looking forward to it. Was just reading Howard’s coin history book the other day wishing I had snagged a couple that went by me back in the day.

  3. I can’t post in the other thread, but here is my idea for a coin:
    Byreika’s Ghosts
    When you draw the short straw, even the grave doesn’t end the mission.

      1. If someone else can get this into the forum I would be SO happy to see it. My computer access is such that I can open this webpage, but not the forum page. Please port it over, I’m sure it would get a solid following!

    1. Nice catch! Yeah, that will be fixed before final minting. (Or maybe we should leave it- kinda seems like a government type mistake, doesn’t it?)

      1. Mr. Wolf being called back to re-earn his exemption multiple times speaks pretty clearly to the permanence of the exception….

        Earl even bitches about that fact in his journal (“I would have volunteered if they’d just asked!”) and while bitching out Agent Stork about young upstarts throwing exceptions away when it is convenient to them after he finds out why Briarwood was trying to get him….

    1. How about: The League of Aggressive Gnome PUNTerS-
      LAGPUNTS for short?
      Short. Simple. Catchy. Easy to remember.
      Plus, it will probably make the Socialist Just Weasels rant and bitch and froth at the mouth…. once they figure out what it means, anyway.
      Also, I think that it would be most prudent to point out that I am a member of the Canadian Undead Neutralization Team.
      And yes, people tend to blow a gasket (figuratively) when they figure out THAT particular abbreviation…. πŸ˜€

  4. Oh maaaaan! How much will it all cost so I can start SAVING?!?!?!?!?! (And yeah I do want a PUFF exemption too!)

    1. $150 for the full set of coins, but it sounds like there will be other goodies, so put away a little extra.

  5. Ok, a quick search for USC 523 has several hits on different tax code laws in different sections, medical and dental care for commissioned officers, and a few other things. Personally, I think there’s an accountant joke in there. Or maybe PUFF exemption is enforced by the IRS…. *shudder*

      1. Yep – Agent Herzog, I believe.

        On the coins – definately going for another full set.

        You said you might be doing other items – any chance of a Grimnoir ring?

  6. Also, now that I calmed down for a moment I will attempt rational thought. First, perhaps an initial helping of the oni Bea and Cratos (Force and Violence or was that the other way around?)

    And I still want a Cabbage Point Killing Machine charity benefit reunion concert with corresponding ticket stub coin. I know that concert hasn’t happened yet, but it will, darn it…

    If we’re departing entirely from coins, how about a protective ward light-ball. Something stony looking with some cryptic dials or switches on it, perhaps a stone puzzle-ball akin to these except more tailored to their creator

      1. This, complete with show dates at locations that correspond with potential monster sightings/spooky stuff happening, etc. I want one that’s just enough this side of crazy to make people google it, without necessarily reporting me to the police.

        (I live in the South, so the “Hold the Pig Steady” flipside to the Series 1 CPKM coin would definitely result in some interesting comments.)

  7. So, if a female, with occult capabilities, were to order a Provisional PUFF coin. . .

    . . . .does that make her a PowerPuff Girl ???

    1. THAT was a terrible, evil, wicked, utterly despicable pun….
      Remind me to buy you a cold beer if we ever meet, lad.

    1. Ooh, that’d be neat. My hesitation with the coins is that I’m not sure what I’d do with one if I had one, but a ring is easy to figure out.

      1. We looked at rings but logistically it’s a nightmare (ordering so many different sizes and keeping track of who gets what) AND ones worthy of the CorreiaTech name get EXPENSIVE

  8. Heh. I can envision active-duty people putting the PUFF tag on their dogtag chain and just confusing the hell out of medics.

    1. It’s really heavy. I think you need to be puff eligible to wear that without getting really annoyed.

    1. “You’ve got assets, you work them. Thirty-six D, baby.”
      Heather Kerkonen, Monster Hunter Alpha, by Larry Correia


  9. Jack, you can probably forego the sample artwork if you are also posting the proof pictures. The photos have been much better on what we’ve seen so far.

    1. Sorry, man- we’ve said from the beginning that when they’re gone, they’re gone! (FWIW though, in 2 years there will be people asking us to bring back some of the designs from THIS time and we’ll tell them the same thing…)

  10. Any recommendations on a good challenge coin mint? I need to make a bunch of coins to thank people for heir help at work, and any positive recommendations would be gratefully appreciated.

    1. I can only vouch for the look of their geocoins, but and both do beautiful work. I know Oak Coins does challenge coins, and Coins and Pins does a wide variety of custom work.

  11. I assume it is too late to give helpful feedback on what kanji might work better? I suspect that designs are already finalized.

  12. Oh dear, I was on the fence before but how can you not own a coin with the International Lord of Hate’s visage on it to chill the souls of his enemies?

  13. I really like the Provisional PUFF tag, but is there any way the PUFF Exemption tag can be resurrected? I hope there’s a way around the whole “first series is gone” catch. PUFF Exemptions should always be in a set. IMO It’s like a staple in the MHI universe!!

    1. You could always see if someone here were willing to part with their limited edition single-run-only PUFF exemption tag. I’m sure they wouldn’t want an arm and a leg for that item that is so coveted by EVERYONE that didn’t get one the first time… What do you think? Anyone in the group willing to put a price on your PUFF exemption tag so Dan can have one in his collection?

      1. I replied to you, foul knave, but it appears that smilies are frowned upon by the moderator bots. Sooo… Fie upon thee, wicked torturer! Taunt no more those tortured souls who live life deprived of PUFF exemption tags! We suffer overmuch even in absence of your cruel japes! :-p :'(

  14. Jack, where is coin VIII? With the ILOH having been an accountant, you didn’t expect the minions to miss that, did you? :-)>

      1. I like the IIX. I’very been counting the coins each day waiting until I can order them and didn’t even notice the Ronan numerals until today. I promptly panicked with the X on Southunder, thinking I had missed something. Thanks again for all you’ve done; every coin in this batch is awesome.

  15. Cannot wait to place an order, digging the zippo, and a few of the coins!
    along with some of the stickers which will be proudly displayed on the ride!

  16. Y’all are bastards. I’m going to have to figure out how to pay for this.

    How long will we have to order?

  17. If I pay extra $$$ could we negotiate a specific number for a couple of these? I would like to use my old BUD/S class #.

  18. So, are you going to ring a bell when they go final? I go to the site now and they don’t appear to be there. How long do you think the ordering will last?


    1. The ordering post should be up later today. We’re gong to leave it up and take orders for the rest of the month, and then make the run. When those are gone, they are gone.

    1. I think we’re extending it a few days into September because of requests to wait after payday on the 1st.

  19. O.K., since I missed this [sorry, I don’t lurk here] when is there going to be another run? BTW, doing this in summer was a dirty trick! NOW [xmas time] would have been an obvious choice, since they would have made great xmas presents… [Sigh] Sorry, just a bit of sour grapes, ’cause I really would have loved a couple of these! Maybe an e-res list to sign up for notification of the next run? Ciao!

  20. so, maybe I missed the latest up date, but I don’t see them on the swag page? are they not yet out or did I miss them ….again.

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