Forgive the lack of organized blogging, but I’ve got a ton of stuff going on.  This is going to be brief, because I really do have a ton of work to do, and yesterday instead of working I took the kids shooting. Yesterday we worked on pistols, I taught them the difference between double taps and controlled pairs, and introduced them to the speed rock. My kids are getting pretty damned good.
1. Don’t forget to vote for the Hugos. The deadline is looming. Only you can prevent Puppy Related Sadness.

2. Speaking of deadlines, Project Blue (not the actual name) is due at the end of August. Mike and I are working on that now. It is pretty awesome.

3. This week I’m drawing cartoons for yet another secret project. Yes, I know I’m a terrible cartoonist. That’s what makes it funny.

4. People keep asking, yes, there are more Monster Hunter novels coming. That’s the next book I’m working on after Project Blue is turned in.

5. And there is a John Ringo MHI spin-off series coming out.

6. And there is another MHI collaboration with me and another author.

7. And there is an MHI anthology coming in 2017.

8. Oh, but I forgot, I’ve got another secret project this summer. Crap! I volunteer for too much stuff. This one involves Tom Stranger.

9. I wrote another novel for Privateer Press and their Warmachine universe earlier this year. It is the sequel to Into the Storm. They are sending the continuity edits back to me. I really enjoy writing these. They’re a lot of fun.

10. GenCon is this week, but I can’t go this year. I’ve still got like 4 other cons to go to before three weeks of book tour.

11. I’m listening to Monster Hunter Nemesis on audiobook right now. It is awesome. Oliver Wyman is amazing.

12. On that note, I found out who the narrator is for Son of the Black Sword. I’ve not worked with this narrator before, but he’s done a lot of epic fantasy. I listened to some of his work yesterday. I think Audible found someone who will be a really good fit.

13. Speaking of SotBS, go preorder it.

14. Which reminds me, I need to write a blog post about how opening week stats help or hinder writers.

15. I put up more shelves in my office. They look nice.


Okay, nobody cared about that last one, but this is a stream of consciousness kind of update.

Now back to work!  These manatees will not draw themselves!

Behind the scenes look at Special Project N
A good friend of mine is looking for work
Rob Thompson

Shelves are important! Shelves matter too! Saw the pictures you posted of the new shelves already loaded. You did a good job there. And remember, only YOU can prevent Shelf Related Sadness!

Vince Campanile



I was just going to say, shelves in the office are a wonder, wonderful thing. Until you fill them the day they arrive. And fill the rolling book caddy.

Kevin P.

Double pre-order submitted (hardcover and Audible.)


Thank you Larry. Glad to know you aren’t sitting on your bum. Thanks for teaching the children. Everyone need to know the difference.

Jeff Prunkard

Thanks for the udpate!

11. You are correct. Mr. Wyman brings your books alive and is fantastic!

13. Done. Can’t wait to hear it.

Larry, I have a question. Since I use both Kindle AND Audible, I take advantage of the “WhisperSync for Voice” feature so I can seamlessly switch between the audiobook and e-book and vice versa. Sometimes this feature isn’t enabled on books. Does that decision come from the author, the publisher, or Amazon?

Thanks for delivering a product I’m always excited to purchase!!!

Dave H

Speaking of opening week stats, somebody needs to step up and arrange a Book Bomb for Larry. C’mon, people, let’s DO IT!


This thread is worthless without pictures.


I must agree. It would be nice to get a picture of the shelves or some description of them. Having double-filled my bookshelves, it will soon be time to buy more. The MHI books are currently lined up on top of one of the bookcases, easy to find but at risk of dust…..

Brad R. Torgersen


Kendall Varnell

Preorder done! Hugo voting done!


$25 to shipped a $5 patch overseas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam F

There you go taking more of my money. You fill capitalist b….


Is the other MHI collaboration author one of the contributors to the MHI anthology?


” . . . stream of consciousness.” That’s getting close to being a ‘proper’ author! Quick, write some stuff that people actually want to read until it goes away! -g-


Is there a specific place you’d like us to preorder from?


You can never have enough shelves. Without shelves, our existence would have little meaning, and all our stuff would be on the floor.

Here is a great song about shelving and its importance in our lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw6bgdJlth0

Brian Niemeier

“These manatees will not draw themselves!”
I like where this is going.

“GenCon is this week, but I can’t go this year.”
It may sound selfish of me, but this lessens my disappointment that I can’t go, either.

“…I need to write a blog post about how opening week stats help or hinder writers.”
Looking forward to it.

Matt B

A reminder- Gen Can’t is also this weekend. It’s easy to get to and snacks are much more reasonably priced than in Indy.

Rob A.

Can we expect more shelf related updates in the future?
I really think you’re misreading your audience by underplaying the carpentry.
Burying the lead is an outdated tactic…


If the new shelves help you produce more products with which to bankrupt me, then I’m a happy Correiaite. MORE PRODUCT!


Why no kindle version of SotBS on amazon for preorder? Am I just looking in the wrong location?

Joshua Wood

You need shelves so that it inspires you to write more to fill them up.

Brian Flinn

Will any of the 4 cons mentioned be on the west coast?

David S.
Hey Larry, new poster here. Been lurking since the epic gun control post. I came by and said to myself “I’ve read this guy’s books, I new there was a reason I liked them”. Anyway, regarding pre-orders, any chance you could talk Baen into calling eARC sales a pre-order and putting the edited version in the account of those of us that bought the eARC? It might give a big boost to first week sales and I doubt many people who get the eARC then go on to buy the edited copy (I’m sure Baen has the numbers on that),… Read more »
David MacKinnon

I’d hate to hurt Larry’s numbers, but his novels are like crack. I’m gonna buy them from the first person selling the E-arc. I’d even swallow my pride and order it from Tor if he went there.

Wes S.

Well, if you *really* want to get rid of Irene Gallo, Moshe Feder, PNH and the rest of the SJW crowd at Tor, Larry signing with them would likely do it.

It’d probably even drive Scalzi out, which would be a bonus. 😉

Christopher M. Chupik
Christopher M. Chupik

(Imagines Tor.com having to promote Larry’s work and interview him, smiles)


Now that’s hard core. 😉


The thing is, I don’t think any direct Baen sales ‘count’, in the sense of influencing author sales rankings (amazon, NYT, Bookscan…).


Okay, I think I know what a double-tap is, but what are controlled pairs?

Thanks for the updates!


I didn’t know either, so I Googled it.

Controlled Pair: A term that is used to describe 2 shots fired in rapid succession. It is distinguishable from a double tap by the fact that the second shot is fired after the shooter has obtained a second sight picture.

Controlled Pair: Aquire sights, trigger press, reaquire sights, trigger press.
Double Tap: Aquire sights, press, press.
Two Round Burst: Set your select fire weapon to full auto, press trigger long enough for two shots then release.


Will Oliver Wyman read the John Ringo set?


I personally would like to hear more about these shelves.

I’m really looking forward to another installment in the Storm Knight series. Does PP ever try to pay you in minis?


I just to day purchased the November 2015 Monthly Baen Bundle, so I now have not only the Son of the Black Sword but also Her Brother’s Keeper by Mike Kupari. You have been paid!


Thanks for the MHI update. Is there any new stuff
from the Grimnoir Chronicles
area coming our way?


Audible preorder: Done.
Hugo Voting: Done

I bought the Audible of Hard Magic for a cross country road trip for the kids. (Adults, each of them, but still my kids). It was a lot of fun. I’ve been asked to buy the Audible versions of the next two. Now I have to say… getting used to listening to a book takes some doing. I thought my car was quiet… it’s not. My only actual gripe is that the narrator said the dialog lines *softly* so we had to crank the volume way up. Other than that, it was awesome and all I have to do to… Read more »
Greg B

I read the entire MHI series over the past week. Even snuck in a little reading at work one day.
Now, just imagine how crestfallen I was when I realized the are only 5 books so far.
The old lady just laughs at me while I mutter and grouse that I have to wait for more.

Alison Warren

Oh god cannot wait for Son of the Black Sword to come out on Audible. Its the only way we get to read the books, the hubs is blind, keep them comming sir.

Reality Observer

15. Most important point. Yes, we like more books – but they’re useless without somewhere to put the dang things! (Kind of like a cartridge without something to shoot it out of.)

Gareth A

On Points 4-7: Oh you evil man.

MHI’s probably going to match the Horus Heresy for space taken up on my bookshelf before long. Probably be more frequently read though…

Silly question: given the song “Hold the Pig Steady”, will we see Owen’s brother humping around a M60 as his gun of choice?

Brad R. Torgersen

The MHI prequel collabs you’re doing with Ringo are going to be crazy awesome.


Ringo writing in the MHI universe will be awesome! John and Larry working on an MHI project. ..no words 🙂

Christopher M. Chupik
Christopher M. Chupik

N K Jemisin disses Sad Puppies at The Guardian. In short, same old, same old.


Christopher M. Chupik
Christopher M. Chupik

“The Puppies managed to game the Hugo awards system this year, getting a slew of reactionary works on the ballot through coordinated voting for their own slate of adamantly less innovative science-fiction.”

Also, they misspell Brad Torgersen’s name.


She also seems to think an “all-black cast” isn’t monochromatic.


I’m going to say it once more, I still like Project Blue as the name of the third Lorenzo and Valentine novel. BTW, what’s the official name of the trilogy? There really isn’t one

Alex C.

13. Preorder SotBS…Check

Kevin Baker

I just finished marathon-reading the Monster Hunter series. Again.

Every time I read them, I see something I missed in previous readings. For instance, MHI now has the formula for Franks’ Elixir of Life. And Franks was reassembled by Gretchen. And Gretchen is a magical healer unparalleled. Especially with potions and poultices….

I’m am SERIOUSLY jonesing for the next MH novel, but apparently you haven’t even STARTED it yet, which means late 2016 at the earliest before an eARC becomes available. Hopefully the interim works can sustain me until then.