New Monster Hunter International project Announcements

Okay, a bunch of new stuff is now public so I can talk about it.


First, many of you have heard that bestselling author John Ringo loved my Monster Hunter International series so much that he was inspired to write a book set in that universe (without telling me!). You’ve got to understand, John is one of those authors with the muse thing, where he won’t write for months, and then all of a sudden he’ll get in this mood, and write like 50,000 words a week, no sleep, living off of caffeine. The dude is a machine. Baen fans joke about the Ringo Book of the Month Club, but they aren’t kidding. That’s how John rolls. He gets spun up, and he’s brilliant at it.

(me personally, I’m a plodder. I average 10k a week, working normal job hours, but that’s every week, and I’m consistent).

By the time I got to see this book, John had already written the second one of the trilogy.

Now, pro-tip, even if you are taken by surprise, when one of the most successful authors around says that he wants to write books set in one of your universes, and he already has, you make that work. 🙂

I went through the first book last week. I loved it. Freaking awesome. He’s been posting tons of snippets on Facebook. Fans are loving it too.

But as John discovered, I’m an accountant at heart, or as he said, I’m somewhere on the OCD scale. And I’ve got 5 big books, more planned, and an RPG worth of continuity to make sure everything matches. John made a tradition of killing Joe Buckley in all his novels because Buckley once sent back one of his manuscripts with like a hundred comments. He said he doesn’t know what to do with me since I sent back twice that, and some of them were a page long. (but to be fair, before John violently red shirts me in some other series, many of those comments were things like “LoL” or “awesome scene” and the long ones were about the detailed secret history of monster hunting, or me putting my firearms expert hat on, because the story itself was cool as hell).

So anyways, long story short. These books are now collaborations. I don’t know if Toni has approved the titles yet. And I don’t know the release dates. But probably next year there will be the beginning of a new MHI trilogy, set in the 1980s. They are the memoirs of a Hunter from a period of time before the regular MH series started.


There is also going to be an anthology of short stories set in the Monster Hunter International Universe from various authors.

From editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt: I am very pleased to announce that Larry Correia and I have signed a contract as co-editors with Baen for an anthology with the working title MONSTER HUNTER TALES which will feature stories set in the universe of his NYT Bestselling MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL series. Besides Larry, authors will include Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Day George, Faith Hunter, John Ringo, Sarah A. Hoyt, John A. Pitts, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Maurice Broaddus and more. For release in 2017.

And he is right on the And More, because we’ve got a bunch of awesome authors lined up for this project. I think we’ve got 6 or 7 NYT bestsellers in there, which is pretty impressive for an anthology.

We’ve also got a bunch of talented up and comers and new authors too. Bryan didn’t list all the names, so I don’t know who is confirmed and who has signed contracts, so that’s all I’ll say.

I’m really excited for this one.


I’ve got a couple other really exciting MHI related projects in development, but I can’t say anything further about those yet.


Then there was this press release from Baen last week:

Baen Books Announces Eleven New Science Fiction and Fantasy Acquisitions

Works include Lois McMaster Bujold Vorkosigan Saga Novel, and Original Novels from Best Selling Authors Larry Correia, Michael Z. Williamson, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Catherine Asaro, Brad Torgersen, and Charles E. Gannon

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, a new Vorkosigan Saga novel by award winningNew York Times best-selling science fiction author Lois McMaster Bujold, is among eleven recent acquisitions by Baen Books. The new Vorkosigan novel was agented by Eleanor Wood of the Spectrum Literary Agency.

Baen has also purchased two new entries in the best-selling Liaden Universe® science fiction series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, agented by Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Three new books from Hugo finalist Michael Z. Williamson—two of which will be set in the universe of his time travel novel A Long Time Until Now  (May 2015)—and one set in the world of Williamson’s long running and popular Ripple Creek series are on the slate.

A new novel by Hugo finalist, Audie Award Winner, and New York Times best-selling author, Larry Correia, titled Wendell, will be delivered by the creator of the New York Times best-selling Monster Hunter International contemporary fantasy series.

Baen has also acquired two new novels in the Caine Riordan science fiction series from Nebula finalist and Compton Crook award winner Charles E. Gannon.

Further acquisitions include a new hard science fiction novel by AnLab award winner and multiple Hugo finalist Brad Torgersen, and a new Skolian universe science fiction mystery novel from two-time Nebula award winner Catherine Asaro, via agent Eleanor Wood.

“We are extremely pleased with this wonderful selection of new novels we will soon offer eager fans,” said Baen Books publisher Toni Weisskopf. “And we’re very happy to work with a group of such fine writers whose work engages and entertains hundreds of thousands of readers.”


I have no comment on what top secret project Wendell is. 🙂

I believe that with these latest deals I’m now back up to 14 or 15 books under contract.

Right now I’m working on the third and final Dead Six novel with Mike Kupari. Up next, two other Monster Hunter novels that take place at the same time (details to come). And the next novels after Son of the Black Sword (by the way, I’ve been getting really positive buzz on the eARC, which you can get here ) House of Assassins and Destroyer of Worlds.

So back to the plod!

Updates for the Week
Next Book Bomb, Tuesday April 28th, RESIDUE

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    1. Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I forgive you for that.

      But I don’t forgive you for beating me to it! 😛

    2. Wendell: Manatee of War.

      “Wendel twitched his left flipper, triggering his back-mounted launcher and firing a spread of micro-torpedoes into the oncoming school of cyborg Megalodons.”

    3. Got my Wendell’s Marauder’s Tee. Already got some good comments as well as a: “Why does your manatee have a green goatee, mister?”.

    4. I already see the title: “Life and Times of Wendell the Manatee – Book One: MEWHOOOOOO OHOOOON WHEEEK WHEEK“.

      1. La dee dee, one two three,
        Wendell the Manatee
        A B C D E F G,
        Wendell the Manatee.

        Wrecked and floating on the sea,
        there’s something huge beneath me
        A shark, coming up for Tea?
        No! It’s Wendell the Manatee!

  1. You know, Larry, the Wendell’s Roughnecks thing was a joke, right? Right? 😉

    What surprises me is the untitled Torgersen novel. I hadn’t heard anything about that.

    1. Speak for yourself, my friend! I was totally serious about Larry writing it and taking my money because such a thing would only be hilarious and awesome fun.

    1. Butcher and Correia are two of the only authors who are on my “automatically buy that latest book” list. This is fantastic news!

    2. Jim Butcher writing an MHI story? It’s title should be “Shut Up and TAKE MY MONEY!”. Because that is what’s gonna happen.

  2. I got beat to the huge manatee line, sadly.

    Thanks for pointing out the press release in general, Larry. It’s chock full of tastiness.

    On Son of the Black Sword, I will say this. I read the sample chapters and had no choice but to buy the eARC immediately. And now I am sad, because it’s going to be ages before the rest of them come out.

    Any idea when we might see the third Dead Six novel?

    1. Pft. All these writers need to stop damaging my wallet like this.

      Well, no, actually they don’t, but dang, it’s crying.

      1. *wistfully* I remember this time when my whole family went to this bookstore called Fully Booked in the Philippines. Rhys was visiting. The whole family being bibliophiles, we shocked the staff by piling up a mountain of books. Each. This was our ‘Christmas present’ shopping. When my father found out that there was going to be a ten percent discount off the amount he was going to pay, he said “Oh? Let’s go back for more then.” I think we walked out of there with thirty thousand pesos worth of books ( I think that’s about $600 from the exchange rate back then; and $100 of that was Rhys’), but paid ‘only’ 27k.

        I miss being the kid Daddy loved to spoil with books. This is one of those times! *looks at that list*

        1. Shadowdancer, Em and I honeymooned in Victoria, British Columbia, and on that island, there is a Booktown. We shipped back 4 boxes 4 cubic feet each full of books….. not surprising to anyone who knew us since our wedding registry was on Amazon when they were only a book place… 😎

          1. Victoria. I dated a girl from there, once. We went and did High Tea at that big old hotel on the waterfront. But I was there a year or two before Booktown opened. . .

          2. The Fairmont Empress. That was where we stayed. Kipling lived there during the late 20s, and there’s a Kipling museum in the basement.

    1. You know, it took me until now to connect you to the Book on Twitter.

      I am very slow sometimes.

      1. Drat! My secret identity has been un-secreted! XD

        Was it the running around in a circle part that gave me away?

          1. Heh. Well, to be fair, I only recently began to actively tweet about SP. Before it was just small updates and book reviews. There are a LOT of us on twitter who have been quiet until recently. I rather enjoy the new community. 🙂

          2. Lots of people couldn’t stay silent any more. I guess I’m one of them.

  3. Ah well, who needs savings anyway right? When is this alternate mhi series available I didn’t notice a date, though I might have missed it as my mind exploded with joy?

    1. You’re right, I didn’t check either, and now I did and there isn’t a date and I don’t care I’m gonna start putting aside money because OH YEEEEEEEEEESSSSS THIS WILL BE SO AWESOME!!!!

      1. I have never in my life pre-ordered a book.

        I’m about to preorder every single one of these books. I can’t believe it. I’m so excited I could pee.

  4. From editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt: I am very pleased to announce that Larry Correia and I have signed a contract as co-editors with Baen for an anthology with the working title MONSTER HUNTER TALES which will feature stories set in the universe of his NYT Bestselling MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL series. Besides Larry, authors will include Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Day George, Faith Hunter, John Ringo, Sarah A. Hoyt, John A. Pitts, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Maurice Broaddus and more. For release in 2017.

    Either this goes away in 4 hours, or I’ve found something better than Viagra.

    1. Would love to see Wendell and Stranger jumping around the Correiaverse. Sneaking around scenes from MHI, Grimnoir, Forgotten Warrior, etc. in an epic quest.

  5. “secret history of monster hunting”


    Did you think you could just slip that in there and we wouldn’t notice??


    (Preferably by writing a book called “The Secret History of Monster Hunting”, by Bubba Shackleford.)

    1. Considering the fact that general public is unaware of this stuff and Larry being a bit OCD on details; there has to be an acceptable / “reasonable” reason behind supernatural’s lack of impact on public life…

      And since MCB & Similar are not enough, there has to be a wee bit more that is or more probably was keeping a lid on either the information spreading out or more probably suppressing the supernatural itself in the first place…

    2. That caught my attention, too, especially since I enjoyed the first 5 of the MHI books so much. My husband just finished Nemesis we are both anxious to get our hands on the next story.

      (I get the books first, of course, because I have the Amazon and Audible accounts!)

    3. There *has* to be a secret history. Mostly it’s boring details that would slow a story down like a boat anchor, but it still has to be there as a reference to work from.

      Who started the MHI library?
      What’s in there?
      What couldn’t possibly be in there?
      What other secret defenses does the MHI compound have?
      What other non humans, or affected humans are around that aren’t talked about?
      How many universes are there?
      How many of them have folks casting greedy glances our way?

      Other stuff has to be kept a secret from a dramatic point of view:
      What powers does Strickland have?
      What supernatural deities/demons does he work with/for/over?

      How has Franks changed, now that he has a conscience?
      What would be his most logical course of action?
      Full time preacher (with extra-tough love)?
      Has Franks lost his memories of pre-birth (like all other humans with a shot at heaven)?

      Questions like those really need to be answered in advance. Otherwise, you end up with the Battlestar Galactica New Series problems where you just tack on a backstory as you go, and it very painfully shows. Even worse is that they already had a printed continuity guide, and still made a shambles of it.

      Is it possible for a vampire to steal powers from HER victims? If yes, then which powers are transferable, which aren’t? Was Susan the first to realize this?

      If that stuff isn’t known in advance, then every sequel requires a thorough re-reading of every previous book to make sure there are no continuity problems. It’s a huge problem, and Asimov couldn’t write any more of the Foundation series because of each book being geometrically more effort just to get started.

      There would have been a lot more of them if Issac had charted everything out before hand.

      A fun part is Ringo is adding a LOT of changes to existing MHI canon. He can’t help it — especially since one and a half books were written without access to the backstory.

  6. I loves me some John Ringo, but I must confess I am relieved to hear that you are vetting him on the minutia of firearms. John is ex military, 82nd airborne if I recall, but several of us over on Baen’s Bar used to have to keep him straight on gun related details in several of his earlier books.
    Am incredibly pleased with this wealth of new work looming on the horizon.

    1. As someone who is a former Marine, being a veteran does not make you an expert on all firearms. While in basic training we trained with the M16A1 and the .45 Colt (shortly before the transition to the 9mm Berretta).

      It is perfectly conceivable that a military veteran has never fired a lever action rifle, a revolver, shotgun or any of many esoteric weapons. Many of us have, but mostly because we become gun nuts and do stuff on our own time or after service or both.

      What the Marines do teach which translates over to most firearms is good fundamentals; site alignment, site picture, etc.

      All in my non-expert opinion, as while I have many firearms, I haven’t touched one in a couple of years. Too busy.

      1. To John’s credit he solicited our inputs and was willing to listen to suggestions. The .477 Tyranosaur he used in Into the Looking Glass was my suggestion in response to his question “what’s a really big ass gun?”
        One of my fonder moments at a local con a couple of years ago was in a round robin discussion meet and greet where the group politely requested that Larry C. and I quit talking about guns and get back to discussing science fiction. We complied and no one was harmed.

    2. Yeah, Mr. Ringo tells a good story, but he’s in utterly over his head on basic physics:

      Anyone in powered armor with an automatic weapon could never be surrounded by posleen.

      Automatic weapons crews had hoppers full of ammunition to shoot a the posleen. Firing one kilogram of ammo to 99% of lightspeed would launch the shooter AND the USS Iowa out past the orbit of the moon.

      And it is a very good thing he left, because the impact energy alone is 2 1/2 Tsar Bombas (The largest nuke ever detonated by humans)

      And all this energy was stored in the suit batteries…

      In John Ringo’s personal death star, to make a lever to turn the 8km bubble, they extruded levers INSIDE toward the center to rotate the battlestation. That would actually be the worst possible idea, since it’s actually reducing your leverage. It would have worked infinitely better to anchor the tugs to the exterior.

      Those wishing to verify can invert bicycle to rotate the front wheel by pushing against the rubber tire, then against the hub and see which works better to rotate the tire.

      Again, John Ringo is a terrific writer of tales, but PLEASE check his physics.

      1. “In John Ringo’s personal death star, to make a lever to turn the 8km bubble, they extruded levers INSIDE toward the center to rotate the battlestation. That would actually be the worst possible idea, since it’s actually reducing your leverage. It would have worked infinitely better to anchor the tugs to the exterior.”

        Reducing the leverage simply requires more force, over a shorter distance. Same work done.
        Further, putting the levers on the outside, leaves your attitude adjustment engines vulnerable.
        OTOH, simply attaching them to the inside wall seems to be a better configuration to me, if for no other reason than not cluttering up the interior. but maybe I missed something.

        1. Nope. Yes, all the energy goes somewhere, but it’s a wheel in space NOT fastened to an axle bolted to the fabric of spacetime.

          The component of the energy not going into rotation becomes translational, which is an eye-bleedingly expensive waste of expensive fuel, since the battlestation already has an orion drive, powered by cheap surplus nukes.

          And the horns were specifically for pushing, which indicates that the thrusting tugs are unable to supply a rotational force with the main drive.

          Best to have the tugs on the outside during normal operations. When things get nasty outside, it’s best to attach them to the inner walls in whatever orientation would be tangential to the desired rotation vector.

          Even better, of course, would be massive gyros powered by regenerative electric motors. Then, the only energy loss expense would be from motor losses, which are pretty low, and would require no tugs. Electricity could be from photovoltaic panels, or stirling engines, as they seem to get plenty of sunlight.

  7. Larry, your secret is out. All of your fearless Monster Hunters have known of your greatness since the first novel. Now, your peers are recognizing your incredible talent and affording you the same honor as other world renowned authors such as Sir Arther Conan Doyle, Robert E. Howard & Edgar Rice Burroughs, and joining you in the universe you created. Congratulations!

  8. All these teasers, Larry! You’re killing me!

    Need another alpha reader? Or an engineering info source?

  9. Son of The Black Sword is amazing! I’ve loved all your stuff so far, and you getting together with John is going to make me broke. Not that I mind when the stuff you folks come up with is so good!

  10. Larry, would you like to go ahead and set up a direct deposit from my account to yours, or would you prefer that I retain at least the appearance of free will when it comes to buying these?

  11. Larry gave me permission to say I’m also in the MHI Anthology. When I signed on, the list of authors wasn’t quite as imposing…yeesh.

    I can’t wait to write in this world.

  12. All these books and stuff are great, but where are my officially licensed Monster Hunter International action figures?

  13. A sudden thought:

    Crossovers? Harry Dresden/MHI?

    (Although I have this weird idea for a BPRD/MHI crossover altfic, where the BPRD takes over the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs and decides to try and mend fences with MHI.)

    1. *grin* This was mentioned back when Jim Butcher and Larry met at a con.

      I think the comments had it that MHI would probably stay away from Chicago because it’s not worth the PUFF vs resources risk.

  14. does he go all “oh John Ringo no!”?

    first question to pop into mind after the fanboy squeee!

    not only 2 of my all time favorite authors and an anthology but news of secret averaching plot points and secret projects now i know what to tell my wife and kids to get me for presents! finally!

  15. Wendell will be the story of a transgendered manatee who decides to give up his evil ways and then attempts to befriend the Killer Whale family. Not sure if there’s much of a market for 250 word novel though.

  16. Uh, Larry?

    It’s a known fact that some of the CHORFs read your blog.

    With a contributors list like the MHI anthology has, you should probably put a trigger warning in there before someone tries to sue…

      1. “COOORRRRIIIIEAAA” … an suddenly the wierding module blows out a wall.

        “His name is a triggering word!”

          1. “John Scalzi will be by in his metal speedo any time now…”

            More likely a metal dress…. >.>

          2. Metal burkini, more like. “My missing-the-point crossdressing must be intersectional…”

  17. 14-15 under contract?!?! Larry is seriously trying to move up to a Level 3 Writer. Might even make Level 2 at this rate!

    1. Barbara Manatee! That’s outstanding. I’d forgotten that song, which was in heavy rotation at our house when my daughter was much younger.

  18. The list of authors says “….and more” . I hope John C. Wright is included there, after I have read his superb Night Lands stories I got curious about what he could write in the MHI universe.

      1. I think that a future era would work great for John, because of his speculative/Sci-Fi elements. But this most likely could risk steeping on Larry toes.

        Then maybe it could be from a distant past, focusing on the mythological elements of the MHI universe.

      2. Mr. Wright would write about the Combat Exorcists of the Vatican, of course. Since they were founded around 1500 years ago (or was it 1200?) there’s plenty of times to write about.

  19. I’m kind of giddy and breathless over these announcements. I probably shouldn’t drive for about twelve hours or so.

    Congrats, Larry! Can’t wait to see all of it!

  20. Project Wendell: We can rebuild him.
    We have the technology.
    We can make him stronger, faster.
    Well, maybe not faster.

  21. I am so very much looking forward to seeing what Mr Ringo and other writers do when invite to play around in your world.

    What about inviting that shameless hack, John C Wright? He has written a Jack Vance story, a William Hope Hodgson story and an AE van Vogt novel. Can he write in Larry Correia’s background? Or would that be cultural appropriation of a Cowpuncher-American?

    1. I am happy to announce that John C Wright is in there. 🙂 (Bryan only listed like half the names on his announcement for space)

      1. You know….
        you could have each copy, hand engraved out of thick sheets of pure gold. Do all the illustrations and cover art in a mosaic style of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. And, I’d still buy the damn thing, pre order.

        1. That’s O.K., John. The Blessed Order of Saint Hubert the Protector prefers to work in secret wherever possible.
          I’ve heard of MI-5, and MI-6, but not MI-13.
          You have my dedicated attention, sir. 🙂

      1. So write it. Larry might say yes, and you’ve sold a story.

        Larry might say no, and you’ve got a story to sell later.

        Maybe the same, or perhaps with the names changed to protect the innocent, and it becomes a 50 shades of gray.

        Or, if he’s full up on this one, it might go into Tales 2 or 3 or 15. It’s really too good a universe to stop writing in, and the future anthologies are going to pay for the younger Correias’ college.

        1. I’ve a concept text file scribbled up; but more work on it will need to be put aside until after the funeral and I’m finished with the novel I’m working on with Aff. Plus I have a horrible backlog of nonwriting projects as well.

  22. SQUEEEEEEEEE. pant. pant. pant.

    SQUEEEEEEEEE. pant. pant. pant.

    SQUEEEEEEEEE. pant. pant. pant.

    At my age, it’s hard to squee that many times. I think I just lost some brain cells. Write, Larry, write.

  23. It’s good to see that being the second most hated man in Sci-Fi isn’t holding you back.

    : P

    No, seriously, looking forward to all of these.

    “Secret Project Wendell”: A teamup with Milo Yiannopoulos ‏to write the definitive history of Sad Puppies.

    Plus the complete Christmas Noun chronicles.

    And a Wendell short story, co-starring Owen Pitt AND Jake Sullivan.

    In one volume.

  24. HELLL YESSSS !! Two of my favorite authors together and more MHI books woooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. An MHI story by Jim Butcher? This is my mind being blown. My dream of amazing pro authors writing fanfic of each other is coming true! This needs to be a thing that happens all the time!

    1. When the pro’s do it, it’s an Anthology Submission, since you don’t normally Get Paid for fanfic ; )


      1. On the subject of fanfic, how does or host the International Lord of Hate feel about fan works that play in his sandbox?

        1. I remember about Larry responding to a similar question elsewhere. He has said something in the lines that he is fine with it, but that he cannot read the fanfics due to legal reasons.

          1. I just append to my blatherings a blanket permission to Larry to lift any and everything he would like, my compensation being the enjoyment of reading a MHI tale that much sooner. I’ve also told him in person a couple of times.

            My only request is that I NOT be credited. I like my privacy too much.

            I write and create for a living, but lightyears from this genre.

      2. Fanfic by any other name. Lots of people get paid for it these days. See any novel that’s a riff on Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

  26. When this anthology comes out I guess can forget about little things like eating, sleeping, and bathing.

    1. Actually, I am curious. Last I heard he wasn’t under contract for any books. Is that still the case, or has he found a new publisher?

    2. It’s called victory.
      It looks like writing books that intelligent people enjoy reading.
      Also, it seems to cause SJW (Socialist Justice Weasels) brain cells to implode.


  27. Come now, Larry – this must all be bluff!

    It has been ordained that you are to be shunned and your career is in ruins because wrongthink Even now we know you are making plans to relocate your
    household to under the nearest bridge for having the indecency to recommend authors that others might like.

    Such joyous tidings must be brute propaganda – one last attempt to fool the world before you start your unending servitude as a CHORF polisher.

    We are not fooled… (but I was mighty pleased to read this post!)

        1. Yeah. I can beat that.

          Earl recruiting Jack Burton as a monster hunter.

          Big Trouble in Little MHI.

      1. The Hunting Huxtables

        Cheers for Hunters

        Sledge Hammer vs the Monsters

        Monster Hunter V

        A Monster Hunter’s Growing Pains

        Threes a Company of Monster Hunters

    1. (use the movie guy voice, trust me)
      Young Sam thought he had seen it all in the hell that was Panama…

      He barely lived, saved only by his raw determination and a pack of Copenhagen.

      When he returned home, The Government tried to disavow him.

      His country tried to ignore him.

      A small town sheriff got hit in the face by a banjo after harassing him.

      Then one day, a mysterious stranger named Earl offered him a job.

      A Job to fight the evils of the world the only way he knew how…

      With really big bullets.


      Join Young Sam as he and his team from MHI get called in to investigate a one man wrecking crew terrorizing the streets of the City of Angeles.

      But Sam and crew soon discover that sometimes, monsters are not the only thing we have to fear.

      “I’m back, asshole…”

      MHI Terminator 1.125
      The floating decimal ass kicking.

      1. OMG Lost the bit about the bad Austrian accent before “i’m back asshole”… damn you 6 in the morning… you win again.

  28. And this is why I love Baen. New Correia! New Ringo, including a MHI trilogy! New MZB! A new Vorkosigan Saga book from Bujold! Two more Caine Riordan books from Gannon! Etc.

    Incidentally, in an article about military-themed SFF over at a few days ago, Jonathan Maberry was singing Larry’s praises and teasing the coming Joe Ledger/Agent Franks team-up. Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth that must have occasioned in certain dark corners…


    1. Not if David Gerrold has anything to say about it. Harrumpf. Harrrumph.

      I didn’t get a Harrumpf outta that guy ->


      You better watch your ass.

      1. The first thing I thought upon seeing this post – well, after making a manly sort of “Squee!” – was: “Well, that’s the next two years’ worth of Sad Puppies noms taken care of.”

        Although come to think of it, there’s still room for a few other good authors. You know, Brandon Sanderson has two sequels to “The Alloy of Law” coming out; one in October and the other in January…

  29. It seems that the oceans of SJW tears have watered the Garden of Monster Books.

    I’m going to go make some more of them cry if this is what we get. I wanna see some Hoyt monster exterpatin’. You know, to go with the Ringo and Correia.

    This is going to be some big freaking fun. ~:D

    Monster Hunter Hugo Sweep in 2016 anyone? Best novel, best short story, best novella… can you imagine the exploding heads?

    Sad Puppies 4: The Monstering!


  30. While I am exceedingly excited about all of this–literally, all of it–I am hoping that Ringo’s wayward Aldenata muse will return.
    Five years is too long to spend on a cliffhanger! (Also, my copy of Yellow Eyes is getting spinal curvature.)

  31. Now I feel the urge to go back and reread (again) all the MHI books, just to make sure I am up to snuff on the canon.

    It’s a geek thing, some people don’t understand.

    1. You are in good company. Every time there’s a new MHI or Dresden Files book, I reread them all from book one. I’ve a couple of copies of DF that need replacing =/

      Oh well, more money for Jim and Larry!

  32. Jim Butcher writing MHI? MHI set in the 80’s (Monster, werewolves and Big Hair oh my) Damn it larry, should I just give you access to my piddling little bank account now?

        1. Oh hell, I can see it: the core Cazador crew go to London on business, Owen ‘innocently’ suggests lunch at Trader Vic’s and orders Earl a pina colada- Earl goes into a slow burn as everyone else break down into giggles…
          “All right, what’s so damn funny? And stop tryin’ to hand me your comb, my hair is fine the way it is…”

          1. There’s only one thing wrong with that scene: just can’t see Owen ordering a pina colada…. Julie, OTOH…..

  33. WOW congratulations! Of course as your productivity goes up, mine declines; must remain focused enough to earn the shekels for my book fix. Da missus is gonna be PISSED!

  34. You know, its actually pretty damn nive to have a post here that doesn’t have anything to do with the Hugo awards. Life (and good reading) goes on, as it should be.

    Jim Butcher in a MHI anthology? I doubt it’d happen, but… Dresden and Franks in the same story would be the most deadly team-up in urban fantasy history.

    1. Any suggestions on a good starting point for any of the mentioned authors? I just recently discovered Larry and read through Monster Hunters. I’ve got Hard Magic, and I picked up apparently the first novel of John Ringo. But the other authors, I’ve got no clue where to begin into their various novels.

      1. Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Day George, Faith Hunter, John Ringo, Sarah A. Hoyt, John A. Pitts, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Maurice Broaddus, John Wright

        Sarah Hoyt, either Darkship Theives or the first of her Goldport Shifters books. (I totally think Sarah is a man, because I never read anything written by a woman.)

        Mike Kupari’s first books are written with Larry, and often shelved in generic fiction. Swords of Exodus follows Dead Six.

        All I’ve read of Wright is his Queen of the Tyrant Lizards. His shorts in Book of Feasts and Seasons are supposed to be very good.

        I either don’t know the others well enough, or they have already been answered.

      2. Wright – Either Count to a Trillion or the Golden Age. Pack a dictionary. You will need it.

        Ringo – I’m really not sure where to start. So many series. Probably March Upcountry, Into the Looking Glass, Live Free or Die, or Under a Graveyard Sky. Just know that Ringo”s first book in any series is essentially logistics. The second book will actually establish the tone.

        Butcher – Storm Front. It takes three or four books to really take off.

        Kupari – Dead Six, specifically the Valentine sections. The Lorenzo ones are Larry’s.

        Hoyt – Darkship Thieves.

        1. With Butcher — I’d have said you could start later — Grave Peril (3) or Summer Knight (4). Books 7-12 (Dead Beat to Changes) are spectacular, but you’ll want to have read a few before them.

        2. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files is very well known & popular (deservedly so), but it’s also still on-going, so once you catch up (which could take a while; there are already 15 novels (of 20~23 planned) + 1 short story anthology + several individual short stories in other anthologies + graphic novels), you have to play the waiting game until the next book is finished & published.

          If you’re interested in a completed series w/ no waiting required, his Codex Alera is a finished, 6 book series that’s also excellent. Epic Fantasy (opposed to Dresden Files‘ Urban Fantasy), where the originating story seed was the Lost Roman Legions + Pokémon.

        3. I see what you mean about Ringo. I’m reading a book ‘A Hymn Before Battle’. I’m not very far in, and so far it reminds me of Alan Dean Foster ‘the Damned’ series. But i am guessing from the hints being dropped as nothing has been explicitly stated yet as to what is actually going on .

        4. I agree with the assessment that it took Jim Butcher to book 4 to really hit his stride with The Dresden Files He did it faster with Codex Alera, getting into his stride by book two, in my opinion.

          Also, I really enjoyed Tavi as a hero.

      3. My gateway drug to John C. Wright was “Awake In The Night Land.” I can’t praise it highly enough.

      1. I kinda wish that there’d be ‘unoffical’ stories, noncanon crackfics like a Dresden/MHI crossover, BY Larry and Jim. Just for fun.

        That kind of stuff I’d happily pay money to read.

  35. Areas I’d like to see developed in stories:

    After the fall of Rome. The new regimes learn of the efforts the Romans had been putting into hunting monsters and have to turn their own hands to picking up the duty, with a panicked quickness. Or, we learn what really drove the migrations in the first place.

    Eastern Europe (Transylvania and such) during the Ottoman incursions and conquests. Was Vlad really the monster? or was he a monster hunter fighting overwhelming odds while also defending from foreign invasion? And, monster hunting from the Ottoman side as well.

    Rome: I seem to recall something about a legion (in North Africa? or maybe eastern Dacia?) mentioning something about having issues with “dragons”.

    And, what was the real (for story purposes) duty of Legio XXI Rapax (translated as Predator) and how did it really (for story purposes) get destroyed?

  36. I put forth Monster Hunter Riptide: That way, Skippy still has a helicopter to fly with some seriously geek tech support.

    Now if Larry can just convince Chuck Dixon to write it!

  37. So it takes six months to write a book, and he has 14 under contract. Are publishers really OK with a contract that says “I will write this one from June to December of 2022”? I guess they are in Larry’s case, because they know he can produce, but I’d be surprised if they did that routinely.

    1. Whats wrong with a little job security?

      I can only assume writing novels is like other forms of art, where you can get a massive dose of inspiration over a couple of months that you can later pick out of for years.

      1. Nothing wrong with it. I’m glad he has it – he deserves it. What I’m surprised about is that publishers will give it to him. I woulda thought they’d only give such multi-multi-book contracts to really huge authors. And if Larry is that big of a BSD… awesome, that’s better than an stupid Hugo award for Leftist dino-porn any day of the week.

  38. Ok, Christmas came a Teeny weeny bit early this year. 🙂

    Awesome News Larry!

    Can’t wait to read your next works! 🙂

  39. seriously, I ‘ve got an MHI woody now…Ringo, Butcher…what’s next Heinlein back from the beyond?

  40. From editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt: I am very pleased to announce that Larry Correia and I have signed a contract as co-editors with Baen for an anthology with the working title MONSTER HUNTER TALES which will feature stories set in the universe of his NYT Bestselling MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL series. Besides Larry, authors will include Jim Butcher, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica Day George, Faith Hunter, John Ringo, Sarah A. Hoyt, John A. Pitts, Jody Lynn Nye, Mike Kupari, Maurice Broaddus and more. For release in 2017.


  41. This is freakin’ awesome! Two of my favorite authors working together on one of my all time favorite series… MHI lends itself altogether to well to adventure/horror pen and paper RPGs, I’d love to run a game at my local con this next year.

  42. For all that is holy, I hope that you can put in some good “influence” on this new John Ringo collaboration. The “Black Tide Rising” series was a painful enough step backward from the quality of previous books. I really would not like to have the let down of another famous 1-2 books short of finishing a story as with John Ringo.

    1. My wife and I both liked the Black Tide Rising series.

      “It’s a good thing we don’t all like the same things — think what a haggis shortage there would be!”

      1. Yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed the Black Tide Rising series. I didn’t see any lack in the writing quality, and the stories and characters were enjoyable.

        Go John Ringo Go! 😛

  43. To each their own. I personally feel that it was a good story concept that was just poorly written. I think a whole lot of the characters were insanely over the top, but I guess I stand alone.

    1. Marketing changes. Right now it looks like it is going to have that plain cover, and the Larry Elmore painting is getting a full glossy art page in front with color maps.

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