I Need Your Help (gathering links to SJW attacks in sci-fi for a news reporter)

Hey, Monster Hunter Nation and Sad Puppies Supporters, I’ve been approached by a major media outlet gathering information about our little corner of the culture war.

I mentioned bias, and specifically anti-conservative bias among the voters. They asked if I had links to blog posts, comments, etc.

I don’t keep track of most of what these people say about us. Honestly you can only get called a racist hate monger by so many crazy people before it just becomes background noise. So if you guys don’t mind, would you please post your favorites in the comments below.

James May/Fail Burton specifically, I know you are like the archivist of their racist Twitter posts. Time to bust out the files. 🙂

Thank you.

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248 thoughts on “I Need Your Help (gathering links to SJW attacks in sci-fi for a news reporter)”

    1. Heh. Okay, I gave her some suggestions.

      Sarah Hoyt
      Cedar Sanderson
      Amanda Green
      Larry Correia

      Think any heads will implode?

      1. Should be a real career boost for the SFWA clod-hoppers. People will be saying “Gee, I didn’t know the KKK were that into science fiction.”

    1. I already sent them links to several of the big obvious ones. I’m looking for miscellaneous assholes. 🙂

        1. Was Cora Butthurt the one who originally said me winning the Campbell would End Literature Forever? I can’t find that one now.

    2. Does anyone have the link to Scalzi’s tweet saying that he will gladly help end a writer’s career if they believe in “harassment”?

  1. Hines, Scalzi, Damien, that Ian fellow who called Butcher a fascist, what’s the name of that lady who keeps calling Sarah Hoyt a Nazi?

    Then there’s the group at Tor . Com, including Requires Hate and Alex whatshername.

    “We want your side to keep talking” indeed…

    1. Anything will do. I’ve sent them a bunch of the big obvious ones already, but I don’t keep track of most of them.

      Plus, most of them have blocked me on Twitter, so I can’t search through them. 😀

        1. All of THEM. 🙂

          Serious answer, don’t rightly know. I know I can’t see Damien’s (because somebody posted about how he was blaming SP3 on “religious extremism” and wanted to see for myself). Then some of the shrieking harpy crowd blocked me, I discovered only when I tried to be a gentleman and warn some of them that they’d picked up creepy stalker Clamps. Oh well… Hope they enjoy having that lunatic around.

          1. Were those Clamps posts recent? He’s not supposed to be on the Internet these days. If so, we need to forward to Vox so he can forward to the Marshfield PD. 😀

          2. If I understood correctly, Clamps is allowed online (with supervision); he’s just not allowed to harass anyone or try to post where he’s been banned.

          3. Really? I thought Marston was just straight-up banned from Net use and was finding ways to sneak access. Mea culpa. Oh well, not like he’ll be able to resist going after one of his old targets for long. He can’t help himself.

      1. If you really want to sift through those steaming piles of suck and fail, just put your browser into incognito/private mode, or log out of Twitter. The block is only against your account, not your IP :).

      2. These are the tweets Larry’s referring to:

        · 6h 6 hours ago
        Making a list of things more childish than trying to rig a sci-fi fan award. It’s very short and includes “laughing at your own farts”

        “‏@damiengwalter If we’re “lucky” some Islamic fundamentalists will decide to hijack the Hugo award as well and they’ll cancel the Christian fundies out.”

        · 35m 35 minutes ago
        Science fiction award under attack by religious fundamentalists. It could almost be the plot of a Philip K Dick novel.”

  2. I already shared my good stuff. Can’t think of anything I have that isn’t already well-known among these parts.

  3. http://madgeniusclub.com/2014/02/13/sfwa-can-haz-glittery-hoo-haa/#comment-36791

    John Wesley Hardin
    February 15, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    “Having no other dog in this fight, I would just like to say that Vox Day is a reprehensible human being, and deserved to be forcefully ejected, not only from the SFWA, but from society in general. But that’s just my opinion.”

    Summation: very little meat on that thread from this one, but that’s rather common. Drive by commenting.

    1. Man, she thinks those who like the Wheel of Time have no business voting, because they don’t know what is good. In 2008, 44 million copies sold in US and Canada. According to her, none of those people should have a say in determining HUGO’s.

      1. I think that in addition to the SJW take over, that the literati panic of the 1990’s is still hanging on. There’s “literature” and then there’s “what people like.”

    2. This one actually hurts my brain. I read, I read alot. I took footlockers full of books with me to Iraq and then sent them back to be refilled and returned(this was pre-Kindle). I have read all over the spectrum, politically speaking. I like what I like, who the hell are you to tell me that what I enjoy is categorically bad. Check your tolerance!

  4. From an anonymous fellow on 8chan:

    “An old-school libtard named Jonathan Chait wrote an article in NYMag criticizing political correctness for shutting down discussion and not being interested in free speech, and the SJW media prove him writing by openly coming out against freedom of expression, The SJW blitzkrieg has only just begun, but #ChaitGate is starting to trend on Twitter as people are looking in.

    The liberal establishment is feeling threatened by the SJW left, and the SJWs are firing back. Spread the word, rev up those twitter and tumblr sleeper accounts, and let’s do what we do second-best: become the Jews.

    Original Article: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2015/01/not-a-very-pc-thing-to-say.html

    SJW Jihadists:


    1. (To clarify: The part about “becoming the jews” is an inside joke of the *chan culture, much like users casually adressing each other as “fags” without any deeper meaning. Don’t get the wrong idea.)

    1. Bigelow is a perfect example of a guy on the far fringes who wouldn’t even exist were it not for their identity and sheer hostility.

  5. I’m trying to remember who had the list of comments of SFWA members… someone here… drat, I can’t remember his name. We’ve chatted here before. I’ll have to do a search.

    1. Oh boy- Brad, I hope you got a screencap of that first one. It’s been deleted.

      Someone must be paying attention and is “cleaning house” as they say…

      1. Yeah, a few weeks into last year’s fiasco and some of the smarter ones realized that they’d played right into my hands by going out of their way to prove my points about political bias and slander. I think the smart ones started deleting the really damning comments after that.

      1. Wow… That is a whole extra large bucket of crazy right there. Rossgate. Don’t rewrite the narrative! It was all about safe spaces! Up next, rewriting the narrative to accuse Mark Lawrence of STOMPING ON WOMEN… Holy shit.

        By the way, the book in question, Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns is excellent, and it isn’t misogynistic. It is just so dark that it hates everyone equally. Of course there aren’t any female main characters, since the main characters are an outlaw gang of murderous scumbags who loot, rape, and pillage their way across the countryside. If there were any females, they would probably just suffer and die badly like all the male characters anyway! (seriously, good read. Way darker than I write though).

      2. Thanks for the info on Lawrence. I’d wondered what they hell the Smugs were whining about. XL crazy bucket, indeed.

        And in fairness, I acknowledge that Brad and Dave “remembered the bucket” first.

  6. Ok- not what I thought of originally, but I did remember this troll on Brad’s blog a while back. S/He expressed, in very polite terms, her belief that Larry Correia is a sexist, racist, homophobe. This person went by “Cat”- first comment here: https://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/larry-correia-deserves-a-break/#comment-4522

    Another here: https://bradrtorgersen.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/larry-correia-deserves-a-break/#comment-4573

    I’m pretty sure there were more of them, but you get the drift. This person came off as nice and reasonable, and totes concerned about Larry Correia because everyone knows that he is a racist hate-monger, who is also super mean. I remembered this one because they kept demanding people show examples of Larry Correia being nice- but refused to show any examples of Larry Correia being a racist hatemonger. I responded at one point with a list and links, but – as is typical, Cat moved the goal posts. Apparently it’s not enough that Larry Correia is a nice guy, but he has to be a nice guy to people who don’t like him and who also accuse him of being a racist, sexist hate-monger.

    Shorter Troll: “You have to be nice to me, even if I accuse you of being a vile piece of shit. If you’re not nice to me, that’s proof that you are a vile piece of shit.”

    This kind of troll I find more insidious than your garden variety “I HOPE YOU DYE IN A FYRE!!1!” type of troll. This person has no problem smearing someone with labels- and does this as if his/ her accusations are a well known fact. This is never backed up with quotes or some other form of proof. Just insinuation and the accusations from other people.

    1. Ah, good stuff. You guys remember when Damien tried to crowd source a Twitter witch hunt to find examples of me being racist or sexist (after he’d already accused me of it in an international newspaper) and they came up with zip despite my thousands of blog posts? Meanwhile, I ask for examples of SJWs being biased assholes and liars and I get a full inbox within a couple of hours. 🙂

      1. Oh yea. Soon as I saw this post I kicked myself for not making a list over the years. Just reading over the comment section to that post I linked makes me cringe. And that was one of the polite trolls… (who happens to think that all of Larry Correia’s fans are straight, white men who only want to read about straight, white men in their “gun books.” Ok, then.)

      2. I’m trying to remember which woman it was who tweeted that she wanted “LC and ALL his fans” to Die In A Fire. The name is totally escaping me.

          1. That’s the one! Thanks Joel! Heh, and I had even replied to the tweet.

            Also not-so-surprisingly, Clamps is one of the two people that Favorited that tweet. (pure impure)

      3. Her name is really “Burn a bitch”?
        Perhaps she has some room to be bitter. I’m sure Dr. Freud would have any number of interesting observations to make about her.

      4. Luhrs and Bernobich desperately desire relevance. Like toddlers trying to use their Big Loud Voices in an overcrowded mall. The cute part is watching either of them pretend that she/they is somehow part of the “central” conversation. It’s hard enough as an author to have any kind of volume in this field; given the tens of thousands of books and stories that are published just in SF/F every year. Being a churlish sideline armchair commentator . . . yeah, good luck making your Fisher Price megaphone heard, amidst the din.

      5. The fate of Luhrs and Bernobich is the same one foretold in The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao to a bitter old gossipy fish-wife:

        “Tomorrow will be like today, and the day after tomorrow will be like the day before yesterday. I see your remaining days as a tedious collection of hours full of useless vanities. You will think no new thoughts. You will forget what little you have known. Older you will become, but not wiser. Stiffer, but not more dignified… Of that suppleness you once commanded in your youth, of that strange simplicity which once attracted men to you, neither endures, nor shall you recapture them… When you die, you will be buried and forgotten, and that is all. And for all the good or evil, creation or destruction, your living might have accomplished, you might just as well never have lived at all.”

        The whole lot of them want to be treated like they seized the day they never did. That is the true source of their bitterness towards the world around them. What sane person wishes people to die in a fire merely because they oppose these bitter harridans and the idea I hate all women on earth if I use a vulgar slang term?

    2. Might be the same Cat who posted on File 770. Glyer had a reaction to the latest Sad Puppies Slate, and a fair amount of hate came out. http://file770.com/?p=20680 Cat says it’s all about Larry trying to get a Hugo, and another fellow said it was a list of whom to automatically put below No Award.

      1. Might be. The Cat on Brad’s blog had a link to a profile of herself. Not that I care who she is. Good link, BTW.

      2. Is this the same Cat who periodically posts over on Sarah Hoyt’s blog? (Cat being a sufficiently popular moniker to raise doubt.) There are a few (usually mild) examples over there from her, when I get home I’ll try and dig them up.

  7. I went to pull up a book review before ordering a book and found this gem over at Whatever (link: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2015/01/22/the-big-idea-rachel-manija-brown-and-sherwood-smith/)

    Quote: Our risky idea was to base the characters of our post-apocalyptic town on the people of modern Los Angeles. Its real teenagers aren’t the straight white culture-less heroes who inhabit most YA novels.

    Embedded in a well-meaning, attempting-to-be superversive (by their standards, but hey, it’s a start) description is the assumption that white teenagers aren’t real. Straight teenagers aren’t real. And neither have any culture.

    Or visit Jagi’s blog and see utter grace in action in response to this yammerhead trying to convince people not to buy her husband’s books because he publishes with A Heretic. He did the exact same thing on my piddly blog, trying to convince my readers to do the same:
    (link: http://arhyalon.livejournal.com/375006.html)

      1. Man, Vox isn’t even on the ballot this year, but what’s the first and only thing Clamps raves about? Sheesh.

  8. http://www.jamesmaystock.com/essays/Pages/SFFRacistQuotes2.html


    The first one disappeared, maybe into spam/moderation.

    As anyone following this could predict, the actual numbers of racist, sexist and supremacist quotes by social justice warriors from within the core institutions of SFF literally number in the thousands compared to statistical zero by the so-called women-hating racist white supremacists they oppose. In short, the enemy SJWs have devoted thousands of Tweets and blog posts about doesn’t even exist and never has in SFF, not in 100 years. That is about what one might expect from an ideology created by paranoid and bigoted psychopaths.

  9. Of course there were all the reactions to Toni’s post, where she said something like, “We might read Heinlein and they might not, but we’re all SF/F fans just the same,” and the SJWs decided to respond as if she was excluding non-RAH-readers from fandom.

    (But that’s mostly one—I suspect deliberate—misreading, and everyone else skimming Toni’s essay and seeing words vaguely resembling whatever Whatever wrote.)

    1. Wait! Yes! There was something on Sarah’s blog that had a response to that nonsense- or maybe it was the Mad Genius Club… Dang. Ok, I’m off to do more searching.

    2. Scalzi’s reply to that was an infamous, deliberate misreading. And then, of course, the SJWs did their usual bonfire dance quoting Scalzi instead of Toni. That was the one Larry and Sarah actually steamed over.

  10. Larry, if you start tracking Mean Stuff on the Internet, you may never come up for air. That’s a Sisyphean task if ever I heard of one.

    Are these folks mad because you want a chance at awards, or mad because you exist at all? I can’t quite understand it . Anyway, good luck!

    1. Hadn’t seen that one before. Interesting. So… Us suggesting a slate. SUPER BAD. REQUIRES FIX. Everybody who suggested a slate before? Perfectly fine. The voters have spoken. Hurumph.

      I’m curious about how come when you guys buy memberships and vote, that is evil “vote buying” but the few thousand people who usually vote are fine. Then later he says that the solutions is to get more people involved in the nominating and voting processes… forehead slap.

      I did like the last bit about how Sad Puppies fared so super horribly… by not winning the award that we knew going in we weren’t going to win, but by achieving every one of our stated goals. And we were just getting warmed up that time. 🙂 And they do like to rub in Vox’s No Award, but note, they don’t bring up Toni’s original 1st place finish before she got bumped down by the weird Australian Rule’s Voting, or my 4th (in London, against British people and the Wheel of Time. Duh).

      Here’s the thing, I got a couple hundred individuals who don’t normally participate because they think the Hugos are a biased joke, to get involved. I did the same thing other authors did before, only I was honest about it. The problem is, you guys are the wrong kind of fans. You guys posting here? Some people still think that you don’t actually exist.

      Sadly for them, my daily blog traffic is higher than the total attending membership of WorldCon. I can’t see what it is so hard for them to realize that maybe, just maybe, you barbaric outsiders are actual real humans who read books.

      I wonder, all of these other typical crowd favorites who get noms but lose, are they also epic tragic huge failures in this narrative? Or just us barbaric outsiders?

      As for an author spending $6 grand out of pocket for a Hugo nomination, you’d have to be a friggin’ idiot. The Hugo has become so incredibly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things that would be a terrible return on investment. Now, I know I’m just a poor, naive country novelist, desperately seeking their approval, but I sold over $100,000 worth of merchandise that year. Most Hugo winners still have their day jobs.

      I was an auditor. If you’re going to accuse me of fraud, at least have the decency to accuse me of fraud that makes economic sense.

      1. Aah, but see, you didn’t really sell over $100,000 worth of merchandise – you bought it all yourself since none of us rabid fans really exist except as a figment of your imagination. Really wish I could figure out how to make money at a racket like that!

        As a side note, your imagination is pretty impressive to have come up with someone as perfect as I am…but…about that guy over there…Dude, WTF? I mean that’s just so wrong. And stuff. 😀

        1. If you think that guy is far fetched, you should marvel at the fact I was audacious enough to create female, gay, and minority imaginary fans to post here too!

          It is really kind of amazing how I’m able to write 2 books a year, a ton of short stories, blog and FB posts, and THEN have thousands of sock puppet accounts respond to talk with myself. Because the idea that I have tons of actual real human fans, so many in fact that a small percentage of them would register to vote for the Hugos is simply outlandish.

  11. You posted about the Campbell in April 2011, and mentioned the ‘british blogger’ in a post in December 2011.

    Set your wayback machines, people. This has been going on a long time, in blog terms. (Real life, as well, but that’s another story for another day.) 🙂

  12. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I’d like to reiterate what my own issue is. There is no such thing as a bad race or sex. One might think that is obvious to any adult but it’s not to a social justice warrior, not at all. They have been gulled into believing words like “privilege,” “diversity,” “male gaze,” “rape culture,” “cis-normative,” “micro aggressions” and “white savior” mean something other than sheer hatred. They don’t. In this particular phenomenon occurring within SFF, those words are rhetorical shills for plain old garden variety hatred, racism, sexism and supremacy.

    In 1984 George Orwell warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing that would come at you from your blind side and catch you in a perceptual trap. The trap here is that as Americans too many are convinced non-whites, gays and women don’t share the full range of human emotions and failings. In truth, they are just as capable of rancid ideological hatreds as the American Nazi Party. The truth of that will be shown by the fact whatever journalist is tackling this issue won’t possibly be able to read all the racist quotes from SJWs; they are that numerous.

    On the other hand, I defy SJWs to crowdsource quotes from their so-called enemies. Unless one completely redefines racism and sexism to so that one only qualifies under SJW sick, perverted and self-serving power/privilege doctrine (a disclaimer fundamental to their lying movement) SJWs have no such quotes to show from within the SFF community that would amount to more than a statistical zero percentage of their own. SJWs are liars; they lie about race, world history, sex, gender, our genre and our genre’s history. In the space of only 5 years SJWs have turned the core institutions that created SFF into a KKK lake. They need to be marginalized and delegitimatized right into that lake and a wall built around it. Quotes will do it, and they have left a trail of them to hang themselves many times over. Live and let live.

  13. N. K. Jemisin, and especially how the SFWA handled her and her racism and antics vs. Vox Day. She was just as bad if not worst but he’s the one who was bootted.

    1. Fail Burton is James May. He already posted his collection links here.

      And seriously, if you want to see just how sick and depressing this culture war is, go read all of those.

      1. Clamps doxed him? So not surprised there. (Do those morons realize who they’re tolerating?)

        Though now when I read his posts, I hear them in my mind with James May of Top Gear’s voice 😀

        1. They deserve to find out what they’re tolerating. I think it was when Larry joined the thread (a few months later) to warn them that they blocked him.

          “Chump don’t want no help, chump don’t get da’ help!”

          1. Yep. I got tagged in somehow, and posted about how the guy they were talking to was a weirdo stalker and all around lunatic nut bag, just to warn them, and then they all cackled about how they couldn’t hear me because I was blocked. Okay. I might not like you, but that doesn’t mean I want you to have a lunatic stalker. Have fun with that, harpies.

      2. These folks won’t delete a thing. They truly feel they have a free-fire zone to say the most blatantly racist things and come away without a scratch.

        On the subject of the Requires Hate fallout, fringe and sad PoC nobody Solace Ames declared “Don’t listen to any white writers.”

        SFF nobody Tade Thompson created “Safe,” a safe-space for PoC writers after the M.J. Locke report about Require Hate. There, he instructs white people, “Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

        I never knew white people were wrong about everything 100% of the time, except for when they attack themselves; then they’re right 100% of the time.

    1. I loved the way they used the word “bigot” as if they know what it means and apply it evenly across the board using some form of principle. That’s the single most weird and striking thing about social justice warriors: their obsession with fighting bigotry and having no actual definition for the word. As far as I can tell the SJW definition for the word “bigot” is “not me,” “whites,” “men,” “heterosexuals,” “Christians,” “the West,” “conservatives.”

    1. I just went and read this page and I could totally relate to the Facebook comments by people who just packed up and left SFF fandom and writing altogether. I had an active blog since 2005 doing tons of reviews and commentary on the genre and did my level best to stay out of the political fray but it wouldn’t leave me alone. My blog was featured as one of the “bad” ones that didn’t have more reviews of books by women than by men. Never mind the fact that two of the regular reviewers on the blog were men– that’s no excuse!

      Nowadays I don’t blog, I don’t review and I don’t write anything related to the genre. Sometimes I’ll read something if it looks interesting but mostly I gravitate to suspense novels or mysteries. SFF just isn’t worth the hassle most of the time anymore. I can’t even tell you how many books by these oh-so-tolerant authors I have thrown out over the last year either.

      I don’t even comment on blogs like this with my more familiar blog name either. Who needs the grief?

  14. And marry, sir, they have committed false report; moreover, they have spoken untruths; secondarily, they are slanders; sixth and lastly; they have belied a lady; thirdly, they have verified unjust things; and, to conclude, they are lying knaves.

  15. You might as well add *me* to your little list. You’ve named a lot of people I am sympatico with and talk with every day.

    James May, in his Fail Burton persona, has at least once named me as a social justice warrior ruining science fiction.

    And Sarah Hoyt has banned me from her blog…twice.

    John C Wright and his wife are friends with me, but I guess no one is perfect, right?

    Best Regards,
    Paul Weimer

    1. “Little list”? Why, have you called anyone here a racist hatemonger just because you didn’t like their politics? Have you publicly expressed a desire to see any of us here “die in a fire”? You see, to get mentioned here, you had to actually DO something other than just have unacceptable badthink. So what are your qualifications for the list? Don’t think you’re getting on it for free!

      1. Mr Weimer, aka princejvstan, probably hasnt said anyone needs to die in a fire, I dont think he has enough guts to that, but he certainly hasnt complained when people have, or put down that can of gas he likes to carry around.

        Ive listend to, and read, enough comments from him in the last couple years to think his passive agressive, cowardly commentary, his habit of talking about someone without talking about someone, is probably worse than the folks like “requires only that you hate” that say it directly.

      2. And it’s not like we didn’t try and do this the right way. How many of us left comments at Tor, Locus, Black Gate, Luhrs, Buhlert, Whatever, Hines, and an entire range of others only to be dishonestly engaged by smug warnings, stupid insults, bannings and deletions?

        Okay, fine – I can write HTML too. You want to be talked about rather than to? No problem. You can’t stop the signal. And to be fair, I’ll even signal-boost your signal. I will provide accurate, sourced quotes linked to in order to provide full context of the original quote. No innuendoes, hints, group defamations, guilt by race, by sex, by sexual expression. No assertions I can’t studiously back up with research to show evidence of a trend.

        No individual fringe outliers of a single person multiplied into an army. No non-satirical uses of phrases like “mansplaining,” “cis-dudes,” “whitesplaining.” If Tor.com wants to hire a blogger who uses slurs like “Cis peeeoooople” even while they defend her in real time by deleting comments, they’re going to hear about it. If Tor in principle wants to defend the use of terms like “homo broads” while they assert a tacit white supremacist conspiracy by male fantasy authors over a period of 100 years with completely unsourced accusations that are no different than calling black people lazy and Jews greedy then they will hear about it.

        I’ll tell you what, when these daffy gender feminists occupy the offices of the Selective Service Administration instead of Ladies Home Journal, that is the day I’ll #JustListen. Until then go diversify and pie-chart Vet’s Hospitals instead of insulting them on a daily basis as an entire group of over 100 million people. You don’t like “cultural appropriation”? Okay, fine – then by your definition of racial, sexual and geographic ownership, stay out of my genre.

        Amidst a welter of lies about straight white men, I’ve yet to see a single instance of “Buy this!!! It’s by cutting-edge heterosexuals, brilliant men, a white Eurofuture!!!” But I do see that rancid garbage on a daily basis from our Social Justice Retard KKK. Stop lying. There are no white SF symposiums, anthologies ideologically devoted to cis-hets and Men’s Rights SFF. There isn’t now and never has been. The only come-one-come-all awards in SFF are those created by straight white men. The rest are segregated, just like their dumbfuck race-rooms and dinners and “safe-space” web sites.

    2. No one’s unfairly signed you up for an ideology you haven’t embraced with both arms. You are the Forrest Gump of SFF. In doing research I’ve been utterly amazed at how often you are right there in a comments section of any post that talks smack about whites, men or heterosexuals and replying “Yup, you betcha.” If there was an award for that you’d win hands down.

      If you want to stop being portrayed as an intersectional Gunga Din carrying water for a bunch of racists and freaks by writing things about smashing the patriarchy then the simple solution is to stop doing it. Don’t blame the camera for the pictures it takes. This is not a case of guilt by association but words out of your own mouth.

      This is a community of writers. There is no such thing as endless variants of the words “sexual harassment” and “racism.” There is no such thing as a single ethnic group being wrong about everything throughout all eternity. There are no variants of the idea of “diversity.” Either it’s a good idea or it isn’t. If it’s a good idea then start telling us how Arabs and Asians should be ashamed of depicting themselves in their own fiction. Start writing posts about the miserable “monoculture” of the National Basketball Association and middle-weight boxing. Go lecture Bollywood. Call for the diversification of all of Africa because it will be so much better with Asians, Arabs and Europeans. Tell us how Nigerian literature with an all-black table of contents will have nothing new there.

      No one’s put you on a list. You put yourself on it and you can take yourself off of it. If I start talking complete racist bullshit about “black saviors” and how I’m sick of seeing them make the winning touchdown or interception that is me putting myself on a list. Just fess up to the fact you openly support people who obsessively single out humans as white, ethnic European and heterosexual and portray them in the negative 100% of the time. How that is considered “justice” or anti-racism boggles my mind. That’s a fucking “progressive” KKK, dude, and that’s all it is.

      1. James, again as has been stated in the past, if you have “pictures” from your “camera” then show them. If you have evidence of racism, link to it. Obscure references and tangiential bloviating don’t really prove a point.

        1. Scroll up. Click on the links. Read the hundreds of tweets he collected from Twitter.

          If that doesn’t sound racist to you, in your brain, replace every variation of heterosexual white male with Jew and see how much they sound like Heinrich Himmler.

          If those tweets don’t sound like judging and hating groups based upon the color of their skin rather than their individual character… Well, I got nothing.

          1. Sorry, Larry, in the replies and using my phone, I got confused and thought he was talking about you, hence my position of asking for the proof. I misread who the post was directed towards.

      2. Sorry, Joel’s reply made me realize that James’ reply to a reply was not directed at who I thought it was directed at (LC) hence my confusion at how off in left field it sounded.

      1. Well, Jagi, that’s because you have a heart of gold. For me, the jury was out until somebody else posted a link to what he was saying about everybody here on Twitter during all this. 🙂

      2. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, but to be here talking with you all (Sadly I’ve missed most of this here) while simultaneously having exchanges like:

        Cora Buhlert ‏@CoraBuhlert · 16h16 hours ago
        @PrinceJvstin That guy is just a piece of fucking shit.

        Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin · 16h16 hours ago
        @CoraBuhlert word

        Well, color me unimpressed.

        Then of course there is this little gem:

        Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin · 16h16 hours ago
        @CoraBuhlert @sblackmoore @QQwill I have observed women are disproportionately attacked by his ilk.

        Personally I think women and men are equal, so if I disagree with someone I will tell them regardless of their gender, but hey, by some of your side’s thinking (not necessarily yours) I shouldn’t criticize women ever because its either harassment or because they can’t handle it.

        I think that’s a load of bull, but again, it’s what I have actually seen argued.

        1. So, where exactly in Paul’s single visit here, has he observed that women are disproportionately attacked by my ilk?

          That’s their standard trick. Your opponent is racist/sexist/homophobic then repeat, repeat, repeat, all in the hopes that it sticks. Then the undecideds and low information people, when exposed to the opponent will have already heard that they are racist/sexist.

          You know, it is funny. I already sent the reporters a ton of stuff to illustrate how these people operate. They KNOW I’m doing this here, and even then they can’t help but give me more ammunition. They really can’t shut up.

      3. (Yeah, I’ve gone into full snark mode. So sue me.)

        The only thing I can think of is they’re counting Hines, Scalzi, and Damien as women, because really, they’re the people who seem to get into tiffs with most.

        Of course a lot of them also seem convinced that the lot of us are just a hair away from going postal with our guns, hence you see things like.

        Cora Buhlert ‏@CoraBuhlert · 17h17 hours ago
        @Cecily_Kane @PrinceJvstin @sblackmoore @QQwill Well, I’m a continent away from him and his big guns, so I’m not worried.

        Paul Weimer ‏@PrinceJvstin · 17h17 hours ago
        @CoraBuhlert @Cecily_Kane @sblackmoore @QQwill no, there ARE people who seem to draw his guns again and again.

        But it’s all good. They can keep up their libel and we can keep up simply quoting them.

      4. Yeah, well… notice how they construe an attack on an ideologue who happens to be a woman as an attack on “women”… all women. That’s the typical lying SJWs engage in.

        It’s an ideology constructed of straw men: whites hate blacks, men hate women, straights hate gays. Naturally then any demographic that is white straight male is seen as hateful. That’s how they “know” Golden Age SF was racist and sexist; they don’t have to read the stories, just know the demographics. It’s typical Stormfront “bad neighborhood” bullshit. No one in their right mind would construe attacking the KKK as attacking all whites.

    3. The “little list” is not one of “society offenders who might well be underground,/And who never would be missed,” but of things said—misrepresentations of Larry or Brad or Sad Puppies and such.

      And though I’m sure the nobility of your gesture will be appreciated, volunteering yourself is not actually helpful unless you’re also posting links to any times you might have called Larry a racist hatemonger or something like that. (If you’ve not actually said anything of that sort, then no matter how annoying an SJW you might be this list is not for you.)

      1. Wow… You really are a piece of work, ain’t you, Paul?

        And here I was wondering how somebody could manage to get banned from Sarah’s page a couple times, considering that you’ve got to be a really dimwitted jackass to get banned by Sarah. I had zero idea who you are, but apparently some posters here thought you were a disingenuous jackass. Well, I didn’t know. I had zero evidence either way.

        Oh wait, somebody posted some evidence. Let’s look at Twitter for a moment to see if you are actually a disingenuous jackass.

        Paul – “And see me for the first and last time post on Larry Correia’s blog. Because I am pissed the fuck off.”
        Random Internet Person – “Why would you do that to yourself?”
        Paul – “A lack of sense”
        Some guy – “Is this on his post about media people asking him for information he doesn’t have and yet mysterious uses for arguments?”

        – Well, let me jump in and clarify for your buddy there. To clarify, I already sent them an email full of information and links. I just don’t keep track of examples of the minor dipshittery of the SJW side in the culture war. I just asked these guys for examples and then sent the reporter a link to this page.

        Funny, when your side tried to crowd source a witch hunt through my thousands of posts to find evidence of my racism, homophobia, and misogyny, that was totally cool… Even though you came up with nothing. I ask for examples of SJW dipshittery, and well, just scroll up through all those links and decided for yourself. 🙂

        But back to Twitter!

        Paul – “this is a “major media outlet interview” post that he wants to collect SJW names for, yeah”

        – Again, either you are sounding willfully ignorant or just plain dishonest. Major media… More readers that you’ll ever have. Don’t know why that is hard to imagine since the last time I did this it ended up on the Wall Street Journal. And no… I’m not “collecting names”. I talked about SJW’s being slanderous, lying dipshits, and they wanted examples.

        Person – “I also think people who disagree with Correia should stop saying stupid shit like “I hope he and his friends die in a fire”

        Why thank you random internet stranger. I also wish they hadn’t said that I beat my wife, voting for me is like punching women in the face, I want to drag women to death behind my pickup truck, I want to keep women and minorities out of sci-fi, I’m a rape apologist, I’m dangerous and disgusting, My presence makes people unsafe, I’m not a *real* writer, I only write about manly white men having white adventures, and various other lies.

        You know… Come to think of it, my motivation for fucking with you mopes is a direct result of all the shit people like you have talked over the years. Just think… If you would have just left me and my friends alone, I would have been perfectly content to not pay any attention to your awards.

        Back to Twitter! Where Paul says,

        “it does give him more ammunition, yeah. And is no better than they”

        Oh, too late for that, Paul! 😀

        “I don’t for a second think Correia is a good person, contrary to opinions of him as *a person*. His rhetoric is clear.”

        Aw… @shaunduke on Twitter doesn’t like me. How will I sleep at night?

        Oh, but wait… There’s more! Some other random people are HOWLING with laughter. Yes. Literally. Because apparently these comments here are that funny. A “Mutual Masturbation Society” if you will.

        Paul – “Ha!”

        Other Person I’ve Never Heard Of – “I’ve never seen a bigger collection of quiveringly indignant people doing precisely what they accuse their “oppressors” of doing.

        Paul – “yes, you noticed that, didn’t you?”

        Wait… Paul, so I didn’t edit your words, or “kitten” or “disemvowel” or delete or “massage” your comments, as is common on all the SJW author’s blogs. You made a statement, and then got into an argument with some other posters. Where are the parts where I lied about you, slandered you, made up crap about you in other places, threatened your career, complained to your publishing house, insinuated you were racist/sexist/homophobic in the hopes of damaging your career, or other forms of “oppression”?

        I merely left your words to stand for themselves while you willingly engaged in a debate against people you disagree with.

        Hmmm… I’m starting to see why some people here accused you of being a lying jackass.

        Some dude named Shecky “BTW, went through the whole comment section and didn’t spot your post. Guess it got deleted because it didn’t toe the Party line?”

        Paul – “I think it is in moderation.”

        Hmmm… Interesting. Because the only posts I ever delete are spam and death threats. The only posts I have set to go automatically into moderation are first time posts and things with multiple links (both as a result of spam settings). So… That means Paul was posting all of these about how awful and horrible bad my commenters are before he ever actually engaged them.


        So yeah, Paul, I can’t imagine why some of these people posting here would think you are a jackass.

      2. Can’t see how to comment back to Larry, so I’ll leave my comment here. Paul and I go way back…we both share a great love of Zelazny and Amber. I am very fond of Paul and will continue to be so…even if he might now regret having dropped by here…for the same reason that I just told Yama that I will continue to be fond of Vox.

        Because friends, like good stories, should be judged by other standards than just their politics. 😉

        But, that aside, I am very glad that you are doing this, Larry. Some of what is on the links above is really sad and terrible. Racism is racism if it puts race above character. It doesn’t become “not racism” because it choses a race it thinks of as powerful instead of a race it thinks of as weak.

      3. It occurs to me that, being here at our host’s place, I should speak up on the other side as well.

        Paul, do not judge our host by the fearsomeness of his Tweets. (Today of all days, you are probably aware of how little we would all like to be judged by our performance on Twitter)

        Larry is a true gentleman. He is kind, great-hearted, helpful. He is a good man who really lives what he believes in–in a way that many don’t. He doesn’t put himself forward, but if you look into him a bit, you’ll see some of what I mean.

        Don’t be deceived by the title International Lord of Hate…that’s humor. He actually believes what he says he stands for–which is that stories should be written to be entertaining, to be full of fun. And that’s what he writes, fun stories that are enjoyable to read (and that make good roleplaying games. I’m playing in a Grimnoir game at the moment. I play a crack shot “weatherman” named Belle Weather.)

        I think when people look at each other through political lenses, it is so easy to see the opposition as demonic. But when we step back and try to get to know each person for what is valuable in them, we see that what we were throwing stones at was all smoke and mirrors (what Larry calls Straw Larry.) The real person was never those things.

  16. Larry, I love your work, Grimnoir chronicles especially, but as a guy who really wishes there were still some moderate republicans left to vote for I’m getting a little tired of hearing the most empowered class in our society claim victim hood status because “the media” is out to get them.

    1. Yeah, I can’t imagine why conservatives would think that a career field which usually votes 80% + democrat, and which controls all but a couple media outlets, which has been repeatedly blatantly demonstrated to be biased against conservatives, would be biased against conservatives. That’s just crazy. Oh well. We’ll just wait and see what John Stewart, the NYT, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN have to say about it. 🙂

  17. I note that some of the links here lead to expressions of hatred. Others strike me as enthusiastic spouting off of people who just happen to disagree with the prevalent ideas here. Our host is a fair-minded fellow. I am sure he will wisely discern between the two.

    1. Certainly. The difference is between those who merely believe that we are wrong and those who choose to believe that we are evil.

      With the former we can disagree without great consequence. Prefer non-binary gender over “Manly Men doing Manly Things”? No worries, there’s plenty out there to satisfy such tastes. The latter would see us “die in a fire” or be “forcefully ejected from society in general.”

      With the one, we could attend a SFF convention without much problem. After all, we both love sci-fi, though different flavors. The other would “not feel safe” in a room with any of us. Which is high irony considering those of us who train to defend, not despoil, the innocent.

      When those who attack us feel a righteous fervor in doing so and are lauded by their sycophantic minions whenever they do, I’ve yet to see a limit to what depths they will plumb. It used to be that writers of the old school (that being those who wrote to entertain an audience and earn a paycheck rather than those who sought to force a message down our throats) were derided as “hacks” or merely dismissed altogether. With the advent of indie and ebooks to go along with Baen (who can only publish so many in all practicality), they feel threatened. Thus they attack.

      One can hold a civil discourse with those with whom we disagree. Those who use libel and slander by calling us rape apologists, racists, Nazis, fascists, and so on do not seek to see us merely defeated. No. They desire utter capitulation, humiliation, and conversion to their own dogma, by force in the end if all the rest fails.

    1. The one truly unacceptable thing is for a child not to LIKE to read. When did that happen? Some people don’t like to read, even when they can read well. Some people (crazy that they are) don’t like to read fiction at all, they’d rather read informative articles or something that is true… a biography or a book on how to build something. They just don’t *care* about made up stories. Or maybe they’d rather not read at all and would rather build something or go outside and run around. When did we start treating these kids as broken and needing to be fixed?

      Nothing wrong with more books of more sorts, of course. Just feeling sorry for the poor kids who don’t conform to our current fashion for assuming everyone must love this one particular thing.

    2. Incidentally… if you watch all the way through, what the main woman interviewed says about her second daughter who didn’t like to read is exactly what Larry says, and Sarah and others say all the time. Her daughter hated to read, and what she was given by teachers was full of civil rights angst but she found Artemis Fowl and discovered books that she loved to read.

      It’s not about the check-lists, it’s about the story.

      1. I’ve always loved reading, but I was lucky I had a dad with a love of reading and a large collection of SFF that he let me pick through. So I knew early on that the stupid stuff they made us read in school wasn’t the end-all-be-all of books. If that hadn’t been the case, it may have taken me longer to truly realize that “The Great Gatsby,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” “The Scarlet Letter,” and even “Huckleberry Finn” were not indicative of all fiction. I hated every single one of those.

      2. Hell, the same thing goes for writing. Back in school, they’d give boring assignments where you had to write about the “symbolism” in the “classics.” I hated it, but learned to do it because I don’t like to give less than my best. Then, come college, we get technical papers. Those aren’t bad, but they are boring. And it turned out I was usually the best writer in the group, so unless I wanted to get a mediocre grade (which would mean a mediocre job at graduation) I would have to write the damn thing.

        Recently, I’ve been DMing a couple of online RPGs and even writing some short scifi and found I love it. I don’t think I’ll ever write a book or publish anything, but I would have laughed if you told me 10 years ago that I would be writing 5-10K word stories for fun I would have laughed in your face. It’s my honest opinion that a majority of English teachers do their best to poison a love of anything related to the subject, then salt the earth so nothing will grow back.

      3. The problem is that I don’t think they do it on purpose. Instead, they simply jump to “everyone loves books like I do”–because they were trained by education and English academics, and mostly hung out with other English majors–and proceed to botch everything.

      4. I always loved reading, but that’s mostly thanks to a mother who read to me A LOT when I was too young to read, and helped me to read when I was learning (when I was learning, we read Fellowship of the Ring together at night where she’d read a page aloud to me, then I’d read a page aloud, and fall asleep within a few pages). And then she encouraged me and helped me find books that I liked. She’s the one who introduced me to Robert A. Heinlein, which is what began my absolute LOVE of good SF/F, and she’s not really a SF/F fan.

        If all I’d had to introduce me to reading for pleasure were the required reading at school, I wouldn’t love books today.

        So, thanks to my mother (who is quite liberal and would sadly be prone to listen to the yahoos politely slandering conservative sf/f writers) who actually gets it about enjoying reading.

    3. Wait a minute, They got to the first kid who didn’t like to read, and all they got out of him was a Shrug. Then suddenly we cut to an adult with an agenda telling us WHY he doesn’t read, facts which are NOT in evidence.

      1. Exactly. Maybe he just doesn’t like fiction and would rather read about real things. Maybe he’s dyslexic and no one really knows (which is common enough.) Maybe he’s just too distracted or he’d rather play his video game. The first couple of kids loved to read and we’d think they’ve got the same books available as he does.

        There is nothing at all in the video other than the *assertion* that this lack of children of color in children’s literature is the problem. The woman they interviewed at length gave her supporting anecdote which didn’t support any of the assertions either. This might be the fault of whomever did the video editing. What her anecdote did seem to support was that children want an adventure and something that captures their imagination. Her daughter didn’t care for the stuff she could “see herself in” that was all angst and civil rights… so she had to find adventure in a series of books about a white boy criminal mastermind (if I’m understanding Artemis Fowl properly.)

        The push to get more fun science fiction and fantasy, to maybe push these message-fic, relevance-fetishers to write fun adventure instead… that’s something I can get behind. I realize there is no convincing someone who thinks otherwise that it Just Doesn’t Matter what the gender or ethnicity of the protagonist is so long as the story is engaging. (Which is why trying to say so is *interpreted* as demanding that the protagonist be white and male, just like the author. It doesn’t matter how often you say you don’t care or point out which of your favorite protagonists (or authors) don’t qualify… there is only One Truth.) But it Just Doesn’t Matter… so more fun story based stories in science fiction and fantasy that are about the fun adventure and human triumph is a Good Thing, no matter what the protagonist looks like.

        I liked the Hardy Boys far more than Nancy Drew, who was okay and also pretty much looks Just Like Me. The day I read a book and think, “wow, I’d like this even better if the protagonist was blond,” is the day I think, “wow, I’d like this even better if the protagonist didn’t have a penis.” It’s just not going to happen. Not ever. So I’m all for whoever it is, for whatever silly idea, pushing the publication of fun sci-fi and fantasy adventures. It’s more to read, any way you look at it.

    1. I’d love to hear what they think my “rhetoric” is. Are we talking me, or Straw Larry? Because Straw Larry is a dick.

      1. I usually post a link to the “playing with your dolls” scene from Spaceballs since it seems to give a good hint as to where the SJWs get their statements from, but YouTube is blocked at work.

        (Instead I can imagine one the SJWs holding up a little Larry Correia action figure and arguing with that. Until the Wendell action figure beats them up.)

    2. Well, I was reading them on Twitter just now and they feel sure you hate Muslims, GLBI#L!H people, any non-whites, all women.

      Just like the Golden Age of SF is chock full of racist colonialism satirical jabs at black people they can never actually show us, they have no quotes to go with their allegations. Being sure trumps facts.

      1. Wow. If I hate all those people it is sure going to make my book signings weird, because those people keep showing up… Not to mention family gatherings are going to be awkward!

  18. Dunno if it has anything about the sci-fi or literary community specifically, but there’s a subreddit called “Stormfront or SJW” where it’s a guessing game whether it’s someone like the neo-nazis or ISIS, or a SJW, has answers and links or screenshots of the originals. Only looked at it when it was first created because a friend was laughing at it. It was surprisingly hard to tell the difference.

    1. I’ll hit this one on the head again because it bears repeating: SJWs value identity (appearance) above principle. That means the simplest comparisons are unavailable to them. They are literalists. You constantly see them fail at simple analogies and metaphors. SJWs literally don’t see their own bigotry or understand why we’re miffed. SJWs don’t understand a thing like a shared intellectual and philosophical space. That means there can never be a thing LIKE neo-Nazism, but only neo-Nazism itself. That also means racism becomes static, forever trapped in whatever a white person did that has come to their attention. When you tell an SJW that colonialism and slavery were fully indulged in throughout history by their precious people of color, they literally cannot grasp that. They look at the Taj Mahal and Hagia Sophia with blank stares. The Alhambra is just some building. The two centuries-long Crusades that were little more than a few city-states is burned into SJW memory. The 7 centuries of the Islamic colonization of most of Spain and Portugal goes into a memory-hole. SJWs will constantly moan about how there were multicultural PoC in medieval Europe but carefully leave out the Arab army of 11,000 that sacked St. Paul’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Cathedral in the 9th century.

      Everything an SJW says is purest bullshit. The reason for that is they have taken a concept of global and historic immorality and forever embedded it in straight white Christian Western men. They have embedded innocence and morality in everyone else. Their rhetoric stinks of it. That’s because their rhetoric comes straight from provincial New York-centric radical gay feminism of the ’60s and ’70s updated with racial privilege around 1990. That’s why they constantly whine about the “Patriarchy,” a too-white Table of Contents, too many men and not enough lesbians. It’s no coincidence last year’s Nebulas was hosted by a woman dressed as a man, that she co-wrote the whitey takedown, the Nebula nominated “Wakulla Springs,” or that the daffy woman who cried for LC to get away from her on Twitter Tweeted how great it was no white men won a Nebula. They can’t make the comparison of themselves to a gentrified boutique klan of neo-Nazis because they believe the opposite of the straight white male is incapable of racism and supremacy, even when they use rhetoric that would fit right in with a ’30s beer-garden on Frankfurt Am Main.

    2. I still love the game of replacing the name of the SJW’s hated-group-of-the-day with Jews and trying to spot the difference between it and an actual Nazi propaganda piece.

  19. Fresh off the Twitter presses:

    “Fran ‏@Franellece · 18m18 minutes ago
    Larry Correia i hope you die a horrible death”

    1. I also point out his twitter profile shows the non-Larry related Monster Hunter game. Could this be a poor taste joke? English appears not to be the poster’s first language.

      1. Fogo de Chao would be my way to go as well. Endless meat, as far as the eye can see. We have four down here in Texas. You should come down sometime.

      2. Out of curiosity, how many death threats that you know of have you received in the past month or so, Larry? I only ask because I see all these SJWs crying over one or two while claiming their side is innocent as the driven snow.

        1. Little stupid Twitter things and FB comments? I don’t know. Just a couple. It has been a slow month. Argue with any caring types on the internet long enough and they’ll be threatening to murder your whole family in short order. That’s just the nature of things with anonymous assholes and zero accountability.

          Now, actual psychos? Things that trip the internal alarm because they aren’t just internet cranks smack talking? None recently. Thank goodness. Those I remove ASAP and keep on file and don’t talk about and details, names, or places. Giving them any attention or power over you is exactly the wrong thing to do.

          I will say that there a few specific places in the US that when I’m doing a signing or an event there, I always make sure to have a few capable, trained fans in the audience, who are aware of the particulars.

      3. Be quiet, Brian! I’m trying to lure Larry to Texas! If we fill him up with enough delicious meat, he may decide to stay here!

      4. “I’m trying to lure Larry to Texas!”

        Then fortune is with you, since he’s not going to Indy this year.

        If Texans have perfected one science, it’s delicious meat engineering.

  20. http://www.pretty-terrible.com/2015/01/09/links-010915/
    […] Smugglivus 2014: The Airing of Grievances But they forgot the Sad Puppies! However, the Sad Puppies have not forgotten us (link goes to LMGTFY because I don’t feel like even making a donotlink for those jackholes who don’t seem to realize that the Hugos are not a pissing match and their eternal state of whininess over their lack of popularity among the people who vote are making them more of a joke than they already are). […]

    1. Clamps sighting in comments!

      You know, for a guy who shouldn’t be online, he’s sure online a lot.

    2. It’s amazing how N.K. Jemisin and Nalo Hopkinson continually use so many words to say white people are immoral, spiritless and oppressive morons.

      And no, pie-charting an anthology won’t lower quality. Just look at the rich legacy of the Tiptree Awards and last year’s Hugos. And that’s not including “Oh, stupid white people, let me count the ways. Your innate racism is as myriad as those lights in the night sky, whatever they are… comets, or something…”

    1. Wait. Their take-away from reading all of this is we’re “scarred for life because we were forced to read Huck Finn.”

      Da frak?

      That and they think this is just a summation of “trash talk on twitter.”

      The reading comprehension is high in this one.

      No, wait. The other opposite.

      1. While I did mention above that I hated Huck Finn, I am not scarred for life having read it. It was a stupid book that I’ll never read again, nor force on any hypothetical children I may have in the future. If they want to read it on their own, I’m fine with it. But I won’t make them read it, even if it is considered great American literature. In my eyes, it sucks. And anything by William Shakespeare is on the list right next to it. If that means I’m “scarred for life,” I must be one big mass of scar tissue just from all the things I’ve voluntarily done/read/watched that I discovered I hated.

        1. Ironic, considering how many of the basic plots in literature can be pointed to Shakespeare plays as accessible examples. But then, you’re probably too busy hating Shakespeare to notice.

      2. Fuck off, Draven. Shakespeare was overly wordy and obtuse. The stories I enjoy, I’ve just got better things to do with my time than puzzle out what the hell the guy was talking around.

      3. You know, I love Shakespare. I already had the quote used here from Much Ado memorized. I also do stuff like read Don Quioxte in the original Spanish and reread Our Mutual Friend every year because I enjoy it so much. (I also read kid’s books and low end fantasy novels, and everything in-between, so whatever.)

        But I can absolutely positively understand why someone, anyone, wouldn’t like those books and authors. Especially if you’re forced to read them at a young age by teachers, well meaning or not.

        So, with all due respect Draven, bugger off. If he doesn’t like Billy or Twain he doesn’t. Shakespeare is great, but it’s also written in an older dialect of English that is really hard to understand if you haven’t gotten through enough of it. His plays also tend to be of the type that are really, really easy to screw up by the actors/production crew.

        The fact that he’s here suggests we have at least some taste in books in common, so huzzah for that.

      4. Wait. Their take-away from reading all of this is we’re “scarred for life because we were forced to read Huck Finn.”

        What, really?

        I thought they all thought Huck Finn was a terrible racist book that no one should ever have to read because racism and triggering…

        And now they’re using schoolhouse-inculcated dislike of said book as an insult?

        …will it make more sense if I start drinking?

    2. They assume that trash talk on the internet was the point of the whole article? This thread is just a result of of me talking about the nature of SJWs and them asking for some links to examples.

      Did it work? I don’t know. SCROLL UP. 😀 This was one tiny part of the conversation and all I did was tell them to flip through these links to get an idea about the toxic nature of SJWs in this business.

      I don’t even know who James Nicoll is, but in the comments he’s got people who can’t imagine this being reported on (even though I’ve been a guest on FOX News before, and last year this got talked about by Wall Street Journal and USA Today people, and hell, might as well count the Guardian! I hear it has been accused of being a news source. 😀 ).

      Hmmm… Instapundit and Breitbart aren’t news. Oh, if only some day I could make the big time and show up in the HuffPo or Salon!

      Sadly, I wonder if James knows his biggest contributor there is a mentally unstable stalker, whose caretakers aren’t supposed to let him use the internet unsupervised?

      1. Nicoll’s commenters can best be explained as people with the egos of Napoleon and the anger that goes with having only that.

      2. There’s no point in warning them. They’d just block and ignore you anyhow. Let them find out the hard way what kind of guy Clamps is.

      3. Nicoll’s name sounded familiar so I looked him up and he isn’t an author like I thought, but he does have a Wikipedia page (?) that basically describes him as a message board/newsgroup poster who’s buddies with some writers.

        Reading it over did make me recall that a long time ago I read the sci-fi group on Usenet, but I didn’t stick with it very long because I couldn’t relate to the kinds of books and authors they were usually boosting. I remember the “brain eater” term that Wikipedia mentions, which was basically their term for writers that wandered away from acceptable thinking; e.g., when they say the brain eater got Poul Anderson, what that generally means is that Anderson forsook socialism, not that his prose quality truly declined.

        1. You can have a Wikipedia page about a dude who just posts stuff on the internet? No wonder Jimmy Wales is always having to beg for donations.

      4. Dang, I used to have a Wikipedia page because of the art APA’Zine I used to publish, until some Wikipedia editor whose entire activity history was deleting “Irrelevant” entries got a hold of it.

        And No, I was not the creator of the entry.

  21. My personal example would be Scalzi’s reaction to this point. His defense against uttering racist sexist generalizations that insult and minimize the difficulties of suffering people is that it’s okay as long as you do it behind their back.

    More recently I was astonished to find him attacking someone for teaching women how to protect themselves from rapists, but you’ve probably got that incident on the list already…

    1. What gets me is how ethnocentric these people are.

      Sure, in America, Australia and large chunks of Europe white people (straight or otherwise) are the majority, and hold a lot of the positions of power.

      But in focusing on that they’re disregarding a third of North America, South America, Pretty much all of Africa, most of Asia, and all the major islands I can think of off hand besides Great Brittan.

      Have they never been somewhere where white isn’t the majority? Ever?

      I have. Lived in Mexico for two years. Learned Spanish. Forgot some English even.

      And as much as I love Mexico and the people who live there, if you think even the majority of the poor in America have it bad, well, there’s a billion or four people I’d like to introduce them to.

      The best part is, there is even a name for what they’re doing. From some of the best literature ever written in English.


  22. https://twitter.com/jolantru/status/563245795634212866



    Great. Take your stinking racism, supremacy, your “people” and anti-white racial revenge fantasy anthologies like We See a Different Frontier you were in with you. I’ve declared SFF an UNESCO World Heritage Site free from “cultural appropriation” by non-indigenous outsiders. Sorry about that. Got the idea from your “people.”

    How does your own bullshit sound when it’s parroted back at you? Kinda racist, isn’t it?

      1. “As a person whose country (Singapore) is postcolonial, I guess I am struggling with the fact that I write in the language of the dominant culture of the readers.”

        “I get the feeling that white Americans and British people are still grappling with the concept of race. To them, privilege hides everything and gives them a pass in issues so complicated for disentangling and dismantling. Their word means everything. Why are they still uppity and arrogant when it comes to writing fiction with people of color and minority groups?” – Joyce Chng

        I have the easy answer to that: white people are uppity and arrogant. Plus they’re racists.

        Good luck with your new career, whatever it is.

  23. Sorry, random O/T recommendation: “The Crusades, Christianity, and Islam, written by the most distinguished historian of the Crusades, the Cambridge University scholar Jonathan Riley-Smith. A transcription of the Bampton Lectures he delivered in October 2007 at Columbia University, it is a thin book, brimming with insights, approachable by anyone interested in the subject.” Really interesting how much contrast there is between popular myth and historical reality.

  24. We should probably all thank LC for acting as a central clearing house for this pushback. In the space of only 2 years we’ve gone from being beggars at the mercy of racist moderators in their own spaces to creating our own spaces. We tried to engage and debate and debate honestly and were denied.

    Conversely, we now have largely unmoderated spaces which show two things: that we do not in fact hate women or non-whites or consider them second-class citizens, a thing that was a straw man lie all along. The second is to offer what we were denied – a place to debate. Other than a paltry few, SJWs have predictably refused to debate. That is no surprise since everything they stipulate in constructed on a falsehood that is no more complicated than men and whites being morally and spiritually inferior.

    You have to be brain-dead to look at history and erase any non-European colonialism and slave-trading. Naturally only a racist wants to erase such stuff. If racist anthologies like We See a Different Frontier and Long Hidden were neutral on such subjects, they would include children ripped from their homes to be Janissaries and the long cruel trek across the Sahara to be sold in Tripoli and sent to Constantinople or Baghdad. These are actual and real facts I can document.

    On the other hand, the constant lies about aliens as non-whites and SFF being built on colonialism in old school SFF cannot be documented. I don’t need to go any further. Racists and supremacists make it their business to construct blood-libels about their targets. What SJWs talk about is as revealing as what they never talk about. SJWs have constructed a lying myth about Golden Age SFF they stubbornly adhere to even though it has been torn to shreds. Every time I read about what a racist Tolkien was for having “easterlings” I like to remind SJWs those “easterlings” were so real that the English parliament in the early 1600s had to hold sessions about how to repatriate English slaves held in N. Africa stolen from parts as far north as Cornwall and County Cork.

    This is the reconquista. SJWs need to take a look at the Top 100 at Amazon in SFF and see the future they have created for themselves; they are OUT. We are creating new spaces and we won’t be fooled by bullshit about the “marginalized,” “diversity” and “equality” a second time. We know what that stuff means now and it used to be called black laziness and Jewish greed. SJWs can go peddle their hatreds elsewhere. They have made no secret of their names or what it is they hate. They have quarantined themselves. Good riddance. Take your “cis normative” and “privilege” and shove it.

    According to SJW logic which separates out humans into groups of race and sex, I created this genre and like Delta Blues, only I can deliver the real and authentic deal. Tough break. Go throw your own party and see who comes. Answer: nobody but stiffs like yourselves. By SJW reasoning Ann Leckie and Kameron Hurley are not only poaching on my ancestral hunting grounds but selling fake cis-ivory in a bait and switch. By SJW reasoning, there’s not a great call for Japanese blues music or white people wearing dreadlocks. Fine. You’ve convinced me. Good-bye. I reject your “cultural appropriation” of my genre.

    1. My ancestors were raided by Cossacks during wars and sold to Crimea. As a history student I would love history to stop being about chips on today’s folks shoulders – if the handwringing would stop, we would have better historical entertainment! I’d love to see a movie about that Moroccan sultan, who tried building a palace rivalling Versailles with the European slave force. Or about Silk Road merchants selling tea and buying Eastern european slaves. When history gets turned in to a morality play, so many fascinating stories get lost

      1. Heh. My ancestors on one side immigrated to America in the 1600’s some time – from Ireland. There is a real possibility they came here as slaves. Some of their countrymen certainly did. Then they got to deal with all of the crap of the Mormon persecution from Ohio all the way to Utah.

        On the other side my family lived in Friesland (north Holland) for more than a thousand years, first being conquered by the Dutch, then the French, (well, Napoleon anyway) and then my grandfather personally had to deal with the Nazi’s invasion, working as a double agent for the resistance.

        After all of that he came to America without any great wealth and built a life for his large family.

  25. James May’s links makes me wonder if these sjw- types know that the Internet makes the scene international. Their nonsense about “white people” being this and that gets read by us pale Europeans too. What, we don’t have culture? We are all colonialists and descendants of slave traders, even us whose “privileged” ancestors spent more time hiding from Cossacks than lounging in a plantation? Naively I first thought that they are not really racist but just have narrow anglocentric view on history.

    It’s weird that part of the speculative writers community has become so racially divisive and antagonistic, while at the same time the wider fandom – us geeks – is so global, befriending, dating and marrying across ethnic lines more than ever before. Most of average readers don’t bother finding out what nonsense the authors they read spout on Twitter, but if this racial antagonism goes on long, the authors might alienate their European readers. There’s like a bubble of this academic “critical theory” bs that has swallowed formally fun fandom and even part of the mainstream media (Guardian in particular) All it will lead to is balkanisation

    1. Yeah. Real ethnocentric group. It’s like for them the whole world (or rather, *their* whole world) is dominated by white men, and anywhere that isn’t might as well not exist.

      Podsnappery at its finest.

      (It’s from Dickens, btw, Podsnap was an arrogant rich British business man who, with a flourish of his hand, banished entire continents and peoples as irrelevant, to nonexistence, even because they didn’t conform to his ideal of Britishness.)

    2. Having had the pleasure to run around with fandom in Europe and England, that would be a crying shame if it happened.

  26. Reading through the thread this morning… wow. They really can’t help themselves, can they? They KNOW Larry has been contacted asking for quotes- and they can’t help but supply more. SMH.

    1. I nearly lost it when I scrolled down and read about how the Sexual Identity people are going to tackle AGRICULTURE, because plants have sex to reproduce and OMG, nobody is viewing this process through a Sexual Identity lens!!!!!!!1111!!!!1111ONE!

      …probably because the term “male” and “female” in plant reproduction has nothing much to do with what it means in mammalian primates. o_o;

  27. Don’t know if anyone else has seen this by Robert Stacy McCain in Twitter.
    Social Justice Warrior Syndrome: White person, weird hair, piercings, abnormal sexuality, mood disorder and radical politics

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