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The Phantom

Agggghhhh! So close and yet so far!

Come to Toronto Lary. I can drive there. NYC, just too much. 🙁


Dang it, that’s two awesome people I know going there! I swear all the east and west coast cons are a plot to keep awesome stuff and people away from the central US. Especially from Texas.

Keith Glass

Larry. . . resist the urge to throttle the many SJWs you’ll meet in the City.

Instead, take them captive, load ’em in a CONEX. . . and ship them to Yard Moose Mountain, and release them. It’ll be a hoot. . .


Almost enough to make me go down to NYC. Even if it is only a 2hr(w/o traffic of course) drive I pretty much refuse to go down there except for work.

Kyle Hagan (@JackdawGin)

Looking forward to seeing you at NYCC and your panel!

Jon Bromfield

Could you get a photo of you and John Scalzi together? That would be a hoot!

Keith A.

Mr. Correia, thank you for coming to NYCC. It was a pleasure to meet you (twice) and the autographed books are getting a place of honour on my bookshelves. You made the Con a hell of a lot better for me and my wife. Keep writing them, and we’ll keep reading them!