Kaiju Rising in Audiobook!

Kaiju Rising has just hit audiobook and Audible.com.


I have a story in this anthology that is a lot of fun. I got to write about a 12th century alcoholic samurai archer’s quest to defeat the Great Sea Beast that ruined his life.  I got the idea from my friend Tony, not that he is a drunken samurai in real life, but from his L5R RPG character, and I had a blast with it.

The anthology is packed with awesome giant monster stories from a bunch of good authors. Check it out.


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Hey Larry, not to change the subject, but is it a good or a bad thing that I imagine this song as Agent Frank’s theme song?



Are there any plans for Kaiju Rising to be released in paperback or hardcover?

J.M. Martin

Kaiju Rising has been out in paperback since February of 2014. The publisher (me) also has a handful of hardbacks in stock. Contact us through the website if interested.