LAST CHANCE to Punch Mental Illness in the FACE!

The Indiegogo campaign to help out Rob Wells ends tomorrow.

So this is it. $10 will get you the eBook.

We’ve made a huge dent, but there is a little bit left to go. Unlike Kickstarter a project doesn’t need to fully fund, so the project is going forward no matter what. But it would be amazing to do the whole thing.

10 Responses

  1. Hardback book option for me. Take that mental illness!

  2. Miss D. and I have contributed, and I posted an appeal on my blog tonight. You’ll find it at:

    We’re 87% of the way to the target. Keeping fingers crossed . . .

  3. Done.

  4. I’ve contributed. :)

  5. 102% as of this moment. Because people are awesome!

  6. 110% final! yee-haw!

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