Dang it Larry, I ain’t paying 99 whole cents for a handful of short stories! I’d have to work a whole 7 minutes at a minimum wage job to pay for it! 10 if you count the taxes I have to pay to the beneficent overlord, but that’s not the point. The point is you need to stop pricing your short stories so high. You’re perpetuating the cycle of publishers ripping off the public in the ebook market. The publisher is obviously making obscene piles of cash on each sale at the expense of us fans. So while I haven’t… Read more »

Ah, c’mon, it’s LARRY CORRIEA! Sure, it wouldn’t be worth an entire dollar, but at 99 cents, you can just barely justify the purchase.


Good thing they brought the price down since their last collection then. 🙂

It was a $1.00:

The Childlike Author

I haven’t read this book, but the only reason I’m rating it TWO stars is because I’m a fan of the author! There’s only a $200 fee for converting it into an electronic version. Quit paying so much money for a short story! 99 cents is outrageous! With that kind of money I could buy a whole… uh… Dang, this book is cheap.


I am worried how Larry is going live with the guilt of raking in so much money from this obscenely overpriced book.


I see what you did there!


Now I want to know how the fight ends…


Hey, Monster Hunter Nemesis is out on E-ARC as well.

Eccentric Cowboy

I actually find short stories and novellas to be quite underrated. They can pack a heck of a lot of good detail and action into a tight, trim package that won’t take an entire month to plow through.

Robert E. Howard and HP Lovecraft became legends writing those.

I might take a look at this, still gotta finish reading MHI Alpha though. 🙂

Hooray for short stories!