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Somewhat OT but related to the “Mormons can’t be writers!!!!!!!” criticism that you’ve mentioned before:

Clayton Christensen, who has written several books about Disruption and is basically the big man when it comes to business now, is also Mormon. I haven’t heard any “Mormons can’t understand business!!!!!!!!” criticisms yet though.


Nice interview, Larry! Since I’m at work on my lunch break, I did my best to keep my fistpump silent when I got to this part: “In 2013 I wrote two novels, eight short stories, and a novella, and Iā€™m going to try and beat that in 2014. I currently have fifteen more novels under contract to be written.” :-p


So when do we get our grubby hands on Monster Hunter Nemesis?

The Childlike Author

Be prolific, eh? I’d say so. The more you write, the higher the chance you stumble onto something popular. That’s probably dumbing it down a little, but it’s excellent advice.


Odd question but when you were getting started and looking for publishers did you send your manuscript to one at a time or to a whole bunch with a first come first serve kind of idea?