SAD PUPPIES 2: The Illustrated Edition

It is that time of year again, when I make a heartfelt plea to my fans to nominate some good stuff for the Hugo awards. And this year I’ve added cartoons!

sad-puppy2 (2)

For the full interactive media effect as you read this VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE you should open this link in a new window and play this song in the background:

Note. I am a writer, not a cartoonist. However, since everybody seemed to like the silly cartoons I did for the special Kickstarter autographs I figured this was worth a shot.

Okay, click on it to blow it up. I have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂

Live from YMM

EDIT: Reader Steve Skojec made a helpful video for Voice Over guy!

VOICE OVER GUY: The ugly truth is that the most prestigious award in sci-fi/fantasy is basically just a popularity contest, where the people who are popular with a tiny little group of WorldCon voters get nominated and thousands of other works are ignored. Books that tickle them are declared good and anybody who publically deviates from groupthink is bad. Over time this lame ass award process has become increasingly snooty and pretentious, and you can usually guess who all of the finalists are going to be that year before any of the books have actually come out or been read by anyone, entirely by how popular the author is with this tiny group.

This is a leading cause of puppy related sadness.

SP2 (2)

CorreiaTech CFO, Wendell the Manatee.

wendell2 (2)

Thank you, Wendell. Profound words indeed.

For just $40 you can register as a supporting member for WorldCon and nominate up to five works in every category. This year Warbound, the last book of the Grimnoir trilogy is eligible. And since FDR is actually one of the villains this book will make literati heads explode!

Only you can make literati heads explode.*

*Disclaimer. Literati heads might not literally explode.

But wait. There’s more! Normally all of the voters are sent a packet of all the nominated works to read, so you get more than your membership costs worth of eBooks. Sure, most of them are screeds about corporate greed, global warming, dying polar bears, or whatever the left wing cause of the day is, but that’s why we need to nominate some works that are actually entertaining.

If you would like to register to vote for the Hugos, you need to buy a supporting membership here before January 31st.  For those of you who are already registered, or who took part in Sad Puppies 1, you are already eligible to nominate here,

Thank you for your support.


Okay, seriously. I don’t know how cartoonists do it. Writing is WAY easier.

Sad Puppies Video
BOOK BOMB! John Brown's Bad Penny

71 thoughts on “SAD PUPPIES 2: The Illustrated Edition”

  1. This is fine art compared to some popular comics.


    Hell, this is better that Charles Schultz’ art.

  2. *sniffle!* That was beautiful, Larry. All it needs is the sad music in the background. Maybe Bjork needs bus fare and she can help you out?

  3. Here’s how one cartoonist does it:


    As for the voting, I haven’t read any of Grimnoir so I can’t make an informed vote.

    1. You are in luck. You can register now, but don’t have to nominate until March. And even if you don’t read Grimnoir, nominate whatever you like. I’m just tired of this one tiny little insular group dominating.

      1. And for Sad Puppies 3 in 2015, someone needs to write “The Crucifixion of Scalzi”, and we all slam the vote to make sure it gets the Hugo for, well, EVERYTHING. . .

        It would be “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of SFWA. . . .”

    2. Informed Voting ?? THIS. . . . IS. . . THE HUGOS !!!! (kicks poster into convenient, suddenly appearing pit.

      Besides, if we DON’t stuff the ballot for Larry and others, the SMOFs will just have another Scalzi orgy-fest. And nobody needs to see THAT. . .

      1. Tom. . . there are even more Eldritch Horrors which lie in the misty vales of the land of Hugo. Legend has it, that there’s a castle of a dark wizard, conducting unholy experiments, a sample of which has been loosed on our world.

        I refer, of course, to Justin Bieber. . . .

    3. You’re really in luck! The Grimnoir trilogy is now finished and you can enjoy them without the year wait between each book. They are very, very, very good.

  4. Howard Taylor has nothing to fear. But shooing a yard moose with a tetsubo is something I’ve not seen in comics before…

  5. I thought the cartoons were awesome, though the text was a little hard to read. 🙂

    I’m up for buying two supporting memberships (1 as a gift), but do you have any insight into what that money goes to pay for? I know squat about the WSFS, but after the SFWA idiocy last year, I feel the need to vet this before I start cutting checks.

    1. It pays for the WorldCon. So mostly stuffy panels where grumpy college professors who have written a single novel lecture working authors about how we’re breaking “genre rules”, and lots of back patting by SMOF about how awesome they are, and some stuff about Dr. Who. 🙂

        1. True story from a WorldCon I went to. I was on an urban fantasy panel. A professor who had written one book took over the 1st half of the panel to discuss “genre rules” and define what is urban fantasy, and in her rules I broke all of them. Then she explained how the reason it is “urban” is because that’s where the magic is, because only dumb people live in the country. I couldn’t take it any longer so I asked her if she’d ever been to the country. She replied that she’d been to Connecticut, and that could be “pretty scary”. At this point I lost my shit, and went full Conan on the panel. I explained that Connecticut would fit in my yard, and her rules were utter crap because I had violated all of them, yet I’d sold more books TODAY than she had in her life. 🙂 (I’m normally very nice on panels, but man, that one drove me over the edge).

          1. Good to hear. I imagine that it reminded you of people who say you’re not a real writer.

            Here’s a good question to ask people who say that “real authors” or “real writing” should have x-y-z to be good: “If they’re doing it wrong, where’s your best seller?” It’s one of the reasons why I don’t like to complain about how a work should have been written, though I would say what I like and don’t like about a work.

      1. At this point I lost my shit, and went full Conan on the panel. I explained that Connecticut would fit in my yard, and her rules were utter crap because I had violated all of them, yet I’d sold more books TODAY than she had in her life.

        Please tell me there’s video of that somewhere….

    1. I’ve not got mine either. This might require follow up. I’ve got 100 people who voted last time who are still good to nominate.

      1. I’ll wait until the end of the month (they say they’ll have them out in January) then email them.

        Probably a conspiracy against you, anyway. The webmaster must drown bags of puppies and kittens in his spare time.

      2. Haven’t yet. Waiting on that. Larry, will you be doing a post of all the awesomeness that’s eligible like you did last year?

        1. I will, yes. Right now I’m just trying to get people registered.

          But for example, I’m pushing Toni for best editor again, because she is the most deserving editor in the business who has gotten zip for critical recognition. The only Hugo nod she’s gotten so far was from Sad Puppies 1, and I want her to WIN.

          I’m also nominating Dan Well’s Butcher of Khador for best novella. First off, it is one of the best things I’ve ever read. Second, it is GAME TIE IN FICTION. Which will cause the literati to spontaneously combust. Plus, I bet a random stranger on the internet $5 I coudl get it a Hugo nom. 😀

    1. Those are by Alan Pollack. Last year my French cover’s artist, Vincent Chong got a nomination from Sad Puppies 1.

  6. Dude!
    One does not shoo moose away from the homestead.
    One entices that 500+ pounds of high quality protein around to the back yard where it will be made most welcome.

  7. Larry Hopefully, if you win you can do what Scalzi did when he mocked John Ringo for being “jealous”.
    Some of these characters are quite insufferable. It will be nice to be part of giving them a reality update.

    1. I know how big my royalty checks are. Ringo sells more books than I do. Trust me, Ringo isn’t jealous of anybody. 🙂

  8. Oh man. Between puppy sadness, a comic strip that should at least win an Eisner for Most Hilarious One-Shot, and the MHI author, I am just about ready to buy this membership in the name of Sad Puppies everywhere.

    Maybe it could be possible for WorldCon voters to get discounted copies of the other books in the Grimnoir trilogy? Or discounted copies of older MHI books? I imagine there’s lots of people who would hand over the money if they got tons of books from people who aren’t snooty award-winning writers (ie: Larry Correia).

    Good luck at the voting!

    1. If I can get a nom for Warbound, I’d be willing to throw the entire trilogy into the voter packet. It is book 3 after all, and it makes more sense if you’ve read the others.

  9. I did this last year, love to support Larry, but did anyone actually read the drivel that came in those ebooks? “most of them are screeds about corporate greed, global warming, dying polar bears, or whatever the left wing cause of the day is” puts it very mildly and is being nice.

    Several were “wow, this idea will blow your mind” about topics that would bore a 9 year old (at least my 9 year old), while others had some very racist things in them (actual racist, not the current liberal definition of racist), though I guess they were done “ironically”.

    In the end my opinion is that if a book says “Hugo Winner” I now step back and wonder if it is complete crap (most of them), or one of the few that slipped though (ie, Howard Taylor, etc).

    I’ll do it again this year, but if you don’t win I am going to feel cheated somehow, like I support some of that crap.

    Answer: You need to Win!

    1. and of course, by “slipped through” I mean one of the good works that made it though the Hugo process. Love that Schlock Mercenary.

    2. I tend to go by author rather than awards myself, with some judging of the book by its cover, name, picture and inturesting stuff written on the back or just inside the cover.
      Though I admit if Larry wrote a book called “The real global warming” or some such with a picture of a polor bear on it and no inturesting info, I would probably still buy it just because I can’t imagine Larry actually writing something not awosome, I would just expect guns, and lots of violance to be in there somewhere, and maybe exploding heads.

  10. “Where’s the Ka-Boom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Ka-Boom!
    Larry, I clicked on the cartoon and it didn’t blow up! Dang, guess I’ll have to go back and read MHI (again) to get my fix.

  11. So… you’ve accused the Hugo Awards of being an elitist popularity contest so you’re going to spam your way to one. Can someone explain what this is supposed to prove?

    Let it be said that I’d vote for The Adjacent, would that I could be arsed to obtain a membership.

    1. Well, I could take the time to explain that yes, it is just an elitist popularity contest, which my side has realized for a long time but SMOF and the literati still think it means something (as their favorites instawin noms every year and newer authors struggle to suck up to SMOF voting blocks) so I’m going to prove it is just a popularity contest by getting a nomination by being more popular. It isn’t my side that puffs the awards up into being important. Everybody else seems to grasp that. But then I realized this post was from Clamps AKA Andrew Marston of Marshfield Mass, troll, sex offender, stalker of young women, and dumbest motherfucker on the internet, that I’d be wasting my time.

      Banned again.

          1. I do love how he so obliviously proves my point though. “You’re not *real* writers because you deviate from goodthink and I’ve never read your books because you are BAD! *Real* writers win prestigious awards!” 🙂 So as an example of how the vote system works, he’s a great example (except for that whole thing where he’s a sex offender who likes to stalk and harrass young Asian women of course).

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