My Space City Con schedule

I’m at Space City Con this weekend.

All my book signings will be in the dealer’s room.

Friday signing at 2:30-3:30.

Saturday, a reading/BS session 1-2:15 in the Garden Cay room.

Then a signing right after in the dealer’s room.

Sunday, signing from 11:30 – 12:30.

I am normally on a ton of panels but this is more of a media/fan con so I don’t think there’s much of a writing track. That means I can do what I want. :) I think some gaming is going to happen.

5 Responses

  1. have fun larry. I was looking forward to going but money got… I owe a weekend to my nieces so.. :) catch you next time

  2. Stop by Dark Nova Games. I think you and the owner will get along.

  3. What gaming are you going to be doing this trip?

  4. Thanks for coming out to the con- it was great to meet you and your lovely wife :) Glad you got some gaming in too; can’t go wrong there.

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