For my mini gaming/painting friends, put your own head on a mini

I know the guys at this company. They 3D scan your or input pictures that you send them, and then print miniature scale heads for you that you can then stick on your own stuff. You want to personally lead your Space Marines, well here you go. This is pretty freaking cool.

mimic miniatures with larry (2)

Check it out. They have already funded.

And it is pretty cool because they’ve got an adventuring party made up including me, Howard “Schlock Mercenary” Tayler, Dave “Runelords” Wolverton, and Tracy “Friggin’ Dragonlance!” Hickman… Yes. My geek cred is pretty solid thank you very much. 🙂

I’m getting heads for a Mercenary Larry, a Cygnaran Larry, and Khadoran Larry… Then I need samurai, because obviously.

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You sure that’s ‘samauri’ Larry, and not ‘Iron Guard’ Larry?


I know The Chairman wouldn’t have had a serious issue with it, but “Iron Guard Larry”…seems a bit off.