Geeky Hobbies: More mini painting

Over the last month I wrote two short stories, finished a novel, edited a novel, and then did the final edit for another novel, finalized the plot outline and did a bunch of research for Nemesis, then did a final edit for the novel I finished at the beginning of the month.  When that wrapped up it left me with a couple of days free before leaving on book tour. Now that I’m a fancy FULL TIME writer, I’m still not used to this concept of “days off” but I rewarded myself with hanging out with my family, watching movies, throwing the football around with my son who is now playing peewee football, and lots of mini painting.

These are all for my Warmachine Mercenary army. And since I’m writing for Warmachine now, this technically counts as research. 🙂

Reinholdt the Gobber. This is a cool little guy.


Nyss Hunters group shot. These are not their normal heads. Their normal heads are squat and kind of dumpy, so I replaced them with these oddball GW heads. I think they look way cooler that way.

Nyss Group

My first attempt at facial tattoos. Because that seems like the sort of thing savage winter elves would be into.

Nyss 1

Also my first attempt at leather armor.

Nyss 2

Another facial tat. This one I think came out much clearer.

Nyss 3

Scarface, and wasn’t until the glamour shot here that I realized this guy’s pupils are too big. You can’t tell just by looking at him on the table.

Nyss 4

And that’s it.

Nyss 5

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Peter O

The Dark Eldar Wych heads. Very nice.
That whole unit has some very nice gladiator pieces.


> Over the last month I wrote two short stories, finished a novel, edited a novel, and then did the final edit for another novel, finalized the plot outline and did a bunch of research

That’s pretty good for just a year –

Wait a second.

Did you say MONTH?

Are you actually human, Larry?


It’s amazing what you can do under the influence of sufficient caffeine.

I mean, seriously, how do you think accountants stay awake while looking at reams of numbers? 😛


His eyes aren’t too big, he’s a savage all hopped up on the peyote. 🙂 Backstory, man, backstory…


Wait…you can write off minis now?


could you leave a comment larry?


When can we expect the release of Nemesis, later this year or in 2014?