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Desert Rat

Okay, the whole Franks vs. the World thing sounds awesome. Thanks for the spoilers. I can’t wait for Nemesis now! Franks is one of my favorite Monster Hunter characters.

BTW, shouldn’t the eArc for Swords of Exodus be out soon? I’m checking the Baen website every day. I just finished up re-reading Dead Six in anticipation.
I find it interesting that Owen’s objection was fear rather than it being simply wrong to be a murderer for hire. Franks is no more malicious than a hurricane or earthquake. Nasty things have to be done, or the earth turns into the hell of the casino in the sky. As I understand it, MHB first gives witnesses the option to shut up on their own, even though it undoubtedly leads to breaches, and hence more awareness and converts to the elder gods. In spite of Harbinger’s belief that the news should spread far and wide, all mythologies I’ve ever… Read more »

just listened to it, and thought you sounded pretty good, though you’re kinda scary when you laugh that much…