Ehh, they’ve been touting this game since the first L&L 3 years ago, and that clip shows it. I’d be happy if the game ever came out, but I’m not holding my breath, and I’m certainly not throwing any money at it via Kickstarter. I make a point of backing creators with a proven track record and/or clearly defined goals and requirements. PP has the record, but White Moon certainly doesn’t. Their blog and posts on PP are vague in the extreme, boiling down to “We’ve been working on the game for a while now, and it’ll be really cool,… Read more »

This is a totally different game from the first person action game that was in development. PP has been pretty open with what happened with it saying that game is “not possible right now” or something like that. This is an effort to actually get a WM game out.


Here are some even better (and much funnier) steam-powered fighting robots:

Ken Harkin

Sadly a Warmachine video game has been in development since before Hordes came out I believe. There is NO WAY I would back a KS for what is essentially the legend of El Dorado for Warmachine players. I may buy it if it comes out and I can run it but there is no way I am gambling on it.

Gentleman’s Duel…. “CHEESE PIRATE!”


I was very confused as to why Hero Games would be doing a video game about steam powered robots.
Then I clicked the link.

I can be a bit slow, sometimes.

I’d been wondering if that game was still a thing. The last update before Larry’s link was an in-engine promo video, but that was a bit over 2 years ago. White Moon’s site hasn’t updated much in the interval either, which doesn’t inspire confidence. Of course, I have no experience with software development, so I have no idea how long this sort of thing takes. It looks like they’ve changed the gameplay focus a bit to be somewhat closer to the tabletop system, but it’s hard to tell. That seems to happen when a game spends enough time in development.… Read more »