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First I was a GI Joe. Now I’m a Crab Clan samurai :)

You guys know I play Legend of the 5 Rings (see every Friday’s Writer Nerd Game Night post).  Because it is a constantly evolving world and a continuing story, over on the official L5R page they do fiction every week.

I’m a little suspicious of this Hida Koraia fellow. (second vignette in)

Thanks, Shawn. 😀

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Shawn Carman

Holy crap, you’re a G.I.Joe? My gift feels so inadequate now.

OH MY GOD are you Low Light? He was like my favorite ever.

Shawn Carman

Haha! I have that issue! I just never noticed. Awesome.


An archer? No teppo in the Five Rings (no, I’m not familiar with the game setting)?