Geeky Hobbies: Sunday Afternoon Painting WiP

This is what I’m working on now. All three of these need flocking on the bases still.

This first one is a Warmachine mini but it is a modification. This guy starts out as a shoeless pirate, but that just didn’t fit with my conquistador themed army. That is somebody else’s lower body.

Dougle Front

Since I diamond sawed him in half, I had to replace a bunch of the gear on the back that I mangled.The I pinned the two together, and miliputed in the gap and tried to make it look like a sash.

Dougle back

These next two aren’t done. They still need some touch ups.

Then my Piper has a head swap and I sculpted shoes on him.


And this is a stand in for another figure, the body is from Anima Tactics, the arm and little bitsย are from Warmachine, and I sculpted the hood from green stuff.


Do I have fans in Ohio?
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tjic (@tjic)

Would love to hear your advice on brushes, what brand of paint you use, how many different paint colors you think a good kit should have in it, etc.

(short version: about to start painting again, and don’t want to either spent too much getting stuff I don’t need, or spend too little and have an inadequate kit).



hmmm….shouldn’t you be writing or something like that? just asking.

J. Wlas

Nice patch-work, Larry. Add a little life to your yellow metallics by adding a little silver to the brass, bronze, copper, or gold and touch the hi-lites with it.
Unlike some I’m aware you bust your hump writing……


Heh you really are good at this stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ When exactly did you start doing these kind of things? You would need lots of years of practice for that… I wouldn’t be able to paint something complicated like that… hell, I wouldn’t be able to do one arm!!


Back in the days of my yout(when the only paint available was enamel and made by Testor’s), I used to do that sort of thing to 1/72 scale military models. Added detail inside and out and paint the crap out of them – no such thing as air brushes, heh, nothing but camel-hair brushes that you augmented those with with toothpicks for the fine detail.
Got to say your stuff is seriously impressive.


Once again I find myself greatly impressed by the quality of your kitbashing and conversions. I find the use of Lilian Virgil to make a counts as Eiryss works out very well.

I was curious as to what tools you used in your sculpting work. I’ve played around with some green stuff work mostly for gap filling or adding some more height to 40K terminators but I can’t seem to get anything more complicated to work well.