HUGO Nominating! There is only ten days LEFT!

Okay, for the many of you who I talked into registering to nominate/vote for the Hugos with my relentless onslaught of sad puppies, by now you should have received an email with your PINs for voting. (I just got mine last night).

Now, obviously I want everybody to vote for what they think is the best in each category. I’m not going to tell anybody what to do. If you think some particular book/story is absolutely amazing, then put it up.

What I would like to do with this post is have all of you post in the comments about what you think was totally awesome which came out in 2012. Tell us why you think some work should be nominated.

I’ll post my actual list once I get it filled in.

I am voting for Monster Hunter Legion for best novel, because I am selfish and entirely motivated by spite. 🙂

I am voting for Elitist Book Reviews for Best Fanzine, because I’m sick and tired of jerk face snob reviewers.

I’m voting for Schlock Mercenary in graphic works. (I have to check Howard’s blog to see what eligible 2012 book title was). This is a killer hard category, but I’ve been reading this comic every day for 12 YEARS and it has gotten better and better, with an excellent overall story. EDIT: The 2012 eligable book was Random Access Memorabilia.

I need to figure out what category Writing Excuses Podcast fits in, because they keep getting nominated, they’re all my friends, they’re awesome, but they keep running up against some unstoppable Dr. Who juggernaut every year.

EDIT: For artist, I can’t believe I forgot Vincent Chong. It is because he does the covers of my French novels, so mentally I was thinking those don’t count, but they totally do. The Hugo isn’t limited to America. Duh.  The French Hard Magic cover was one of the coolest book covers I’ve ever seen and it came out in 2012.

Short stories/novellas, I’m still thinking about, because there are some really good ones. Here is a link to all of the Baen eligable works: And if you look those up, check out Gray Rinehart. Baen’s slushmaster general who has some eligable works.

So post below and let’s discuss. What do you think were the best works. Best cover artist? Best editor? Toni Weiskopf and Jim Minz, obviously. Best movie? Best TV show?

What do you think?

EDIT: Lots of good suggestions being listed below. Check them out.

The Drowning Empire, Episode 9: Letters of Moto Subotai
Another sneak peak from the MHI RPG

27 thoughts on “HUGO Nominating! There is only ten days LEFT!”

  1. > Best movie?

    Does Al Gore have a documentary this year? Because his crap is PURE science // fiction.


    Tip you servers generously. I’m here all week. You’ve been great, folks!

    1. Wouldn’t it be more appropriately “Fantasy”?

      SF is supposed to be “If this happened, here are the consequences”. Fantasy is: here’s an impossible world, let’s just keep making things up as we go…

  2. Thank you for the nomination nod, Larry.

    Obviously I would absolutely LOVE for Elitist Book Reviews just to be nominated for the Hugo this year. We deserve it, and we want to help even more people find the best books across all genres to read.

    …and making heads explode on the snobbish literati is a perk.

    Some additional suggestions for the voting masses:

    I think a vote for Brandon Sanderson’s Emperor’s Soul for Best Novella is a worthy vote. It is some of the best writing he has ever done.

    Jeff Salyards for the John W Campbell award for best new author (Larry was nominated for this 2 years ago).

    The Coldest War by Ian Tregillis for Best Novel to go along with Larry’s.

    Writing Excuses for Best Related Work. Unfortunately that’s where it fits.

    Vincent Chong for Best Professional Artist (come on, you all seen the work he’s done for Larry…Chong is freaking unreal).

    Best Novelette – well, this is a tad selfish, but the piece of short fiction Larry and I co-wrote is eligible. “That Which We Fear” in The Crimson Pact Vol 3.

    I don’t know what all your literary tendencies are, but you can go by my blog, Elitist Book Reviews, and pull up the Best of 2012 post to get some ideas of what my reviewers and I felt were the best.

    If you nominate Elitist Book Reviews, I just want to say thank you!

    1. Wait, I’d think only one of us has to nominate your site to become “Hugo Nominated”. Doesn’t that mean that for $60, anybody can get their book/website/whatever nominated?

      Am I missing something?

      1. To be able to say you were a Hugo nominee usually means that you were one of the five finalists. So you need more than a couple of votes to show up on the final ballot.

      2. Well, Elitist Book Reviews…
        Larry and I make two.

        I’m just going to hang on and see Larry’s final selections, then probably just echo them all.

        That’ll be voting a straight Monster Hunter Party ticket. Because hippies need to cry.

  3. Anyone have a clue how to get to all the swag? There were supposed to be a pile of ebooks and such, weren’t there?

    I did get my ballot info, though.

    1. First is the nominating process. They tally up the nominations and come up with the five finalists in every category. Then the swag is sent out to all the voters to go over, then they vote in each category between those five. The winner is announced at WorldCon.

  4. Best TV show: Firefly
    Wait,huh? Whaddaya mean it’s too old. Next you’ll be telling me that I can’t vote for Babylon 5!

    Yeah, no idea on TV, maybe Walking Dead if that even counts. Film, though, I’m going for Avengers. Hobbit was… dissapointing, Dark Knight Rises wasn’t all that great, and Empire Strikes Back sadly doesn’t count either.

    And not sure what category it would fall into, but AAL’s new Star One album, “Victims of the Modern Age,” is a positive yes in my nomination. Progressive* metal + classic sci-fi (Planet of the Apes, Clockwork Orange, Matrix, Logan’s Run, and more) = total win!
    *Progressive in music terms has nothing to do with politics, it basically means a mashing-up of styles, instruments, and the like, often ones not typically associated with that genre.

  5. For short stories The Age of the Warrior, and for related works The Book of Knives. Both by Hank Reinhardt

  6. I’ll be going with Walking Dead for short drama I think. I’m not sure on semiprozine or some of the others, I’m not keyed in enough to every category

      1. You can also nominate the entire season in the long form. If it gets enough to be nominated there they’ll pull the individual episodes out of the short form.

      2. Yeah I’ve been trying to decide which eligible episode was my favorite. I’m one of the apparent minority that really enjoyed season 2. “Killer Within” is one of my favorites, but I also really enjoyed the Season 2 finale “Beside the Dying Fire” so it’s hard to decide.

  7. Ok, I’m nominating Legion for the puppies the children etc. but now I’ve started my own campaign to nominate Hank Reinhardt’s Book Of Knives: A Practical and Illustrated Guide to Knife Fighting .
    Because I can’t nominate him for 40+ years of bringing live sword demos to science fiction cons. And I can’t nominate him for launching the modern sword industry and thus the WMA movement as well changing the way authors everywhere write about edged weapons. And I can’t nominate him for making Kukri a household word and thus indirectly encouraging Owen Pitt to carry one. Because I can’t nominate him for being the real world model for Ringo’s Edmund Talbot.

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