Swords of Exodus final cover

Valentine and Lorenzo strike again. From the totally awesome Kurt Miller:

Sword-of-Exodus-comp2 (2)

Here is the full size. http://www.kmistudio.com/blog/index.php/gallery/image_full/262/  And if you haven’t checked out his page, you should, because he’s got lots of great art on there. Including the ideas for all of the different patches he came up with.

8 Responses

  1. That skull with the night vision goggles is pretty slick…

  2. Am I confused, or is the name of the book incorrect? “Sword” vs “Swords”…

  3. Why is Stallone on your cover?

  4. Whatever your portion of the cover price is for one copy, go ahead and spend it now with confidence. I’ll be buying it the day it drops.

  5. So we gotta be close to the ARC sales, right? Right? :)

    • Probably be a bit before it comes out as an ARC. Just checked out baen’s site and the latest three eARCs are for May and June. So at least a couple more months.

      I do like the One Against Darkness logo.

  6. You’ve gotta do a run of those patches for sale.

  7. Will this be available early as an e-book?
    I just finished “Dead Six” and I’m feeling a bit itchy for the next one!

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