Sunday Afternoon Painting (and Modeling) WiP

So I painted this character for our next Writer Nerd Game Night. I love how the face came out on my Moto/barbarian/pseudo Mongol. 2 hours from start to finish:

Shinjo Namori

And this is a little more involved project, but it is for my son. He wanted to play a very specific character for an Iron Kingdom’s RPG. An Ogrun bounty hunter/alchemist. Ogruns are sort of gorilla looking ogres, but he was very specific about the fact he wanted armor, a gas mask, a huge mace, and grenades. And he’s named Shon Hutchuck, and I’m not about to argue with an 8 year old about such things.

Shon Hutchuck

So out came the diamond saw, the dremel, an exacto knife, some green stuff putty, and a bunch of super glue. This mini is made up of parts from 6 different figures.  I started with a Privateer Press Legion Warmonger, cut off the head, shaved and filed down all the spikes, weapon swaped the spear for a titan cannoneer’s mace, used the bottom of that mace as a stick grenade, attached a spare sword and dagger to his belt, shaved off the skulls, added a left over samurai shoulder pad to the crotch, added a cataphract shoulder pad to balance, and finally added a Kromletz 40k gasmask.

It was a lot of work, but when your 8 year old comes to you with a page of backstory he’s written (Hutchuck’s first love is making bombs, but he turned to bounty hunting to pay for his chemicals and bomb making components) then you do your best to support that sort of imagination. Now I’ve just got to give him a groovy paintjob (based entirely upon the full color illustration presented to me) :)


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