Warbound’s rough draft is DONE

So I’ve been on a writing/editing sprint for the last month to get this book done in time. My deadline moved up considerably when an opportunity for pretty nifty ARC placement came along. I wrote 60,000 words in a month and got through an editing pass. I spent all day yesterday doing the fabricated chapter quotes.  As of last night, the rough draft of Warbound was out the door.

It will be available in stores everywhere August 2013. The eARC will be out a few months before that from Baen Webscriptions.

All said and done this is the biggest of the three Grimnoir novels. This story is a trilogy, and though there will be more novels set in the Grimnoir universe in different time periods, this actual story is done. That’s the first time I’ve ever had to wrap up a story arc. It was tougher than I thought.

So the two novels that will be out from me this year are Warbound in August and Swords of Exodus in September. I do not know the release date for the novella of Instruments of War, which I wrote for Privateer Press, but it will be out this year too.


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