Geeky Hobbies, Sunday(s) Afternoon Painting: The Galleon

So the big guy is pretty much done. All I need to do is add static grass to the base. This is the biggest mini I’ve painted, so it took several Sundays worth of painting.

Final Galleon 1

I really like how it turned out, but now I’m ready to get back to painting the regular sized tiny ones. :)

Final Galleon 2

Final Galleon 3

Final Galleon 4

Final Galleon 5

8 Responses

  1. I love this. Totally amazing. :D

  2. VERY cool. Pretty sure I’d soil myself if I ever saw this coming at me across the battlefield.

  3. A vast improvement over your first attempts. I’m proud of you Big Guy!.

  4. Good paint job. Leans a bit toward the Swan, color wise. ; )

  5. Looking good, mine will be under the airbrush soon and can’t wait to get it going. Got a lot of ideas that I hope work out.

  6. I like the runes. It has inspired me to paint “FBHO” in Khardic on all my Khador ‘jacks now.

  7. Nice. I used to paint Battletech miniatures, a long time ago now. This makes me want to revisit those, and do a better job of it. I never really did more than basic colors. Weathering effects look pretty cool.

  8. Awesome work Larry. Your painting has come along in a big way. Do you still play around with any of those Joe-scaled customs? Oh, and I’ve been meaning to ask – but I’m not sure how to do a pm here – any interest in doing a small written interview sometime for the Joe site I’m at (below)? You have a bunch of hardcore followers there, and your Joe tie-ins of various forms have always been appreciated.

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