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Check it out. You can vote for all of your favorite books of the last year here:  I saw this on Toni Weiskopf’s forum on Baen’s Bar today. Monster Hunter Legion is eligible for this. It is simple, free, and the instructions are at the link.

However, this does not excuse you from participating in today’s VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE (complete with sad puppies and Sarah McLachlan music)


Also, on a totally unrelated note, it looks like I will be going on a national news program this weekened to talk about the gun issue. I will post more details soon.

I will be on Huckabee on FOX, Sunday 8PM Eastern
How to get Correia nominated for a Hugo PART 2: A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE

I just read today on fox news the following excerpt:

“The president also wants to commit $4 billion to hiring more police officers and to pass new gun trafficking laws to explicitly prohibit straw purchasing.”

The part about “laws to explicitly prohibit straw purchasing” just has to mean Obama is eliminating the BATF, since they are the primary culprits (e.g. “Fast and Furious”).

Maybe you will get to talk about that.

Craig D. Lattig
Larry I’m sending this from work…so the email below will be different. Sorry if this is out of format, but it is the only way I can see to contact you. For the record I’m a serious ‘gun nut’, serious fan of scifi, fan of yours since your first chapters appeared on Baen and a retired AF officer. I strongly approved of your artical on gun control…and I spread it arround. I have just recieved something from another retired AF officier, that I would deeply like to pass on to you. I know your time is precious, but I would… Read more »
Larry, this weekend remember to use small words… Also remember that your quotes can be taken in isolation, so self contained, short declarative statements are much harder to strip quote. Also: from Glenn Reynolds advice MAKE YOUR OWN TAPE. So when NBC butchers the hell out of it, you can say “No, Here’s what I really was asked. Pocket tape recorders are extremely useful, since promised “uncut” video tape often gets ‘lost’ after the interview. They’re your enemies, prepare to be misrepresented. Good luck, and we all love you. It’s time to start thinking about your run for Congress, BTW.

Only if running for congress will up your writing output.

Becky Zingler
Larry, I don’t know you and am probably one of the”idiots” that you refer to. You sound very knowledgeable about guns and gun safety which I appreciate. But your tone is sarcastic and will turn off most average Americans. I was an “average American” until the Sandy Hook incident . You see, we lived in Newtown years ago and our child attended Sandy Hook Elementary School. So you are wrong when you say that only a very miniscule number of people will have some connection to a mass shooting. There are more and more of us every day. Soon, most… Read more »
“What you and I want is an end to mass violence.” Well, that is fairly straight forward. Look at the areas that have the most violence, see what they do, then do the opposite. Since by your own admission you are on the “other side”, lets look at areas that are on the “other side”: Chicago, Washington D.C, New York, Detroit; i.e. urban areas of most blue states (and sadly, urban areas of many red states). These areas are well known to have the most violence, per capita. They also have the strictest gun laws. So, by doing the opposite,… Read more »

that’s it the puppy is TOAST…


my most favorite book in the whole world is called Love, Aubrey