Quick update, talking guns with movie stars and crashing my truck into a lake.

So it has been a busy couple of days. I’m trying to wrap up Warbound this month so I’ve been extremely busy. (so yes, I probably have your patch order, and it is sitting here waiting for me to ship, and I’ve probably not read your email yet, sorry. One man operation).

A lot of people read the Opinion on Gun Control post, and when I say a lot, a mean a really freaking largenormous number of people. It went pretty much everywhere. One of the people who read it was Sean Astin, best known for playing Samwise in Lord of the Rings, and Rudy. He now has a radio show.

Like most actors, Sean is a democrat and lives in LA. However, he’s not a knee jerk type, and he’s actually very reasonable and willing to discuss issues in a rational manner. After watching Piers Morgan disgrace himself and journalism on the topic, (thanks a lot England), up to and including having on Alex Jones (who never met a conspiracy theory he didn’t like, who just makes my side of the debate look just great) Sean wanted to interview somebody sane about the gun issue, and he’d read my big blog post so he gave me a call.

It was a last minute thing, and I found out I was going on about 45 minutes before. I think we were going to talk for about a half an hour, but it ended up going about an hour and a half. The link is here: http://toadhopnetwork.com/f/Vox

Overall I think I did okay. There is a lot of ground to cover in this debate. I’m on after the law school guy, didn’t hear him, and couldn’t hear the callers either. So no idea what they said.

Coolest part though? I get a Twitter message afterwards from Adam Baldwin who tried to call into the show to talk to me, and he was sorry he missed me. Yes, Browncoats, Adam Baldwin called to talk to me. I win the internets. :)

So Thursday was pretty fun, and I got a ton of writing done on Wednesday and Thursday, so I’m having good week. Then Friday I need to go to a big annual meeting for my Military Industrial Complex job (I’m only 20 hours a week now and sort of phasing myself out). It has snowed all night and all morning and the roads are pretty nasty on Yard Moose Mountain, but I’ve driven in the snow since I moved to Utah in ’93. Nothing I can’t handle.


So I’m heading down the mountain past our lake when I started to slide on a corner. Sad thing was I wasn’t even going that fast (fast enough though, as will be seen shortly). Okay, no problem, gentle correction, gentle, steer it out, gentle. WHOOSH. And then I’m off the side of the road into the deep snow. My thought was “Well, this is happening.”

Problem is this is on a steep hill, and then I’m riding my Expedition down the mountain like a very large sled, heading right for the lake. That isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. My thought at that point was “Shit just got real.”

Luckily it stayed straight so I didn’t roll it. I crashed into the bike path at the shore, and luckily got suck there, with my front hanging over the edge of another 4 foot drop into the lake. I was at an angle, and I tried to “gently” see if I could get any traction to back up. Not even a little. It turns out that I got high centered on the edge of the bike path and my rear tires weren’t really touching anything.

So I’m stuck at the bottom of the hill, on the bike path, dangling over the edge of the lake, really really glad I didn’t drop my front end into that and flip over onto my roof. (that would’ve been cold).

Then neighbors stopped when they saw me stuck down there (I live in a very helpful place). But I was so far down, high centered at a weird angle, and there was so much snow that there was no way anybody was going to be able to pull me out in a normal truck. The best part was when the school bus went by and all the little kids rolled down their windows to laugh at me. I just waved. Karma is a bitch kids, and she’s got a long memory. Just wait until you’re driving in this stuff in ten years. :)

Morgan County sheriff showed up. Very nice guy, since he resisted the urge to laugh at me. So I got ahold of Winterton Towing in Morgan, and they came with a bigger tow truck and a good winch. Even then there was so much snow it was hard for him to get traction too, but he was really good, and we were able to get enough tension on the chain that I was able to finally rock it back and forth a bit without having to worry about endoing it into the lake. Then I drove down the bike path to get out. :)

So that made for a fun morning. Luckily the truck was fine. The plastic shell on the bumper took a bunch of damage, but other than that, no big deal. I wasn’t hurt, and I didn’t have to join the Extemperaneous Polar Bear Club, so I’m calling that a win.

Now, the question is, why, after all these years of driving in the snow, and not even going very fast, did I manage to crash? I have a theory… I believe the Yard Moose of Yard Moose Mountain are plotting against me and sabotaged Yard Moose Mountain Road.  I think they are in leage with the Literati. Why? Because they’re trying to stop YOU from nominating ME for the Hugo. And here is the very important evidence of this conspiracy. READ THIS. http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/how-to-get-correia-nominated-for-a-hugo/

Sure, you’re saying Uh, Correia, it looks like you just screwed up, and now you’re using that as an excuse to try and trick us into becoming voting Worldcon members where we can get more than our membership worth of eBooks, AND nominate MHL for a Hugo and stuff.

Maybe… Or it could be an elaborate plot involving Yard Moose, conspiracies, and Piers Morgan, and only you can stop it by reading that linked post! Or not. Okay, you got me, but I’m still going to bug you guys daily until the end of January, because I love ticking off snobby book reviewers. :)


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