Remember that one thing I wrote that I couldn’t talk about? :)

Yep. Last year I wrote a novella for Privateer Press set in the world of Hordes. It is called Instruments of War and I had a great time writing it. I haven’t been able to talk about it much because Privateer Press hadn’t made their official announcement yet. One day I posted on Facebook about how I was writing about a fantasy race that was so hard they made the Klingons look like hippies. This is that story.

As most of you know, I love to paint miniatures and I love wargames and RPGs. I’ve been playing Warmachine for a year now and I’ve painted a pile of them. (as can be seen on my Sunday afternoon nerd hobbies posts). I’ve got a big Skorne army and a huge Mercenaries army. They’ve got a big world, fun game setting, and some great groups of characters to work with. I even had Trip Jones make a comment about playing Warmachine during Monster Hunter Legion, because I’m as big a geek as Trip is. :)

I’d been posting on the PP forum, mostly to put up pictures of my minis to get feedback from much better painters. One day there was a post about how the players wished there were Warmachine novels, but some of the posters didn’t understand just how challenging it was to actually create a series of IP related novels. So I chimed in, introduced myself and what I did for a living (got to establish that street cred). Turned out that some of the folks at PP were already fans of mine and they were happy to find out I was a fan of theirs. Next thing I know, I’m writing a novella about one of my favorite characters and telling their origin story.

Don’t worry, this will not cut into the speedy writing of future MHI/Grimnoir/D6/other things. The PP stories are shorter, and as a writer there is a huge time difference between writing in somebody else’s world instead of having to do all the extra work of creating your own. And since I’m already a complete geek for this game setting, it wasn’t like the homework part is a challenge. Here, Larry, read more game books. Oh no. My job is soooo hard. :)

So I will let you guys know when this is available. I’m pretty pleased with it, and you don’t have to be familiar with the setting to enjoy a story of sheer badassitude.


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