9 Responses to Swords of Exodus cover by Kurt Miller

  1. Dave O. says:

    September? Awww, maaaan…

  2. Jeff Jones says:

    So the guy on left is Lorenzo and the guy on the right is Valentine? That guy looks tall for Lorenzo.

  3. Nightcrawler says:

    Lorenzo is standing on a box.

  4. B.Malloy says:

    Lorenzo looks like Stallone

  5. WillamMT says:

    Dear Mr. “writer of all that is awesome” Correia,
    Please sir might we have a few snippets? The teases are too far out I need a dose of awesome to make it through the month! Thanks in advance!

  6. Cadeyrn says:

    The waiting is truly the hardest part. Really, really curious to see where the gruesome twosome go!

  7. Desert Rat says:

    Okay, that is a badass cover.

    A September release is brutal, though. I’m so getting in on the E-arc again.

  8. ronm0817 says:

    Larry Correia;

    On another subject and off this topic. I am getting worried that America is going along with the gun grabbers. Got any advice how to stop this god damn Communist White house from disarming us. Looks like the Northeast is going the way of Morder and evil.

    • Doug says:

      Just look at who the NRA picked for the top gun salesman of the year.

      Hold on to your guns and help your neighbors keep theirs.

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