Merry Late Christmas!

So the Correia family had an awesome Christmas. Here is a quick blog post catch up, because then I’ve got to get back to work.

My self imposed exile from the internet for a couple days was 99% effective, and I only got on to approve comments (which I only skimmed long enough to make sure they weren’t spambots) and to post a painted mini pic on Twitter. That’s pretty darn good for me, especially since my last blog post went viral.

For everyone asking if they can share that gun control opinion, please do. If I had realized that 300,000 people would read it this week I would’ve actually given it an editing pass. When I get a chance I will try to read through the 1,700 comments and try to respond to some of the FAQs. It seems that the mega post was shared a lot, helped educate, and even made some people rethink their beliefs. Awesome.

I met a lot of new, interesting people this week because of this blog post. I got retweeted by Adam Baldwin (very conservative) and ended up having a conversation with Sean Astin (very reasonable democrat trying to look at both sides of the issues, and really nice guy, so I gained a lot of respect for him),  so as a geek, that made for an interesting day.  Now I’m going to go wear Jayne hat and watch Lord of the Rings.

The rest of this week I will be working on Warbound, which is out in August 2013. It is coming along pretty well, and I think it is a great story.

I just wrote a bunch of stuff for the MHI RPG, including some really fun little bits of fiction, including Holly saving Christmas, Owen and Milo do an inventory, Ultimate Fighting Lawyer v. Undead Lawyer in LAWYER FIGHT (in an elevator), and a behind the scenes of how orcs find their talents in Reckoning Day.

I’ve been checking on the art work for the RPG, and let me tell you guys, it is absolutely awesome. We’ve got some amazing artists on this and the stuff they are turning in has blown me away. For those of you who missed the MHI Employee Handbook Kickstarter, don’t worry, because it will still be on sale in 2013.

Baen books are now available in the Kindle store as of last week, which has been nifty. I checked my Amazon affiliates stats for the month (whenever you buy anything through Amazon through any of my links off to the right, I get a % for the refferal) and I can see that a bunch of people have bought eBooks this week through there. Thank you. Anytime you buy through Amazon that gives me more money to blow on ammo and miniatures. :)

Speaking of miniatures, FRP had their super end of the world blowout sale, so I’ve got enough lead being shipped to my house that I’ll have stuff to paint until I die… And at my current Sunday afternoon painting rate, that should be sometime in 2185.

Everyone here had a great Christmas. The kids are getting older, but young enough that the “Santa” magic is still there for some of them, and the youngest was super happy to play with the wrappers.

My family has been truly blessed this year. Thank you, Monster Hunter Nation, for being the best readers and friends any writer could ever have. Merry (belated) Christmas. :)








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