Geeky Hobbies: My Warmachine Army

So now for something a little lighter. As long as I get about 10,000 words written per week, I allow myself Sunday after church as Correia Family Craft Time. Which means me and the kids paint minis. Or they paint for fifteen minutes, and then get bored and wander off, and I keep painting at the kitchen table, streaming Burn Notice in the background, or hey, new Mythbusters comes on Sunday. 🙂 Mini painting is what I do to shut my brain down and destress.

But anyways, a year ago I got into painting miniatures, mostly samurai for the Legend of the Five Rings game that I was playing with my kids. Then Howard Tayler and Dan Wells introduced me to the game Warmachine. So then it gave me an excuse to paint little dudes, and then make them fight other little dudes! And if you like tabletop gaming, I recommend trying Warmachine. Think steam punk robot vs magic monster armies fighting. Sort of like chess, on speed, only if you could change out the different pieces, and give the chess pieces magic powers,and then throw some dice in for random chance. Very fun game.

This is my Mercenary army so far. I went for a sort of conquistador vibe. (hey, I’m Portuguese, just can’t help myself).  This is only about a third of the models that I’ve picked up for it though. By the time I get done it is going to be fairly ridiculous.