Kickstarter Update: Only 12 HOURS TO GO!

This is it everybody, the Final Countdown. (insert awesome 80’s music here!)

170% funded, $76,753 raised, and 761 backers.

So this is it, the final push. You guys have been amazing. You’ve funded the heck out of this project and told your friends. It is really appreciated. We’re down to the wire, but if we hit $80K we will add another adventure to the additional PDF.

Speaking of that, in addition to the big awesome book, we’ve got MHI dice, additional patches, additional PDFs of bad guys and more adventures, and all sorts of coolness. You can even design your own character to go into the supplement. So to celebrate, here is a Monster Hunter International ballad. Listen. Because it is awesome.

3 Responses to Kickstarter Update: Only 12 HOURS TO GO!

  1. plblark says:

    Weird thought from a conversation about that song and men with balls and high notes:

    The Castrati should be an official band of roving minstrel vampires that douse themselves in glitter to try and appeal to the groupies as bait for their hunt …

  2. Old NFO says:

    Okay, another $100 in the kitty… :-)

  3. guedenimbo says:

    So happy you were able to get past fully funded. I hope this RPG wins awards left and right and exposes more people to the awesomeness of MHI.

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